Xyngular Corporation Launches New Health and Wellness Websites


Xyngular Corporation, a Lehi, Utah based health and wellness company – announced that as of December 18th at 2:00 pm PST – they will be officially launching NEW health and wellness websites for their Distributors, Customers and Premiere Customers.

The vibrant look and feel of the new Xyngular website supports the next evolution of the company’s international expansion as they are attracting an influx of health and wellness professionals, Doctors, Nature-paths, Homeopaths as well as every day people that are looking to achieve financial freedom.

The stories of success continue to flood the inbox of Xyngular’s Customer Care department – as people are losing pounds and inches with what industry experts are calling the most revolutionary weight loss program the world has ever seen. Imagine being able to lose 8 to 15 pounds in as little as 8 days.  Xyngular has the answer.

Currently the fastest global expansion in MLM history – Xyngular is now shipping products to more than 30 countries around the world, including all 27 countries in the European Union, Canada, United States, Dominican, Puerto Rico, Australia and New Zealand.  Xyngular’s revolutionary straight-line compensation plan is most definitely the talk of the entire industry. Find out more INSIDE!

Xyngular Corporation Launches New Health and Wellness Websites

They’re finally here.  And this could be the official launching pad of taking something good and making it EVEN BETTER! Xyngular Corporation – the fastest global expansion in MLM history – will be officially launching their NEW Health and Wellness websites on December 18th at 2 pm PST.

“The websites are FRESH, COLORFUL and FULL OF LIFE” stated Darren Little – CEO of MLM Superhero.  “This is exactly what we needed to turn up the heat and takes things to an entirely new level in 2012.  What a great way to start the New Year with this exciting new look”.


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Little is the co-author of MLM Affiliate Magic and a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers’ Soul. He joined Xyngular Corporation to conduct a marketing case study to show people what is possible with NO TIME – NO MONEY and NO CONTACTS.  He started a business with just $60, spent one hour a day marketing online and within 18 months his business and his marketing system now produce a full time income with orders coming in from 12 different countries around the world.

Why Is Xyngular Attracting So Many Career Network Marketers? 

Xyngular was launched in December 2009 and came out of the gates with a BANG! The company launched a revolutionary straight line compensation plan that has totally shifted the thinking of an entire industry.  Combine that with the most talked about energy and weight loss products in a 34 country global expansion and what do you have?  A viral internet EXPLOSION unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

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What separates Xyngular from any other Network Marketing Company is their One Team – One Dream philosophy. Everyone of the Xyngular Distributors has the opportunity to grow with the company and participate in the GLOBAL SALES of the company as it expands around the world.

Never before in the history of the Network Marketing industry has such an opportunity been made available where up to 12% of the company’s GLOBAL SALES are shared amongst the marketers and leaders of Xyngular.

This means that as a Distributor you can benefit from sales that were not even done within your organization.  Sideline teams now cheer each other on as they all share in the GLOBAL SALES each and every month.

Most Network Marketing companies suffer from segregation among their teams and their leadership groups.  Each leader typically keeps their marketing strategies and systems close to their chest.  At leadership conventions, many of these leaders don’t even want their people socializing with other teams within the company.

What Makes Xyngular So Unique and Different?  

The company is setting a completely new standard in leadership.  The leaders of Xyngular actively share their marketing strategies with everyone in the company and they explain what is working and what marketing strategies are having the most amount of benefit within their teams.  Why? Because the more sales that everyone collectively does – the bigger the bonus pools get.  This means bigger checks for EVERYONE.  This concept of ONE TEAM – ONE DREAM makes the energy of the company’s growth different than any other Network Marketing company.

Experience the difference that TRUE TEAM WORK makes to your success and to your fulfillment as a leader in the Network Marketing industry.  JOIN XYNGULAR and become part of a WINNING TEAM.

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