If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for information on ViSalus Sciences.

You could be looking for information on the ViSalus Sciences Business Opportunity, or perhaps a friend told you about one of the ViSalus Sciences Products, but either way, before you get involved, I encourage you to read this entire third party review to see if the company is right for you.

In this short review, I’ll go over VISALUS and I’ll also give you access to what I would call a totally “unfair advantage” should you decide that VISALUS is the right company that you want to get involved with.

Visalus scam, visalus mlm, body by vi, body by vi challengeVISALUS THIRD PARTY REVIEW

It seems like almost every second day, I get approached by someone about the ViSalus business opportunity.  But recently, it seems that I’m getting an unusually high amount of calls from people asking me “Have you ever heard of this thing called Body by Vi”? Who hasn’t?  The company has created a phenomenon in the North American market.

Some of these people are ruthless and can’t understand why I said no so many times. No matter how many times I said NO, they just kept on calling and emailing me.  So I decided to do a little more research online to find out if ViSalus is all of what they say its cracked up to be or or whether the company is just ONE BIG SCAM.

In this short but detailed review of ViSalus, I will discuss the company’s background, the products, the compensation plan and what it truly takes to succeed in a company like ViSalus.

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Visalus – The Company

ViSalus is a Network Marketing company based out of Troy, Michigan. And although the company has just begun to attract attention, surprisingly, ViSalus is a 7 year old company.  Now, while they are 7 years old, it seems they are just now starting to hit major momentum. In the past year and a half, it seems that one distributor, Kyle Pacetti has been responsible for the majority of the companies momentum and influx of new Distributors and is currently the top income earner in ViSalus.  But prior to Pacetti’s involvement I had never even heard of ViSalus.

In recent months, ViSalus is attracting some of the biggest marketers in the industry, so I have to admit, it has me looking even closer at it than ever before.

Who Controls ViSalus?

Many people don’t realize that ViSalus Sciences was recently acquired by Blyth Inc., a home fragrance products company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol (NYSE:BTH) .  Blyth Inc. now controls 57.5% of ViSalus.  This means that ViSalus Sciences is now controlled by another company’s Board of Directors which means that Blyth Inc. really decides what happens with ViSalus and what changes that they want to make to the company in the future. What this also means is that ViSalus has been given a significant capital injection for marketing and awareness, which explains the significant exposure this past year.  From recent promotional tapes with Hulk Hogan, it seems that some of that money may have been used for celebrity endorsements as well; however, ViSalus management and Hulk Hogan both deny any payments were made.

If you’re looking into Visalus from a business perspective, this may be a good thing. Why? Because most new network marketing companies never make it past their first 2 years. Since, Visalus is 7 years old, they don’t run the risk of going out of business like most new start-ups do.   And since the company is just now hitting momentum, it can still be considered a ground floor opportunity and a great time to join them.  Momentum is the time when people start piling into a company by the tens of thousands and often times companies can double in size within a few months.

One would think though that with 7 years of business, marketing a line of quality products – that ViSalus would have already hit momentum years ago – but the management claims that with the change in the economy, they revamped their sales model completely – shifting from products to “kits” and then streamlined their message making their system simple and duplicatable.  This was a brilliant marketing strategy and one that has the entire industry trying to copy the model that ViSalus has invented.

I will be the first to admit that this company by far has the best marketing materials that I have ever seen. In fact I would go as far to say that ViSalus has set a completely new standard in their marketing materials because they have completely removed the “stigma of MLM” and they are targeting the consumer market.

ViSalus Management Team

CEO Ryan Blair, has led Visalus to an impressive 1,200% growth in it’s first 3 years.  He has been featured on CNBC, MSNBC, Time Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine. Many of the people involved in Visalus corporate have decades of network marketing experience in various network marketing companies including Herbalife, Mary Kay and Amway. In addition, the ViSalus corporate team, board members and sales support team have a significant amount of experience and background in the Direct Selling Industry.  This is all good – as experience in Direct Sales from the management team is the core of a company’s success.

The ViSalus Products

body by vi, body by vi challenge, Kyle Pacetti, Yo Le, visalus scam, visalus sciences, visalus mlm As far as their products go, ViSalus markets several science based nutraceuticals that are designed to aid in your overall health and well being. According to the ViSalus corporate website, some of their products include: Trim Slim Shape, ViSalus Neuro and Vi-Pack Anti-Aging and Energy Supplements.

The most marketed ViSalus product is the Body By Vi Challenge, which is a 90-day challenge – and their reps say that “The Challenge” itself is different for everyone.  Like any weight loss or nutritional product line, ViSalus has plenty of before-and-after pictures and testimonials from people who have successfully gone through the Body By Vi Challenge.

 ViSalus Compensation Plan

As far as the compensation plan goes, it operates on a uni-level platform and there are several ways you can make money. The different ways you can make money fall into three categories:

Upfront income on new sales
Residual income on reorders
Advancement bonuses

ViSalus – Waiting Room

ViSalus allows its distributors to reposition their new enrollments within a 60 day period.  They call this the “waiting room”.  It allows their distributors to reposition volume under people that they feel could be good promoters and its one of the reasons that ViSalus has created such massive momentum so quickly in the last two years.

This is an interesting topic.  On one side, this can create the illusion of ViSalus Distributors gaining success and momentum in record time, when in fact, they haven’t even yet done anything.  But on the other side, it move reps into GETTING PAID FAST which in actual fact is the reason why people join an MLM in the first place.

If you are working with a great team of promoters that give you the support and training you need a little hand up can be a good thing in life.  It is definitely is a great way to attract bigger players when you can position teams of people under them to get them started in the business.   Many people are offered BMW qualification virtually as soon as they join, and it can be pretty appealing for promoters that want to tap into a lifestyle and be part of a winning team of promoters.

visalus, visalus mlm, visalus scam, visalus compensation planFor some people, this may seem like a great marketing play, others find it a little misleading.  Like everything in life, depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on, the grass may look greener on one side than the other.  Only you can decide. There are good arguments to support each side of the fence.

I always encourage people to ask more questions when they hear these type of stories from their friends and co-workers and find out more about the team of promoters and what type of track record they have in business and in life.  If you are teamed up with the right people, it could be the stepping stone you are looking for.

Is The BMW Actually FREE?

You will hear many of the ViSalus Reps talking about a “FREE BMW”.    Getting a “FREE BMW” is not really true. In fact it’s your personal credit rating that determines whether or not you get the BMW (in addition to certain volume requirements that the company instills on their reps to meet each month).

As we all know, the attrition rates in MLM can be quite high. People are highly motivated for 30 to 90 days until they realize they actually have to go to work and then low and behold – many quit. In fact, according to some of the top ViSalus reps the retention rates are only about 20%. So in reality, if you decide that ViSalus is right for you, make sure you have a lot more volume than the required monthly sales quotas before you’re putting your John Henry on that car lease and putting your credit rating on the line.

Keep in mind that if your monthly sales fall below ViSalus’ monthly sales quotas, you will be responsible for paying that  $600 or more towards your lease.  The responsibility will be yours to buck up for the payment that month in order to maintain your credit rating.

Personally, I would recommend opting for the $300 cash bonus instead.  This way it will be a great cash bonus on months you qualify and if your volume ever drops for whatever reason, you’re not stuck with a car payment that month.  Once you really gain some major momentum and you’re really in a position to afford the car, with or without the help of ViSalus, that’s the time to engage their offer.  It’s always the safer way to play it and you won’t have the down sided risk.

What Is Classified As Enticement?

Back when MLM first got started, people used this strategy to recruit new reps into their businesses.  They would hold up  checks of $50,000 a month – or more – at their weekly meetings, as a lure to bring in new people. People would join in a frenzy thinking that they would get these type of checks in a short period of time as well.  What was not disclosed was that many of these people were career network marketers but none of this information was ever disclosed to the public.

Almost none of the sign-ups would make the big checks as they thought – especially knowing nothing about the MLM business model.  As a result, people felt misled, ripped off and like they had been scammed into getting involved with something when not all of the information was represented in its true light. It has since been labeled as enticement and its against the law. In fact, in online promotions, people have to put disclaimers on any type of income claims they make to protect themselves from large government fines.

One of my concerns back about 8 months ago with ViSalus is that some of their reps were using these same tactics to recruit new people into the company.  Recently however, the company brought on board a compliance dept to make sure that the Distributors are in line with the company’s mission and long term vision. In fact, the company had to terminate a few reps to send the message that they are serious about protecting their brand for the long term.  This has had a dramatic impact on the amount of respect I have for this management team. In fact, it looks like they have really pulled back the reins on their promoters.

In the second quarter of 2012 or there a-bouts…Visalus did in my opinion the unthinkable.  Any reps that were promoting Visalus, EVEN TOP PAID AMBASSADORS that were promoting online tools and blog platforms like Empower Network and other training programs were sent cease and desist letters from the ViSalus compliance department prohibiting them from promoting ANYTHING other than ViSalus products.  Since then, the companies sales have dropped by $90 million.

Visalus Quarterly Sales

1st Quarter 2012

2nd Quarter 2012

3rd Quarter 2012

4th Quarter 2012


1st Quarter 2013


Income claims?  Really? A year ago the person that tried recruiting me into ViSalus as example was boasting a story about how his up-line is making $60,000 a month in under a year.  As soon as I hear this, INSTANT RED FLAGS GO UP.  As I do more digging, it turns out the couple were career network marketers that came from another organization with a team of more than 10,000 reps (No surprise).  But the newbie rep that doesn’t know any difference could be setting themselves up for major disappointment if they aren’t making huge money with ViSalus within their first 6 to 8 months, so do more due diligence if one of these stories is presented to you.

Like I said, since the company has pulled back the reins on the promoters and let go of some of the people that seemed to be the source of this problem, I haven’t had any calls from ViSalus reps for the past 4 months.  That is a good thing and it means that the company is positioning themselves as an industry player here for the long term.

When you’re dealing with mass marketing especially when it comes to the general public, there are specific government bodies that are put in place to protect the people.  And ViSalus made the right move by sending the message to their promoters that if you don’t stay inline with the rules, you’re GONE.

All it takes is a few bad apples in the room of 3000 to 4000 people and BOOOOOOOM there goes your business. Government bodies are very strict when it comes to protecting the public and when income enticement stories are being used as a way to recruit new reps…..Houston we have a problem.

Income claims and unrealistic expectations are what has taken such an amazing business model such as MLM and tainted it with the words illegal scam and pyramid scheme.  And what’s so unfortunate is that it only takes a few bad apples to ruin the whole bunch.  Luckily, ViSalus has nipped the problem in the butt before it has become a serious issue.

Hopefully, this type of strict enforcement will continue by the ViSalus management team to prevent their Distributors from painting a false picture for the newbie reps. Having seen their corporate story, its very inspirational to see how a relatively young management team has turned the company into a mega marketing machine.

Although from a corporate level they have good intentions, its the Distributors that inevitably create problems and will need to be held accountable for protecting the brand.  Only time will tell and since I have some very close friends that are marketing the company, I hope for their sake ViSalus lays down the iron fist.

ViSalus – Is It A Good Opportunity?

In closing, Visalus is definitely not a scam, but rather an established and stable company. They have a top-notch management team, a line up of high quality products and despite the enticement strategies that some of their reps are using – for the right person, the compensation plan could be lucrative.  So you’re probably wondering, if the opportunity is as great as everyone is telling you, why am I not part of the company?

Well, the reality is that I was part of the company at one point, but I’m an online marketer and was using the Empower blog platform to market ViSalus.  What happened as a result?  I was car qualified in 10 days using online strategies and had a team into massive momentum in 3 months….then I got “the letter”.

Since my Empower Business was making me about 10 times the money, I had no choice but to put my resignation letter in.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the ViSalus culture…and honestly, if I hadn’t gotten that letter there is a good chance I would still be a ViSalus promoter. So it’s important to know that my personal choice is beside the point.  The fact still remains that ViSalus offers fair value.

The challenge with ViSalus and any other network marketing company for that matter is that simply joining ViSalus will not automatically make you successful. At the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to generate an endless flow of high quality leads. If you can’t generate leads, which will prevent you from sponsoring the amount of people needed to succeed, you will not make it in ViSalus.

ViSalus – How To Guarantee Your Success If You Join

My suggestion is to find a self branded attraction marketing system that will allow you to generate leads, brand yourself as a leader and expert and make immediate profits whether people join your ViSalus business or not. If you leverage a marketing system and combine it with the Visalus opportunity, you can be on your way to building a wildly successful business.

If you do decide that ViSalus is the right business opportunity for you, there are two things that will take you to the top: LEADERSHIP and MARKETING. It is critically important that you get the right training and that you learn exactly what to do to generate an unlimited supply of leads.  The difference between people that make it to the top and those that struggle is directly related to these critical areas. Go here to  find out how to Sponsor More Reps In ViSalus.  Go here to find out more about Darren Little.

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  1. Thanks for the info on the company. Any suggestion on where to learn about the products? What is in them? I have heard nothing from the 5 people that want me to buy.

  2. I am NOT in Visalus. I have researched the company and it is not a pyramid, it is a legitimate network marketing company. Darren is a good article writer, which I appreciate. He wrote a company review on Visalus to get ranked in the search engines, because Visalus is hot. Yes, I ‘m sure anxious new people are excited and saying things they shouldn’t. It is just magnified with a company in the spotlight. Janice why do you call them or any other legitimate network marketing company a scam? They move goods and services.

  3. Bethbiz,

    No one is denying whether or not the BMW program is real.  In fact myself and my team mates have been offered BMW’s multiple times this month if we join (even though we haven’t done anything).

    So let me try and understand this, I have the ability to join Visalus, without doing anything and qualify for a debt load of $50,000 to $120,000 for a BMW that if I don’t meet qualifications, or if those people cancel their autoships I’m stuck with paying for? Not only does it require my credit rating to get in the first place, but it poorly effects my credit rating if the payments aren’t made.

    What part of this am I missing here???

    To me it sounds like a great way to get people finaniclaly obligated to staying with the company.  Just saying.

  4. Hey Janice,

    No ViSalus is not a pyramid selling another scam. Although I don’t agree with the deceptive marketing strategies of some of their reps, the fact still remains that the company itself is a viable direct sales company.

    The fact that I’ve gone with a different company myself, is beside the point. 


  5. If you don’t want the BMW you can also take a 300$/ month soo this is entirer your choice. People who are taking BMW knows they gonna work to accomplish their dream revenu.  Refer 3 costumers and your products are free (if they order the same kit or a superior kit as you) , soo you will not have anymore fees each month, for me it sound pretty good compare to others direct sales compagnie. And when people do , when costumer or distributor got their product for free 100% of them stay with the company. for me it sound good and fair. Free=they don’t charge your credit card anymore, as long as you keep 3 costumers.  And just to remember anyone here if you want to make it in those kind or compagny, yeah you do have to work it’s not a magical solution. But I rather do the work in direct sales Visalus compagny then doing a endless 9 to 5 job where my effort worth nothing. I know that cause i’m with them by choice, I research for 1 year the best direct sales company for me and I have no doubt about my choice. If you have any more questions found me on it will be my pleasure to chat with anyone about my experience.

  6. Toniyat,

    I’m starting the Shape kit tomorrow but my kit did not come with any instructions.  Basically, I take two shakes bkfst/lunch but can i have healthy snacks during the day?  I eat a sensible dinner but am I counting calories as well?  Thanks!

  7. So many companies… all claiming to have “Wonderful” products! I too am being wooed by Visalus with the BMW. (Not my favorite car) I was told that I would have to maintain a $12,000 volume a month to keep it… hmmmmm… What makes XYNG products better then Visalus or say, Isagenix? And how long has XYNG been in business and where are they located? The compensation Plan does sound revolutionary… Tell me more…

  8. What I like about Xyngular is that the Distributors become partners in the company’s growth.  We participate in 12 bonus pools of 1% each.  The thresholds for becoming a global partner are quite low (only 2000 points).   As the company grows, so do the bonus pools.  Xyngular offers cash and travel incentives with trips to exotic destinations around the world and $9000 in upfront cash bonus in the first 90 days. 

    I’m sure that whatever path you’re on you will do great. All the best.

  9. Xyngular launched Dec 2009 and is already doing $18 million a year in sales. It took ViSalus almost 6 years to hit sales of just over $13 million. Just sayin.

  10. Thank you for the info. Where are they located? And this Lead Generator MLSP your selling is also a network marketing company?

  11. Hey, Darren.  I have also been prospected by many people in ViSalus.  I’ve told them point-blank that I will never buy into all the hype surrounding that company.  I’ve also told them my feeling on their “free BMW” program (the source of most of the hype), and and many of the points that you brought up about it.

    I love your objective review!  My opinion will always remain the same about ViSalus.  Too much hype for my liking.  ‘Nuff said.  Keep up the great work!

  12. Thanks Greg,

    I appreciate the input. What some people don’t realize is that all the hype just draws the wrong type of attention to a company and ends up with regulators showing up in the audience at the meetings. I’ve been around long enough to stay clear of this myself, but to each their own, I have some friends in the company, so I hope they all do well.


  13. This is in reply to some of the erroneous statements you’ve made about Visalus. Now that I have thoroughly researched the company, I like what I see!
    Erroneous statement #1: They didn’t start really growing until 2008, when they partnered with Blyth, a mulitibillion dollar corp. Blyth liked the integrity of Visalus and the real concern they saw from the company for the health and weight crises in the US.
    #2. Sales are approaching $22 million… a MONTH, not year, with more than a thousand people a DAY joining. It is one of the fastest growing MLMs in the Northern U.S. today! They won the Bravo Turnaround Award for their 2010 growth. 
    #3. And as far as the BMW club goes, there’s no pressure to take it, you can always take the cash instead. It’s an incentive, as many MLMs have.
    Every MLM has goals that it wants its promoters to reach, without goals one will not succeed. Visalus’s 90 day Challenge is helping many people achieve their dreams, whether it be weight loss, better fitness and health or financial security. 
    I wish you success and prosperity in XYNG, but needless to say, I have decided to go with Visalus. 

  14. Crystal,

    Let’s hope for the sake of the serious business builders that are looking for a long term company that the enticement strategies being used the the Distributors and the company do not raise issues with both the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.

    Having been in the industry for over 15 years, I’ve seen my share of hype with companies that had similar strategies.  The bad news is….they are no longer in business for all of the reasons I have mentioned in my review.

    You will get some great strategies for you and your team in my book called MLM Affiliate Magic which is available in the top right corner of this page.
    I wish you well on your path.

    Continued Success

  15. I might be wrong, but it looks like they don’t pay out up to 12% of their total profits to their distributors like Xyngular does. You have to have 3 legs at least to advance or get paid. There are structural requirements, which Xyngular does not have. Here is an example of what a structural requirement is: “Help 5 people achieve 5 Star Ambassador. The first three must be in three separate legs.” I copy and pasted this from their site. 
    These differences are huge! 
    Not to mention the other things Darren has so nicely pointed out!

    If you are looking to make some money in the network marketing arena, then connecting with either Darren or me would be wise. We both know the principles of success, and would love to help you.
    We love helping people gain financial freedom. We take it very seriously. 

    Would you allow us to help you?

    Rick Ryan
    For Freedom Inc. 

  16. I will say i do like the fact that after 3 customers, you dont have to pay again as long as they stay customers….there is no hype or misleading marketing in that…

  17. Yes I agree Chris, that is a great feature.  I do like that about their system. 

  18. Lets not talk about the “Free” Car Lease that they put Lower Middle Class people in, that dings their credit within months … Or the checks everybody is waving around because the Company has sooooo much breakage and they only pay $2.00 for the product and jack the price to $40.00 .. See if anybody would pay that in any Health Food Store with better shakes at less than half of the price … Lets see anybody talk about the quality of the product … You wont hear anything there !! What abut the Sucralose?? The Chemicals… (artifical flavors)?? … The Maltodextryn??… The Soy ??.. The Whey?? … What is helathy with that?? …Anybody?? … Not a thing!! .. that is why it only cost $2.00 per pack to make !!! Oh and that includes the packet !!

  19. Those are some valid points Foxx.

    So are you saying that the shakes themselves aren’t comparative price
    value for what you can get in a store?  Tell us more.  I had no idea.
    Also support your post with any data that you might have as there are a
    lot of people that want to know.  What shakes can be purchased at less than half the price as example. I have some really close personal
    friends in this company. (People that I care about).

