Why People Join MLM – And How To Get Them To Join Yours


It seems that over this past year as I’ve been marketing and branding myself more and more online I get a continued flow of offers from name brand network marketing companies wanting me to join their companies.

Flights to the corporate office, all expense paid trips to attend leadership conferences, marketing budgets, endless leads,  “half built” organizations with millions of dollars in volume cranking through a business center each month.  Heck one company even offered to build both sides of a business center for me.

So why didn’t I take any of these offers?

Discovering the reason that I turned all of these offers down could have a profound effect on your business and on your bank account.

Darren Little, MLM Superhero www.DarrenLittle.com, www.MLMSuperhero.comWhy People Join An MLM Company

You see…  most of these people think that MLM is all about the money.   In fact the only question these people ever ask is “How much money are you making?”

It’s important to know that people get involved in Network Marketing for a variety of reasons.  Some of these may include:

1. They want to be part of something (A lot of people like the social aspect of belonging to a team, club, or association)
2. They want to make a difference in the world, or give back in some way. (Some do it for charitable causes)
3. They want to better their leadership skills and improve in the area of personal development
4. They want to improve their marketing skills.
5. They want to help other people succeed in life (Motivation or Inspiration).
6. They want to be their own boss and work whenever they want (either part time or full time).
7. They’ve had a profound experience with the company’s products and want to share that experience
8. They want to make more money – in some cases LOTS more money.

The reason that I put #8  Wanting to make more money – in some cases LOTS more money – at the bottom of the list, was not because it’s the least important, it’s to help you understand that people get into the industry for more reasons than just the money.

Remember that Network Marketing is a relationship building business –  finding out what’s most important to your prospect and then showing them how your company, product or service can be part of that solution.  The statement that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care – is very true.

If you want to become a top recruiter, it’s important to understand this before you end up losing some really great people simply because you didn’t ask the right questions.  The questions where you get a chance to get to know what is inside a person’s mind and what is inside their heart.

Understanding What’s Most Important
To Your Prospects.

If you want to find out more about your prospect ask them this.

“So tell me…What made you get involved with the Network Marketing Industry?  What do you like best about it? What do you like least about it?

Let the person talk as long as they want.  TAKE LOTS OF NOTES.

Remember that it takes 5 to 12 connections/exposures to enroll a person into an MLM company (stats taken directly from the Direct Seller’s Association.   It rarely happens on the first exposure.   So don’t try and rush closing your new business partners. The more you find out about them, the easier it will be to bring them on board your team.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your
MLM Business?

Ultimately, success with your MLM business requires a working knowledge of both lead generation and personal branding. Learn to build your downline by  becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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