TAMPOGO National Advisory Board Member Phyllis K Anderson has officially left TAMPOGO!

Anderson joined top MLM Leaders Darren Little aka MLM Superhero and Eric Green aka The Digital Gangster in XYNGULAR CORPORATION on what industry leaders are calling the fastest global expansion in MLM history.  Already shipping products to 32 countries around the world, all eyes are on Xyngular.

The news is out and its spreading fast!!  TAMPOGO National Advisory Board Member Phyllis K. Anderson has officially left TAMPOGO and joined forces with Alpha Leaders Darren Little aka MLM Superhero and Eric Green aka The Digital Gangster on one of the most explosive and talked about Global MLM Expansions in the past decade.

“I am so excited to be working with such an amazing team of leaders, speakers and trainers in Xyngular Corporation” said Phyllis Anderson in a recent interview.


Phyllis Anderson is a 20 year MLM veteran that made her way to the 2% in Mary Kay and has a passion for leadership, personal development and helping people make it to the top.

Anderson says that after months and months of not receiving checks from Tampogo it was time to finally face the music and find another home and that the XYNGULAR opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time on her career path.

“What I find so exciting about Xyngular” says Anderson, “is the track record of the management team, the products are shockingly effective, there are no structural qualifications, the cash bonuses and travel incentives are unprecedented in the industry and THEY PAY DAILY”!

Xyngular Corporation launched in December of 2009 and has already reached sales of $1.5 million per month.  Xyngular President, CEO, Marc Walker is no stranger to success. He came from two legacy companies: Nuskin International and Xango Corporation and during his tenure with each of the companies, he was responsible for more than $500 million in sales.

Xyngular Corporation now ships their products to 32 countries around the world and has experienced a growth curve in its first 6 months that was faster than Facebook.The company markets a line of cutting edge energy and weight loss products that have customers losing as much as 100 pounds in 9i0 days.

Anderson says that what makes this relationship with Little and Green so unique is that the core of their training stems from the two most important areas of success: LEADERSHIP and MARKETING.

As part of her leadership positioning with Xyngular, Anderson has become part of what is arguably the most powerful leadership transformation training that the MLM industry has ever seen called UNLEASH THE ALPHA WITHIN.  This personal development training and coaching will be offered to all XYNGULAR REPS that get involved with Anderson at the “CLUB 360”  level in Xyngular.

For more information on how you can become part of this exciting global rollout with Phyllis K. Anderson and her team of Alpha Leaders contact:

Darren Little aka MLM Superhero
Direct: 604-771-1901
SKYPE: DarrenLittle11

Eric Green aka The Digital Gangster
Direct: 919-633-8015
SKYPE: www.thedigitalgangster.com

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