  20. Sucralose (Splenda) is a huge problem…being a diabetic myself, after a 900 blood sugar, i understand my health a lot better now and I am more cautious about labels and what foods i take in. Unfortunately though the truth in your comment in targeted at MLM products in general, not just Visalus. most of the ingredients on the labels of all of these products MLM wide are questionable. Your price points are to be considered, but remember….the stores do the same thing…you go to Walmart a box of cereal may only be $2, but Winn Dixie or Albertsons may have the same exact box of cereal for $4.50… it only cost Walmart pennies, but they jack the price up too to make THEIR profit…I do agree with you that the price points are extreme and way out of control for the VALUE of product that one receives…

  21. Interesting points Chris. I haven’t followed other shakes to even know whats out there or how this product compares for value. And I think that more than anything people aren’t even looking at the price.  What they are looking at is the testimonials of people making money WHILE they are losing weight. So the price point doesn’t even become a question.  That’s my take. And even of the product may be overpriced in comparison, they have a chance to make money as well with this type of model. People just people making money and they jump in.  The challenge will be if the enticement strategies get caught red handed, in the actual meetings themselves, that’s where they may have some challenges.

  22. 298.00 dollars for something you can get for 50.00 at GNC???  Chris, you are missing the point.  It goes to the MLM compensation, not the customer.

  23. I think you have to have 3 customers per month…not just one time.  Also, as someone that is customer, I know I am getting completely screwed since I am not signing anyone else up…..

  24. Darren,

    I am sure that is the plan….get em hooked and keep them on the line :-).  Credit cards figured this plan out a long time ago.

  25. What is the pricing on the products ZYNG have?  Looks like a similiar company, but I haven’t heard anything.

  26. XYNG is quite unique because they have an energy capsule that people have lost as much as 80 pounds in 90 days with.  It sells for $44.95 retail and $34.95 wholesale for 30 days supply.

    Their IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM has 6 products in it.  The whole system retails for $312 and wholesales for $226.

    You can see an explanation of the products here at http;//

    The corporate site is here

    People lose 8 to 15 pounds in 8 days and the company has a 30 day empty bottle guarantee.  This means that a person can try the entire system and if it doesn’t work they can get their money back.

  27. Info…

    Didn’t miss any point..I think you missed mine…I agreeing with with Foxx add on point was that all businesses do it no matter what the percentage point is… Whether its an MLM or a major chain…with an MLM, yes you are right it goes to the MLM and split with the distributers…in a major is divided as well ….between all parties involved… Their percentages are close to the same…the price points are the only differences… I’ve been in sales for more than 16 years… Everything industry sells has a large margin between cost …price…then profit… The

  28. Quote: (And I think that more than anything people aren’t even looking at the
    price.  What they are looking at is the testimonials of people making
    money WHILE they are losing weight. So the price point doesn’t even
    become a question.)

    I agree Darren…to be honest I think that the end result is what is important and how it makes you feel. GNC or any of the other health stores have junk products too….I used to buy products there religiously. Alot of those products have artificial sweeteners like Aspartame (which comprises about 75% of all artificial sweeteners on the entire worldwide food market) which has been tested and proven to cause tumors, strokes, pancreatic tumors, cancer, seizures, it has also been know to trigger birth defects and miscarriages.

    If people would do just as much research on the back of those labels as they do on the labels of these MLM products, they will find there is really no difference.

    You only have about a handful of companies that have products that truly benefit the customer, the majority of them I AGREE AGAIN WITH FOXX AND INFO…. are overpriced and lack potency they claim to have..

    I know of one MLM company that does offer all natural, Organic health products…not those harmful ingredients… of course they cost more, but the benefit is that it’s a better product for the customer.

    If i get a membership at Lifestyles gym for my family her in Orlando, it cost almost $100 per month. Golds gym in my opinion is a better gym, our Dr Phillips location has an inside pool, children’s daycare, spa etc etc etc just like Lifestyles but Golds is a 1/3 of the cost. Everyone has different preferences…do i tell Lifestyles Gym “you’re ripping me off because Gold’s is cheaper!” ? No…If I don’t like it….I just go to Gold’s if I feel that is a better option…

    No matter where you go or what product you buy or who you buy it from it from…. its all about choice…if people don’t like one option… just switch!

    Remember, products in the store are NOT paying YOU to “tell a friend” about them. Of course something similar MAY BE available and cheaper but you’re not getting paid to buy or tell someone else about it. For the customer, it is a challenge due to cost, but for the distributor, it is a great benefit to earn from a referral who is going to buy the product ANYWAY!! MLM gives people the power to be like the CEO of those major chains who sell products and make large RESIDUAL-PROFITS …

  29. Awesome review Darren. I guess the BMW that ViSalus talks about isn’t “Free” after all. There’s a lot of false advertising going on in the network marketing industry. It’s a shame, because this industry allows almost anyone to start their own business.

  30. Hunter, congratulations on your success. But to be fair, it’s misleading to say the BMW is free. Chances are your parents signed for the BMW on their credit.  Most leases do not allow no money down, so there normally is a down payment involved and taxes and processing fees. As well, last time I checked $600 won’t get you much for a BMW so if you want to get a half decent car you have to pay additional beyond the $600.  As well with only a 20% retention you can have 12,000 volume thinking you are qualified and a few months later that 12,000 is only 2400. BOOOM no payment from Visalus.

    In fact someone posted on Facebook that out of 72 cars issued in Alaska, 70 of them have already been reposessed within 7 months.  And I would bet dollars to donuts that if the REAL numbers actually surfaced on how many of the cars are being repoed in the first year ViSalus Reps would be a little gun shy talking about this BMW program.

  31. Well one thing I will say is that GNC doesn’t provide the team support and inspiration and without that most people stop taking the products anyway, so I guess I would say that the extra amount is for getting the support = results

  32. That is an outrageous and unhealthy amount of weight to lose so fast.  I am a nurse and have studied Visalus products and their claims to weight loss which are reasonable and the products are made with healthy ingredients (I studied each ingredient).  The Visalus shake is low calorie and if you add fruit or anything to it, then it will remain healthy and low cal.  This country is fighting obesity in mass proportions, so ideally we should choose something healthy and if you get it paid for by having 3 people do the same, then all together we can tackle obesity.

  33. Maggie,

    No disrespect, but we have doctors in numerous countries carrying our products and recommending them in their clinics. As a nurse I think you should be more concerned about the  Sucralose in the ViSalus shakes.

  34. Darren Little cannot handle tough questions about Xyngular, so he deletes them. What a phony! Does commenting about Visalus every other day really help your business? Just curious Darren. Do tell!

  35. Mel I already wasted an entire day with your verbal attacks.  I answered every question you posted with more than ample explanation.  The problem was that you just didn’t like the answers so you increased your verbal attacks. That is when you were deleted. GROW UP.

    If you are looking for comparative explanations that are related to what the FTC classifications of enticement are, you will need to contact them. There is no need to get into an argument with you. And for the record if Xyngular was standing on top of a mountain with a megaphone with tens of thousands of people using enticement claims, I would be just as concerned.

    If you are trying to compare a dozen or so people on Facebook to tens of thousands of people calling everyone they know, comparing the two is ridiculous.  Last week alone I had more than 10 calls from your reps with income claims and enticement stories, which is one of the points I’ve brought up with this review. 

    My suggestion to you Sir is instead of attacking the messenger, take up whatever concerns you have with the FTC or the Attorney Generals office directly. And in the meantime, you may want to consider doing some more personal development.

    Anthony Robbins has a Fire Walk that I’ve done twice that you would get huge benefit from. You walk across white hot coals in bare feet.  Dr. Dov Baron has a program where you walk across 10 feet of broken glass in bare feet which I’ve done 8 times that will help you immensely as well. My suggestion to you is to start there.  I’m happy to chat with you on the other side once you reach maturity.

    And to answer your question, I’ve personally sponsored 3 Visalus reps in the past 72 hours. 

    Have a super day. 

  36. No. You deleted my questions without answering and because I was persistent, you blocked me. Which is why I now have to comment from my phone. You will probably delete this too. Lol. You claim to give a third party review, yet blast other companies except for yours. That makes you phony in my book. Maybe if you spent more time on you company rather than ripping others, you would be at a higher rank than Director in Xyngular. Lil

  37. My business Mel, (as I’ve already told you), but for the record AGAIN was a marketing case study to demonstrate to people what is possible with no time, no money and no contacts. I started the business with $60. Did one hour a day marketing online and never went to a database of contacts.

    If a business cant target the single Mom that has no money at all, and gain success then you don’t have a real business.  The difference here Mel is that on the merits of the Xyngular products alone the business expanded viraly with orders now coming in from 11 countries.

    But I do appreciate your opinion and would tell you for fact that most single Moms would disagree with you on your comment of whether or not my case study was a success.

    I would encourage you though to watch for my infomercials in 2012 and my national ad campaign when the real campaign begins. In the meantime you can read about me in the August issue of United Networker Magazine. They ran an 8 page profile on me for their cover story.

    Best of Success to you.

    P.S. Here is a link to Tony’s Fire Walk


  38. Mel,

    Perhaps you should reread the summary paragraph of the review.

    ViSalus – Is It A Good Opportunity?

    In closing, Visalus is definitely not a scam, but rather an
    established and stable company. They have a top-notch management team, a
    line up of high quality products and despite the enticement strategies
    that some of their reps are using – for the right person, the
    compensation plan could be lucrative.  So you’re probably wondering, if
    the opportunity is as great as everyone is telling you, why am I not
    part of the company?  Well, the reality is that my personal choice is
    beside the point.  The fact still remains that ViSalus offers fair

    If it wasn’t a good review, why the heck has it been shared on Facebook over 125 times?  And why have people left comments thanking me???

    The reason you were deleted had nothing to do with your questions.  It was directly due to your personal attacks and having to say the same things over and over which I’ve clearly addressed AGAIN. 


    Best of Success. I’m sure you will do well with whatever company you are involved with. 


  39. Thanks Steven, much appreciated.  All in all I think ViSalus offers fair value, but its when the reps start twisting reality that the problems start.  It is a shame, that it happens like that, but people are people. And when you create that much hype in such a short period of time, its bound to happen with any company.

  40. This is a fantastic review!  Every network marketing company that has stood the test of any amount of significant time has to have a good product and decent to strong corporate management.  This is obviously so with Visalus.  

    Visalus was a stagnant company for many years with no momentum before the new management and the new-found wealth of Blyth was introduced.  Many networkers left that company but the ones who stayed the course are undoubtedly reaping the rewards!  

    The one thing that Visalus does lack, in my humble opinion, is the ease of compensation for the masses.  The company has cracked the networking code.  They are going after the 97% of people that are not the big hitters in network marketing and/or do not want to recruit by offering them free product for referring 3 customers.  It is brilliant and has created mass momentum for their company.  The company could have a horrible compensation plan and a terrible product but when momentum hits, it doesn’t matter as perception is reality and everyone wants a piece.  That is where the car really hooks people in.  Momentum and a free BMW?  Count me in!  Someone made a great point that the car also hooks someone into the company financially because now they have to maintain a certain level or that new nut has to be cracked on their own.  For people who have never done network marketing before (which is the market Visalus is going after) do not know about and cannot anticipate the peaks and valleys.  Becoming BMW qualified in a day, week or a month is a dangerous thing.  Again, Darren makes a good point to purchase the BMW when you can afford with or without your Visalus income.  

    A lot, if not a major majority, of the field is only earning income on 2-4 levels of their unilevel. This statistic is pretty industry-standard given the 80/20 rule but the small amount of levels earned on is pretty alarming.  The ones who do promote and earn on more levels actually only earn a small percentage of the volume underneath them because you need to promote to the top to earn a big percentage of the volume.  To get to the top of the compensation plan you need to achieve ambassador and the different ambassador levels.  Ambassador is a very difficult position to achieve, not because of the volume needed, but because of the structure needed.  3 legs of 150k are needed to achieve this position (if structured ABSOLUTELY perfectly) and the volume needs to be structured with a maximum of 60/40 in each leg.  To get to the different starred ambassador ranks, you need ambassadors in different legs.  Ambassador is hard enough to build let alone multiple ambassadors in different legs.  Most people cannot attain the volume on their own so a good aspect was incorporated to increase volume by allowing stacking (placing personally sponsored distributors below others and still earning close unilevel commissions no matter how deep).  This gets people excited by watching momentum build underneath them but if they don’t bring the volume in, again, they’re not getting paid on any of it.  

    Now, let’s assume that you can promote to Ambassador which takes an INCREDIBLE amount of volume and HARD work!  You are only earning a small percentage of that volume.  I have a friend who is an ambassador with about 316k in volume.  He is earning about $8,000 per month (BUT HE DOES HAVE A FREE BMW).  That is about 2.5% of the volume.  Industry standard is about 5%.  Darren’s company, Xyngular,  is about 5-7% plus bonuses which brings that to about 8-12% with an average of about 10% depending on the shape of the organization.  The thing that is better in Visalus is that you can earn to infinity depending on your rank.  So if you do the comparison, if you had 316k in Xyngular you’d earn about 30k/mo.  Now, granted in Xyngular you only earn on 8 levels so let’s assume there is only 100k in 8 levels.  You’d earn 10k.  More money for less volume with no structure in Xyngular vs less money for more volume and work in Visalus (plus a free BMW.)  Do the math.  

    Visalus is a credible, legitimate company as is Xyngular and MOST other companies in network marketing.  Make sure you know all of the facts about any business you pursue before you commit to a company and risk your time, effort and reputation.  Do your due diligence and compare companies.  Don’t just join on an emotional whim.  

    Darren, thank you for your review and I look forward to many more good posts and conversations!  

  41. Foxx, the company does have quite a bit of breakage in the compensation plan.  The comp plan was explained to me by an Ambassador and unless he was wrong, the comp plan is LOADED with breakage.  The ownership is flying sky high right now!

  42. Thanks for the insight DP.  Both Xyngular and ViSalus are great companies that offer fare value.  The point I made in this review is that unless ViSalus pulls back the reins on their Distributors with income claims and enticement they WILL run into problems as history has proven itself time and time again in the industry.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  43. Here is the Companies Mission … go after Lower Middle Class people … Get them excited about a Car lease in which they call “Free” … Now..Once these people figure it out ..its too late .. Once the Car gets towed away — they now have “Bad Credit” .. Then they do the 3 for “Free” — So the Co. makes $150.00 and gives you a $2.00 Bag for Free — Who Wouldnt?? The Shake is Horrific from an Ingredient standpoint– That is why Everything is buila around the philosophy of “Pump and DumP” as we call it in the Industry !!  Basically — “NO Substance”

  44. Well Foxx, when you have deep pockets like $18 million and more coming from Blyth, you can pay $30,000 to $50,000 a month to a number of millions dollar income earners to leave their current companies and bring over their networks. Although its smoke and mirrors, people are like sheep and they follow the leader.  This creates huge numbers in sales and eventually everyone jumps in because everyone else is jumping in, so in essence it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Good on Ryan Blair.  He’s a smart business man. Gotta give the guy credit.  I sure do.  The guy is brilliant for being able to pull it off.

  45. […] very good companies from the miserable ones and even the ones that are scams. So what category does ViSalus Sciences fit in? Is it genuine or a scam? If it’s not really a scam is it any good? Find out […]

  46. Foxx do you look up every single ingredient in everything you eat (pasta, cereal, bread, soup etc etc)? EVERY food outside of the raw food diet or organic foods has “chemicals” in it.
     The car is financed by each person in case you want to leave the company after the 30-60 days it took you to earn the bonus to pay for it but I am completely happy with the $600 a month they send me to pay for that car…. The products are less expensive and a higher quality than most you would find in the stores….I prefer not to fill my body with 2nd rate protein and fillers and gelatin and the like and instead opt for 30% of my nutritional intake per serving. Most other brands dont offer that. There is 0.0001 micrograms of sucralose which is derived from sugar and is the most widely approved -in over 80 countries. You would have to drink thousands of shakes to get just ONE tsp of it from that. It is also bound to a chloride so your body does not adsorb it. The soy is non GMO and double water purified to remove estrogen. Soy is widely proved to be heart smart in small amounts that is why it its only 1/3 of our patented blend. The other shakes you claim are better and cheaper are strictly whey so what is your beef about whey I don’t get it? It is actually $1.78 per servind and can be free when you join with a few friends to make your challenge more fun. I have only ever paid for mine once and I have been using it for 7 months. It’s been to my doctor (who is now also using it) my nutritionists (who has a degree in human nutrition and also worked in the health food stores and tells me there is not may out there better…this was long before she became a customer) my kids pediatrician (who suggests it to obese clients in his health center) and my pharmacists who plans to put it on his shelves. Why don’t you let the professionals who know how to break down a product speak what is REALLY in it?  And whether or not it is healthy? I would do a little more research if I were you instead of just being negative? Honestly.

  47. Seriously Darren…try to get the story straight.  Visalus does NOT do endorsements of any kind.  Just because they were flatlining along with every other MLM in 2008 because of the recession but came up with a solution to has created significant growth doesn’t mean they do endorsements.  They are a success story in many ways and NO, not everyone is cut out to be in networking.  Therefore, there will always be the unhappy ones that don’t get out of their own comfort zone. 

  48. i think you are not compareing apples to apples.  You can only get a 25 day supply of Protein power at GNC for $50.00  The meal replacement shakes cost $49.00 thru visalus.  I’m not honestly sure what you think goes into the $298.00 cost.  There isn’t a $298.00 kit to purchase.   There are 4 different kits all of which have different objective for your health. ($49, $99, $199, $249) 

  49. Nice bias write up. Today I heard a rep saying that 25 BMW’s are being given away daily and they have 80,000 sign up per month. Can these claims be verified?

  50. Contact the company direct and they should be able to verify the numbers.  I’ve heard similar numbers although none of the reps want to disclose how many of the cars are being repossessed within 12 months. That would be the number that you want to identify which will focus in on the sustainability of the sales. According to some of the top Visalus reps retention rates for auto-ship are around 20%. 

  51. Not true.  You have to maintain 3 customers that are getting an equal or greater value package to yours!

  52. Darren,  Distributors do not count in the get 3 get yours free.  They must be customers.  You can get free product even as a “customer” w/o ever pursuing the business side of Visalus.  Pretty cool!

  53. My husband has been using ViSalus for 2 months now and he has lost 5 lbs. We are not trying to sell it, just weight  loss . He did not put the weight on overnight and does not intend to loose it over night. The taste is awesome and you can fix it so many way. He drinks it am , eats light dinner and drinks one in pm usually about 5pm. We do not eat after pm as a rule, we have also started walking. This shake has given him a burst of energy. We are usually skeptical, but this one we would recommend. Charles and Linda Fairchild

  54. The product “taste is awesome” becuase it is sweetened with Sucralose (splenda) and jury not complete with the side effects of long term use.  Search the internet and many experts not in favor of the artificial ingredient when in a product that is being used to improve health. I know other companies where the products used are safe and can gain same or better results.  Wm…

  55. ps – I like the taste too, but will not drink anymore after reading the ingredients and nice job with weight loss as I’m sure a battle that one time or another we have partaken in.

  56. Linda,

    Congratulations to your husband. Although 5 pounds in 2 months is not significant weight loss.  Here is what 2 months looks like on the IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM where you learn how to turn on your body’s metabolism like a skinny switch.  The body itself starts to burn off fat like fuel. Same amount of time – 60 days.

    Keith Carey is the man in the photograph who is a personal friend of mine. All he did was follow the instructions to the letter.  Nothing more.

  57. Wow, a ton of bad info has been posted about ViSalus.  First the 600 dollars for a BMW is sent to the rep and no one is telling the rep to go buy a $120K Bimmer.  600$ is about a 32K dollar car.  If a person wanted, they could go buy a $6K 3 series.  Also someone keeps mentioning sucralose is in the shakes…it’s not.  The ingredients are beyond excellent and the docs that designed all the ViSalus products are some of the best in the world.  Dr. Michael Seidman is one of the premier M.D.s in this country.  To say Steven A. Witherly Ph.D. is an expert in nutrition is a disservice to Dr. SW.   These products are no joke.  I love people that attempt to crap on a company without spending 5 minutes actually performing any research.   You have to love the net with all the experts putting in their 2 cents.  I saw a few dozen people today bring in over 6 million dollars in bonuses during the last 90 days.   Either get on board or get out of the way b/c ViSalus is about to hit a BILLION in sales during the next few months.   I’m on board and “working” full-time talking to friends and strangers alike while showing everyone the benefits of all our fantastic products.    

  58. “Also someone keeps mentioning sucralose is in the shakes…it’s not”.
     See your ingredients below.

    “Other Ingredients: Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium Phosphate, Sucralose”

  59. I agree not a best in class opportunity, but would not compare to Amway/Quixtar. Amway has great management, field leadership, best in class products – However, a stair step away comp plan not the easiest one to build in this industry.

