EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: MLM Superhero Calls Out MLM Industry Icon Ray Higdon In The 2011 Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest


Darren Little – The MLM Superhero has defied all odds – and risen straight up from out of the rubble as a complete blogging underdog moving into second place as a top 10 contender in this years Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest.

Each year “That MLM Beat” hosts the Top 50 MLM Blogs competition – an annual event that helps showcase some of the best MLM content and training information that can help both new and experienced MLM reps take their businesses to a completely higher level.  This year’s competition is sponsored by MyLeadSystemPRO – the world’s leading attraction marketing and online lead generation system.

This year the competition is fierce! Industry icons like Ray Higdon, April Marie Tucker, Rob Fourie, Troy Dooley and Tracey Walker are all battling for the top spot for what experts are calling the toughest blogging competition the Industry has ever seen.

Ray Higdon currently holds the top spot  and it’s gonna be the battle between David and Goliath as The MLM Superhero plans to take Higdon straight down to the matte for a standing 3 count.  “Higdon has temporarily taken the lead” says Little. “But he’s up against some of the best Guerilla marketers in the world and we’re pulling out all stops to take him to the matte”.

Join forces with the MLM Superhero and help the little tiny “David” take down the BIG GOLIATH in this international competition.  All votes must be submitted by November 30th, 2011  at midnight to count for the final tally.


MLM Superhero Calls Out MLM Industry Icon
Ray Higdon In The 2011 Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest

Can The MLM Superhero Take Down
An Industry Icon Like Ray Higdon From the Top Spot?   

Everyone knows Ray Higdon, heck he’s an industry icon. He’s walked the stage with Daegen Smith, Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Katie Freiling, Norbert Orlewitz, Jonathan Budd and more.

But until about two weeks ago, who the heck was the MLM Superhero?  No one had ever heard of this blogging underdog until he hit theDarren Little, MLM Superhero, That MLM Beat, Top 50 MLM Blogs, MyleadsystemPRO, MLSP, mlm mentors, mlm coaches, mlm trainers leader boards on the MyLeadSystemPRO attraction marketing and lead generation system and has now risen from the rubble to become a top 10 contender in the industries most widely talked about international blogging competition. It’s an annual event hosted by That MLM Beat and sponsored this year by MyLeadSystemPRO.

What people don’t know is that Darren Little has quite a long history in the world of Guerilla Marketing – some campaign strategies lasting as long as 18 years – and he’s pulling out all stops and adding a little bit of NITRO to the fuel tank and he’s asking for YOUR SUPPORT.

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“Marketing is all about thinking outside the box” said little in a recent interview. “You have to be prepared to do WHATEVER it takes and go beyond where the average person is prepared to go. Guerilla Marketing in many cases drives people completely out of their comfort zone and most are not prepared to do it. Successful people on the other hand do what other people either can’t or won’t”.

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There is Nothing More Powerful Than the Power of the Mind

As a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul with Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, Darren Little is no stranger to the power of visualization, attraction marketing, or the power of the mind.

Since the age of five, he has had a unique passion for the marketing and advertising industry and a unique talent for seeing what others could not yet see. In the course of his 20 plus year career, he has been responsible for launching over 30 products and services into the market place – some of his campaign strategies lasting as long as 18 years.

In 1989 Darren launched Pamela Anderson’s career with Labatt’s Brewing Company and The Blue Zone Girl poster. He negotiated the first beer poster to be sold in poster shops throughout North America.

He has retained the position of Vice President of Marketing for Advanced Gaming Technologies, and GIC Global Intertainment where his campaign strategies raised millions of dollars and were responsible for as much as $70 million in trading in a single day.

Darren was the founder and CEO of Bingo.com and he positioned the company to become the stickiest site on the Internet with an average user time of 45 minutes. Darren’s campaign strategy raised over $12 million for AbleAuctions.com. He was also the co-founder of Blackjack.com and launched the world’s first multi-player tournament Blackjack software.

Darren believes that success is about the person we become while pursuing it. That success is not a destination, but a journey of self discovery. At the age of 22, Darren was inspired by renowned speaker Anthony Robbins while watching a late night infomercial. From that day forward he began his own journey of self discovery, uncovering the power of the mind.

Darren has shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Lee Pulos and Dr. Dov Baron. He has walked on fire, across 2000 degree white-hot coals and across a bed of broken glass in bare feet.

Darren believes that “In order to attract the one, you need to be the one”. This is a philosophy that has kept him on the path of personalDarren Little, mlm superhero, that mlm beat, top 50 mlm blogs, myleadsystempro, mlsp growth for more than 20 years. “No matter what life circumstances we are thrown, it’s not about what happens – but how we deal with what happens that propels us to greatness”.

Now, with over 20 years in marketing and advertising and 15 years as a network marketing veteran, Darren consults network marketing companies on the importance of teaching their affiliates to brand themselves first, ahead of the company and the products. He teaches the importance of understanding real marketing strategies, Web 2.0 and social networking, target marketing and attraction marketing techniques.

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