MLM Superhero Prepares For The Final TAKE DOWN of BIG GOLIATH Ray Higdon


It was the final 24 hours of the Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition hosted by That MLM Beat and Sponsored by MyLeadSystemPRO and the MLM Superhero was down by about 80 votes from BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon – to win the title of the Top MLM Blog of 2011.

Then came the delivery of what was designed to be the KNOCK-OUT BLOW that would take Higdon directly to the matte; The Guerilla Marketing campaign.  And no one – not even the MLM Superhero himself had any idea what to expect in the final round – it could have gone either way.

Find out how Little prepared to deliver Higdon’s final knock-out blow!

MLM Superhero Prepares For The Final TAKE DOWN
of BIG GOLIATH Ray Higdon

It was the final 24 hours in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest and the MLM Superhero – Darren Little had to pull out all stops in an attempt to take down the BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon. I mean let’s face it – Ray Higdon is known industry wide.  He’s shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry – Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Daegen Smith and Norbert Orlewitz.  Darren Little on the other hand is a total unknown in the world of blogging – a complete underdog with a 100 to 1 chance to win the race.

But what many people don’t know is that Little has spent more than 25 years developing Guerilla marketing strategies for a variety of products and services – some of his campaign strategies lasting as long as 18 years.  But could he gain enough horsepower to take down an industry icon?


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“When it comes to getting your message out, you have to have a clear marketing strategy from the moment you start your campaign. Plus, when it comes down to the final round, you have to be prepared to do whatever it takes” says Little. “Successful people do what other people either can’t – or won’t – and in Guerilla marketing you have to be prepared to put everything on the line”.

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“We had a clear and concise marketing strategy from day one entering the competition” says Darren Little, President, CEO of MLM Superhero “and we stuck to the blueprint by the letter and did not steer off our path for even one millisecond.

But an unexpected curve ball came our way when our voting page was hit with about 90 spam votes.  This would have pushed us into 1st place – which wasn’t the case.  And because there was no way to eliminate the votes from the counter – our marketing momentum was put on hold for 3 entire days while That MLM Beat could figure out a solution.

Major kudos goes out to George Fourie  from That MLM Beat – who spent a considerable amount of time away from his regular business (more than ten hours one day alone) to try and figure out a solution to this unexpected mishap.  One never knows in business and in life when these events will take place – so it was a great analogy of day to day life on how we must adjust our sails to get to our destination point.

With many marketing campaigns, one doesn’t really know what the response will be until the campaign is in the final days. It’s a combination between the effectiveness of phase one awareness and how it unites with the last stage of Guerilla marketing that inevitably determines the outcome.


Phase 1 of the campaign was to develop a marketing strategy that could go viral on Facebook and was easy to share. I developed a “political” type of digital campaign button that would tie into my Superhero character and also bridge into the second part of the marketing strategy – “The Power of the People”.  Phase 2 of the campaign was cut a little short – but next year its GAME ON – so be prepared.

I hired a graphic designer out of India that could work on the graphics and visuals that supported the creative.  As I came up with the concepts and wrote the copy, I would forward each idea onto the designer to work his magic and bring the whole campaign together. This is something that if you have not yet done for your business – you need to do.  You can get AFFORDABLE OUTSOURCING HERE.  As you grow your business, outsourcing will become absolutely mandatory – so get used to the idea that if you want to make it big in the industry its just part of doing business.


My Facebook campaign was quite aggressive I admit – and looking back on it, I would probably have lightened up slightly on this strategy.  I posted the button insignia on my Facebook wall with a variety of messages and also went into MLM related Facebook groups and posted it there as well.  Next year I will be modifying this strategy considerably – but you will have to wait until next year to see how this unfolds.

Posting the button onto Facebook Timeline was very effective as the button appeared in a large 3″ x 3″ ad format and had some strong visual impact.


If I look back at my career in marketing, press releases are by far one of the most powerful marketing strategies.  Why?that mlm beat, top 50 mlm blogs, myleadsystempro, mlsp, darren little, ray higdon, mlm leaders, mlm trainers, mlm coaches, mlm mentors Because press release sites are high traffic sites and Google ranks them high on the PR popularity.  The sites that I have used that have given me the best response in the past are: – What I like about this site is that it’s FREE. Plus, they allow you to jazz up your release with links to where ever you want to send your reader.  As well, they allow you to insert photos for personal branding. – What I like about PR LOG is that it’s FREE.  Plus they allow 3 back links per release.  One of which can be a YouTube video.  Having a Youtube video in your campaign adds to your personal branding as a leader. – What I like about Free Press Release is that they offer both FREE and PAID versions.  I typically use the paid version for $1 each. So 20 bucks gets you 20 releases.  They allow 3 photos and a big bold back-link to wherever you want to send your traffic to. – This site in my opinion is an absolute MUST for every serious marketer.  Why do I say SERIOUS marketer?  Because it’s the site that separates the talkers from the doers.  Each release costs $200 or $360 if you want to add video.

So if you want to get some serious exposure you need to have a monthly marketing budget.  What I like about MyLeadSystemPRO is that it pays for my whole business plus gives me a marketing budget to market my business each month. – This is the GRAND DADDY of all PR Sites and one that I typically use to promote public companies.  It has the biggest distribution but the catch is – that its quite expensive.  You need to budget about $900 or more per release if you use this service.  This is a service that I only use for bigger projects and it was out of the ball park for this particular project.  $900 only gives you about 400 words.  Every 100 additional words cost even above and beyond the $900. PR NEWSWIRE does get the widest amount of media pickup but you need to pay a pretty penny to get it.