  60. DFM, better read your ingredients below

    Ingredients: Protein Blend of (Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein
    Hydrolysate, and Whey Protein Concentrate), Digestive Resistant
    Maltodextrin (Fibersol™), High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Natural and
    Artificial Flavor, MCT Oil, Maltodextrin, Gum Acacia, Xanthan, Sodium
    Caseinate, Lecithin, Aminogen™, Mono & Diglycerides, DiPotassium
    Phosphate, Sucralose”

  61. I am only commenting on the BMW. They send you a $600 check towards a BMW but its is your decision which one you get. You can get one for $300 bucks a month and have 300 in your pocket. The only restrictions is that it has to be Black, Silver, or Green (used to only be Black) and it has to be no older than 10 years old. So you can get a 2002 BMW 330i with low miles and in great running shape for 350 a month and have the excess to pay for insurance, gas, etc and have a very nice car that you wouldn’t have had before. The people who go out and get brand new 5 series or whatever, it is their choice and their responsibility. I don’t have one. I personally take the $300 alternative because I’m not comfortable enough with my volume. The problem is people go out when they first qualify and don’t let their volume build up yet. Well naturally it can decrease at first or increase. and if it does dop[, they give you a 2 month grace period where they still send you the payment check and let you build up your volume again. And btw they tell new qualifications to wait a couple months before going out and signing a lease, they are actually really upfront about everything, some distributors kinda just waive that though. in the end its up to the individual. 

  62. And how much Kick Backs are those doctors getting. 

    I agree with Maggie, unhealthy and if a little pill is the answer your watching to many movies.

    All these “companies” like any other company are in it for one thing, money. How they want to share their profits is up to them.

    The structure and the vision is what drives the “company” and great visions make great “companies”. 

    Sucralose is diabetic friendly compared to other synthetic sugars and its only .003 grams per shake. which means it would take two shakes a day for 2 years to equal one packet of splenda. The other ingredients that are mentioned “bad” are required by the FDA to placed on the package whether its in the product or not, because of the FDA approved facility it produced in.

    And yes I sell The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge and have heard some truly amazing stories from people its helped out. I feel if the “complany” can not only produce and great tasting product the is healthly and you can potentionly earm 60,000 a month for when ever
    ! Who cares how long it lasts. 

    get the health and money now

  63. Here is an example of more deceptive marketing from ViSalus Reps.  I have copied the EXACT EMAIL I received today from a Visalus Rep named Ronald Brittan.  TYPICAL.

     Ronald Brittan




  64. Great unbiased review. There are very small things that have to be cleared up. The BMW is not free like Darren said but its up to you which BMW you get for the $600 check and you don’t have you use all of it. You can even get a motorcycle. It just has to be ten years old or newer and Black, Silver, or Green (they added the 2 new colours). As for Reps and other Distributors, yes some will give misleading information to help aquire customers but most distributors are former customers and have lost a ton of weight and want to help others do the same. I’m in college and I still work besides promoting this. I only promote it to help others. I’m honest and upfront about everything. You make the money by getting distributors and i never even mention the business side, one because college students hate mlm, and 2 because I honesly just want to help people. I’m Pre-med and nutrition, BCMB major and plan on becoming a doctor so i don’t even care about the money in it. I’m not in the “Bimmer club” or anything. I just enjoy helping others lose weight. For example, my father is a fire fighter and he along with some of his coworkers needed to shed a few pounds. My dad lose a total of 38lbs and another lost 56 in roughly 40 days. The satisfaction of helping others attain their goals and be full of life again is one of the most gratifying feelings. I met a tons of distributors that have the same outlook i do. BUT there are others that are only in if for the money and that is where the scewed facts come from. They say what pleases prospective customers and that gets passed on. If anyone is interested in it, honestly this is a great review but please research it before you come to your own conclusion. Once again Great Job Darren. Awesome Review!

  65. At $226 wholesale versus FREE –  is not staying debt free
    remember you can purchase a 2001 black bmw 3 series for $7000. pay cash for it when the time is right and than receive $600 a month for owning one. As long as you continue to be a certain Rank for whenever. You can always upgrade later when 60,000 a month is rolling in. its all about how YOU want to manage your money and when and where you put it.ViSalus will send you all expenses paid to multiple destinations as you grow into the the company. Party with the CEO, CSO, at the CMO’s beach house in LA, for example. There always going to be an enticing “perk”.Its a about timing! and ViSalus is growing in tremendous ways – so now is the time to VI.and to stay debt free at $226 wholesale versus FREE – come on

  66. I mean its like i said, some people will just blast people with stuff like that. They use it as a tool. In most cases its annoying and literally turns people off. I was hit with emails similar and i just deleted them. It wasn’t until i actually tried the product that i looked into it. And the BMW I could care less about one. that email is very misleading and even sounds desperate or something lol but it is what it is. i see it as a reflextion back on the rep hisself but please don’t use that email as a view of all reps.

  67. Thanks for the compliment Sean.

    Just another heads-up on this topic.  Last week I got ten calls myself personally from ViSalus Reps with income claims about their up line. 

    All of these up-line being career marketers that unless I had a history in MLM I wouldn’t know the difference. When they say t to me, it goes on deaf ears, but for the average newbies that doesn’t know what I know about the industry and really what it takes to make those type of incomes, it is total deception to represent that in a 6 or 8 month period of time. 

    My entire organization of leaders got the same deceptive calls.

    Hopefully the company draws the line and pulls back the reins on their reps.  This is where I see the problems starting with the Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.  People will start recording the enticement calls.

  68. I agree with you that.The company has to have better control over its reps. i have no idea how they would though. I havent been in for very long, only since July but I can see the problem becoming a much larger one. I don’t know a ton about the business side. I have no intention of going into business but with people like that whom represent the company, it directly reflects on the company’s administration, and because of people like that and ones like who send that e-mail, i fear that they could be the collapse of the company, and not by the company’s own doing.

  69. Darren, I read your commentary (review) carefully and with an open mind. I am not a Visalis distributor, but like many, have begun to hear the rumble of a very aggressive marketing campaign. You make some good points. People need to know that they should not lease a car that they cannot afford. The $300monthly bonus would be sweet though, so I agree with your advice on that point. In terms of income enticement, as long as the income amounts they say are possible are actual results, I see nothing that will get them in hot water with the FTC. All the Visalis literature I’ve seen has the proper disclaimers in place, which should protect the company from a government forced crash. I think your dire prediction in that area is a little overstated, bordering on fear mongering. You make some strong claims for your own product, which to me sounds like a similar level of enticement.  Your point that Visalis has flown past the 2-year failure mark of most new MLM start-ups is an important point. The fact that they have just received a huge influx of marketing cash is a gigantic positive which bodes well for the success of people who sign up to be distributors in the near future. This truly does have the markings of an actual “ground floor” opportunity. I find that very interesting. The only other negative thing I would say about your comments is that it is a little disingenuous to claim that you are posting a totally unbiased review, and at the same time post a flashy affiliate banner ad for a competing product. In, all, you gave a somewhat balanced review, which is not true of all product reviews I read. I will look into your product.

  70. This is a false information about Visalus. I suggest you Mr. MLM Super Hero to get informed with a good source, because it is embarrassing to be publishing information that is nit real at all. ViSalus has being tremendous blessing for a lot of people including myself, so I invite you to look for trustful source of information for every business you write about. ViSalus is a real and excelent opportunity. With good and honest people working on it.

  71. Realessil,

    There is no false information here and both the good and the bad aspects of the company have been highlighted.  I appreciate your opinion though.  I’ll pass it on to all of my reps that have been contacted by countless ViSalus reps over the past 30 days with income enticement claims from career network marketers and the talk of the “FREE BMW”.  I stand strong on my statement that if the company doesn’t get their reps in line fast, they WILL have issues with the FTC and the Attorney General without question.

    If you read the comments you will notice that ViSalus Reps themselves have made positive comments, so I’m not quite sure what false information you are talking about.

    The review clearly states in the summary:

    ViSalus – Is It A Good Opportunity?

    In closing, Visalus is definitely not a scam, but rather an
    established and stable company. They have a top-notch management team, a
    line up of high quality products and despite the enticement strategies
    that some of their reps are using – for the right person, the
    compensation plan could be lucrative.  So you’re probably wondering, if
    the opportunity is as great as everyone is telling you, why am I not
    part of the company?  Well, the reality is that my personal choice is
    beside the point.  The fact still remains that ViSalus offers fair

    Best of Success to you.

  72. Wow you didn’t have any honest comment about Visalus that you have to delete what I post? I am part of the Visalus family and I am proud to be with them. ViSalus has being a blessing not just for me but for a thousands of people. Get yourself informed with steal and trustful source, because its notice clearly that you don’t know what you are talking about!!!!

  73. Sil,

    Your comment is posted clearly in the comments section.  There are almost 100 comments, perhaps you missed it.  Its half way down the comments section. Look a little closer.


  74. Sean,

    Thanks for your comments.  Just to be clear.   I know the BMW is not free.  That’s what I addressed in the review.   But many ViSalus reps are telling people it is. Some people dont even know that its their own personal credit rating that gets the BMW.  Others like  Ronald Brittan are using these emails:




    Hopefully the company will put rules in place so that these type of Distributors will get terminated to keep the business in good standing. It only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for the bunch.

    Best of success to you.


  75. To ALL the people who let Sucralose stop them from helping others by promoting the challenge. The Vi-Shake contains .003 mg of Sucralose per 2 scoop serving.  If a person uses 2 shakes a day for 5 years that would equal 1 packet of Splenda which contains 11mg per packet

  76. To ALL the people who let Sucralose stop them from helping others by promoting the challenge. The Vi-Shake contains .003 mg of Sucralose per 2 scoop serving.  If a person uses 2 shakes a day for 5 years that would equal 1 packet of Splenda which contains 11mg per packet

  77. What changed is they are now based around the “Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge”. Before they were just another health company.  Now they don’t have to explain about all the different health products.  It’s marketing genius, and oh yeah, Lots of fun!!!

  78. So what I gather from this whole thread is.  “Believe in what you do.  Believe in the company you work for, whether it be traditional or a direct selling company.  Have fun at work.  Be honest in your representation. ” There are lots of opportunities out there, make the best of it.

  79. So let me get this straight, Darren. You sell your MLM secrets to building quickly into 5 countries. I’ll bet you have dozens of these pages for every MLM competitor. Far from unbiased. How many MLM’s have you been in Darren? How many are you in? Do you MLM hop when a new one with a better comp plan comes around? When i google any MLM i find so many of you promoting yourselves and for “X” amount you will show the way to build quickly. Again far from unbiased. I believe its called poaching for $$

  80. the big problem with this whole idea is that they market the money more than the product. watching the video the rep presented was more of a business opportunity not so much about a product that is beneficial for you. if this company is so successful at getting celebrities on board then they would have some type of informercial/ commercial offering great deals on the products. like for instance if they simply marketed the product for people to do a trial run, i believe it could be more ethical and then perhaps offer the business opportunity

  81. I joined for less than a month…one thing I found interesting is you mention people posting before/after pics when completing the challenge and I know of SEVERAL reps who have results that were obtained a different way (I watched their transformations prior to joining as a Visalus rep)…again misleading potential customers.

    Why did I quit? The product caused me to GAIN weight and brought back previous digestive issues that had disappeared until I introduced the shakes. The customer service refused to refund for a full box of 15 serving packets because I bought TWO boxes. They say it is not saleable. If a company believes in their product, why wouldn’t they stand behind it?

    You were spot on about the continuous claims of money…I’ve seen several post about the thousands they and their teams are making. I saw a post about Visalus reps earning a BMW every 58 minutes, and another suggesting to add alcohol to the shake for a healthy buzz. Really makes me question motives!!

  82. Visalus distributors are very unethical in their marketing practices. It seems that their niche market are distributors for other health-based networks…Beachbody Coaches are the main victims of these Body by Vi vultures. And it really says a lot about the complete lack of integrity that former Beachbody Coaches have when they have achieved incredible success with Beachbody workout programs, post the before and after photos, build a Diamondship…then jump ship to Visalus and re-brand their results crediting BBV for their transformation. Even worse is when these former Coaches begin to drive their downlines and customers to Vislaus with them. While Beachbody Coaches are constant victims…other distributors from Usana, IsaGenix, Amway, XYNG and Herbalife are also prey.

    Their poaching tactics are even worse. People, always keep your “friends” or contact lists PRIVATE on your social networks. They will add you then prey off your friends lists, monitor your posts and begin to poach people that make comments and/or “like” your posts. They are very sleazy that way. They also work like this in private discussion forums as well by privately contacting group members even when there are explicit rules against mlm prospecting.

    Be very cautious when dealing with these people. They are driven by greed and a BMW…that is NOT free even when they claim it is. Look at the BBY products, the ingredients are toxic chemical cocktail that “tastes like cake”. Do yourselves a favor and just eat right, exercise and stop being lazy. That shouldn’t costs anything but time and changes in your lifestyle. If you want to build a business, make sure you have 110% support from your immediate upline and join a company driven by true integrity with safe products and honest services. Visalus offers neither.

  83. Several companies market this. It’s really a simple math equation, though.

    For instance: In the compensation of the company that I represent, I have a 25% discount on our products. Retail, one product is about $120. That means my cost is about $90.

    Now, I also get a 25% commission on retail sails. So, if one of my clients gets the product equal to the one I’m getting, I would earn about $30 commission. If they were on an auto ship, that $30 would come each month.

    So, simply recommending my product to 3 individuals that purchase it on auto ship, that commission would equal the amount that I pay for my product. (3x$30=$90)

    It’s not necessarily some kind of special program that BBV is providing. You could make this math work if you worked for any company that had continuity products. 

  84. Great article Darren. I also have several great friends marketing that company and would hate to see anything bad happen to them. Thanks for bringing these points out, as many of them apply to tons of other opportuniities as well. You rock!

  85. I have emailed the product specialist regarding this matter, I believe the correct amounts have been lost through some copy and paste errors.
    To my understanding 1 serving of Vi shake contains 30mg of sucralose. Which is about 1/3 of what is in a diet cola. or about 3 packets of splenda. 
    I will write back when I confirm this information. 

    Keep in mind Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications, and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why Sucralose has been approved by over 80 countries globally. 

    Also, Splenda is NOT sucralose, it uses sucralose.

  86. In order to talk quality of the product, first lets discuss a few basic principles. 
    Are you or anybody reading this a certified dietitian? How about a nutritionist? What are your qualifications?

    I know I don’t have any… all i know is…

    If you really want to talk about the estrogen effects that soy has on the body (which are a non issue in the vishake, as the isoflavons are removed). or the effects or sucralose and how the studies were performed and what is considered safe consumption and the 110 peer reviewed studies to back that up .  Or whether or not milk protein is good for you… I suggest you go enroll yourself into school for the next 7 years so that you can understand the human body.

    As for the visalus products, look at the Vi-Pak for example… lookup the brunswick report and the ORAC values compared to competitors… Take a look at Lyle Macwilliams book, Nutrisearch Compariative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, A study showing 1500 products and giving the Vi-Pak 4.5/5 star rating. 

    This article was not designed as a review of the products, it is a review of the opportunity. Please do not read this article, and assume you understand the products. 

    I will clarify more of this article in other posts.

  87. You bring up valid concerns, and mathematically are correct. 
    The video I believe you are talking about is the one right on their website. (correct me if I’m wrong)
    If you pay attention, the first 10 minutes talks about the Challenge, The products, and how you can get your product for free. 
    The next 14 minutes dives into promoting the challenge. What is that, a 42%/58% split?
    Make your own judgement on this one, but in my opinion, that’s really not that bad. I’d say they put a rather large emphasis on the product and the challenge. 

    As for celebrity endorsements and infomercials… I think you are completely misunderstanding the entire nature of the network marketing business.
    Instead of sinking millions into advertisements, the millions go to the distributors that are actually out there doing the work….
    I do not understand how you think a celebrity getting paid $2million to be in an ad campaign is ethical. I work hard for my money, and when I buy a product I need, I’d rather see the profits line my friends and their friends and their friends friends pockets, than a celebrity that I do not know or care about. 

    I believe Visalus sinks 50% of revenue into the compensation plan. The other 50% is what makes the company extremely profitable. 

    Hulk Hogan for example joined because his niece sent him a sample and he liked it. In fact I don’t believe I know of any celebrities on the challenge that are being paid outside of the compensation plan to endorse it. I wouldn’t doubt it if a celebrity was paid to come to an event which is very standard, or if an investor paid a celebrity to try to get their stocks to go up, but I personally know several of the celebrities on the challenge, and they aren’t receiving bonuses for talking about it. They are getting paid the exact wa y that I do which is through the Visalus compensation plan. 

    For a company that has had compound double digit monthly growth for the past 20 months without offering discounts…(aside from getting your product for free of course)  I really doubt dropping their price and dumping millions into advertisement is a very smart business move. 

    Want a trial run? Visalus has a 30 day money back guarantee, you can send back an empty bag because you didn’t like the taste (of course you’ll probably be lying), and they’ll refund you. Keep in mind this is a 90 day challenge not a 30 day challenge. So if you’re complaining about not seeing enough results in 30 days, you’re missing the point.

    If anyone has seen my post and has any questions, I’ll be the first to admit that I am extremely biased.
    But I will answer your questions.

  88. I can see how the line GET A NEW BMW, JUST FOR LOSING WEIGHT !!!! could be a bit deceiving, however the other lines are totally acceptable. 

    Look at any free car outside of the mlm industry… you still have to pay the tax, which most people can’t afford. It’s kind of hard to put a 7 page document on an ad. 

    Here’s the thing, The first person in my group of friends to qualify for the so called “FREE BMW” went to the dealership, got a lease on a 2011 323i for $470 a month. He pockets the other $130 which then goes towards insurance. 
    Not to mention that the lease is a 100% tax write off.
    Please explain to me how this is not free…

    Myself, I wanted a nicer car, I got rid my 2008 charger (monthly payment of $400)  and picked up a 2011 328iX fully loaded for $800 a month… 
    So now my out of pocket expense is $200 and I’m driving a much nicer car. 

    This clearly isn’t free, but I’m pretty happy with 75% of my payment being covered. 

    Overall, Visalus does provide people with the opportunity to have their car payment covered. Visalus also makes it clear that you should never purchase or lease a car that you are unable to commit financially. It’s in the fine print, and in the training. You just have to make it there first. 

  89. Thanks Amy Jo,

    Much appreciated. Especially coming from the Network Marketing Lioness.

    Thanks for popping by!


  90. FYI your car is not a 100% write off!! You either get a choice of mileage or maintence on your vehicle not both!

  91. I have confirmed, a 26g shake contains 0.03g of sucralose, so it is 99.9% natural by weight.

  92. perhaps it was the particular rep that made me invision such a focus on the making money aspect of it. i have tried the shake mixes and they are very tasty. however when the particular rep stated that his friends were calling him 2 days into the challenge saying that thay’ve lost 5 lbs already then perhaps were my views turning negative. the idea of meal replacement other than a breakfast replacement is a little sketchy in my eyes but accoriding to the contents of the shakes it seems to be healthy, thank you for the reply and it did seem to give me a little bit more of an open mind

  93. why is it that all the emphasis is put on the “get rich quick” opportunities through this product, instead of the benefits of the product.  Pyramid marketing is all the same.  

  94. I’m not considering getting into this but a friend of my wife has invited us to a “party”.
    Looking at this site and one other offering reviews of this mlm scam it’s interesting to see how they both go to great lengths to establish their credentials and neutrality before displaying a link how to get involved at the end. Either be a reviewer that can be trusted or be a gateway to scams. Don’t try to have it both ways. Shame on you – not that I expect this post to last very long.

  95. Pucketacreek

    A review covers both the good and bad aspects of a company. This review does that. Many people that are both in ViSalus and not in ViSalus have posted positive comments about the review.   Shame on you for saying Shame on you…

    Best of Success to you 

  96. Pucketacreek,

    Your comment is half way down the comment section.  It has not been deleted.  


  97. Comcas,

    Neither Amway, nor ViSalus are pyramid schemes.  Do your research and homework before making statements like this. ViSalus isnt flirting with anything illegal.  Although some of their reps use enticement strategies for recruiting, the company itself is an ethical business. 

  98. The cost of 1 shake or as “claimed”, 1 highly nutritional Visalus meal replacement is $1.87 and has only about 170 calories. Where can you get any kind of nutritional meal for that little? I am not a distributor and have only tasted the products which were quite good. I am still in the investigation process myself, but am liking what I see. I find the comments here interesting and even informative. Some are quite laughable too. The negative comments at least could really be used to describe just about any “for profit” product available on the market today. EG: what does it cost to actually build or produce any product? Then add the cost of advertising/marketing/staffing/benefits/pensions/facilities & general day to day expenses of opening the doors. MLM or direct sales marketing companies have eliminated or at least drastically reduced those very operating costs and have given them back to their distributors instead. What it all comes down to really is, does the product do what it is claimed to do, is it affordable and beneficial to the consumer and does it have any type of guarantee? Visalus seems to have all these benefits. The income claims are everywhere and come down to the actual effort put in by the each and every individual and how well they apply themselves. I look forward to reading more posts and hearing actual results from people that have done their due diligence before having an axe to grind!  

  99. I have done my homework, I know what a pyramid scheme is and both are skirting the law just barely getting by without being a pyramid scheme and avoiding legal action. Visalus will be shut down by the government, mark my word. It is nothing but a scam. Only gullable people will fall for it.

