The Top 50 MLM Blogs – And The Winner Is?


And the winner is….?  Drum roll please…

The third annual Top 50 MLM blogs contest was one of the most exciting events That MLM Beat has ever seen. This year’s event was sponsored by MyLeadSystemPRO – the world’s most popular attraction marketing system. According to George Fourie, there was 137 entries and over 6000 votes that got rimmed down to 5192 votes.

Some votes were doubles and others were marked as spam votes but at the end of the day the competition was fierce and the industry leaders were kept on their toes having to push their marketing to the limit.

So who ended up winning anyway?  My phone, Skype and email have been going off like a Christmas Tree with people from all over the world asking….Did you win? Did you win? Many people don’t realize that YOU WIN – just by entering. The relationships that were forged in the process of the competition were PRICELESS. Did you enter?  If not, I would highly suggest you push yourself into action – next year.


The Top 50 MLM Blogs For 2011 – And The Winner Is…?

It’s that time of  year again and the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest hosted by That MLM Beat and sponsored byMavis Nong, Darren Little, Ray Hidgon, April Marie Tucker, Top 50 MLM Blogs, MLSP, MyLeadSystemPro, That MLM Beat, Top 50 MLM Blogs MyLeadSystemPRO has finally come to completion. I have to admit it was one of the most exciting contests that I have ever been apart of. And what a race it was!

The contest started with a BANG!  Internet Marketing Hall of Famer April Marie Tucker quickly moved into first place taking the lead.   Then coming up from the rubble as a complete underdog was The MLM Superhero – Darren Little who passed April Marie Tucker and took the lead for the better part of a day.

Then along came BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon – flexing his muscles – with over 1 million visitors to his blog each month – blasting out to his list – getting more than 150 votes in 24 hours.

Little moved into second place but was hit with a spam attack that took him out of the race for 3 entire days while George Fourie could come up with a solution.  Little was put back into the race and moved back into second place – but it was Higdon leading the way for the final 2 days.

Coming around the bend it was Mavis Nong with her incredible attraction marketing blog – passing by Little and moving into second place. Little and Nong were head to head. It was Little – then Nong.  Little then Nong in the final stretch racing.

It looked like it as going to be Little for second place – while BIG GOLIATH Ray Higdon road his chariot into the winner’s circle for the WIN.  As they crossed the finish line it was Mavis Nong taking second place – winning by a nose – up by just 2 votes.  And in third place was The MLM Superhero – Darren Little – the complete blogging underdog.

“This contest was way more than I had ever expected” stated Darren Little – CEO of MLM Superhero “I am so glad I pushed myself to the MAX and took on this challenge.  Looking at the roster of superstar entries, many people would have been completely intimidated -but if you want to ever get to the top you have to COMPETE TO WIN.  And although I didn’t win first place THIS YEAR – I did win in heart and spirit and forged some amazing relationships as a result.  Next year it’s GAME ON!!”

Special thanks to George Fourie at That MLM Beat and Roxana Hannah from MyLeadSystemPRO for putting on an amazing contest.

Here are the final Top 50 MLM Blogs Worldwide for 2011.


This is a great resource for anyone in MLM – both newbies and experts alike.  The amount of value packed information in these Top 50 MLM Blogs is worth its weight in Gold.

The Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2011

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#1  Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon creates massive value on his blog & helps marketers answer the tough questions in a very candid way. Questions such as:
1) How to recruit more people, 2) How to overcome objections, 3) How to get more leads online & 4) How to get more traffic to your website. No matter what company you are in, his blog can help. He is also the #1 earner in his company & the #2 earner in MLSP. His blog is ranked under 16,000 worldwide on Alexa and he routinely leaks audios & videos from private events.

#2 Mavis Nong

Mavis Nong created her blog to help people build successful businesses online. She shares fundamental, effective and cutting-edge strategies and tips that they can implement right away to grow their businesses. She also provides mind-blowing blogging tips to help others build amazing and money making blogs fast. Mavis went from not knowing anything about blogging to becoming a highly sought after blogging expert, raking in the cash using her blog, in less than 8 months.

#3 Darren Little

Whether you are just starting in MLM or you are a seasoned veteran, Darren Little’s MLM Superhero blog will give you the most important information you need to understand exactly what you need to do to get yourself branded as a leader in the MLM industry and get your phone ringing with incoming calls. How do you develop bullet proof belief in an industry where 97% of the people that try fail? Simple! Mindset, motivation, inspiration, systems and training and that’s exactly what you’ll find here.

