XYNGULAR REVIEW: How Do They Measure Up?


If you’re reading this Xyngular Review, then chances are you’re either looking for a home based business opportunity, or you could be looking for information specifically on Xyngular.

In this Xyngular Review, I’ll cover relevant information about the company, the industry, the products, the compensation plan and how you can position yourself to truly have abundance should you decide to get involved.

Xyngular is a 2 1/2 year old company that is part of the ever growing Health and Wellness Industry; an estimated $500 Billion per year industry and growing.  If you’re seriously thinking about joining Xyngular, I want to encourage you to read this third party Xyngular review first so you can make an educated decision and decide whether or not Xyngular is the right choice for you.


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The Company

For starters, let’s talk about the actual company itself in this Xyngular Review.  Xyngular is a company that sells a line-up of health and wellness nutritional products through a direct sales, or network marketing business model.  This type of sales model is becoming increasingly more popular where distributors develop global sales organizations and get paid over ride commissions through a variety of compensation plans, bonuses and incentives.

Xyngular’s Corporate Offices are located in American Fork Utah.  They officially opened their doors for business in December of 2009 and there are currently a little over 55,000 reps in the entire company.   The company started off with a “growth through acquisition” model and acquired another company called Cal NutriSciences as its first acquisition.

This first acquisition was a little rocky and took the company about 10 to 12 months to work out the kinks of the merger.  But they seemed to regain balance in their second year and maintain their monthly sales numbers and are now either maintaining or increasing their monthly sales volume.

Xyngular moved forward with a second merger bringing in another product called Poga Xynga, but that product has yet to be integrated into the company during the past year and a half of company growth.

Xyngular is a company that is in the “ground floor” stage of growth.  Typically companies go through four stages of growth; formulation, concentration, momentum and stability.  Xyngular would be classified as a company that is in the “formulation” stage.  Typically if a company can make it past 5 years, they could be around for the long term, (provided they see steady growth in their monthly sales numbers).  Xyngular  is past the first milestone as they are doing about $18 million a year in business,  but they haven’t made it into the clear as of yet.

The Management

According to a company spokesman, their management team has more than 100 years combined experience in the direct sales industry, which is very important when you are looking for a network marketing company.

The corporate team is led by President, CEO Marc Walker who has 20 years experience in the network  industry.  Walker has been part of management teams from Nuskin International and Xango Corporation.

The Products

http://www.DarrenLittle.comAs far as their products go, Xyngular sells a line up of high quality nutritional products. The first product is called Xyng – Fuel For Life. Xyng is a high octane, high energy mood enhancer.  It is a blend of all-natural ingredients designed to boost your energy and help you hit your weight loss goals. Some reported benefits of Xyng include appetite reduction, increased energy, mental energy and overall well-being.

The second product is actually a line of four products called Core4. These products include Accelerate (which helps your body burn calories), Flush (which is a detox and cleanse product), Lean (which is a protein smoothie product) and Cheat (which helps eliminate calories from the foods you eat).

The third product is Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend that is a combination of the most powerful super fruits in the world.  The Company combined these super fruits with primary antioxidant precursors and herbal adaptogens to increase the benefits of the final product.  Consumers of this product report increased energy, mental clarity, focus, better sleep and reduction in chronic pain.

The fourth product is Xyngular’s XypStix.  XypStix (pronounced “Zip Sticks”) are a portable, single-serve packet of the company’s Super Fruit Global Blend Crystals. XypStix have all of the benefits of Xyngular’s Super Fruit Global Blend but there are two more elements: Aloe Vera and Xanthones.  There are almost two thousand milligrams of Aloe in every XypStix. XypStix also includes phytonutrients called xanthones, which come from the Mangosteen fruit. Xanthones may help reduce inflammation in the body.

The Business Opportunity

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Let’s cover the business opportunity aspect of Xyngular in this Xyngular Review. Can you make money with Xyngular?  This is probably the most important area of all. You can get started in Xyngular by paying an initial start-up, and then maintaining a monthly auto-ship order. This is pretty standard with most direct sales, network marketing companies and MLMs. There are several ways you can get paid, including retail profits, fast start bonuses, rapid rewards, residual income and 12 profit pools. The company states that they pay out 52 cents for every dollar that comes in and that there is no breakage back to the company.

One feature about the company’s marketing plan that is causing some serious attention from marketers to inquire about the company is the straight line compensation or single straight line leg feature the company has. This enables each new distributor to get instant spillover from the entire company and prevents anyone from being “stuck” in a “dead leg”, which can potentially happen in a traditional binary.

There is also dynamic compression that maximizes your potential to earn residual income. In addition, the company pays commissions out daily and provides many trips and cash bonuses as incentives for top producing reps. Overall, I would have to say that there looks to be a lot of potential with the compensation plan.  From my online research it seems that there are already a few 5 figure monthly income earners with Xyngular in a relatively short period of time.

Xyngular is currently expanding their distributor base in Canada, U.S. Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Germany, Australia and New Zealand and they are now shipping products to all 27 countries in the European Union.

Although the Xyngular product line and the Xyngular compensation plan look appealing, these things alone will not guarantee that you will be successful with the company.  The days of pitching your friends and family alone will only take you so far.  And prospecting total strangers in Malls, parking lots, trade shows and networking events for 97% of people produce terrible results.

This is why it’s absolutely vital to your success that you learn proven marketing strategies that will allow you to generate quality leads for your business. Without having a steady stream of leads for your business, you will have little to no chance of succeeding in Xyngular or in any other company.

The key to generating leads is to use some type of attraction marketing system.  This will help you to generate more leads than you can even get to. If you do this, there is no limit and no telling how successful you can be with your Xyngular business.

Darren Little wrote this Xyngular Review for people looking into the company. Sadly, most Xyngular reps will never see the success they desire because they lack the marketing skills to generate 50+ leads a day. To learn how you can generate more leads than you can get to, visit Darren’s website by CLICKING HERE.

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