How To Motivate New Network Marketing Reps Into RAPID ACTION


The biggest challenge that I see people having in the Network Marketing industry is knowing what to do to motivate their new reps.

I hear a lot of people saying things like ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink.”

People can be great recruiters but they never see any real duplication in their businesses.  And by the time they recruit 20 people the first 8 or 9 have already canceled their auto-ships.  So what is it that separates one team that has no motivation to another team that is unstoppable?  How do you as a leader get your new reps motivated into ACTION?

This blog post will give you the answers that you’ve been looking for so that you can start seeing rapid duplication like never before.

How To Motivate New Network Marketing Reps Into ACTION!

What most people don’t understand about the MLM business model is the importance of getting to know your new rep.  What exactly do I mean by that?  With most MLM recruiters, the ink isn’t even dry on the application form for their new recruit and they are already off recruiting more people.  SLOW DOWN!!


Make sure that they get fully oriented with their back office and that they know where everything is. Ensure that they have all of the dial-in numbers for your Sizzle Line (Bridge Line that has an overview and testimonials) as well as any call in numbers that you may have for morning calls, afternoon calls or evening calls.


Make sure that your new rep is connected and introduced to a minimum of FIVE PEOPLE on the team.  As you make introductions, your new rep will also see how powerful it is to do a 3 way call. Try to introduce your new rep to people that are similar to them.  Look for people that have things in common and pair them up.  People typically like to do business with people that they are either like, or that they aspire to be like, so its important to pair up the right 5 introductions.

Find out more about your new prospect’s expectations.

1. How much time can they invest into their business?
2. How much of a monthly budget do they have to run their business?
3. What sort of expectations do they have for their business – Time vs Money?
4. What are their goals for their first 30, 60 and 90 days.

As  the leader you must evaluate their skills and make sure that their goals and expectations are inline with their time and budget commitments. THIS IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.

Here is an example.

YOU: So Tom, give me an idea how much time you plan to invest into your business each week and what type of money you expect to make in the next 30, 60 and 90 days?

TOM:  I think I can spend about 10 hours a week.  I want to make $10,000 a month in 90 days.

YOU: “Have you ever made $10,000 per month before?”

TOM: “No”

YOU: “What type of income are you currently accustomed to making?”

TOM: “$3000 a month”

YOU: How many hours a week do you work to make $3000 a month?”

TOM: “40 hours a week”

YOU: “Ok. Well let’s start with getting $500 in your pocket – FAST!  How does that sound.  We can do it quickly, easily and have fun while we’re doing it.”

Notice that you said WE…not YOU.  Network Marketing is a TEAM SPORT and if you want to build an empire, you need to lock arms with your new recruit and get in front of their prospects ASAP during the first week. This is where the GOLD is.  YOUR NEW RECRUIT’S NETWORK!

Make sure that you find out what your new reps DREAM IS.  I recommend having them do a vision board on the weekend that they start – to connect them to their VISION.  Make sure to give them a deadline to complete it and ensure they have all of the directions to complete it. Tell them that you are excited to see their vision so you can help them to achieve their dream.

To watch a video on VISION BOARDS add me as a friend on Facebook.  Then Click this link.

Here is the difference between a BOSS and an MLM Leader.  A BOSS says GO DO…. And an MLM Leader says LET’S DO….It’s important to understand the difference. What will motivate your new rep is when they understand that there is no selling in sharing and referring and all they have to do is peak people’s curiosity and get them on the phone with you…or get them onto one of the company’s calls.

This is called EARN WHILE YOU LEARN.  Make sure that they take notes.  Within a few calls your new rep will be either selling a few products or enrolling a few reps.  If they receive a Pay Check in their first week.  BOOOOOOOOOM! You have a motivated rep on the path to greatness.


The easier you make this for your new reps, the faster they will be in the money.  The faster they make money, the longer they will last in the business.  For more tips on how to explode your MLM into rapid duplication, go here.  To work with Darren directly GO HERE.

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