  100. Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. What is breakage? Is having the ownership flying sky high a thing we should be glad for or should we be concerned?

  101. I can’t even believe enticements like that work on the general population anymore. If I see something like CLICK HERE TO LOSE WEIGHT, GET A NEW BMW, red flags go up all over the place! I would much rather hear about someone’s gradual, healthy weight loss and conservative, but decent paycheck than, GET A FREE BMW. Yeah, right. Even if I could get a free BMW, I don’t want to be slapped in the face with it with the intent of getting my attention.
    I am thinking seriously of getting on board with ViSalus because a dear friend actually lost a decent amount of weight in a couple of months and made a decent amount of money just by sharing her story. Not promising BMW’s.

  102. When I promote the business, typically after they have seen information; I do explain that they can “EARN” a free bmw. This is totally legitimate and true. Many people are using disparaging comments about Visalus and the success they are having. I’m not saying you are Cryjan. honestly, this is the direction that most comp plans should be heading. Visalus, is weighted evenly throughout the compensation plan: 34%top, 33%middle, 33%bottom.This makes it easier for the new guy coming in to stay in the game. So many companies are starting to finally get it. If you want a stronger organizaton; you need to build from the bottom up. There is nothing bad about the company itself. You will have over zealous distributors in any company.

  103. Darren the company is awarding approximately 25 BMWs a day to promoters. This is stated by the company. Furthermore, the 80,000 number is a combination of customers and promoters. This is stated by the company as well. How many cars are being repossessed? You are making a general assumption with no quantifiable evidence. Yes, some cars may be repossessed because of the greed of the promoter. The company(Blake Mallen) clearly states in the video that you should stabilize your volume before deciding to purchase or lease a BMW. You can get a 2-3 year old 3 series for well under $600. They can do this because of the balanced compensation plan of 34% top, 33% middle and 33% at bottom. Most comp plans are top heavy. If somebody chooses to buy over their means – that is their problem. This is not a company problem, but rather a person problem. 89% of customers stay on the product for 6 months or longer, because of the 3 for free. Visalus has a 6 to 1 customer to promoter ratio. Here is the due diligence page for Visalus: This review is clearly full of ignorance and bashing of a company that is in pre-momentum. I have seen this over and over in the industry. Yes, there are going to be over zealous reps that are either new, ignorant or both on how to successfully market. This is called a learning curve. Approximately 80% of the new reps have never been in mlm before. As far as companies like beach body – most former and current reps have told me that it is nearly impossible to compete against the company – yes the company who sells the p90x and such products on Amazon and in retail stores. Why would you want to stay with a company that competes against the lifeblood of the company? Unsuccessful people will go down with a sinking ship. I know many people will read many of these ignorant posts and generalities and believe them. Oh, by the way – i have lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks while building lean muscle as well.

  104. Competes against the lifeblood of the company? Beachbody spends over $100,000,000 each year in advertising alone. You can’t turn on your TV without seeing an infomercial for one of their products. The people that purchase those products are then connected with Coaches. From that point on, those coaches receive commissions on anything that customer orders. The only retail stores that sell their products are in Canada. Still, most of those people will still create an account with TBB, thus connecting them with a Coach.  Those are Leads that the Coach is given.

    You talk about Darren being “ignorant” and “bashing”…

    Congrats on the 12 pounds lost. But, building muscle? I’m 100% positive that your “me too” shake isn’t building muscle. This company has put out videos talking about how you don’t even have to get off the couch to lose weight. That’s preying on people’s laziness. I could lose weight sitting on the couch eating crackers. You don’t see me promoting that, do you?

    Here’s the thing with 99% of the network marketing companies. Someone comes up with a business model to make money. Then, they figure out what kind of product to fit in the formula. Beachbody was already successful helping people get in the best shape of their life before introducing the network marketing aspect to allow its customers, that were already recommending its products to others, to benefit financially for helping others do what they did.
    And, since we’re giving personal testimonies ;), I lost over 50lbs. and got in better shape than I’ve ever been in with Fitness/Nutrition/Support before I even knew that Beachbody had an income opportunity. That just came naturally.

  105. It’s about the results of this product and what it is doing for people. This is helping people lose weight in a healthy manner and giving their bodies a consistent stream of nutrients that most don’t have at all. You will always have “hype” but those smart enough to thoroughly investigate this company will see it is solid, it is an opportunity, not a promise, but an opportunity to change you life— both physically and if you so choose and work —- w-o-r-k , financially. I am amused by the Haters , most are plainly uneducated and for whatever reason, biased without the facts ( the facts as YOU see them are NOT the facts) There is a reason this is the #1 Health & weight loss program in N America now

  106. Straight from two of my firneds on facebook tonight:

    “Join me this Thursday to learn how you can lose weight, have more energy, win amazing prizes, even walk away with a FREE BMW!!”

    “Car sickness is the feeling you get when your monthly payment is due. Lets change that. I’ll be Hosting a Team Challenge Party for the fastest growing homebased business in North America and Canada at BMW of Nashville 4040 Armory Oaks Dr. I’ll be in the Showroom from 6-7pm tonight with 4 Visalus Ambassadors , Team Leaders and Distributors. If you are a Network Marketer, a Leader, serious about getting Healthy and driving a free BMW as a bonus, come see me. We’ll begin serving protein shakes starting at 5:30pm Just ask for Melissa, This is a FREE event.”

    Car sickness is the feeling you get when your monthly payment is due. Lets change that. I’ll be Hosting a Team Challenge Party for the fastest growing homebased business in North America and Canada at BMW of Nashville 4040 Armory Oaks Dr. I’ll be in the Showroom from 6-7pm tonight with 4 Visalus Ambassadors , Team Leaders and Distributors. If you are a Network Marketer, a Leader, serious about getting Healthy and driving a free BMW as a bonus, come see me. We’ll begin serving protein shakes starting at 5:30pm Just ask for Melissa, This is a FREE event.”

  107. Here is an example of more deceptive marketing strategies used by Body By Vi Reps and this is exactly what I was talking about in my review. Taken directly from a Facebook post with a picture of a BMW. This is what gives this industry a bad name people.  In my opinion its up to the leaders in the company to stop this in its tracks as soon as they see it. Its post like this that tarnish the Visalus name.

    “Body by Vi can earn you a BMW in a few short days and a lot of cash. You can start
    this residual blast of earnings and pay your one time membership fee,
    by using my make money using other peoples money program. We all can be
    driving a BMW by Christmas. Lets get it!!! just 12 people to get the
    car, please we can do this in our sleep”- Leslie Live

  108. Oh Geez! Let’s get some things straight….
    *The prices for Visalus is NOT over priced.
    *ViSalus is made for today’s economy! 
    *ViSalus is a Nutritional REPLACEMENT Shake for a meal or two!
    *It is NOT a Supplement!!
    *It HELPS SAVE MONEY on your Grocery Bills!!
    *ViSalus is all about SIMPLICITY!! 
    *I am a promoter and I not once ever told someone its only a weight loss product because it’s not only that… It’s a combo of different things that you can choose to do depending on what you want to do with your body. 
    *IF you want to TRANSFORM your body then YES YOU HAVE TO EXERCISE! 

    Anything that has to do with weight loss you have to make sure you exercise especially using protein shakes that come from GNC or over the counter stores… I have tried many different things and gained the weight back times 2 after i stop taking the stuff that i had bought! I got on ViSalus and did my own little test because i’m a high skeptic in everything that is too good to be true in my case. I took it for my first 30 days and then i stopped for 30 days afterwards because i wanted to see if i gain the weight back. I DID NOT gain it back which made me happy and after that I jumped in the promoting part of it because of it. I get many people on it and they try it themselves because not everyone believes other people at all. It’s all in our nature to not believe someone right off the bat so we all have to TRY before you believe! The previous company i worked for was really good but it got too expensive and really hard to get people to join it. When we found out about this the first thought was “Herbalife” which does not taste good what so ever.. then when they came out with the little sample shake.. i loved it because of the fact it taste great! But like i was saying… It’s completely up to the person what they want to do with their bodies! Your Choice! No one can make your mind up for you… TRY FIRST BEFORE ASSUMING! 

  109. My apologies, in Canada, with a “lease” you can get 100% tax write off as it pertains to business… so if you drive 20k and 15k is for business, you write off 75% of your Lease+Insuarance+gas+maintenance
    You just need to make sure you have A) a good accountant and B) be able to back it up if you ever get audited. 


  110. If a product is 96% customer based, it’s not a pyramid…. One company that is a pyramid, is KYANI.
     All the people are Distributors. They recruit and recruit.    

  111. It’s not a scam! U R Just bitter about something whether its because u didn’t make what u want in another company and just decided to trash other companies! Anyone including u that say any company is a scam is just jealous because u r stuck n a rutted and need ti vent on a company that is making it in this economy! Shame on anyone who trashes ANY MOM company! Everyone has there own agenda as to how they want to make money or get fit! Not everyone goes with VISalus… not everyone goes with any mlm company out there! VISalus just knows what people want! Other companies know what people want! VISalus is just cheaper and helps u SAVE on ure groceries and such! People are trashing VISalus because of the fact that a lot of people are coming to VISalus! So of course you’re going to find articles on the internet. Don’t believe everything you read! The majority of the stuff about businesses are a bunch of bull!!

  112. Wow – it sounds like you have had a very bad personal experience with a distributor that jumped ship from your company “Beachbody” to Visalus.  I am just on this site researching Visalus as a family member has recently joined. I’ve been in the healthfood industry for years and have helped in the creation and promotion of these types of products for one of the “cleanest” healthfood companyies around.  I don’t know if their ingredient list changed when they cam to Canada but I’m wondering with ingredients you  are commenting on being a “toxic chemical cocktail…
    Could you please let me know so I can review the label? Thanks 

  113. If you think it’s a scam, then I guess you like being in corporate america as that’s a scam as well. Take a closer look… resembles this pyramid you talk of

  114. I am not bitter. I hate to see honest people ripped off by you scam artists.
    If your product was so great it would be in mass marketer retail stores faster than you can blink your blind eyes..
    I have enough money to live a very long life if I’m lucky enough to live long, thank you.

  115. Those products that doesn’t work is the only reason that the FTC isn’t on Visalus’ back for being a pyramid scheme and they are in the process of testing Visalus’ products . So far the FTC isn’t pleased with the test results.  Haven’t you heard of the people that have gotten very ill using Viscalus products. It’s just a matter of time before they are shut down. Then gullable people will be safe from at least one SCAM.— wrote:From: “Disqus” <>To: comcass@luxmail.comSubject: [mlmsuperhero] Re: VISALUS – THIRD PARTY REVIEW – IS VISALUS ONE BIG SCAM?Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2011 14:18:44 -0000

    Lora (unregistered) wrote, in response to comcas:

    If a product is 96% customer based, it’s not a pyramid…. One company that is a pyramid, is KYANI. All the people are Distributors. They recruit and recruit.    

    Link to comment

  116. Here’s the thing: I use ViSalis. I am NOT a distributor, nor will I be. I don’t care to be. I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it for the better nutrition and weight loss.
    So, from someone who isn’t a sales person or anything like that, let me boil it down for you guys who keep arguing the same point back and forth: Find me any company, in the WORLD, that can offer nutrition like that for as cheap as that, without feeling hungry. It doesn’t exist. You guys are all babbling from a marketing stand point. I’m a fat chick and interested in other end of it: what it does for me, health-wise.
    I work 12 hour shifts, 99% of which I sit on my butt for, or run like crazy. I rarely take a break in that 12 hours, and often times, not at all. Nutritionally – that’s really horrid. On days off, I eat really well. When working, it’s usually order out and eat on the fly.
    ViSalis makes it supremely easy. What’s easier than a shake that is not only nutritious, not packed with chemicals (have you seen some of the so-called health shakes out there? The ingredients are insane) and filling and only takes about 60 seconds to make?
    Weight Watchers costs around the same as ViSalis for the same time period (plus 2 weeks), but you have to take the time to weigh, measure, and prepare your food. I can’t do that on 12s very easily.
    Or how about NutriSystem? One month is anywhere from $250 to nearly $400.
    Or Herbal Magic? I went there for their Free Consultation, which felt more like an interrogation followed by a brow-beaten sales pitch. Their quote to me? Just shy of $1200 to get started.
    And that’s just the tip of the barrel for some of the weight loss things out there.

    So, for ViSalis: It’s simple. One or two shakes (I’m doing 2 a day for now, especially when on 12s), which are easy and rediculously convenient, along with a normal balanced meal and exercise.
    They can keep the BMW. I’m an off-road gal and wild horses can’t take away my beloved Jeep! $239 price tag? I’ll spend it in eating out or worse anyway.
    It’s inexpensive, simple, and really awesome for someone who works the wild shifts that I do (and those 12 hour shifts are interspersed with a 2nd 9-5 type job that I work on as call-in consult), travels as much as I do, and needs the simplicity.
    Stop talking the money and look at what it really is. If you make money off it, great. If you want the car, great. I’ll just use it for what I want, and it’s working like a charm. Love this stuff.

    ….and it tastes awesome, which no one else out there can claim.

  117. Comcass what are you saying? That someone in the FTC is testing the ViSalus products
    and they are not happy with the results?

    If you are going to post these comments please provide reference to support your claims.


  118. If Visalus products were of the value that they are advertised to be major market retailers and health food chains would be selling visalus products by the train loads. As with 99.99% of all MLM companies Visalus is one of the biggest scams. If a person really wants lose weight and keep the weight off it’s simple. First you need will power. Then find out how many calories it takes to support the weight you desire to weigh. Then eat less than that number of calories. Of coarse don’t lose it to fast and eat healthy enough to maintain your health. If you don’t know how to eat healthy consult your doctor, not some jerk that is trying to sell you a product such as Visalus. Stay healthy, stay away from Visalus, it’s another MLM scam.
    For those of you that don’t know what MLM marketing is:
    Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy
    in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they
    personally generate, but also for the sales of others they recruit,
    creating a downline of distributors and a hierachy of multiple levels of compensation. Other terms for MLM include pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing.

    Most commonly, the salespeople are expected to sell products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing. Some people use “direct selling” as a name for MLM, although MLM is only one type of direct selling, which started centuries ago with  peddling

    MLM companies have been a frequent subject of criticism as well as
    the target of lawsuits. Criticism has focused on their similarity to
    illegal pyramid schemes,
    price-fixing of products, high initial start-up costs, emphasis on
    recruitment of lower-tiered salespeople over actual sales, encouraging
    if not requiring salespeople to purchase and use the company’s products,
    potential exploitation of personal relationships which are used as new
    sales and recruiting targets, complex and sometimes exaggerated
    compensation schemes, and cult-like techniques which some groups use to
    enhance their members’ enthusiasm and devotion.

  119. This is awesome Darren! I appreciate you keeping it real! I agree with every point you made and I hear that Visalus has a ton of BMW’s being returned! I think this is a sign of crashing and burning! Like you said it’s a ticking time bomb! I always say fast gain fast loss! Thanks for sharing!

  120. So, Darren youre a distributor and you’re doing a review on this company? Or is this just a research and this is what you think?

  121. I have a friend who bought into this stuff hook, line, & sinker.  Apparently there are videos on Youtube with a “Testimonial” from Ashley Sarnicola claiming that she was diagnosed with Chronic Pain Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia and how when she started this program that in a matter of weeks that she was CURED and no longer suffers from either of those anymore.  I have both of those and there is NO CURE for either of them.  Also if this was some “miracle cure” as she so boldly preaches, don’t you think that EVERY website/support group/medical specialist for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Syndrome would endorse their product to the entire community of patients?!?  Sorry I’m going to have to wave the BS flag at this.  Anybody remember that whole Equinox crap that was around a while back?  This is just the new “snake oil” of the moment and just like them will fade away in due time.

  122. I met a doctor that introduced it to me at his home one day, I’m not interested in the marketing but only in the results(weight loss). I liked the shake he gave me and am considering spending 199.00 to see if I could drop 20 pounds using my treadmill 30 minutes a day and working my two jobs that keep me moving all day. Will it work? I will cut out the fatty foods and the obvious unhealthy foods as well .Only then will I recommend it to my heavier friends when they see a change in me. Did you lose weight Janet. The proof is in the pudding or lack of it so to speak. will I get the spike in energy, did you?

  123. ” Quoted from you.-The customer service refused to refund for a full box of 15 serving packets because I bought TWO boxes. They say it is not saleable. If a company believes in their product, why wouldn’t they stand behind it?The reason that any bsuiness will not take back any food product that has been shipped, is that it is against  Health Canada’s requlations to resell a product that has been purchased previously and then resold. The company is right, it is not sellable.

  124. This is hilarious. I read so many things on here from people that do not have a clue. Also I find things in the blog that is written that is also wrong. Well people will believe what they want. It always happens, a company comes out and it out grows all others because of a genius innovation to a comp plan. By the way there are so many other companies following exactly what we are doing something must be working. Oh and by the way go ahead and figure out your excuses why Visalus will be the first company in our niche to hit 1 billion dollars in North America alone. Yea that is what is coming next. You know instead of all the negativity from haters in MLM i think it would be better if we all used our energy to let people know how great The Networking Marketing Industry is. That would help us all. Food for thought.

    Ron Pruett

  125. Hey Foxx you are missing the point. You can go buy your shakes at the health food store while I get mine for FREE. Yea your favorite 4 letter word.

  126. Again Darren people see the opportunity as well to get the product for FREE. That is correct Visalus was the first company to introduce getting free product and now there are many copy cats. Why are we not talking about innovation that changed the industry. That would be a positive I think.

  127. Hey Chris you seem like a very knowledgeable guy.  You did make a statement, “For the customer, it is a challenge due to cost, but for the distributor, it is a great benefit to earn from a referral who is going to buy the product ANYWAY!!

    Please remember Visalus has also incorporated for customers to get the product free as well. Exactly the same way it is for promoters.

    Ron Pruett

  128. 2 things Jackson. We do promote product because we have mailers that we can send out to people that want to try the product. As far as a company only promoting product, I will give you an example. Immunotec has a product called immunocal which is probably the best MLM product on the market. It is in the P.D.R. in USA and Canada. The clinicals behind are ridiculous.

    Here is the problem, the product is so good people can’t build a business because all of the distributors are running around in white coats boasting and explaining how great the product is.

    Immunotec has been around for 15 years and they are only doing 40 Million a year If you have been in this industry for any amount of time you know that 40 Million a year means you are on the edge of going broke.

    You should also realize that when you run around puking product on everyone you will never build a business. By the way i will be happy to send you a sample.

  129. I am sorry simply pampered. Obviously you do not live in Texas. I have a corporation named FREE BMW INC. I can tell you my 750 I BMW is owned by the corp. So yes that is my transportation to everything Visalus and my custom plates are FRE BMW. I can deduct the entire payment of my car.

  130. Ron,

    Thanks for your comments.  In all fairness though, you must have missed these few areas of the post.

    If you’re looking into Visalus from a business perspective, this may be a
    good thing. Why? Because most new network marketing companies never
    make it past their first 2 years. Since, Visalus is 7 years old, they
    don’t run the risk of going out of business like most new start-ups
    do.   And since the company still hasn’t hit momentum, it can still be
    considered a ground floor opportunity that not very many people know
    about yet.

    ViSalus – Is It A Good Opportunity?

    In closing, Visalus is definitely not a scam, but rather an
    established and stable company. They have a top-notch management team, a
    line up of high quality products and despite the enticement strategies
    that some of their reps are using – for the right person, the
    compensation plan could be lucrative.  So you’re probably wondering, if
    the opportunity is as great as everyone is telling you, why am I not
    part of the company?  Well, the reality is that my personal choice is
    beside the point.  The fact still remains that ViSalus offers fair

    Continued Success

    You’re a great leader.



  131. Jenn,

    No I am not a Visalus distributor, although some of my friends market the company and the products.


  132. April i could not help but chime in here. First of all i know Darren and he is a good guy but just because you read something he wrote does not make it rue. There are some things in his review that is not right one being the idea behind a 30 day holding tank. One it is not 30 its 60 and we do not use it to help people doing nothing. We use it to run contest. The people that win the contest get rewarded. Now that is what is called driving volume.

    By the way I have at this point helped 376 people qualify for their BMW. None of them have called me letting me know it has been repoed .

    April if you are a professional, and teacher of network marketing why would you put out some crazy negative about a company that is quite frankly doing so well.

    In the future before you badger a company or person please do research. Also it has always been my belief, People That Can’t Do Teach…

  133. Mike you don’t get it. You are explaining making enough money to cover your autoship. If that worked so well you would not have a terrible retention rate. Visalus says That when you come on board either as a customer or promoter, just get three customers and you will receive your autoship free. Thats is correct FREE. This means they do not charge you. That is totally different than making enough money to cover your autoship.

    Mike please be aware that because of this simple thing Visalus is giving away in Free product and trips and etc amounts to 25 Million a year. That is correct we are now giving away 25 million a year. Mike that is more than many MLM companies make per year.