#4 Melodie Kantner

Melodie Kantner is a successful full time network marketer with over 16 years of experience in the industry, 14 of those years have been with one company. Melodie was shy and uncomfortable with old school network marketing and sales but wanted a successful business so she set out to find ways to get people to call her. Melodie helps people learn down to earth network marketing skills, success mindset, personal development and techniques for releasing fears that are holding you back.

#5 Marc Korn

Marc Korn lives in New Jersey with his incredible wife and son. Marc is a Continuous Learning Advocate who understands the critical importance of Personal Development and MasterMinding.

Marc is all about adding value for his readers and offers quality content in many areas and disciplines of self improvement.
On Marc’s blog, you will always find empowering videos by Personal Development Leaders, such as Brian Tracy along with many FREE, valuable gifts.

Visit NOW and Visit OFTEN.

#6 April Marie

April Marie Tucker’s Online Network Marketing Training Blog has been a huge resource for all types of Online Marketers. The main focus of her Blog is to give the skill’s and training needed for others to succeed with Online Network Marketing. April Marie’s expertise is in Network Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Lead Generation and List Building. She was recently inducted into the Online Marketers Hall of Fame and is a Top Recruiter in her Primary Network Marketing Company.

#7 Dr. Bob Clarke

Dr. Bob Clarke is a Part Time InterNetwork Marketer who understands the struggles faced by Part Time Marketers. His posts focus on how to be more productive with limited time, leveraging your skills and other people’s resources to maximize your results, and finding the right mentors and coaches to reduce your learning curve. Dr Bob’s pillar posts on building a highly popular blog Part Time were top rated. This blog is a Go To Resource for anyone building a business Part Time.

#8 Natasha Nassar

Natasha Nassar is an attorney, speaker, author and internet marketing coach dedicated to empowering fellow entrepreneurs to build a savvy personal brand online. Readers love Natasha’s no-nonsense and humorous teaching style. Natasha is the author of the popular “The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.” training series. Her blog ranked #13 in the 2010 Top 50 MLM Blogs. Natasha and her husband were recently featured as the spotlight members of their primary business opportunity.

#9 Joey McDermott

Joey McDermott has been involved in the industry for 11 years now and has built multiple companies, and even consulted to help build other companies. He brings a wealth of knowledge from the sales industry, having over 20 years of sales experience he is teaching how to overcome objections, build relationships, and help you develop the right mindset to be successful in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales. He soon is releasing a cutting edge book and is negotiation deals to do infomercials.

#10 Tracey Walker

Tracey Walker’s Network Marketing Success Blog is one of the hot-est, freshest, energized blogs on the web in the niche of Network Marketing. Her brand is absolutely STUNNING, yet maintains class and professionalism all at the same time. Over the past 3 years, Tracey’s blog has literally grown into a mainstream resource for network marketers looking for success strategies and tips on building their businesses online. In summary, Tracey Walker’s Network Marketing Success Blog is the real deal!

#11 VaNessa Duplessie

VaNessa is a mom, wife, community activist and serial entrepreneur. She’s passionate about empowering people to take control and action in their lives so they can have more time, money and satisfaction. On a daily basis she teaches about branding, blogging, social media and online and offline marketing techniques to entrepreneurs. After a 20 year career in Real Estate and Technology she found her passion blending her sales and marketing background in the affiliate and network marketing arenas.

#12 Bluesman Of MLM

So what does the “Blues” have to do with MLM? Well the blues is everywhere! Everyone has the blues sometime or another! You see the Bluesman’s passion for playing the guitar is just as big as his passion for others succeeding! Playing an instrument takes time,consistency and commitment! Basically anyone and I mean anyone can learn how to play an instrument. But it takes commitment to succeed! That’s the Bluesman’s main focus! Mindset, the right training and leadership! Check out the Bluesman!

#13 Easther Sudharta

No matter what you set out to do in life, you’ve got to have some kind of a game plan. For Easther Sudharta, that game plan started coming together when she created her own SEO site called In her quest to learn the ins and outs of the Internet marketing business, she’s found a few things that work and a few that don’t. And now she’s created a place where she can share all that information with the rest of the world.

#14 Sandy Moore

Sandy Moore’s Educating you in Internet Marketing blog, educates individuals and businesses in Attraction Marketing. Sandy specialises in Free Targeted Lead Generation, Article Marketing and her blog has been a much sought after resource for beginners and advanced Online Marketers. Since the beginning of 2010 Sandy has strategically placed herself as a leader in her primary business and runs several online Groups who call on her expertise for building their own online empires.

