If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for information on MONAVIE.

You could be looking for information on the Monavie Business Opportunity, or perhaps a friend told you about one of the Monavie Products, but either way, before you get involved, I encourage you to read this entire third party review to see if the company is right for you.

In this short review, I’ll go over MONAVIE and I’ll also give you access to what I would call a totally “unfair advantage” should you decide that MONAVIE is the right company that you want to get involved with.

I will tell you in advance that I AM NOT A MONAVIE DISTRIBUTOR OR A MONAVIE CUSTOMER, so this review is a totally unbiased third party review of the company, the products and the opportunity.


It seems like almost every week, I get approached by someone about the Monavie business opportunity.  But recently, I’ve been bombarded with dozens and dozens of emails and calls from people asking me “Have you ever heard of a company called Monavie”?

Some of these people are ruthless and can’t understand why I’ve said NO so many times, even when some of their top leaders have offered me as much as $60,000 yearly marketing budget if I will join.  No matter how many times I say NO, they just keep on calling and emailing me, thinking I will change my mind.  So I’ve decided to do a little more research online to find out if Monavie is all of what they say its cracked up to be or or whether the company is just one big scam.

In this short but detailed review of Monavie, I will discuss the company’s background, the products, the compensation plan and what it truly takes to succeed in a company like Monavie.

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MONAVIE – The Company

Monavie is currently a privately-held company with a primary focus in health and wellness.  The company markets nutritional products through a network marketing, direct sales, or multilevel marketing business, model. The company was originally started in 2005 and holds its Corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founder of the company, and current CEO, Dallin Larsen was a senior executive for other nutritional network marketing companies like Dynamic Essentials and Usana.

In September of 2009, Monavie was ranked #18 on Inc 500’s “Fastest Growing Companies In The US”. And, in November of 2009, Dallin Larsen was named National Entrepreneur Of The Year For Emerging Markets by Ernst & Young. Monavie also remains to be a debt free company while maintaining its profitability.

MONAVIE – The Products

The main product that Monavie markets is a liquid nutritional supplement that contains 19 different fruits.  The key ingredient in Monavie is the ACAI BERRY.  According to Monavie’s corporate website, the acai berry provides powerful antioxidant support, joint support, heart health and overall health and well-being. The product comes in different forms:

Monavie Original – Provides overall antioxidant support
Monavie E – Energy drink version of Monavie
Monavie Active – Provides extra support for joint health
Monavie Pulse – Provides extra support for your cardiovascular system
Monavie Mun – Provides support to your immune system
Monavie Kosher – Kosher certified version of Monavie

The Original Juice, Active and Pulse versions also come in a gel form.

Now depending on who you talk to, will depend on what response you get about the Monavie products.  Half of the people I’ve spoken with absolutely rave about the Monavie products and claim that the products have totally eliminated their chronic pain and helped them to sleep better; while the other half of the people, no matter how many bottles of Monavie product they drink, they swear the product is no different than drinking juice from their local supermarket.  I unfortunately was one of the people that had absolutely nothing happen when I took the product. In fact it did nothing for my chronic back pain at all.

Monavie claims that there have been clinical studies performed by them to prove the validity of the product, however, before you get involved with the Monavie business I would highly recommend that you do your due diligence on this topic thoroughly.  I would recommend trying the product yourself first just at retail price to see if you get any benefit before getting involved with the business.

MONAVIE – The Business Opportunity

If you are a person that is considering Monavie as a business opportunity, the first place to go would be GOOGLE.  Type in the word Monavie into Google and you will find more than 4.7 million search results.  This means that as an online marketer it will be virtually impossible to get Organic Search Engine Ranking on the front page of Google.  This is one of the reasons I said NO to the opportunity. For me, once a company has that many search results, the opportunity has already come and gone, but everyone is different for what they look for.

MONAVIE – The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan has nine different ways you can get paid, along with incentives like a luxury car program, private jet credits and luxurious trips to top resorts. The compensation plan works on a binary model, but has a matching check feature on your unilevel team.

Based upon the current economic situation, the autoship requirement is pretty high compared to other network marketing companies.  Some Monavie Reps will tell you that it attracts a higher level of business person, but the reality is that if you want to gain significant momentum in any MLM you need an autoship that can be afforded by the masses. Anything over $150 a month in my opinion is priced out of the market.  Although a higher autoship isn’t necessarily a negative thing,  it is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to build residual income for the long haul. If people can’t get profitable within 60 days, they will be cancelling their autoships faster than they came on board.

I would suggest doing a market analysis to find out from a cross section of people if the autoship price is a deciding factor for them to participate in an opportunity like Monavie. If the answer you find works for you, great. If not, you may have to target a specific demographic/income level in your target marketing of the business opportunity.

MONAVIE – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

One of the most impressive things about Monavie is the number of people who are earning in excess of $1 million a year.  But with the number of Distributors that the company has and with the amount of sales they have done, this is not surprising.  As of this year, there are 34 reps who have disclosed their income to be over $1.5 million a year.

The other thing to consider is that many of Monavie’s elite leaders were top producing leaders who had existing downlines of thousands of people that they brought with them to the company. And, while this does not diminish the Monavie opportunity for a brand new person just joining the industry, you still need to be aware of this so you don’t have misleading expectations of yourself coming in and starting from scratch.

According to critics online, the North American sales of Monavie are down 40% over the previous year.  In addition the company is facing more than 1900 law suits, 900 of which are coming from Malaysia alone and the remainder from the global markets.  The #1 income earner in Monavie, Brig Hart is selling his Monavie online training platform called R3 Global, in addition to his Monavie branded Golf Cart, Smart Car and Custom Show Trike.   This definitely causes a few red flags.

In closing, I will say that for the right person, Monavie could be a great business opportunity.  I feel that the opportunity is more in the global markets than the North American market, however, the company is well established, stable and the company markets a high-quality product. It also provides a tremendous amount of leverage with it’s compensation plan. As I stated earlier, there are a record number of top producers in the company. With that said, there are also more than 60,000 reps in the company earning less than $40 a week.

MONAVIE- How To Guarantee Your Success If You Join

If you do decide that Monavie is the right business opportunity for you, there are two things that will take you to the top: LEADERSHIP and MARKETING. It is critically important that you get the right training and that you learn exactly what to do to generate an unlimited supply of leads.  The difference between people that make it to the top and those that struggle is directly related to these critical areas. Go here to find out how to Sponsor More Reps In Monavie.  Go here to find out more about Darren Little.

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