  134. Info is it? I am sorry but you have bad information you only have to do it once. Not every month. Just keep 3 people on the product as customers and yours is free.  This is so simple, go to your Facebook and post for your friends to see,”I have found a 90 Day Challenge, my goal is to lose_____. Who wants to do it with me?  Watch for your response. See many of you do not understand how we are going viral. There is a clue.

  135. Clarification is above Darren in my response to Info. Obviously it has nothing to do with Distributors if customers can get the product free.

  136. Ron,

    Perhaps if you were on the other side of the fence getting all of the misleading  calls, like we do, you may have a different opinion.  Its understandable that your view from your side of things is much different. 

    Continued Success


  137. Hey Greg, lets forget about the Hype and lets talk facts.

    1. over 87,000 people joined the challenge last month
    2. giving away 25 million in product per year
    3. fastest growing company out there
    4. double digit growth in a down economy for 23 months
    5. 35 people per day qualifying for BMW’s
    6. 7 to 1 Ratio in Customers to Distributors. FTC loves that model
    7. 1st Company to a billion in our niche in North America Alone

    I can’t wait for your answer because none of this is Hype.
    Again it is hard for me to believe that so many people that are in our industry just vomit bad information on people before they know anything

  138. Darren I have spoke to you on the phone before and you even helped me with some work that i wanted performed. Of course I paid you for it.

    I would just like to say why do you only respond positively to people that are totally uneducated and bashing Visalus. Do you have another Agenda?

  139. Ron.

    Whenever I can I try to comment. At least I did in the beginning, but lately people have been commenting with each other and I haven’t been as diligent on commenting as I am occupied with my own projects.
    There is no doubt that the company has momentum. But the products are the same products that took the company 7 years to get to 13 million a year. Put 18 million into anything and will be a success.
    No one is denying the recent momentum. Or whether people are having success and like anything in life its different strokes for different folks.
    Many aspects of the companies consumer approach are commendable. I will be the first to admit they have great tools and a great story.
    There are so many choices and reasons why people join MLM companies. Its important to remember that.
    Quite honestly I don’t know why people think they need to use misleading stories to entice people to join. No matter what company you are with, it takes dedication, commitment and hard work and success in any company does not happen overnight.
    Perhaps your awesome leadership within your own team has created a completely different culture and you are not seeing the deceptive marketing strategies being used like the rest of us in the Industry are seeing from Visalus Reps.

    Either way, it is going on. 4 months ago it was ridiculous. The last 2 months it has toned down.
    Continued Success
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  140. This is ridiculous. if you drink the shakes and take care of yourself you can’t help but lose weight. Get with me and I will get your money back because I know they give it back if it is turned within 30 days.

    I dont know who said it earlier but they said Ambassador takes a lot of work. Yes it does but its not that hard. It is also not 60% 40% split in every leg. If you have three legs it takes 150,000 in volume to hit Ambassador. This means that you can only count 90,000 out of one leg and 60,000 out of your other two. Or if your balanced its just 150,000.

    Also i would like to address the comparison to money per volume. Here is simple math, if you are a promoter you have to have at least 125.00 in autoship to be qualified. So that means get the$99.00 kit and the 29.00 that is a monthly charge for your back off means that your monthly is $128.00. Let me explain why the money that you spend to have the back office is also commission able. So how many of you have a back office that you get paid commissions on? Answer honestly.

    Oh by the way when you are on autoship or extra product you buy, Dollar for Dollar goes in your business center. So many companies do not credit you dollar for dollar. Also it does not go in your business center it goes upline from you.

    One last thing, when you become a Starred Ambassador you also get paid from people in your group that has a back office. Uh, that would be everybody.

    This is not hype we are 2 Star Ambassadors and veterens of this industry for 18 years. I have never been payed on people having a back office. In the month of December my teams volume, which is normally one of the worst months of the year was 1.8 Million in volume. My team alone is doing more per month than some MLM’s out there.

    If anyone would like to know the truth about this company I will shot you straight. I don’t expect any questions just more misleading information.

  141. Ron

    Most of my comments were from months ago when we were getting 30 calls a week with the enticement stories.
    What the heck man. Chill out and have a Happy New Year.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  142. Hey Darren I will take that bet. Interview someone that knows , me. Then post on your blog our interview and lets see how that goes.

  143. Ron

    There is no denying you are a great leader. Quite frankly the company really doesn’t matter. Its about your leadership and you are one of the best. Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  144. First of all Lee that was not Ashley That was Rhonda Lacero. And the answer to your question is NO! If it is not medicine that they can make money on its not good. By the way medicine has never healed anything it only mask symptoms.

  145. Hey comcas, that is exactly what you want to do consult your Doctor so they can send you to a weight control specialist. Then they can put you on HCG that was just outlawed by the FDA.

    Great Choice,

  146. The last time I checked Ron, Network Marketing is a teaching and mentoring business.. So with that being said if you are doing anything but you will crash and burn. I guarantee my numbers do not lie and if you were referring to me that those that teach cannot do you are surely wrong because that is not my case.

    To set the record straight: I have personally sponsored over 150 people in my less then 2 years of Network Marketing. With this being said I am sure you can agree that this Networker can do far more then most will ever do.

    Ron I am very happy to hear about your success and wish you a ton more. I
    am positive that you had to teach along the way to help all 376 people
    in your down line achieve the BMW. Right?

    My facts on the BMW’s being returned may not be correct but like I said I have “heard”  this at least 10 times. Darren said it right we are on another side of the fence. We both talk to struggling Network Marketers all day.

    Another fact is that the attrition in Network Marketing is very high with any Network Marketing company. Which makes it very easy for me to believe that BMW’s are being returned in Visalus. Once again I said “returned” not repo-ed!!

    We must remember that we are all in this together as Network Marketers. Changing people’s lives with any opportunity is a gift and I am very pleased that you have helped so many. Keep up the great work Ron!

    I will always continue to teach and mentor because it has proved great success for me and my team!! I highly recommend doing the same!!  Happy New Year!!

  147. Ron, your just full of enlightening information lol.. I will admit being a Immunotec rep myself that for many years distributors did this but since our management change this is not the case. Fact being that we are currently #7 for growth out of all MLM’s for last month. We definitely do by far have one of the best products in all of the industry and what’s even more exciting is that we also have one of the top Network Marketing executives leading our company (Robert Henry). One of the best parts about this is that we have no hype and no misleading advertising. Yet we really are saving and changing lives! Too much fun! You rock Ron!!

  148. Again let me settle this, here is the you tube video of Audrey Sommerfield who is the person that oversees our products to make sure they are the best they can be.  Oh by the way she did the same thing ay Herbalife, just a 3 Billion dollar a year company. So watch the video yourself she explains ingredients and mainly the sucralose question that everyone keeps bringing up.

  149. Ron.

    I commented on this and said I like this about their program.  You must have missed that.


  150. Thanks Ron for that clarification.

    Its New Years Eve over here. Do you guys not have that over there?

    Continued Success.

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  151. Seriously Ron? A person that lost 5 pounds in 2 months? This could easily be the first weight loss product they have tried.
    I would recommend taking a break my friend.

    Seems like you’re getting a little worked up over this. Perhaps now you can understand this other side of the fence when we were getting 30 calls a week with enticement stories and mud slinging. Its evident just by reading the tone in your posts.
    I appreciate your passion and have commented that you are a great leader. But let’s not start mud slinging here. Its just not necessary. I don’t want to have to start supporting my review with actual recordings from Visalus Reps doing exactly what I’m stating here.
    Enjoy your holiday.
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  152. When you call a MLM company line and you get an answer right away that is not good. If you have to wait for awhile that would be growth. Quite frankly we never want the customer service growth to catch up with the fields growth.

  153. One other thing to back up my “hear say” “crazy negative”  about the BMW’s being returned. I just saw that under one of Darren’s posts on FB that someone said that out of all 75 BMW’s given in Alaska that 70 were returned!

    Not sure if this is true but like I said below it is definitely believable especially with the really low amount of volume needed to achieve it.

     One other thing I would like to add is that by helping 376 people achieve a BMW it would seem to me that you should be at the very top rank in Visalus.

    Especially since in Immunotec that would give you 11,280,000 points in volume. Since achieving a BMW in Visalus is equated to our Gold which is 30,000 pv.

    Not sure why you are a 2 star Ambassador but I have a feeling that attrition had a role in this. I think it’s safe to say that the attrition does not skip Visalus because it has momentum.

    Just like with any company not everyone is going to maintain volume especially with the very low requirements needed to achieve a BMW in Vislaus.

    History always repeats itself and we have seen this exact situation with companies in the past that are no longer here or are struggling to stay a float today. Visalus will not likely escape the math!!

  154. has this product been reviewed by the FDA?  I had a friend who used products from GNC and had a sudden heart attack at an early age.  Thanks.

  155. Darren, I attended a ViSalus party last night–tasty drinks by the way. I went with a friend from another business group. I’m actually interested in losing weight, not in sales. It was held in a large house and the noise level alone exhausted me after thirty minutes. Almost all of the BMW driving members were personal trainers. That’s not me–I’m a retired English teacher.  However, I’m hoping the drinks will get me past this weight plateau I’ve been unable to descend since menopause. I very much appreciate your thorough and even-handed assessment of the program. I’ll share this info with my friend (who has signed me up “under” her).

    A question about another business–eMarketing, Horizon Learning Online, and CE Corporate Services. These entities work together to sell not only education about selling on eBay and buying from suppliers, but incorporating, tax filing, and much more. Have you done any research on these folks?


  156. what changed was the introduction of the 90 day Challenge!!! Possibly for the first time in the industry we had a company that was bringing a fresh message to the market place…. Not product focused and not opportunity focused… Just share your own personal 90 day challenge with others… Absolutely Brilliant… and the subsequent growth is a reflection of the culture that has been created as a result… 

  157. OMG.. I am so tired of the BMW bashing circus surrounding Visalus…. No offense Darren (and this is not directed personally).. You appear to be an amazing leader in our industry and I respect that immensely…  but let me say whatever happened to PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!!???

    If you cant afford a BMW then take the cash!! SIMPLE… I was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee… paying $550 per month.. qualified for my BMW after 45 days and made the RESPONSIBLE decision to trade in my Jeep for a BMW that now cost me $600 of which $600 is covered for me.. in MY WORLD this is FREE… If i lose the level of RD.. No Big Deal.. as the car payment is virtually the same as what I had prior… (lets not all leave our brains at the door, this is a more accurate and likely scenario for MOST Visalus BMW qualifier/drivers…)

    Let me use this car analogy… Lets say you have a job…. and because of your job/position/salary you can afford to go out and buy a BMW so you do…… after awhile it turns out that you do not really take your job seriously so you kind of goof off, you dont get your work done and consequently you get fired or let go due to poor performance….. at this point you still have the BMW but you can no longer afford to keep it… Are you seriously going to cry bloody murder and HOLD the company that employed you responsible for the car you bought while your salary allowed you to..??? I mean think about how silly that sounds… but this is exactly what a select few of you are saying about Visalus… (BTW you can get a great Bimmer for a very affordable price…)

     I do not understand the whole blame the company attitude people have… For the most part people have a car payment these days anyways… thats the truth.. if you look at the average working adult or family they have rent/mortgage and atleast 1 car and more than likely 2! and if they dont it more than likely is because THEIR CREDIT will not allow them to get one…. WELL GUESS WHAT?? that means they will NOT be able to all of a sudden get a BMW just because they become qualified in the Visalus comp plan…… Credit granters look at the ability of a borrower to pay back debt and they loan accordingly… that means they DO NOT just give out BMW’s to whomever qualifies in some network marketing company.(and they certainly do not use your MLM income as security for their loan….)

    ….and this whole repo/return issue.. come one!!! Where the Heck would someone go to find stats of that nature… If i stop qualifying for my car,  Visalus and NO ONE else for that matter, would EVER Know if i return It… I mean come on!!! did someone seriously go out and conduct an ex-vislaus rep survey or something…?? please enlighten me as to where someone could actually substantiate such a claim as to the number of returns or repos… Its simply bad mouthing the competition and kind of makes ya look silly. (my opinion)

    on a personal note to you Darren… Of course you have been pitched/approached a thousand times with this company.. the simple reason is it is growing so stickin fast… and you are an industry leader.. guess what that means..??? You are going to get pitched by the amateurs in an amateur way!!! when you have as many as 80,000 people joining in a month you are going to hear the good, the bad and the ugly only amplified.. simply strength in numbers…. You hear more good… you hear more bad.. and you hear more of the rotten eggs simply by sheer numbers!! I would suggest that the percentage numbers of misleading claims are universally the same across the industry… its just that Visalus’s total numbers are off the charts… 

    Visalus is a great company that has pioneered some revolutionary concepts.. this is FACT. This has allowed them to hit a sweet spot in the market place… Its not about deceptive Marketing by the few that is fuelling this company, Its not about the silly BMW program…  its the power and effectiveness of the product(90 day challenge), it is the testimonials & business growth of the many and the culture this company has managed to create.  Do you guys really think Visalus has skyrocketed to half a billion in sales by bad publicity and hype? 24 months of double digit growth is SUSTAINED growth not a quick HYPE FUELLED phenomena. Hype doesn’t last that long…

    One more comment on the Sucralose issue… When you are creating a product for the masses you MUST get people to drink it and LIKE it… if you formulate it with ONLY pure, whole, organic,best of the best ingredients WITHOUT regard to taste you will no doubt come up with a healthier drink… but i can virtually guarantee it will taste like dirt and NO ONE will drink it!!! that means NO MASS APPEAL and NO Mainstream penetration…

    back to sucralose….You would have to drink 2 shakes a day for 5 years to equal the sucralose amount  in 1 SINGLE serving sachet!!!  

    For the record and a note to everyone.. STOP BASHING THE COMPETITION!!! You do realize that the more you talk about Visalus the more you validate their success…

    What you say in this world about others has a more accurate reflection on your own Character then it could ever have on your intended target. GUARD YOUR WORDS. 

    BTW – thanks for creating a super heated debate.. kudos on your marketing wizardry and thank you for allowing me to rant:)))

  158. Roger

    Thanks for stopping by. I understand that ViSalus has a new compliance division which is probably why the enticement calls have dropped substantially in the past 2 months. Bravo. FINALLY!
    Continued success.

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  159. Im a trainer , gym owner. I have sold supplements for years. Ive been a personal trainer for decades. The hype surrounding Visalus, to anyone in the fitness business is laughable. This product is unremarkable.

  160. Why do you say that Lawrence? ViSalus claims that their products are backed by Doctors and Science and I can see that people are getting results from the before and after pictures. There are thousands of them. Many health practitioners say the products are great.


  161. What about really changing your health by eatting whole foods, and eliminating sugars and gluten?  In the long run, your body will thank you because you can illiminate physical ahes and pains!  Proof is in trying it!

  162. Ok. Not saying its a bad supplement. Most of these supplements can help , in that you are probably reducing calories overall. They can give you extra protein. That can be a good thing. There are many supplements out there, In my opinion that are better. Again I’m not a big believer in supplements, nor are most fitness professionals. When people ask us what supplements they should use, it comes across kind of funny. That would be the least important part of a diet and fitness program. Ive been approached by Visalus to sell personally and at my club. I looked at the ingredients, and decided not to carry it. Most clubs wont.

    The person who approached me was a friend who sells hardware for a living. He was shocked I wasn’t interested. I pointed out to him. Its pretty much the same as the other shakes I see. Although a little low in protein. Also low in calories as a meal replacement. He went on to tell me: It was gluten free. Kosher. Low in sugar. ” its better”. Whether a shake is slightly lower or higher a gram or two in protein or sugar, makes very little difference.

    As for results. If it lowers your calories it works, like anything else. HOWEVER trying to lose weight this way often backfires. Alot of lean mass is lost. Which in the long run will bring a higher bodyfat percentage. Vislaus will tell you the shake helps retain lean mass (because of the whey protein}. Perhaps it helps a little. BUT the main factor in preventing muscle loss is to cut calories very gradually. On a perfect diet you will still lose 60% fat 40% muscle. Remember losing weight means losing body mass (muscle and fat). people Think if they cut calories they lose fat. NOT SO. you lose weight.

    Regarding Visalus itself. My criticism would be that. There distributors have very little knowledge of health and fitness. That combined with the hype they bring is a bad combination.

    Best of luck in your endeavors.


  163. Hope Im allowed more than 1 post.

    I have to say. The 90 day challenge is a genius marketing idea. Who doesnt want to lose weight, get in shape. There is a “feel” of no strings attached.

    The downside- likely high attrition rates.
    I run a promotional every New Years, at my club. My sales more than double. February rolls in. I only see maybe 20%, probably even less. At renewal I bet my retention rate is under 10%

  164. According to the ViSalus leaders retention rates are about 20%. Industry standard after one year is typically 10%.

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  165. It is exactly as spread head says. Look it up people! The company hides NOTHING when it comes to the product itself!


    I’m 33.  I played football & basketball in college…I have never felt better!

  167. Anyone who has ever even been to an MLM meeting knows that everyone in the room is wanting to know about commissions.  If a salesman in a software firm earns an abnormally large commission, is he then told to keep it quiet so none of the other salesmen get jealous?  HELL NO!  They want the context of the others changed.  Management wants more to go after the big payday…now that they see it’s real!

    I find it very rewarding that the ONLY negative you guys can discuss is the large commission checks which have been going out to distr. for the last year. 
    Comes across as jealousy…I’m happy to sign you up once you’re finished pouting.  This has just begun!

  168. This is plain silly.
    Which of their products or product packages are you referring to exactly??

  169. This stuff ain’t health food.  It’s not even food, it’s a highly processed suppliment.  You are looking at a short term solution to weight loss.  Long term results require a change that’s lasts, and it must invloved a balanced diet, portion control, exercise, good mental health, and all that.  I mean, this stuff has splenda in it.  How is that good for you>

  170. who cares if it’s safe, it’s not food.  Really.  This is processed garbage.  Try eating a banana or something.  I know how hard it is to lose weight but you have to be realistic.  You want to be eating these shakes every day for the rest of your life?  Seems silly.  There is a whole world of FOOD out there.  Try some. 

  171. people take vitamins every day…why not nutrient shake…just a delicious way to take my vitamins!

  172. I tried my first shake and the first sip was great.  The next taste was too sweet and by the third taste I was feeling sick – too rich or thick for me.  So, I went for a little 10 minute walk and after two months of walking three times a week, I dropped 15 lbs.  It was free and left no after taste.  I know it improved my overall strength and cardio vascular health.  It doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Eat a little less and walk a little more.  

  173. So instead of sucralose, why not use something more natural: Stevia. I agree with the others….this does not teach you good eating habits….whole food (with real enzymes, vitamins & minerals), water, exercise….good mental health….etc….that’s the ticket!!!! Not spending your hard earned cash to gobble up some ‘fake’ food…to help you lose a few pounds!!!!! People….look at your lifes!!! Is it only about working around the clock & eating artificially that makes you happy????!!!!!!! Unfortunately these type of diets don’t teach you the right things….for real health!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Nice description.

    I just got to know the existence of company, this afternoon. I’m not writting the name because I’m not paid to.

    There are lots of those company out there who claims a lot of things.

    While I was at a french site in Canada, I read in small, hard to read paragraph at the bottom of the page : The products were’nt even under evaluation !?

    Wow !!!?

    I just read someone talking about a store. Some of their desadvantages for exemple are : Are they able to think outside of the box ? Do they welcome suggestions from… ?

    For myself, I say no because, sometimes, I’m asking questions and my feeling was, I won’t get an answer and that’s it. They just ignore me.

    I actually am with 2 companies. One is in the weight loss and the other one in the healthy coffee.

    To make sure I don’t spam here. No one will be able to click on any link.

    There’s a way to find out 🙂

  175. Thanks for your feedback. I was thinking about that way because I am struggling with weight and not really looking for the job. 

  176. I am trying to return my product to visalus  It is a terrible waste of money. Problem is, no body answers the phone. I have been on the phone twice now for over 20 minutes and have had to hang up because my lunch was over.  What a waste of time waiting.  Very poor customer service. My guess is they are over loaded with people trying to return this product back,

  177. So you are saying is once you recieve your product it is not resellable   Hmm so much for their 30 day money back guarantee   What a bunch of bull    I can’t even get anyone to answer the phone so I can send my pack back.  We just aren’t into high sugar shakes

  178. Yea right – How come I can’t get anyone there to answer the phone to get send my package back – These shakes are just loaded with sugar and are dangerous for diabetics    I would like to know, if these figures are right how many actually re ordered   Come on  you know these are  very low grade products and weight loss will not last when you starve your body

  179. Hey Ron   Your shakes are only free if you find 3 suck ooops I mean friends to buy the products from you. Not buying the FREE you are promoting

  180. You are so full of it… And I would like to inform you NO one has ever gotten a BMW the first day, stop your lying… ViSalus does it’s job very well. I’ve lost 105 by being on ViSalus and my health is way much better…

  181. Hello, I recently called to ViSalus Customer Support twice. I was a bit worried because I would wait for that long, however, they received my calls in less than 5 min in both cases. Waiting for 5 minutes wasn’t ideal but it wasn’t like you did. I also think that you should get a help from the person who referred you. Did you ask his/her help? About the sugar thing, have you read the backside of the pouch? I never found any sugar on it. What makes you conclude that the shake is full of sugar? I am curious. 