#15 Michelle & Bill Pescosolido

16 mos. ago, Michelle started in the network marketing industry. A complete rookie without a mentor, she had to learn things on her own. Through her hard work, dedication and persistence she was able to not only utilize, but master Facebook marketing to build a burgeoning 6 figure business. As the result of this success, Bill was able to quit his healthy 6 figure income career in corporate America and join Michelle to become one of the most dynamic couples in the internet marketing industry.

#16 Jeffrey Kistner

Jeffrey Kistner loves everything Network Marketing. Twenty years ago his life changed after being approached by an inexperienced consultant struggling to present a marketing concept he didn’t know existed. Jeffrey loved the concept and asked to join the consultants business before they finished their presentation. Jeffrey is a great example of not being able to say the wrong thing to right person. Jeffrey is a mentor to many and continues to teach concepts, techniques and skills on and off line.

#17 Nicky Price

Nicky Price is a dedicated wife and Mom of two living in the UK. Sick of the hype on the internet, Nicky provides clarity in the world of internet and network marketing with simple but professional and easy to follow marketing strategies.
Nicky has regularly been featured in the Better Networker newsletters for her professional and sometimes humorous look at life as an Internet or Network Marketer and has authored her own “Facebook for Business Blueprint” and “7 Days to Success” e-books.

#18 Stacia Hopkins

Stacia Hopkins is the founder of and creator of The Beginner’s Guide To Video Marketing. She is an internet marketing consultant who assists business owners to build an online presence using video marketing strategies. She lives in Boise, Idaho, loves lacrosse and plays the viola. She gets out of bed every day because of her “why:” to empower others’ ambition.

#19 Marcin & Mari Marczak

Marcin and Mari embarked on a journey to travel the world and generate income without being attached to one place. The first destination was The Maldives where they only had savings sufficient for 3 months only. So it was a combination of snorkelling, diving, fishing and figuring out how to generate income online.
Currently, Marcin and Mari have built their business in 17 different countries in 4 continents. The blog shares lessons & learnings that made it possible.

#20 Sonny Lanorias

As one of the winners of the Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010, Sonny Lanorias has continued to teach and train others to work online to match his online success. Sonny has been consistently making money from home since 2008 and is still considered by many as the # 1 internet entrepreneur in Davao City Philippines on the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. He has also continued to generate thousands of leads on the Internet by using free and low cost methods even if he stays at the beach.

#21 Sharon Whiteman

Authentic & Empowering! Sharon is indeed qualified to serve you with an extensive background in critical care nursing, personal growth & financial literacy and 10+yrs working with R & K Kiyosaki, attending all their business & investment programs. A busy WFH mom, her real estate portfolio = asset base, but her NWM biz allows financial freedom. From Gen S/Y to Baby Boomers, BiW blog is straight from the heart with crystalline insight, advice, coaching & leadership in NWM for your success. Drop by, connect and share with Sharon and her bus partner, Steve Partos!

#22 Darren Spruyt

Darren Spruyt is a network marketer from Singapore and he has been marketing his business online since 2008. However, Darren did not start off in this industry without any struggles. For 3 years, Darren did not take any action in his business as he had struggled with self-belief and how much value he could offer people. Fast forward, Darren was recently labeled as a “Dark Horse” in the magnetic sponsoring product launch and now blogs about mindset, MLM lead generation & Internet marketing.

#23 Terry Petrovick

“Rare and Refreshing, Just the Straight Talk”. Terry Petrovick’s student’s learn about leadership, the how to’s of cutting edge marketing and business development. Terry’s strategies cover both online and offline methods. His message is powerful, direct, and honest with no frills or false promises. Terry’s journey began with his son climbing into Terry’s lap and asked, “Dad, do you still love me?” For Terry it is all about family and showing people how to create a better quality of life. Vote as one of the Top MLM Blogs.

#24 Clint Butler

Clint Butler is a recovering internet marketer turned network marketer looking to provide excellent value and information to help other network marketers and people new to network marketing online succeed. Using search engine optimization and social media marketing techniques to build traffic to your site and brand yourself as a leader no matter what product or service that you promote.

#25 Lory Moore

“She Really Cares About My Business…And Me!” MLM has given Dr. Lory Moore the greatest gift: the ability to help good people make good money, so they can do good things with it. Having achieved leadership status in three MLM companies, including membership in the Million Dollar Club, Lory’s followers know she is passionate about delivering the reality of a successful network marketing business to anyone willing to follow an intelligent plan.

