Get Way More People to Say YES To Your Business with These 5 Simple Techniques


Being the owner of your own business also means that you need to step into a leadership role for your team.  What’s interesting about leadership is that your decisions will either make or break your company’s future.

It is a tricky job being the leader, but it is also a privilege to be trusted by your teammates and your clients to lead them to victory. Better yet to be the one to fulfill your business’s mission and vision and help make success possible for everyone.

Learn these 5 basic strategies to get more people say YES to your business. Prove to be worthy of your company’s trust, and learn how to start guiding your team towards success STARTING TODAY.

Get Way More People to Say YES To Your Business

A YES means heaven to every entrepreneur.  It means a faster growing business and more money in your pocket.  You can get the YES’s you have always wanted, by implementing these 5 easy techniques. Get your clients to say YES to you every single time.


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A little psychology can help you be invincible in your business sales – and it can put loads more money into your bank account. You can learn how to get people to say YES to everything you offer them. By simply understanding consumer behavior, you can analyze which strategies work to bring you one step closer to a new business partner and one step closer to financial freedom.

Now, where to start? Here are 5 techniques you can use to be successful in generating way more Yes’s for your business.

1. The idea of paying debts is a hot spot for almost every prospect and it’s one that will definitely help you in your approach. Every person has debts and every person wants to be debt-free.  As you make your offer, insert the thought of your client being free from any debts and financial burden. People are always aware of the burden of their debts and they feel the urge of releasing this from their conscience.  If you can help them to pay off their debts, you will have way more people that want to work with you. Remember that MLM is all about helping people.  The more you get to know your prospect, the more you can help them have success. By finding out more about their goals to become debt-free you can help them achieve these goals.

2. Build the commitment subtly. Even if you are just asking people to answer a brief survey, they will already have a commitment with you one way or another, because through you, the thought of joining your business or purchasing your product is already on their mind. It’s like planting an idea in your prospect’s head without harming or shaking any of their personal beliefs. Once you’ve succeeded in establishing the commitment, you will be able to keep your requests coming for them to take a look at your business, or to meet one of your business partners.

3. Learn how to give freebies without any expectation in return.  If you think that your company’s products or services are enough, think again. People want to know that you can help them succeed – and often times, giving them free marketing information can give them an idea of what type of value you bring to the table. Once you give them something of value, they are more open to what you have to offer. Reciprocation also works in this technique, because once you give something to a person without expecting anything in return, you are viewed in a much different light with that person than just a salesperson.  The more you give unconditionally, the more you get in return.  People like to reciprocate with people that are willing to help them.

4. Prove to your prospects that many people have been satisfied with your product or service and that many have become successful under your guidance and leadership. You can share testimonials, success stories and messages from satisfied consumers. It is also great when you have testimonials which involve a business partner switching from a different company to yours. This gives you a great advantage in building your image and brand as a leader. This can lead your prospect to having a much greater desire to trying out their luck with you and your business.

5. Be a friend to all.  Connect with your prospects and build rapport. Genuinely care about helping them to succeed. Come on, admit it. You are most likely to buy something unnecessary that is offered by a good friend, rather than something useful sold by a person who has a displeasing aura. You want to make yourself known as someone of good nature – who likes to help people. Don’t mistake this for pretending, but think of this as being your very best self. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

After all, you were chosen because you are trusted. Prove to your team that you are worthy of that trust, and be the best alpha leader there is.

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