  182. I have been doing the challenge a little over a month. Yes, two shakes a day. They can be bkfst, lunch or dinner. Just two meals if you want to loose more than 15 lbs. You can have whatever snacks during the day. You should not count calories. The beauty of this challenge is its simplicity. You can either workout or not. If you workout, it surely gets the result fast. 

  183. Sean, I admire you to have a great desire to help other people. You are blessing many lives. I am new to ViSalus and I am from Asia. I too see this as a tool to bless my people here in the US. While many Asians are not big as Americans, they need a mean to support their family. As you may know, they are not financially secure unless they have good degrees. Many of them are doing menial jobs. Many don’t have insurance and work with low wages. They have excellent work ethics though. Once they  see this as an opportunity to change their lives, they will work hard with their heart. After I read your posting, I’ve strengthened to help many people physically and financially. Keep it up! You are not alone.  

  184. First off let me say, I am a medical doctor with a degree in nutrition in conjunction to me being a practicing ob. So after 10 years of University and another 21 years as a practicing doctor I am qualified to say, ” Nutritionally it is impossible to create the perfect bar/shake/whatever the form, becuase everyone’s diet (what you eat) is different. I hate to break it to you but even 1-a-day vitamins are a bad option. You should not take supplements unless you have seen a doctor, vitamin C and other water soluble vitamins may have an extremely high tolerance level before you hit the UL but that does not mean that there are any advantages to taking more than the recommended amount. Free advice, it is a myth that vitamin C cures colds, yes it does help your immune systems but you get enough of that in your daily eating. Excess vitamin C actually has been shown in the most recent study’s (8 in the last 15 years! All independent, highly respected) it has been shown that increased dosages of vitamin C (dosages were within the amount sold in pill form) cause a 27-40% increase in the amount of colds and an increase in duration patients got compaired to those taking the placebo and those who took neither. So we as humans eat, and when we eat, we take in nutrients from foods, most people get sufficient nutrients from just eating!  But I am digressing, my point is that, as a meal replacement not a supplement this is the most nutritionally balanced product I have seen to date. My sister and a friend are on it and have gotten results; and not unrealistic unhealthly results but good results. So Foxx either keep your uneducated comments to yourself because A) any first year university student who has taken 1 nutrition class would be able to identify its nutritional value, and B) Who goes into business just wanting to break even…no one! Plus you should know that on top of that $2.00 there are more costs (shipping, packaging, overhead, advertisement, salaries and more). Also ‘diets’ are one of the most lucrative markets, worth billions because most are either very expensive to maintain,  or very unhealthy (any diet wanting you to cut over 500 kcal=calories from your diet, please run away, do not walk, RUN! You should be cutting a max of 500 kcal from what a person with your height, weight, size, activity level medically should consume, and that can be all diet, all exercise or a combination of both.) I did mean for this just to be a short comment, not a short story but my take home is ‘if you are NOT an expert on the subject do NOT give your opinion, which resembles no fact.

  185. Visalus advertises they have a 30 day money back guarantee. This is BS, they have a real crappy return policy. If you open it, it is yours.  They only give you a refund if you have unopened product. I bought a system, being a diabetic, found out there was just way too much sugar for my body and wanted to return it.  After waiting for about 45 minutes someone answered the phone. Rudely gave me a return number and told me to only return any unopened, resaleable product.  Well, how does someone try the product with out opening.  Any way, I am out 300.00 and won’t get sucked into their slick program anytime soon. My upline couldn’t help me as she tried to return hers too with the same results. Anyone looking at this as a healthy weight loss program might want to research it before they put their credit card in their system. Seems they are more into promoting free cars then a good product

  186. Yes, if you drink shakes that are only 180 calories you will lose weight  Duh!! Problem is, you will gain it back once you go out of starvation mode. It has been proven that you can’t starve the weight off. Watched a doctor Oz show a little while ago and he was warning against these very low calorie, high sugar diets saying they were very dangerous.  Being a diabetic, my sugar was all over the map in just a couple days. My doctor told me to get off this immediately as I was not getting enough calories in a day. Ant Visalus won’t refund me because the product was opened. What a BS company

  187. I wanted to return our product because, being a diabetic, being on such a low calorie diet my sugars were all over the map. My doctor told me to stop this insanity immediately as you can’t sustain such a low calorie diet for very long and will gain your weight back anyway. He referred me to another coompany with a much healthier product.  I tried to return the product, waiting 45 minutes for someone to answer the phone and then they told me they only make returns on resaleable product and there is a restocking fee.  Off to the garbage it went. The person who referred me quit too, as her upline quit too. I hope others don’t fall for this too. If the company had a little less hype for free cars and more of a quality product, that would go a long way

  188. I hear you Casey   I was on hold for a very long time before someone answered. I think their customer service is in Phillipines because the person I was trying to deal with spoke very broken english.  A terrible way to treat their distributors and customers.

  189. Dylej, you must have gotten lucky because when I called it was a very long wait, then someone answers with very broken english, which leads me to believe their customer service is somewhere overseas.  I went to a meeting in my town and all they could talk about was free cars and kept showing checks from one person.  Nobody else in the room was making much money for what I heard.  Who knows, it might have been Ron Pruett as he seems to just talk about money and cars. 

  190. That is the most important thing!  I am in it as a promoter, but my main interest is the health part.  I think we all need it and it is a great challenge to change these eating habits that have been acquired specially here in the US and make a difference in this generation and the ones to come.  There is an alarming obesity problem with children today.  I use it for the nutrition.  It is great and I know that if I don’t have time to eat and take this great shake, my body is receiving what it needs and you feel it!

  191. Great article! It answered a lot of questions for me.  It is interesting that there is no mention of the quality of the products or ingredients, just info from their website that you sited.  I can’t even find an ingredient list for their products anywhere.  I am with Lifeplus Int’l and have been a customer for 15 years.  This product line has changed my health in so many wonderful ways over the years.  I could not be more thankful!  I have friends that are buying into the Visalus hype and it makes me sick to my stomach.  From a product standpoint Body By Vi is a weight loss program promoting low calories, fast weight loss, meal replacement diet that provides short term results with long term ramifications.  I think your prediction is right on for this company.  I strongly feel they lack character and integrity. 


  192. It wasn’t the case for me. I called CS several times. Their service was excellent. Which number did you call? I know CS department is in MI because my friend visited them personally.

  193. You must be a pretty crappy dr to be scamming your patients with visalus. It’s manufactured protein powder – period.

    Since you enjoy citing research: All peer reviewed MLM economic studies show that they are basically a scam and you have less than a 1% chance to make any real money. The top .01% make all the money on the backs of those they exploit.

    You took an oath to do no harm – why don’t you stick to it

  194. To Janet in Alberta, unfortunately many people think that a shake a day is the cure for weight loss, it’s not.  This company is based on what most companies are based on “making as much money of the “fat” people as they can. ” I sold Visalus as a distributor, I am a fitness trainer, and I was unsuccessful because I didn’t believe in marketing a product for weight loss alone. BUT that is what I was suppose to continually say to people “are you following the system?”  What system?  Drinking a shake a day for 90 days?  YOu are suppose to keep doing the “system” forever?  My upline had done it 9 times? And she still wasn’t in good shape.  You have to change your eating habits and eat right, it’s called a lifestyle change.  VIsalus, like many other MLM programs, it’s all about the money.  I would love to sell a product that is actually good for you!! 

  195. But it’s NOT FREE!

    First of all….you do NOT own the car…you are leasing it (can we say “RENT”)

    Right now…because of the Visalus program…there are over 1500 BMW’s being repo’ed.
    Definition of LEASE1: a contract by which one conveys real estate, equipment, or car for a specified term and for a specified rent; also: the act of such conveyance or the term for which it is madeI would rather BUY the car…then NOBODY can tzke it away…period.

  196. I was misleaded when I signed on at $500. I was told I’ll get a free BMW if I pay that price.  Quickly!!!  1 year later, I resigned my account and made about $300 total.  Everyone I had who bought from me discontinued their products.  I got into it thinking it would be an easy sell, getting people to use the shakes as an after workout drink.  But that’s not how you make the money.  Another misconception I had.  And, you are suppose to attend all the meetings (flying to here and there). the cost alone was too high so I couldn’t go. I talk against programs like this now to people,  You can make your own shakes if you are really into fitness and weight loss.  In order to sell this product you have to lie to people which is why I couldn’t do it.

  197. @edward.thats totally false i’m diabetic and drive a truck.i do it to maintain my weight and in most cases will lower sugar i will have to say your either not telling the truth or you mixing fruit in your shake.

  198. My name is Jeff in Maple Ridge, I have been on the shake for nearly 4 weeks now. Twice a day, and I have changed my eating habits to NOT include BIG MACS. I have lost 17 lbs, and I feel great. The shake flaavour is fantastic, and I don’t feel hungry between meals. I have no problem promoting Visalus as a viable option for weight loss, and it is much better than anything else I have tried.

  199. Kudoos to your BLog. I think it’s quite Funnie they made a Video “The Pyramid Thing” and the CO-Founder of the Company is one of the TOP Distributors hmmmmm who wouldn’t be WOWED by that. Dist with HUGE downlines thrive 4 a Stroke on their Ego  Does that mean  Guarnteed to be at the TOP  or your Investment Back haaaaa

  200. Hey Darrin,
    I’ve looked at the ingredients of the Shake..and I wouldn’t buy it if you sold it at GNC or Walgreens.  It’s crap.  I’m AMAZED that they are making money selling this! 

  201.  I totally’s crap.  The best shake I’ve seen out there is Shakeology by Beachbody.  It’s a bit pricey but if you’re serious about your health…it’s worth it…other than that  Alive @003c33cad62fd49428461e64f71a0c3d:disqus $25 a canister is the second best I’ve found..

  202. Well, My husband also played football. Even mae tryouts for BC Lions. He was Mr BC as well as a few other titles. We tried this for one month and really didn’t notice anything different. Conspitation maybe! For people who are already self-conscious of thier health, this product will do nothing. Putting the potato chips away and getting off the couch, or office chair where I’m concerned, will give you results. Not as fast, but then starving yourself with just these shakes doesn’t make you put the chips away either!

  203. Look into Isagenix if you want a system that is in fact good for you and also incorporates a healthy lifestyle. It is fabulous!!!! You can make money from it, but it’s focus is definitely on health first.

  204. I have found one other one out there that is actually better than Visalus because it doesn’t have the artificial sweeteners that Visalus does. Check out Isagenix. I am like you and doing it for the nutrition not to make money, which is why I won’t even post my name, but just check it out online.

  205. It’s been a month. Nobody’s going to get back to this guy to tell him that they are not FDA approved?
    Eat real food, folks.

  206. You need to look at the ingredient list as this is a very loew grade product at a premium price. You can get a much healthier product at the health food store for a lot less money. Don’t get caught up in all the hype and just buy it cause it tastes good. Artificial sweeteners are very cheap to manufacture and are not healthy to consume

  207. You need to look at the ingredient list as this is a very loew grade product at a premium price. You can get a much healthier product at the health food store for a lot less money. Don’t get caught up in all the hype and just buy it cause it tastes good. Artificial sweeteners are very cheap to manufacture and are not healthy to consume

  208. I doubt a real medical doctor is going to be spending his time posting on review sites, especially about a product as Visalus.  But, nice try!!

  209. I doubt a real medical doctor is going to be spending his time posting on review sites, especially about a product as Visalus.  But, nice try!!

  210. From the very first time I heard the Vi opp, (and I am approched regulary about Vi) saw their promotion style and how they market themselves , I felt they were misleading. If the products are so great, the pay is so great, then why aren’t they marketing this company with integretiy?? Just a question. I knew the first time I saw how they market I would never want to be involved with them. I have not tried their products and never will based on their marketing. And I am a networker who has been in the industry for a while, and has had success. That success is based on a stand up company who has intergrety, cares about their people, and my HARD work and commitment…not hype or enticement.

  211. My father started the Visalus Body by Vi program as a health thing but mainly as a way to make “residual income.” He’s 50 yrs old and has a major problem with working for someone else. He’s had several teaching jobs and could have retired by now if he had stuck with it but for some reason he chose not to do it. About 10 yrs ago he went through a divorce and had a mid life crisis I guess. He’s tried several network marketing companies and is doing the Visalus thing now. He just recently got his “free BMW.” After reading this site about the deal with leasing the BMW and how it could back fire in a major way, I’m really worried. I knew there had to a catch to this thing but I didn’t know how serious it was. I just can’t imagine what’s gonna happen when he has to make these payments on his own. He has two house payments and his wife is on disability. My wife said he’s even claiming disability as well. That is a real shock because he has had his own business aside from visalus for 30+ yrs so if he gets caught by the authorities it would be extremely bad. The point is, ever since he started these network marketing businesses, he has become so obsessed that we virtually no personal relationship. Every email I get from him is about visalus. I never receive anything personal. He doesn’t call anymore, or even text. I have only received 2 facebook messages in almost a year. Even worst than that is the shipping receipts I get in my email with my name and his address for body by vi. I know it’s not all the companies fault, but it sure does hurt when I can’t talk to my father without being hit with a sales pitch.

  212. Your comments are firm but fair, i have been invovled in direct marketing for 16 years & have always believed if the products good, people will buy it then tell others its the simplest & cheapest form of marketing. if you build the brand the rest will take care of itself word of mouth
    I have just been given a months supply of Visalus, to try, I have tried many products over the years as I was a professional athlet for years, & this stuff pretty good, I,m impressed
    I`v only been on it for a couple of days & I`v cut my diet by half & feel totaly satified, but I relise its not for everyone, I`ll keep you updated on my progress

  213. There sure is a variety of comments below!  I have a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation.  Since being on the Vi Pak and shakes, I feel wonderful.  I tried many things to help such as Chinese herbs, acupuncture, and other natural supplements.  They all worked to a degree but nothing compared to the shakes and the Vi Pak.  I whole heartedly recommend Visalus products because it works!  I also lost 5 pounds in a week.  

  214. Comments above are the MAIN reason I am irritated beyond normal.

    Vi Shake is NOTHING special.

    If you look online there are literally hundreds of shakes with more nutritional value then Vi Shakes.

    Even Beachbodies Shakeology puts Vi Shake to shame. It does not have one half the nutritional value.

    And you people are screaming all of these “cures”. Really.

    The FTC REALLY needs to look at this company and all of the bogus “cure” claims.

    Just Sayin.

  215. EVERYTHING is MLM…… If you go to the any store they buy from someone that bought from someone… everyone except the customer makes money.. the employee are just the last person in line.. 

  216. I have been drinking the visalus shakes now for a month, one for breakfast because I never ate breakfast and one for lunch with a yogurt (I only get a 1/2 hour for lunch) I eat 2 small snacks a day and a healthy dinner ( I get in around 1200 cal a day give or take).  Before that I was eating a couple pieces of lunch meat or 2 cheese sticks for lunch with a piece of fruit and dinner (not very good choices I may add) anyway my point is since adding the extra nutrition with the shakes which taste very  good (i make mine with rice milk or soy milk) I have a lot of energy and feel great, people at work tell me geese whatevery you are on you need to bottle it and sell it!  I just laught at them!  I really like the product, it works for me!  Others may have different opinions about it and that is ok we are all have that option to base our opinions on different matters but I dont want someone who is curious about the product to not try it because of a lot of negative responses, let them try it for themselves and if they don’t like it then they can make up their own mind!  But for me again, I love it!  It works for me!  I have tried other products and found this works great for me and yes I have tried other products including products from GNC, supplements from whole foods, my favorite book it perscription for healthy healing, i’ve tried amino acids, different vitamins, etc etc etc…. for………I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND ITS RESULTS.  So if you are curious please try it and base your opinion on your own experience and if you are on any medications please consulate your dr first and go from there what have you got to lose?  Good luck and healthy wishes to you all!  I am not a sales rep for this company, I am a cashier at a pharmacy by the way!!!

  217. This was a very interesting read, thanks! 
    I was introduced to almost 2 years ago and it changed my life in a very profound way! I had been morbidly obese for 40 years and was living with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and astronomical cholesterol levels.After just a few days on this whole food, organic, fermented supplement I lost my cravings and knew my life would never be the same!! I’ve been able to maintain weight loss, healthy glucose/cholesterol and blood pressure levels for 21 months now!! I am approached on a regular basis about promoting visalus because of my success with Akea and consequently wanted to see what the company is about. I think that the marketing strategies, especially the BMW is misleading… 

  218. Well, since my previous post vanished I guess I violated your policies…sorry!
    I’ll try again without a link… I hope this is okay.

    Akea is a health and wellness company that studied the World’s Longevity Hot Spots and developed a video wellness education system and the best whole food supplement on the planet.
    Essentials is an ORGANIC, WHOLE FOOD supplement that contains 30 of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet… plant based enzymes, live probiotics and is FERMENTED for enhanced bioavailability and superior health benefits!

    Essentials wasn’t designed for weight loss or diabetes but when your body gets the nutrition it needs MIRACULOUS things happen!  

  219.  Tried Isagenix… NOT that great.
    Knowledge, exercise, and better diet did more for me than Isagenix.

  220. I actually just got started with the program. When I tried the shake it gave me a deeper sense of filling in my stomach than the product that I had been taking from GNC. I see a lot of people in the comments just ranting and raving. If you like the product and the opportunity then go out there and make it happen. If you don’t like it then why spend so much energy trying to convince the world to follow your viewpoint. People lie, numbers don’t. You cannot deny the success of the company nor the amount of weight people have lost using the product. My philosophy is simply this, “those who say in can’t be done shouldn’t get in the way of those doing it”.

  221. Whoa lots of comments!!!  Did anyone mention that the checks are divide payments and not one lump sum payment.  In other words, a $25,000 will be divided into 12 payments. 

  222. Dr S
    What are your thoughts in the use of soy in regards to how they process it and someone who has had cancer and is told to stay away from soy do to the estrogen factor and that many cancers are estrogen fed? Do u think it’s safe to consume? I would like to use this to remove 15lbs. Short term use to kick me back into what I was doing before my sickness and I had to lay low which put on this extra weight

  223. Crap…I really wanted to you your information when talking with Visalus Zombies…but they come back with, “of course he is going to say that…he is in Zing” 🙁

  224. A well written article. I would point out that I know a lot of people qualifying for their BMW. No one I know has spent 50 to 120K. In fact I don’t know anyone who has bought a new one. I could spend 8500 on a used X5 that would qualify me for the extra $300 bucks.

    Personally I won’t be buying a bmw (used) until I have seen a stable qualifying volume for at least 3 months.

    The products are incredible but only work optimally when combined with a dietary and lifestyle change. That’s why we are promoting a challenge not just a shake. If all you are doing is swallowing a shake then you aren’t doing the Visalus challenge.

  225. check out meal replacement antioxidant rich protein shake. Nutritious and recently published in the American Journal of Bariatrics. Hows that for doctor approved!

  226.  Janet I was a personal trainer for 15 years, CFC, former Alberta Bodybuilding champion and I found that Isagenix has a lifestyle changing program for athletes, general public and seniors. We are not a diet company our claim to fame is cleansing impurities from the body and replenishing it with 242 nutrients so the body can age youthfully do what it is suppose to be able to do. I have been doing it for close to 5 years and have been able retire from my gym with a passive residual income and team of over 6000 that grows weekly! I help others retire with a product that work and a compensation plan that I have never experienced in my history of MLM’s. Its definitely working for me and my clients, friends and family!!!!

  227.  See my comments above Golden! I was introduced to Isagenix by a Holistic Nutritionist and I have a background in nutrition as well and former Alberta Champion Bodybuilder! I know nutrition. Isagenix may not work for everybody but in my experience nutrition and exercise alone do not cut it! Toxicity is a huge problem-not addressing this issue is why we have a 1 in 2 cancer rate and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, IBS, Crohns, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disease…..Cindy Little

  228. You can drop the pounds without the shake and save yourself the money.  Trust me, I have bags of the product to prove that you don’t use it like you think you will.  Eat healthy well proportioned whole foods, make your own shake with fresh fruit, a little peanut butter and keep working out.

  229. Janet, I too look at it from your point of view (previously, I was 300 lbs).  However, you’ve been deceived by Visalus Sciences into thinking you’re drinking a “healthy” shake… you’re not.  I’m very familiar with their ingredient list and can tell you there are serious issues with it.  First off, they use Soy protein… here is a link that will better explain that issue…

    Secondly, Visalus does contain chemicals… sucralose and artificial flavours.  The irony is that sucralose is classified as an EDC (Endocrine Disrupting Compound) and actually causes your body to maintain or create fat stores… the very thing your fighting to get rid of.  No health product should ever contain artificial ingredients… period.

