Put On Your Battle Gear – Does MLM Have a Future?


Thinking of starting a home based business?

Unless you’ve got nerves of steel, confidence that is larger than life  and a center of influence that rivals Oprah Winfrey, you better put on your battle gear and get ready to get into the trenches and do some major training in both LEADERSHIP and MARKETING.

The more you master these two skills the faster you will start turning prospects into paying customers each and every day.

This blog post will reveal what you need to do to make it through the mine field with both arms and legs intact, avoiding the shrapnel along the way and come out yelling the word “YES!” on the other side.

Get ready troops!  WE’RE GOING IN!

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, darrenlittle.com, mlmsuperhero.comPreparation For Any Battle Is “The Key To Winning”

Ok, so you just got back from a hotel presentation, or watching a webinar about the MLM industry and the light-bulb FINALLY went on.

And you’re thinking:  “Why didn’t I get this whole concept before?”

You think back to all of the years that you totally blew off your friends and some of the relationships you even severed because you just didn’t get it! OUCH!

But now it makes TOTAL sense.  Heck, it’s as clear as day.  People helping people. Leverage.  Working together to make a difference, WOW!  Are you ever stoked!  But you forget about how you treated those people the first time they approached you about the industry and you carry on following the instructions you’ve been given by your Up-Line leader.

It’s as simple as ABC they say.  “Make a list of your contacts, invite them to take a look, bring in some 3rd party validation and then ask your prospect if they can see an opportunity.  What could be simpler?”


So you get out a notepad and a pencil  and you start thinking……Hmmmmm.   “Don’t want to prejudge”  So you get out your trusty memory jogger and you start writing down names.

Let’s see.  There’s your doctor, your accountant, the next door neighbors. Yah they would be perfect!  Your chiropractor, your dentist….don’t forget the mailman.

You spend two hours doing your list.  Heck, you’ve even got your 4th grade school teacher.  I’m sure she will see it….lol.

So you pick up the phone and start dialing for dollars, not realizing what you’re in for.  The first 5 people ask you why you would ever get involved with illegal pyramids. 2 people hang-up. 1 tells you to F_ _ _ off before he hangs up and the rest of the night all you get is answering machines. Heck you didn’t even get a chance to show the plan…let alone the 3rd party validation.   What now? (For the most part, this is still the way that MLM companies teach their reps how to get started in this industry!!!)

The truth is…

Most MLM veterans are afraid to tell the newbies what they are in for, and even more of these veterans hide their own MLM battle scars quite well.  In fact if you speak with most 7 figure income earners, most will tell you how they got started… talking to people in bank line-ups, handing out fliers or doing interviews in shopping malls.  Then there are the infamous hotel meetings, the home meetings, the never ending 3 way phone calls, running Business Opportunity classified ads and buying leads that for the most part end up wasting time and money.

So how does one make it to the top?  How do you generate quality leads?  How do you find like minded entrepreneurs to work with?

Create an Abundance Mindset And Start Winning The War Against Poverty

The first step to making it to the top is to maintain the highest possible mental vibration you can.  Put your focus on abundance thinking and off a lack mentality.  Realize that there are hundreds of thousands of people every month that are starting a home based business and the numbers are increasing every single month.  But the truth is there are MILLIONS of people already sold on the MLM model.  So why the heck would you ever want to go to your next door neighbor anyway?  Especially when there are a line-up of people already sold on this business model!

Why not just target Network Marketers?  This is called “Target Marketing”; identifying a specific market and marketing to them.

Get Educated About Your Company’s Products And Marketing Plan

If you want to attract top income earners into your business, you need to be educated on how to make money in your marketing plan.  People that are already making money want to work with people that are in the zone that understand what’s going on; people that are “in the know”.

GET EDUCATED as soon as you start.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the basics about your products – use customer service and the 1-800 number for technical questions and support about “the science” of the products and don’t end up being the “Go-To” guy that’s continuously searching  for all of the answers and spending time getting answers to ridiculous questions.  Direct those questions right to the customer service department – no need to do them yourself.

Understand Target Marketing and Boomerang Sponsoring  BEFORE You Start

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, Darrenlittle.com, MLMSuperhero.com This diagram will explain in detail how to effectively use target marketing strategies to build a list of qualified prospects and launch a rejection free business.

Get Yourself Branded

It is important to separate yourself from the millions of other home based business owners in the marketplace.  I recommend to get some professional photos done as soon as you start your business.   Get comfortable with the fact that you are going to have to spend some money with a professional graphic designer to make your brand look good.

You can hire designers for very affordable prices through www.Odesk.com, or even www.Fiverr.com that won’t break your bank account.

Start a blog!  I recommend WordPress.  You will have it up and running in no time flat and you can start putting out great content to generate leads.  There are tons of great plug-ins that can enhance your blog and make it even more marketable.

Get an Auto-responder

In order to generate leads, you need an auto-responder and lead capture forms to collect the data.  This is marketing 101 – but it’s surprising how many people still don’t have one.  I recommend A-weber as it has the best deliverable rates.

Provide Something of Value

Understand that 97% of the entire industry is struggling, so there are tons of great ways to generate leads and build relationships with potential new business partners simply by becoming an MLM Problem Solver.

By taking the focus off of your company and products and on to making a difference and helping people, there will be no shortage of people that will opt-in to what you have to offer.  Offer something of great value that people in the industry will want.  It could be an interview with a top income earner, or an e-book or special report that provides good valuable content.

Offer Tools That EVERYONE NEEDS To Succeed

By offering tools, software and ebooks to your list of prospects, you will begin branding yourself as a leader in the industry.  At the same time, these tools will start generating a marketing and advertising budget for your business  Some people call it a funded proposal.  I call it BOOMERANG SPONSORING.

If you’ve ever thrown a Boomerang before, you stand in one spot, throw it out in the air and loops around and comes right back to you.  This is the same way that Boomerang Sponsoring works.  You put out great quality content that people want and need.  Develop a highly targeted list.  Develop an ongoing relationship with that list through effective marketing and VOILA, your phone starts ringing with INCOMING CALLS.  Imagine if everyone in your team used this same formula.

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