LIVE AUDIO CALL! The MLM Superhero And The Digital Gangster Tap Into The Success Vortex


The MLM Superhero – Darren Little and The Digital Gangster – Eric Green – have tapped into what many people would call nothing short of a miracle – they call it The Success Vortex. Just 7 months ago, the two international marketers joined forces and the momentum hasn’t stopped since.

“I credit this amazing phenomenon to something we call “The Success Vortex” stated Green in a recent interview. “Some people call it being in the zone,  being tapped in, being connected, but all I know is since I’ve tapped into these strategies taught by The MLM Superhero, it’s been a whirlwind of miracles one after another ever since”.

Green says that since incorporating the strategies taught by Little in a training program called “UNLEASH THE ALPHA WITHIN” he now attracts business literally like a magnet in both his offline and online endeavors.  “Quite honestly, if you had told me that my life would have taken this much of a shift in less than a year, I would never have believed that it was even possible” says Green. “It’s amazing what can happen in such a short period of time with a coach and mentor.  I see so many people that are just not open to new concepts ideas and remain stuck in their lives. I attribute much of what has happened  for me to my willingness to immediately apply what I’ve been taught”.



If your upline sponsor doesn’t have a step-by-step blueprint for you to generate 50+ leads a day for your MLM business, on complete auto-pilot, drop whatever you are doing and… WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PROOF HERE!


LIVE AUDIO CALL! The MLM Superhero And The Digital Gangster Tap Into The Success Vortex

darren little, Darren Little,,
Darren Little – MLM Superhero


If you don’t think it’s possible to triple your rates virtually overnight, have a steady stream of incoming calls and referrals, go into partnership with 3 millionaires, roll out an international business in multiple countries, learn how to get to the front page of Google for literally any key word or search term, be closer connected to your children than ever before and have relationships that were once offside start to flourish for no apparent reason at all, then this audio call probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to all around learn how to tap into THE SUCCESS VORTEX, and change every aspect of your life for the better, you may want to CLICK ON THIS LINK and have a listen.

Once you learn the strategies that are trained in UNLEASH THE ALPHA WITHIN, you better start to EXPECT MIRACLES and DREAM BIGGER, because what you once thought to be impossible will now become possible.

Eric Green and Darren Little are living proof that whatever the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved. Just 7 months ago, the two entrepreneurs partnered up on what industry experts are calling the fastest global expansion in MLM history.  A 34 country global expansion and each day it gets more and more exciting.  And now their phones are ringing to do international guest appearances for Corporations in Portugal and Spain.

“What’s so exciting about this” says Green “Is that although I’ve been in and out of the industry

eric green, the digital gangster, Darren Little, MLM Superhero,,, mlm coaches, mlm trainers, mlm mentors
Eric Green – The Digital Gangster

for almost a decade, I’ve never been in a situation where my phone is ringing with incoming calls like it is now.  I’m serious when I tell you that I attribute all of this success to learning how to tap into THE SUCCESS VORTEX.  And if you have never been taught what to do to make that happen for you, you really owe it to yourself to contact either myself or Darren Little on Facebook and see how we can help you make the shift.  No matter how crazy your dream might be.  No matter how far fetched other people might think it is, I’m telling you 100% that once you tap into these strategies, ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING is possible to have happen for you too”.

“These are the exact same strategies that absolutely anyone can apply to see profound change in record time”, says Little.  “This whole process started when Eric asked me if I could teach him the exact step by step formula I used to make a million dollars – and so the journey began.”

Little and Green are now planning a world tour in 2012 where they will be teaching these strategies to large groups of people in a multitude of industries to show them how to tap into their own personal power and UNLEASH THE ALPHA WITHIN.

For more information  on how you can book these two dynamic speakers in your city, contact Darren Little at 604-771-1901 or Eric Green at 919-633-8015.

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