#26 John Robberson

John Robberson wears many hats. By day he wears the hat of a Rabid Criminal Defense Attorney zealously defending his clients. By night he wears the hat of a Rebel Network Marketer who’s blog posts provide tips, techniques and the solutions to Network Marketer;s problems.
His posts range the whole gamut of Internet Marketing and MLM from Article Marketing, Lead Creation, SEO and Recruiting Tactics.

#27 Dave and Dawn Cook

Dave and Dawn Cook are the Founders of Tribe Syndication Association (TSA), TSAmastery, and many other sites that have helped numerous people over the years. Throughout the years, they have given a lot of their time and experience helping others build more Exposure, more Relationships and much more Success! When others in this industry try to figure out what’s in it for them, Dave and Dawn have always gave first and has changed the lives of so many for the better.

#28 Suzanne Levac

Suzanne has considerable offline business experience and extensive online marketing skill sets, she is assisting people with their online business goals, branding and setup. She is passionate about leading people to success. Suzanne has the great ability to motivate others helping them with their mindset and personal growth. Her mission is to simplify the dreary process of building a successful online business, and to empower people to change their life circumstances.

#29 Lynda Cromar

Lynda Cromar is a dreamer extraordinare!
She has been a resident of Colorado all of her life and enjoys a rich family life there. She is a veteran network marketer, and has brought team work successful to her own team. She typically stays on the leader board of anything that she gets involved in. She is a trainer and teacher, in her blog she shares her expertise and her down-to-earth-style of leadership specializing in tools and training and using social media to build a successful MLM.

#30 Rob Fore

In 1990, due to a few bad decisions, Rob Fore lost everything. His home, business, income and self-respect. He went from hero to homeless in 90 days. Today Rob uses the internet to “Create Wealth on the Fast Track” and invites you to join him on the journey. He teaches a proven 5-step system for generating organic search traffic, leads and sales. He is a top 20 income earner with a team of over 11,000 active MLM distributors worldwide, a certified firewalk instructor, public speaker and coach.

#31 Viviana

Viviana believes that attraction marketing starts from YOU. She helps people to discover their rich potential through coaching. The key success in network marketing business is personal development. Success is attracted by the person you become. She is a member of coaching cognition and she is implementing marketing funnel for her network marketing business. She encourages people to use attraction marketing training from her website to generate endless leads for network marketing success.

#32 John Komatsoulis

John is a business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs grow their business so that they can make more money and have more free time. His unique ability to develop customers has helped his clients create a successful business and a solid six figure income. He developed his blog to provide entrepreneurs a way to learn about the various marketing strategies needed to grow their business bigger and faster then ever before.

#33 Angela Paige

Angela was inspired at a young age to become an entrepreneur. It was like it was wired in her as she was always the one trying to start a lemonade stand or a restaurant in her parents basement. As she grew up that passion turned into a business online. She is a firm believer in living a life by design and going after big dreams. She shares the tools she has found to design her life and make an income from home.

#34 Janet I Mueller

Janet’s blog provides 100% original value based content including strategies, tips and personal development coaching for direct seller’s, network marketer’s. Janet’s unique blend of 10+ years in direct sales/network marketing field sales- corporate leadership with global direct sales companies UK/USA helping entrepreneurs in network marketing prospect, recruit, train & develop and achieve their goals and dreams. Janet is passionate about helping you achieve your personal success.

#35 Ruth Alade

Ruth Alade is a stay at home mum turned internet/network marketer whose passion is helping women [and of course men :) ] to escape the rat race. She’s been online for 11 months and some of her key achievements includes being featured in Magnetic Sponsoring twice for affiliate sales of their products. Ruth loves blogging and is an SEO gal as well. Ruth has 2 young kids, a lovely husband and she loves traveling.

#36 Neil Ashworth

Neil Ashworth is a former PRO Soccer player, marathon running entrepreneur who has turned the tables on what most believe is the right way to build a business online. Neil teaches a practical approach to marketing and creates systems that anyone can follow to build a profitable and fun business from home. If you’re sick of the hype and want to learn exactly what it takes to make money from home take a look at Neil Ashworth’s network marketing blog.

#37 Ken Pickard

The Network Dad is a freedom fighter for all new and seasoned bloggers. A gateway to a new form of energy and social proof also knows as tribe syndication. With the birth of a the personal branding blog, bloggers everywhere have formed tribes or groups of people who come together and form a giving relationship of helping each other. People helping people by sharing each others content is what The Network Dad is all about.

#38 James Bennett

James Bennett is a home business advocate, blog author, direct marketer, and a personal development teacher.
He writes about personal achievement, the law of success, financial IQ, mastermind groups, home business, and direct marketing.