    The other red flag is the whey protein… ask your distributor where it comes from (meaning how are the cows treated).  I can guarantee you that it comes from cows that are treated with hormones and antibiotics and the cows are grain fed.  This is a big deal as those chemicals all pass to you and cause serious health issues one of which is obesity!

    I second Cindy’s choice of Isagenix.  It is the real deal… I challenge anyone to compare ingredients and find a better product.

    Jeff Sherry 

  230. It does not have estrogen in it. it has been removed. read up on the product if you dont believe me

  231. You still have to eat, you need your daily calories. if all you eat is the shake then you will have issues. who ever told you about this product didnt give you all the info. you must eat food for the calories!

  232. Janet, I read this article because I too am part of an MLM company and wandered what visalus had going for them.  The company I am so proud to be a part of is Zija International. Our products come from the botanical, Moringa Olifera. Google it, and see what comes up, I think it might be just what you are looking for, as far as a product that is good for you! We also have a wonderful team in Canada, that I could get you in touch with. What I love about our distributors, is that you won’t hear most of them telling you their get rich quick stories! What you will hear is how by sharing these products people’s lives are being changed!! Take a look at one of our websites

  233. so much info on the business aspect but I, like most people, are doing it to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and diet. Where are the facts on this? I have WITNESSED coworkers have pretty good results. If it works great, if not I only lost $50. Big Deal. Lunch for the week would cost that.

  234. Hi Cindy,you said you have been taking these products for 5 years or have been selling them? What happens when you stop taking them ?

  235. This s*it bullsh*t.  Get a real job people.  I know the economy is bad, but scamming people out of the little money they have left isn’t the answer.  If you want to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise…don’t let any idiot tell you otherwise.

  236. I see why you did not post your name…because you are an idiot.

    1. This industry IS legit. Been in it for 25+ years…NEVER had an issue.2. You are a drone. So please go back to flippin burgers and keep your stupidity to yourself.

    Ahhh…I feel better now.

    BTW…I am NOT in Visalus.

  237. I am a personal trainer and a yoga instructor.  I have searched for years to find THAT product that goes along with a lifestyle change.  I found it.  I am a lifestyle and wellness coach with a product that supports your metabolism while undergoing a lifestyle change.  Proper nutrition, exercise, the right attitude, and metabolism support are key while on your weight loss journey.

  238. the proof is not necessarily in the pudding. if that is the case I can simply show you how to lose a lot of weight wwhile ingesting almost no calories and no nutrition. does that sound healthy

  239. absolutely stay away from soy. if you would like to contact me privately please do so and I would be happy to help.

  240. being approved for use is actually not that big a deal. sucralose was approved after only 19 studies were performed… none of them on humans. that is a fact.

  241. Isagenix is a lot more expensive and we didn’t find it to be as effective as Body by Vi.

  242. We also have had great results.  My husband lot 22 lbs, 16″ and 3 pant sizes in 30 days.  I have lost 17.  I haven’t taken new measurements yet.  But your right it is so simple.  Over 300 recipes so you don’t get tired of the shakes.  Regardless if you sell it or are just using it the price is the same.  And even if you are just a customer if you get 3 people to sign up under you your products are free.

  243. I am with neither Isagenix OR Visalus…so…

    The ONLY person that would say the above statement has to be doing Visalus for a living because a blind monkey could see just by reading the ingredient list that Isagenix is FAR superior.

    Please…go be retarded elsewhere.

  244. You obviously haven’t looked at a comparison chart.  Body by Vi shoots the rest of them out of the water!

  245.  I have to agree.  I was sorely disappointed with Isagenix.  Just because a nutritionist is pushing it does not make it great.  Credibility abuse is quite common in these industries.  Matthew Adams has clearly not done what he has suggested others to do.  I am not a proprietor of either product however I do write reviews based upon in depth research and Visalus wins hands down when it comes to pure nutritional value.

  246.  He’s not the first Doc to recommend Visalus.  Go to Google images and type Visalus prescription.  Doctors all over are actually prescribing this product.

  247. Jeff,

    I am a consultant with doterra, we provide essential oils as a natural alternative to healthcare. We also do have a weight management shake and essential oil blend. I have been approached to look into visuals, and really was not impressed for all the reasons you mentioned. I am interested to see what isagenix is all about, and encourage you to look at do terra’s trim shakes and slim and sassy metabolic blend. Doterra is committed to the highest quality ingredients and “none of the bad.” I  would be interested to hear some comparisons…


  248.  i HAVE NEVER USED A DIET,I quit smoking 2 years ago and have gone from 170lbs to 241 and now 234, i am going to start swimming 3 days a week and when i am ready start walking,for many years,before i became disabled due to an inherited degenerative disease , i walked everywhere,never drove and at 5’8″ stayed at around 130lbs, i am 60 years old now and trying to get back in shape, i have seen too many friends try these yo-yo diets and just end up weighing even more, some have even shut down their metabolisms for good,so they say, i have had illness all my life and have always fought it with healthy life style. I should have died a long time ago, Friends call me starfish or the rock,,lol, i also pray! Do your selves a favor and stay away from diets, just change your life for the better,and you will also be so much happier.

  249. If this company has a re-order rate of only 20% that is a huge problem so if I bring on 100 customers next month I will only have 20 where is the residual income if i have to replace 80% of my business each month. Does Visalus mentions its company average reorder rate, is that public knowledge?

  250.  Visalus is pure garbage!  Plus the Vi people claim Sucralose/splenda isn’t dangerous because the FDA approves it and it’s in so many products and countries.  So, the FDA has the public’s health at it’s best interest?  Come on now… the FDA has approved other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, the FDA approves drugs that are dangerous, the list goes on and on.
    The Visalus marketing materials are devious.  They have one chart that compares their product vs other shakes.  Of course there is only 90 calories per shake… it has 1/3 of the nutrition of most of the other shakes.
    Giving a 90 calorie shake to people of course is going to result in short term weight loss, but it’s not healthy weight loss.  Also look up the side effects of sucralose. 
    Anybody foolish to sell this stuff is taking advantage of an epidemic.

  251.  There is no nutritional value to Visalus.. and it promotes using sucralose which is a dangerous artificial sweetener.

  252.  Dr. S… I find it quite humorous you say 1) you are a doctor but 2) that this is a nutritionally balanced product?
    I would love to know where you got not only your MD but your degree to practice nutrition?
    I am a doctor too… and you are pushing a product that has no nutritional value, pushes soy, processed whey, has Sucralose/Splenda.  There is nothing positive about this product/program other than pushing a 90 calorie shake that is taking advantage of the overweight epidemic to make a buck.
    But like most MD’s you probably push harmful medications that are the leading cause of death in our country.  It’s all about the money.
    I am a holistic practitioner and wellness consultant.. and would never push a product of such low quality nutrition.  Starving a patient of calories and nutrition is not a healthy way to weight loss, especially with the harmful ingredients that are used to obtain the results.

  253.  Vi is not a nutrient rich shake.. LMFAO… vitamins, minerals, antioxidants.. anything.
    Look at who funded the studies… follow the money trail.. those who push artificial sweeteners.
    Oh great.. so it’s in 80 countries?  So McDonald’s is in more countries than that.. so that makes it good nutrition?  You Vi people are hilarious just to make a buck off people.

  254. Seems to be a lot of stuff in fine print with this compnay they are very mis leading and its only a matter of time before they get shut done be care ful all

  255. The only product that goes along with a lifestyle change is… a lifestyle change. There are no magic bullets. I did Optifast twenty-one years ago, and gained 80% of it back. I did it again over a year ago, and have not gained anything back so far and don’t expect to… because I eat differently, I exercise more and differently, and I care about different things. Products are tools, and nothing more. Real change comes from a program, from a medically-supported program (not just trainers and coaches and other pseudo-professionals), from counseling, from therapy, from peer support… and certainly not from MLM.

  256. Visalus, Vemma, Monavie, how can any of these companies be trusted? I know a gal who just got her BMW approval from Vi, but its the same as Mary Kay…you have to get the loan yourself, and hope you generate enough business to keep up the payment.  I am a single mother, currently unemployed and was trying to find a job…and yet feel like somehow, someway, although these are not ‘scams’, are just the revised idea of Amway, Shacklee, and so many other pyramid/tiered companies.  How is one to survive if you can’t depend on the income, i.e. recruiting and so on?! I do have concerns that they use the most harmful of sweetners, and they even say it is okay to give this to children age 5 and up.  I think I’ll save my money and continue to exercise and eat healthy to reach a goal of a happy long life.

  257. Yes!  Lifeplus Int’l.  Been with them 15 yrs as a customer and a couple yrs. as a marketing partner.  Pharmaceutical grade quality health products that they manufacturer.  No hype, no misleading advertising.  Just real products, real people and a real company.  Celebrating 20 yrs and debt free.  email me for details and to hear my story: 

  258. You should check out a Canadian company based in Calgary called Heart, Health and Home!  It is all about helping people live a positive and balanced life.  We offer workshops and natural health products that teach people to nourish their body with wholesome food, exercise and positive environment.  We are new but we are going to stick around and grow slowly as we don’t have a miracle shake or pill but we are changing people’s lives.  check us out http://www.htrio/jill

  259. Can’t say anything about the product but the business practices seem very shady.  I have a friend who lost 160 pounds via lapband, eating the right food and exercising like crazy.  Three ViSalus distributors stole her photo for their web site and claimed she lost the weight because of ViSalus products.  She’s never consumed ANYTHING from this company.  I certainly would not do busniess with scammers like this.

  260. how many people of your 6000 team members are 6 figure/annum earners, how many make 5 figures month over month Cindy?

  261. I appreciate you writing this article. I’ve doing a lot of research and its so good to know the pros and cons of joining any business. I also like what you said about the Red Flags and income claims. What MLM doesn’t talk about income claims though? Most do. But I do agree with you, if the product is as good as they say it is, then let the product speak for its self. Thanks again.

  262. wow – what a bunch of comments and opinions. I find them all interesting.  Is any weight loss shake healthy?  probably not as healthy as a 100% balanced and controlled diet – but really, who  follows that faithfully in this crazy fast paced world. Is being overweight healthy? absolutely not.  If this product has not resulted in reported bad side effects and people do get some results, at least there appears to be some benefit for some people. Is exercise good for you – absolutely.  you cannot drink your problems away, but if a person is trying to lose unhealthy weight and any “shake” works without significant harm, that is better than not trying anything and giving up.  perhaps with weight loss comes encouragement to be better, to exercise and to eat healthier – or at least one can hope those that need help will see improvement. the biggest problem is the promise made that you will see a new you by just drinking a shake.  it takes more than that.  It takes determination, motivation and work. A simple pill or shake is just not going to make weight fly away and never return.  And a free car – give me a break. And i have never tried any of the discussed products.

  263. Harmful medications?!?! Many medications save lives or keep people living. Sure they have side effects but anything you do now days has side effects. Anything you eat etc. And what is all this talk about cancer?!?! Cancer is inevitable…if you live long enough you WILL get cancer. Thats just the cold hard truth.

  264. Anything that is herbal or holistic is not regulated by the FDA…so you do not know what you are getting with anything unless it is prescription.

  265. I agree I am in it for the PRODUCT not the business!! So rewarding to help people reach an ideal body weight and reduce their chances of diseases such as hypertension or diabetes….most that are preventable by weight loss!! All distributors out there aren’t in it for the money or the business side but to help people!!

  266. Okay everyone…I found the smell…right here…don’t worry. It was just somebody spouting BS.

    Cancer? Inevitable? Wow…talk about negative geez. Whoever you are…I have had plenty of people I know…did of old age…ZERO cancer.

    Get your facts straight before spouting off.

  267. Darren, Read your article and there are a few items that need to cleared-up. First of all, regarding your statement, “One would think though that with 7 years of business, marketing a line
    of quality products – that ViSalus would have already hit momentum years
    ago, but nonetheless, it is what it is” – Visalus Sciences started in 2005 with the Vi-Pak as their main product – in 2009 they had to “revamp” their products as the financial future looked bleak as so many companies at that time – thus, came the Body By Vi 90-day Challenge and the Vi-shape. So they have not been selling all their products for the past 7 years – the Vi-shape has been marketed for approx. 3 years and they are at momentum. Second, the Body By Vi 90-day Challenge is NOT a weight loss challenge, the Challenge is different for everyone – each individual person sets their goal for the 90- days whether that be to lose weight, build lean muscle, train for a marathon, get healthy, etc. The various kits are not all for weight loss.  Lastly, (there’s more but this is all I want to address) the BMW is very achievable – it’s all up to the individual distributor and how hard they want to work at building their business – it can be done the first month, do most people do this, no – the company does not make that statement – it can be earned in 3 months for sure! And just in case you are wondering, no, I do not have a BMW. Bottom line their products work and they work well!!

  268. Tammy,
    Do a little research on Soy Products.  I know that Visalus states that the estrogenic effects have been removed, but soy in general is bad news and not a good main staple, such as what is in the shakes. 

  269. What happens if you stop eating? C’mon.. It’s nutritional supplementation. Why would you stop if it’s feeling your needs. You have to eat right.. Are you gonna stop eating Vegetables? No different. 

  270. You get what you pay for Janet. I’m happy if it’s working for you but their Soy Protein is inferior and Sucralose is very bad for you. Those are the 2 reasons I would not ingest their product. I do use Isagenix products. If you don’t mind the artifical sweeteners than.. More power to you. But, I cannot consciously share a product with anyone that has Sucralose in it. I don’t drink Diet soda’s either.. I’m about non compromised quality ingredients. NO other similar company does what Isagenix does. 

  271. Although Shakeology is the ONLY other shake I would ingest it’s $120 for 1 shake per month and we don’t know where their whey is sourced from. I think their Vegan shake is much better. The formulator is actually from my home town. Isagenix is $109 for the same amount of shake with the Ionix Supreme.. I have nothing bad to say about Shakeology but I just seen your price thing so I thought I’d say something. I wish they weren’t with Beach Body. But, that’s how they got exposure. 

  272. Their comparison chart is meant for the uneducated. It rely’s on the fact that the general public thinks Lower Calorie is better AND they deceive people because the chart doesn’t include the milk you have to add to their shake. I love that chart because it’s so easy to show people how deliberate it is. 

  273. Cancer can not live, regenerate or thrive in an Alkaline environment. If you have a balanced PH Level around 7.28 You have a very low risk of getting cancer. The Acidity of americans and our “general” diets is the problem. We’ve asked for Cheap, Quantity and convenience when it comes to our food and that’s what we’ve got. Moder medicine is awesome but BIG PHARMACY is not! Ever wonder why they show commercials to us? Ever see a big purple bus outside a convention full of Dr’s. Dr’s generally don’t know squat about nutriton now a days anyhow. Stick with Natural Paths Homeo Paths, Nutritionist for that. Let the Dr’s come in where necessary. 

  274. There’s argument to wether the isoflavones are actually not present btw.. I understand where your coming from but.. The right Whey such as a Whey Concentrate is much better source of protein supplementation. 

  275. There’s plenty of journaled arguements on this as well.. Special Interest and big corporations get the FDA to approve and “Journal” a lot of things.. Not to mention they won’t bring up the 200 studies it failed.. only the 10 that passed 

  276. The founder of Isagenix John Anderson used to make products for GNC, Natures Way and Joe Weider. The reason he started Isagenix was because these publicly traded companies substitute quality ingredients for inferior ones to maximize profits. This is why Isagenix is truly a Non Compromised quality product. I’ve compared personally Isagenix to Visalus, Herbal Life, Shakeology, Shakalee, Advocare, Nutilite, Melaluca,  Muscle Milk, EAS, Several other GNC proteins.. Isagenix is the hands down winner. Now I’m talking specifically shakes here. There is no magic pill or shakes but Isagenix offers a complete system to help deal with toxicity, nutrition, anti aging ect.. 

  277. Why is this post still up?

    Why did Darren Little join Visalus?

    Serious questions…and to Darren…you have lost a TON of credibility points here bro. You have been bought by Visalus…pure & simple.

    From this point on…nothing you say has ANY value with me…and more than likely…many others.

    “What convinces is conviction. Believe in the argument you’re advancing. If you don’t you’re as good as dead. The other person will sense that something isn’t there, and no chain of reasoning, no matter how logical or elegant or brilliant, will win your case for you.” — Lyndon B. Johnson 

  278. Matthew Adams, I really loved your quote.  Tks for posting it and how true.  Email me at lindabogle423@gmail if you would like to chat.  I am curious to what business you are in. 

  279. Matt your post wasn’t deleted bro. There is hundreds of posts. Thanks for your input.

  280. Yeah, products in the store are not paying me to promote their product, BUT if their product works I promote it by that fact. 

  281. I have been on Visalus for 3 weeks and lost 15 lbs, and it changed my lifestyle.  I eat healthier and gave me the energy I didnt have.  I can not exercise because of osteoarthritis in both knees and can barely walk.  this was my answer and affordable.

  282. only the shake powder is 90 calories.. you have to mix it with something, making it at least 200 calories.  I see you are smart…  

  283. well you are eating more than shakes, Rich..  boy does no one know how to eat right.  and what they need… 

  284. Love your msg Janet…  you go girl.  I  just started ViSalus and lost 15 lbs in 3 weeks.. and feel amazing.  tastes awesome, affordable and soooo easy.  Need a distributor??  LOL  Lisa in Ontario 

  285. I have actually met and spoken with the scientific team for ViSalus and you are very wrong Jeff. 

  286. Hi Elaine, it is a great weightloss program.  I am a nurse, had it checked with my doctor.  I have arthritis cant walk very well, or exercise.  started Visalus 3 weeks ago, i have so much energy,   lost 15 lbs already and eating way better. I am down 2 sizes.  I feel sooo much better and it has changed my life.  

    Need any advice let me know..

  287. ViSalus is a NON GMO soy protein..Sucralose.. well most diabetics that try to get some kind of sweetener into their meals, is with Sucralose [Splenda] or possibly Stevia or an Agave syrup.. and as far as the whey protein.. have you actually done in deplth research to “guarantee what your stating?? Everyone is going to have an opinion about something or another. Leave it up to the consumer to decide what works for ‘them’ and all you people stop being so judgemental.

  288. I have read the pros and cons of this product and others from the comments.  I have yet heard anything about Herbalife.  I fully understand the changing one’s eating habits which is why the interest in try this product or Herbalife and cutting out fast foods for lunch.