The bonus with press releases is that many times they get picked up by a number of media outlets and in some cases you can literally take over an entire page of Google or at least aggressively dominate it with your particular campaign.  I used a variety of these strategies to promote the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest for 2011 but they will work well to promote absolutely anything – including your primary business, or you as a leader in the industry.


Youtube is one of the best ways to promote anything – because its a high traffic site and ranks well on Google. But its important if you want your videos to be effective – to be a little creative with your videos. This is where some guerilla marketing creative will come into play. I used 3 videos and posted them onto Facebook as well as on my Guerilla marketing page that I made available for people to hop on board as part of the promotional team.




What’s so unique about a Guerilla Marketing campaign – is that if its done effectively it will spread completely viral on its own.  In fact, the campaign itself becomes a positive energy vortex and it pulls people in from other companies that are even competitors of your primary business to help support you.

The day after the campaign ended – was a day filled with so much gratitude.  Although my primary business is Xyngular – what’s so amazing is that leaders from other companies – got involved with my “Your Vote Has Super Power” campaign.

Leaders from companies like ViSalus, Xango, Monavie, Ultamex, Lekker, Zija, Immunotech, Empower Network, My Video Talk, NUMIS Network and more – all hopped on board to support me on my path. WOW! So amaxyng. This industry is so much about the people and the relationships – NOT about what company you are with.  I so appreciate all of the support that I got during this event.

What’s even more is the amount of people that have called, emailed and sent Skype messages asking me for updates on whether or not I won  the title.  Thank you all for your support everyone!  I so appreciate it more than you can imagine, so thank you.


 Its interesting to see how some people react to this area of a campaign.  In fact, I noticed some people referring to my promotion as “bribes”. This is the farthest thing from the truth.

In fact, when it comes to using incentives and bonuses in your campaign they rarely have a big effect on influencing your audience. However, what they do – is help your prospect realize that you appreciate their time and effort for participating. That’s it.

Let’s face it –  time is valuable in business and quite honestly, sometimes I wonder what’s worse – going around and asking people for “favors” to get them to vote – or just stating what’s happening and that you value their time and that each person that does take the time to review the blog will be entered into a draw for something of value.

Personally coming from the world of business – I find the “favor approach” quite cheesy – and for busy people it can be a little annoying – so I typically try to take a more professional and business approach and do something that most business people are accustomed to. Plus I like to respect people’s time. This choice will be up to you as to how you will handle your own campaign for future events.

For this particular campaign I had two incentives. The first one was just for people that took the time to vote. For this – the incentive was a chance to win a private success coaching session with me valued at $297. The second incentive was only for the people that got involved with the Guerilla Marketing campaign and the prize was a 30 day IGNITE FAT BURNING System from Xyngular Corporation valued at $312.


As far as this particular promotional campaign I had a number of personal goals and objectives.

1. To showcase the sponsors – You will notice in every one of my press releases, articles and videos that the sponsors names are mentioned.

2. To showcase myself as an industry leader and top marketer – A well thought out campaign will do this on its own and will speak for itself.

3. To showcase my primary business – My particular primary business is called Xyngular Corporation.  We have the hottest energy and weight loss program in the world today where people lose 8 to 15 pounds in 8 days.  This is a business that I started with only $60 that now has orders coming in from 12 countries around the world.

4. To win the competition by a complete landslide – As it stands, it looks like the votes are going to be really close.  And whether or not I win the title or not – the campaign was in my humble opinion quite effective.  You can be rest assured that next year, I will be much more prepared…and the campaign will be even crazier than this year, so stay tuned.


Leaders began calling me from other companies wanting to hop on board with the final Phase of the campaign “The Powerray higdon, darren little, mlsp, myleadsystem pro, that mlm beat, top 50 mlm blogs, mlm mentors, mlm trainers, mlm coaches, top mlm leaders

of the People”.  My final press release had gone out that morning and from the looks of the votes coming in – it seemed to be doing a good job in the FINAL TAKE DOWN.

It was 3:00 pm on the last day of the event and I get a call from none other than The Digital Gangster -Eric Green, suggesting that I pull out all stops and do a live broadcast of the moonwalk and tell people exactly what I did to get into the final showcase.  So I set out on a mission to go live within a few hours and broadcast my marketing message to the world.

Only two hours of broadcast and a few gravity walks later – the clock struck 12:00 pm midnight E.S.T. and the contest had come to an end. My inbox was filled with more than 150 votes – and from the looks of the numbers – The MLM Superhero may just have taken the BIG GOLIATH right down to the matte for the FINAL COUNT.

But the votes still had to be approved, sorted and counted.  Were they enough to stand victorious as the Champion? Did I have enough time for the final phase of my Guerilla Marketing to take effect – being 2 days behind Big Ray?

This is the question that is still unanswered – but since that time, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing from leaders from other companies  all asking me the same question.  “Did you WIN? Did you WIN?”

One thing is for certain – I won in heart and spirit.  And I won the support and recognition from my peers and  from many industry leaders and people that were not even in my primary business – so this campaign has been officially been logged as ANOTHER SUPERHERO MARKETING SUCCESS STORY.

As for next year?  Of course there will be a few other marketing secrets that I have up my sleeve that unfortunately I can’t reveal.  A magician can only reveal some of his tricks – never all of them.  You will have to stay tuned to see what’s in store for next year.   But I can tell you one thing….It’s going to be MAGICAL!

Was that helpful? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to share this with your teammates.

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