VOTE MLM SUPERHERO – Can The Blogging Underdog Rise From The Rubble And Win The Race?


Like a story right out of the movie “Rocky” where the underdog rises up from nowhere to win the championship, Darren Little aka The MLM Superhero has risen up from the rubble to attempt to conquer Internet Hall of Famer” – April Marie Tucker in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest hosted by That MLM Beat and sponsored by MyLeadSystem PRO.

April Marie Tucker is known internationally as a world renowned online marketer and currently holds a spot in the Internet Marketer’s Hall of Fame. She is a top recruiter with her primary business and has a huge following internationally.  But who exactly is Darren Little the MLM Superhero anyway?

Until recently, no one had ever heard of this blogging underdog known as the MLM Superhero. In fact, less than a year ago Little says that he set out on a path to try and learn exactly what blogging was, and how to do it. Until that time he had no idea what it was even all about.

Is it possible for a complete blogging underdog to rise from the rubble and take on an Internet Hall of Famer?  Little says that the power is with the people and that he’s counting on “The People’s Vote”  – and all of the ROCKY FANS that grew up cheering on Sylvesta Stallone to come out as the reigning Champion.

Find out how voting for the MLM Superhero blog could have a dramatic positive impact for your home based business.

Darren Little, April Marie Tucker, That MLM Beat, My Lead System Pro, MLSP, MLM Lead System Pro, Top 50 MLM Blogs, mlm mentors, mlm trainersAre You a Fan of the Movie ROCKY? 

Remember when you were a kid growing up.  Didn’t you always root for the underdog?  The person that was the least likely tothat mlm beat, top 50 mlm blogs, myleadsystem pro, mlsp, mlm lead system pro, darren little, mlm superhero win…the boxer that had never won the heavy weight championship like ROCKY. Or the horse that was 100 to 1 odds to win the race? I know I did. Its human nature actually.  In fact it gives people hope that anyone can rise up from out of the rubble and claim  VICTORY.

And that’s exactly what is happening right now in The Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition hosted by That MLM Beat and sponsored by My Lead System Pro, – the World’s leading attraction marketing and online lead generation training system.

Rising up from the rubble – its The MLM Superhero.  A complete blogging underdog that is attempting to take on Internet Marketing Hall of Famer April Marie Tucker.  But is it possible for an underdog to conquer an internet marketing powerhouse?  Can a totally no name person rise from the rubble and claim victory?  YOUR VOTE HAS SUPERPOWER!

Little says that he is reaching out to all of the Rocky Fans in the world to cast a vote his way to help him claim VICTORY.

“When I first started, I had no idea what a plug-in was or how to get organic search results” says Little in a recent interview. “It wasn’t until I tapped into MyLeadSystem PRO with some of the top marketers in the world in the MLM industry that I learned some of these amazing marketing strategies that absolutely anyone can do”.


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Little says that 18 months ago, he set out on a mission to prove to people what is possible with NO TIME, NO MONEY and NO CONTACTS. He started a business with just $60 and spent one hour a day marketing his primary business online. He says that his primary business now has orders coming in from 12 different countries and produces a full time income.

Darren Little is now reaching out to the world for “The People’s Vote” to ask for their support in helping him rise to the top in this Top 50 MLM Blogs contest. If you are a fan of the movie “Rocky” and love movies that end with the underdog as the Champion – VOTE MLM SUPERHERO for the win.

The MLM Superhero blog gives it to you straight with the exact marketing blueprint UPFRONT. No need to opt-in to get the Secret Ninja Marketing Formula. It’s spelled right out in black and white and full color. This is the EXACT marketing blueprint that allowed Darren Little to become the MyLeadSystem PRO marketer of the month for November 2011.

VOTE MLM SUPERHERO – the complete blogging underdog to win this international competition. For step by step instructions on how to vote GO HERE.

To find out how to implement this entire strategy and become a LEAD GENERATION MAGNET, pick up the phone and contact me direct at 604-771-1901 or Skype me at DarrenLittle11.   To learn how to sponsor more reps in your MLM GO HERE.

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