  289. I was approached by a Vi rep too.  After I did my due diligence I responded with an EMPHATIC NO< NO< NO<!!!!!!! Here is why – this product contains SUCRALOSE – "Sucralose: This artificial sweetener is marketed as if it came
    from natural sugar. However, it is highly processed with three chlorine
    atoms that damage the microflora within the human gut. The biochemist
    Dr. James Bown says “sucralose is simply chlorinated sugar.” Sucralose
    has been shown to damage the thymus gland and inflame the liver and
    kidneys. Chlorine is a natural anti-septic that harms the human gut and
    destroys microflora leading to candida formation, irritable bowel
    syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, obesity and cachexia." Dr Leanord Coldwell – WARNING!!!! – If your "health food" contains this ingredient IT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU!  Here is the full article on artificial sweeteners. I pulled this piece out in particular becuase many of my friends are consuming a product (Visalus) containing this ingredient thinking that it is "safe" and healthy and are promoting it as a "healthy" to others. Makes me sad that many may experience major health problems down the road as this nasty chemical does its work in their body. Here is the link –

  290. I was approached by a Vi rep too. After I did my due diligence I responded with an EMPHATIC NO< NO< NO<!!!!!!! Here is why – this product contains SUCRALOSE – "Sucralose: This artificial sweetener is marketed as if it came
    from natural sugar. However, it is highly processed with three chlorine
    atoms that damage the microflora within the human gut. The biochemist
    Dr. James Bown says “sucralose is simply chlorinated sugar.” Sucralose
    has been shown to damage the thymus gland and inflame the liver and
    kidneys. Chlorine is a natural anti-septic that harms the human gut and
    destroys microflora leading to candida formation, irritable bowel
    syndrome, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, obesity and cachexia." Dr Leanord Coldwell – WARNING!!!! – If your "health food" contains this ingredient IT IS NOT HEALTHY FOR YOU! Here is the full article on artificial sweeteners. I pulled this piece out in particular becuase many of my friends are consuming a product (Visalus) containing this ingredient thinking that it is "safe" and healthy and are promoting it as a "healthy" to others. Makes me sad that many may experience major health problems down the road as this nasty chemical does its work in their body. Here is the link –

  291. Almost no calories???  Where’d you read that?  The program under ViSalus doesn’t allow women to take in less than 1200 calories…LADIES – celebrate!!!  And as far as the sucralose – if you are dead set against it, then don’t do Body by Vi but don’t diss the product just because YOU don’t.    Here is a discussion on the sucralose in the shakes: “*Note from Kacy: this is how I explain the sucralose in our shakes to people who just have a passing question, if they need more, I get them to this document or have them go to…
    “.03 grams of sucralose per 26 grams of shake mix (1 serving / 2 scoops). This makes each shake 99.9988% natural. .03 grams x 30 servings (1 bag of mix) is .9 grams per bag, as a reference, a paper clip weighs approx 1 gram, so the total amount of sucralose in a whole bag weighs less than a paper clip.”  End note from Kacy*
    AMAZING info on Sucralose by Audrey Sommerfeld!
    Product Q&A with Audrey Sommerfeld: Sweetener Showdown
    This week we have a product question for Senior Vice President of Marketing & Brand Development (a.k.a. our ViSalus Product Guru) Audrey Sommerfeld.
    We received a question asking us: Why do you use Sucralose in Vi-Shape and what’s the difference between Sugar, Sucralose, Stevia and other sweeteners? Here is what Audrey had to say…
    When we were little, many of us played the ‘telephone game’, where you whisper a statement into the ear of your neighbor, and it goes around the room. It was always so amazing to me how the ’statement’ altered and changed by the time it got around the circle. Well, just like that ‘game’ there is a lot of things on the internet about sweetners, soy, and other ingredients that end up being mistated, and misunderstood.
    So lets talk about sweeteners. First…there is no ‘perfect’ sweetener in the world. I wish there was, as it would make the job of the Product team a heck of a lot easier!
    People that are allergic to artificial sweeteners tend to be allergic to aspartame, which has phenylalanine compounds. We don’t use aspartame for this, and other reasons.
    We use sucralose for taste, and also to keep our products diabetic friendly. It is unfortunate that there is so much confusion and misinformation about sweeteners. Sweeteners have received bad press, primarily because of aspartame, which degrades when heated, and can taste bad. Sucralose has been found safe both in hot and cold applications, and has had over 110 peer reviewed studies completed. This is why Sucralose has been approved by over 80 countries globally, and has even been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). I like to say that many people feel the FDA approved drugs too easily (i.e. Vioxx, Phen Phen), so that if you trust other countries more (several globally are more stringent), then looking abroad is a good benchmark as well. We use a very small 0.03 grams per serving, which is about 1/3 of the amount in a diet cola.
    To put that into context…our shake is 99.999% natural by weight! A serving of shake is 26grams, or 26,000 mg. So if you take .03mg and divide by 26,000mg….its a tiny amount.
    A key point of confusion is on ‘chlorides’. The sugar molecule is attached to a chloride, and then people think that means chlorine like in a pool. This makes me smile, because it is part of that internet confusion.
    Chlorides are found in table salt or sea salt as sodium chloride. It is also found in many vegetables. Foods with higher amounts of chloride include seaweed, rye, tomatoes, lettuce, celery, and olives. Chloride is needed to keep the proper balance of body fluids. It is an essential part of digestive (stomach) juices.
    We know that several people would prefer we use Stevia or Xylitol because they are natural. Xylitol is a natural sugar alcohol. Unfortunately it causes diarrhea in approximately 20% of the population! To get the same amount of sweetness in Neuro, we would need about 1 tablespoon, which can be toxic or fatal to a 40 pound dog. It also has not been approved globally.
    Stevia is a sweetener derived from a plant. It has only recently been approved in the U.S., and is still in process of being reviewed globall, and some scientists are asking for more studies on high doses of stevia on the liver. The manufacturers of Stevia have recently published some safety data, and many countries are now re-looking it as a sweetener. It does impart a licorice type flavor and a bit of an aftertaste, that some people do not like. We have been trying to work with stevia in some new formulations, but are struggling to make them taste good.
    I’ve been asked a lot about agave recently. Agave is about 90% fructose, which is similar to high fructose syrup. Fructose has many properties but one bad one is that it can (in certain doses) increase appetite and this is exactly opposite of what we want in a weight management product.
    We do strive to make our formulas as natural as possible, while balancing taste, texture, safety, efficacy and stability. We are looking at some promising natural sweeteners coming on the market (there is one from Japan that is very promising). Our hope is that we will be able to replace sucralose to alleviate those concerns, but for now have not found a suitable substitute that tastes as good, has as much research, and has as much global approval.
    In terms of things being ’safer’ because they are natural, is not always true. Consider mushrooms. Many are medicinal and healing, but some are plain toxic. So natural is great, but we really need to ask about safety and dosage too.”

    And regarding Isagenix – if you prefer that, fine enjoy but I haven’t met anyone who likes the taste…and this all sounds like envy and insecurity…

  292. product is garbage, your just brain washed into thinking its a good product, This product isn’t graded to be sold in a health store. You know if you take this crap for a long time you are killing your insdes so you can lose wieght cause your too lazy to work out . Well you know the saying. you are what you eat.

  293. Something is gonna kill ya. All I can say is I feel good, I’m way healthier than I was when I was trying to eat healthy. As a working college student Vi shakes help me stay away from fast food restaurants. Let’s see Big Mac vs Vi Shake – you do the math.

  294. It doesnt really taste good though.. i have been trying it once aa day for about aweek because the first time i drank it it made me sick but i though well maybe my body is just reacting to it, it is now day 3 of drinking the shakes and i am about to try the 90 day challange i hope it works if not… well then i will move on to somthing else and hope that htis product wont back fire on melike the arthritis meds that i saw on tv that could cause lung cancer, yay no arthritis pain but you will die from lung cancer

  295. why are we attacking each other over this petty stuff… i wanted facts.. but all i am getting is pissy people attacking each other….

  296. I wish I could just get facts…. instead all i get to read is people attacking each other about a shipping war of this product or that… i came to this web site to learn Facts about this product…. but all i have learned it that people will attack each other over somehting as silly as a diet shake….

  297. its only 0.03 per shake of sucralose.  that is less than 1 gram in a whole years of shakes..  smoking and eating unhealthy are far more dangerous. 

  298. If you had some sense you would know better.  Maybe thats why ur home and not at work.. 

  299. Don’t usually chime in to discussions like this but I feel the need to here.  I’m not going to get into the debate of which product is better but what I will say here is how ViSalus has changed my lifestyle.  Last year i had herniated disk surgery so my exercise was lacking for a few months.  I still have several bulged disks.  I’m 6’4″ and got up to 233lbs with 38 1/2 inch waist.  Started taking the shakes and within 7 weeks got down to 204lbs and 34 inch waist.  Running 2 to 3 times a week for about 3 miles.  Losing the weight felt great, I still take a shake for breakfast every morning.  I’m also focused more on my diet and what I eat at the other meals and snacks.  The 90 day challenge focused me on setting goals and achieving them.  So for me, it’s not about the shake as much as the support group that comes with it!!  Rondo

  300. Janet, you might want to do more research on the ingredients of Visalus. As someone who’s spent years reading and studying nutrition, Visalus is an extreme health hazard. 
    You might lose weight and feel great in the short term, but the long term affects give me the heebie-jeebies. You are what you eat. If you’re consuming genetically modified soy, Splenda and sodium caseinate on a continual basis, all the best with the hospital bills in the future.

  301. Well there you go, your doctor approved it. And we all know what geniuses they are. Glorified drug dealers, educated by big food and big pharma. I’m sure we can all trust them

  302. If you really want to educate people about eating healthy, tell them to stay as far away as they can from Visalus. Do your research, this stuff is garbage. The earth has provided us with food for how long now and we’ve survived? The arrogance of scientists to say that they can provide something better than nature. Just eat real food. You know, the stuff that comes from mother Earth.

  303. If your doctor was worth his salt, he’d tell you that, for those who have educated themselves, low-fat diets are the worst thing for your health. Ever since the low-fat craze started(promoted by big food to sell their inferior crap), heart attack rates have increased. Saturated fat is good for you. Learn the truth here:

  304. For now….get back to us in a few years and we’ll compare notes then. There’s only one healthy way to stay in shape. Exercise regularly and eat right. Ever watch the biggest loser? Diet and exercise. There’s no short cut or magic bullet., and if you think you’re going to get healthy by using one, years of evidence conducted by all the people who fell for this ploy don’t bare it out. 

  305. There you go!! And that will be something you can use for life and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. It’ll make your arms and legs stronger and leaner. People are always looking for the easy way. The human body was designed to be worked and fed real food. Any other way and the body will break down over time. Listen to Golden people. The healthiest people on the planet are those who exercise regularly and eat whole foods. Costa Rica has the longest living people on the planet and they are mostly thin. They work hard and they eat raw whole foods.
    That’s the key to long term health. It doesn’t come in a little package. That’s a cop-out for those who’ve been programmed to think that they are weak and can’t accomplish anything from their own power. You need to believe that you are strong and you can accomplish whatever you set you’re mind to and you don’t need some scientifically formulated assistance. Take the bull by the horns and get’r done people!!

  306. If people go organic a lot of disease will be eliminated. Knowledge is power.

  307. So a little poison is OK? I’ll tell my kids that.
    Here you go, eat this, it only has a little poison in it.  And you trust that the FDA knows what an acceptable level of poison is? How long have you been on the planet?

  308. Let’s see. The school system is partially  funded by large donations from big food and pharma and you’re education isn’t slanted towards being taught that what they sell is good?  I love reading this from you, a doctor, because you prove to so many more people out there that we should take our health care into our own hands and stay away from anything you say. A doctor was hired by Harvard years ago. He was teaching the truth to his students about health. 2 years later he completely changed his tune and started teaching the lies because of the pressure from big food and pharma. He would have lost his job otherwise. If you’re going to try and influence those of us who have taken our health care into our own hands and educated ourselves as to the facts, don’t state that you’re a doctor when doing so. That’s just a big red flag for me. I haven’t been to a doctor  in years and I’m healthier than most people my age. I play volleyball with high-school kids and keep up with them. Why? Because my mother taught me to educate myself and take care of myself. I don’t take any drugs and eat healthy and exercise regularly and live a balanced life. As a doctor who took the Hippocratic oath, why don’t you promote what has created good health for millennia; exercise and eat right, and don’t think that health comes from a shake. You should be weaning people off of this stuff and teaching them what really works. Or maybe you just like the money?

  309. Everyone dies of cancer? Everyone you know maybe. Because everyone you know eats crap. You just proved the point that Visalus is for the uneducated, or at least those who are willing to accept whatever info they can find to support Visalus so that they can make a buck.

  310. So a little poison is Ok then? I’ll run and get my kids and let them know. Thanks!!!

  311. Nice one Bob!! Real food?? What a concept!! Someone should patent that idea. Oh wait, sorry, that’s the stuff that’s helped the human race survive until now. Hmmm..ya, we should all eat stuff that comes in a nice neat coloured package instead. That’ll work. (Definition of’ work in this context: that which makes money from the gullible public).  Nice to have people comment in here who have common sense. Thanks again Bob!!

  312. lies the best shake comes from the creator/inventor of the shake itself; Lee C. and the best nutrition and diet plans are provided only by FFNutrition, period….

  313. Really informative and impartial review of this company!  I’m glad that i found your site and look forward to reading more of your articles.

  314. I agree, anyone who only ingests 200 calories at breakfast and 200 calories at lunch…and say 600 at dinner……WILL lose weight…,,shakes or no shakes!!!   Once you start to lose weight, you will be more active because you have taken a “load” off of your body…and you will FEEL better!  No rocket science needed! 

  315. I think you might want to research your answer until you reply, Visalus uses non-GMO soy protein.  and It isues 0.03g of sucralose per 28g serving (two scoops)

  316. Thanks Darren!
    Very un-biased, informative, and well said!
    I appreciate you writing about this as I’m using visalis but not promoting in any way shape or form. I’ve been just trying it out for myself and doing research just to make sure I’m not paying a “scummy” company for a lousy product.
    You’ve helped a lot!

  317. Give Herbalogica a try. It can only be purchased by healthcare providers but is definitely amazing in taste and quality ingredients. It is sweetened with Stevia. Another nutrionally dense protein shake is made by Standard Process also available only through healthcare professionals. It takes getting used to but once you do, your body will thank you. (Try mixing it with unsweetened almond milk, Better brand Stevia, and banana or Naked Juice Green machine smoothie.)

  318. I started the ViSalus 90 day program , on July 7th it will be 30 days on Aug 7th ,   to help me lose weight  its been almost 30 days , I have lost 1 lb. no surprise for me as this is what has happened for me with any diet. I just can’t get rid of this extra weight. I cannot exercise for medical reasons.( I set  my goal at 30 pounds but actually need to lose about 75 to 100 .
            I was on  a support board and started asking why I wasn’t losing any weight or inches  and everyone else was saying they lost 10 ,20 30 pounds in 2 or 3 weeks . I was told drink more  water, and get the carb burning pills they offer. Then I went to go on the site again today and I’m no longer on the support site. Do they take people off that question why they aren’t losing weight and that’s why it looks like it works for everyone. I really had high hopes for this. I will say my blood sugar is down. but no inches lost and no weight lost. I will finish the bag of Visalus I have but then I’m going to look into something else. Very disappointed in this company and their only post stuff if the people are losing weight  Anything questioning why its not working  is removed. I do remember a couple of people asked when I first joined  ” were head aches normal” , they told them not to worry it was their body getting used to the product. So while I haven’t lost any weight I haven’t gained any either. but I wasn’t gaining when I started. I told them from the start I was not interested in being a sales person.
    still heavy but trying.

  319. So much hearsay, i got this link by your buddy trashing Visalus and misleading his own readers by trying to be funny and act like his questions weren’t answered. Was he picking on Visalus since it’s hot to get website hits, YES. Was he then trying to sell them his diet book, YES. Is this misleading and childish, YES.

    You are better however, most of these responses on here are so far from the truth its comical. If it not for you them move on people, you sitting around waiting to trash it just shows your losing customers from whatever you do and your bitterness can be detected almost immediately. Grow you, your losing, if not already beat. There is an entire industry talking bad about the company then trying to copy every move they make. It’s sad. I couldn’t imagine being so behind  the competition that i would have to resort to some of the tactics i’ve seen.

    Lastly, I love all the just eat clean, eat everything raw, build a garden responses. Are some of you that blind? Walk out your front door and look each way, please try and tell me that type of eating is happening. Maybe 2-3% of the nation, well i was in that small 97% who ate on the run all the time. Stop faulting a business going after the 97% who need help/hope/resolution we all know if it would of been your idea you would not have one negative comment to say. For the rest talking down on it because it’s costing them business and they keep creating blogs, websites, and forums to expose the truth heres a hint…..Your boat is already sinking, grab a lifevest or do the rest of us a favor and go under and count to 1,000.

    I lost 27lbs w/o any additional exercise and have not been in this shape since college sports. But im sure thats a scam also. Oh yea, and my invoice say $299 a month but i owe $0, thats gotta be a scam also.

  320. were now many comments into all mlm reps putting Visalus down to promote their own lol. Nice try

  321. It does not add milk into any of them, so whats your point? How is it deceptive? They didnt add in milk to the rest???

  322. @ Madmanmike the Hippie, if you don’t believe in taking supplements thats your choice however most people cannot eat enough food(lack of hunger, lack of $$$, or desire, or a million other reasons) to fuel their body daily. Which is why our country is where is is now, not everything is garbage because you feel differently.

  323. You sure spend a lot of time talking bad about VI, how much money has this company cost you in losing your own customers???

  324. docbrok i hope your not a dr. because your lack of being able to do research(taking 2-3 min) or read a chart is very scary.

  325. Not only does Matt look like a very healthy individual minus the ____lbs he needs to lose. But, he’s also another bitter MLM rep in a dying company trying to trash Visalus, while trying to copy them. Good luck Matt, don’t quit your day job!!! 

  326. Mike you hate big food inc but trust the biggest loser LOL, yea thats totally realistic. Intake 400-600 calories a day and burn 6,500-8,000 while being paid $100 a day to do so right? easy?

  327. your anonymous for a reason, because your an idiot. I just lost 10 IQ points reading your message. 

    You though if you paid $500 you got a free bmw???You sound like you were looking for a shortcut to riches, you won’t. You will prob always be looking for something. 

    They are not a scam you just seem to me a moron. Anybody that reads your 1st sentence will agree. May god have mercy on your soul.

  328. Matthew you continue to amaze me. Well according to your terms if your RENT is paid for, does it cost you anything? NO. If you no longer have a car payment does it cost you anything? NO Do dealerships offer a lease to buy program? Yes. If you did a 3 year lease and got $21,600 paid off on your car by visalus is that a good deal, YES. If you buy a BMW, get it paid off from visalus and sell it do you keep the money? Yes.

    You also have tried to copy our challenge concept, 3 for free model, and BMW program yet you trash us. You should learn to love us because all of your companies new announcements came from our conventions 2-3 years ago 🙂

    Good luck trying to copy our results.Go be stupid somewhere else. 1st tip is free after this i will charge you, the ability to be a walking billboard is priceless, you should try.

  329. are you freaking kidding me, are you that ignorant that you dont realize that milk is always going to add at least 10 to 20 calories, and for the love of god…. it states it on every pkg of everything…. how unbelievably ignorant can some of u be, calories are not always what you should look for…. look for protein counts, carbs, sugars and then calories…..

  330. It doesnt have splenda in it. It has sucralose.  I look at it as a LIFE PRESERVER- everyone needs to watch portions-eat balanced food and this is not a DIET. it is a food supplement.  When you get the nutrition you need you are not hungry.   Diets dont work- one must LEARN and adapt and overcome food.  I use this product to help friends and family while I teach them and mentor to them about nutrition.   Not sure if you have done your homework on GMO’s but it is really difficult to eat good these days and this is a product to help our bodies function.  People we are dealing with an epidemic -obesity and diabetes-this is a solution. Not the ONLY solution but it is A solution and helping people get their lives back. I have senior citizen parents and they now eat better then ever-cutting out the sugar cravings.  

  331. Wow… so pretty much all of you people out there that are looking to ViSalis to make money or if you are some type of a whole foods buff, look away and keep your opinion to yourself! BFD if it is all processed and contains stuff that offends you delicate types. For those of us that really want to lose weight and don’t want to be raped up the back door in the process price wise, this is a great diet plan. I know this because my diabetic father has lost 70 lbs in 4 months on it and I have spent THOUSANDS on diet products. Most people who have an obesity problem fail at diets and then we hate ourselves even more for failing and spending a huge amount of money on something that didn’t work or that we could not follow instruction too. I have started ViSalus and have been on it for a week. I love it because it’s fast and easy to make up and not to mention tastes great. In my first week I have lost 6lbs and 2 1/2 inches in my hips/waist/chest and do not feel hungry. I am just doing the shape up plan. I do not feel hungry either which is huge for me. I feel very confident with this diet because it’s a 90 day challenge, so I just set my mind to the fact that I will hit my goal weight in 90 days. I think I fail at most diets because the diet food to make up is so time consuming and very expensive. With ViSalus all I need from the store is a few snack items and dinner food. So if you calculate that you are paying $100 a month for both your breakfast and lunch for the entire month, its a GREAT savings overall.

    So again… if you are looking to make money, this is not the place for it. It does feel like a nice incentive that if you refer 3 people you get your next month free, but if not, big deal. You still get the benefit of a product that is very reasonably priced and that works. If you are all into the natural products, then I’m guessing you are not a real fat person to start with, because I doubt you got fat on all natural foods, more like fast food. So clearly this product is not for you and the people that really need it don’t want to hear your opinion. Go eat some bark and SHUT THE HELL UP!

  332. They can keep their shakes lol … I dont drink my calories and never will . Nothing replaces portion control, clean eating and daily exercise. Thats what is working for me, down 82 lbs in 6 months and I eat all my calories, fat grams, carbs etc.

  333. I agree. I think I would rather have the three hundred dollars cash bonus than the bmw lease payment. 🙂 This is a great article. You seem like a fair, intelligent mlm hero 🙂

  334. Look at the ingredients and see what you think, for me the soy and whey protein are big red flags, I will stick with the Arbonne vegan protein, no soy, no whey, gluten free.

  335. Try the program/lifestyle that I have been doing for the last five years. Customize your vitamin/mineral regimen to fix your metabo and drinks and detox .., and skincare all in one place and is top of the line products. This is not a yoyo and I am very happy not having to work out to maintain my weight and haven’t had to take any meds or been sick in awhile. It’s so hard for people to believe me and I’ve given up trying to share, but when I read others post, I feel compelled to offer assistance. bioceutica with forward slash barry young. take care.

  336. How funny, all those PRO vitalis people are those who can’t write properly. Clear proof they aim at the weak to take their money and fill them with false information and fake food. Wake up people! Make your own decision and don’t depend on corporation to tell you what is healthy, especially when they are selling it you, in case you didn’t know the only goal for corporations is to earn money (called capitalism) and they will use any marketing technique possible to convince you of their products. For your information: I am a marketeer but I focus my energy on clean business, NGO’s and charity organisations.