His philosophy is that:
“Success is Engineered through proper thinking, a millionaire mindset, developing skills, and creative systems- all mixed with the key ingredient, action. Once you start taking action, you can begin to live your passion and purpose”

#39 Jerry Chen

Jerry Chen is one of the few who mastered both online and offline marketing in the industry. As a marketer, consultant and friend to many in the industry Jerry brings exceptional value and track record to the table. Overcoming challenges isn’t new to him as he went from a broke, 16 year-old immigrant speaking 1st grade English to network marketing superstar in just a few short years. His blog Build A Magnetic Network is one of a kind combining leadership, marketing and exclusive interviews.

#40 Aidan Gibson

Aidan Gibson has combined his experience in the MLM and internet marketing industry to help people become more aware of living a more eco friendly lifestyle, one step at a time. He shares tips on being more green and offers the opportunity to become part of the unique dedicated green home based business revolution. Wikaniko (We Can Eco) shows people simple steps towards a more eco way of living.

#41 Alecia Stringer

Soak in some tips to help your business go to the next level, helping others to create success and leadership. This is what helps us not to give up. Alecia Stringer’s A Success Dream Blog has a huge resource for all types of Online Marketers. The main focus of her Blog is to give the skill’s and training needed for others to succeed with Online Network Marketing. Alecia Stringer’s expertise is in Video Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, Lead Generation and List Building.

#42 Raena Lynn

Raena Lynn is an entrepreneur who specializes in helping new marketers by “Helping You Move Forward With Internet Marketing. Her goals are to help people gain freedom. Her blog includes Internet Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Social Media, Personal Development, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Leadership, Mindset, and Product Creation. Vote as one of the Top MLM Blogs.

She has attended Unstoppable Entrepreneur, Unstoppable Millionaire, and The Ultimate Game of Life.

#43 Trevor Barret

Trevor Barrett has been around plenty of years to experience many ups and downs inf life. He has been rich and he has been very poor but he knows which he prefers best. A couple of years ago, when the hard times began to hit the world he had to become the money advice expert for his family. He realized the mistakes he had made by not putting money aside for retirement or a rainy day. He decided to blog to help other people both save money and make money to avoid the pitfalls that he came across.

#44 Steve Hawk

Steve Hawk (aka The No Hype Networker) is a full-time network marketer who works out of his house in NY. His writing style is refreshing in an industry known to contain a bit of “hype” – straight forward and to the point. His posts and videos include marketing techniques and training to help network marketers learn different strategies they can use to grow their own business. Steve’s true area of expertise is driving targeted search engine traffic to his blog and converting it into leads.

#45 Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill guides you through the maze of personal development techniques that will make you excel in your online business, MLM enterprise or anything else you have dedicated your talents to.

#46 Yorinda Wanner

Yorinda Wanner has a passion for inspiring people towards Self – Empowerment with posts and providing Life Coaching.
Having overcome many challenges in her own life she is keen to pass on what has helped her.
Personal Development and mental, emotional and physical health are her favorite subjects.
She also provides tools to do this as well as tips and tricks to establish one self on the internet.

#47 Miriam Buhr

Miriam has graduate level training in educational psychology. She teaches psychological principles and emotional triggers as applied to home and small business development, sales, advertisements, mobile marketing, networking and social media world. Mindset and personal growth has been a focus in her personal and professional training. Miriam is passionate about leading people to attain and maintain success using mindset strategies that inspire and enhance at a personal and professional level.

#48 Joyce Edwards

Joyce lives in Elgin, Illinois with her dog Zippy and Zippy’s 3 cats. She has been in the healthcare field for over 35 years in both western and eastern medicine. She is passionate about guiding people through the maze of healthcare that have become so much more complicated to the average person. Telling stories and keeping up with news stories, she uses her easy to read style to inform and enlighten people who are looking for help when it comes to their health.

#49 Edward Elliott

Edward is a husband and father from London Ontario Canada!
Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of a Multi-Million Dollar Technology Company (
Has a Passion for Empowering People to Live the Life of Their Dreams.
Loving the MLM and Network Marketing Profession.
All Around Awesome Guy!

#50 John Gaydon

John Gaydon spent the first 15 years of his working life moving up the corporate ladder. The second phase of his life was participating in and conducting many Personal development courses. At the end of 1997, he started his third attempt at Network Marketing, and has been involved every since. It is now his main source of income and has been since 2002. John Moved on line in 2005, and Now offers a wide range of ways to find MLM customers on line.


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