How To Get More People Calling You About Your MLM Without Even Leaving Your Home


Its every entrepreneurs dream.  You’re sitting at home and your phone keeps on ringing all day long with people that are asking you “Can you tell me what business you are in?  I want to find out more.”

If you had a choice to be constantly rejected each day, or to have people calling you wanting to partner with you in your particular business, which would you prefer?   I mean let’s get real here, I would pick the latter every single day of the week.  In fact, once you learn these simple strategies, you will be absolutely amazed how your phone and Skype starts ringing from all four corners of the globe. And I’m about to show you step by step exactly what to do to go from a totally no name brand to becoming internationally known in 6 months or less.

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Either way, once you understand the formula, it is easy to implement and begin seeing some type of results in as little as a week. Remember that there is no race.  It’s all about you; your dreams, goals and desires and how bad you want to make it happen.

How To Get More People Calling You About Your MLM
Without Even Leaving Your Home

mlm trainers, mlm mentors, mlm coaches, mlm training, darren little, mlm superhero, mlm tips, mlm leads, free mlm leads, how to generate free mlm leads, how to sponsor more reps in mlm, mlm strategies, mlm superhero, how to sponsor more mlm reps

Ok. So you just joined an MLM company and your up-line leader is telling you to make a list of your friends, your family and your business associates.  Oh no!

Before you even think about doing this, you better get trained on how to approach your contacts without coming across like a used car salesman or you will burn through your contacts at lightning speed and potentially be throwing tens of thousands of dollars in residual income right out the door.

Your up-line leader should put you on the phone with them as they make some calls so you can listen to them talking with some of their contacts.  You will notice that its very CASUAL and not sales y at all.  Remember that it takes multiple connections and exposures to enroll a new rep.


If your upline sponsor doesn’t have a step-by-step blueprint for you to generate 50+ leads a day for your MLM business, on complete auto-pilot, drop whatever you are doing and… WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PROOF HERE!


Developing Bullet Proof Belief

If you are going to go to your contacts I do not recommend doing that until you have BULLET PROOF BELIEF in your company, your products, your management team, your up-line leadership team and your comp plan. Don’t make the mistake that most people do. They have no posture, no belief in their company or their team and they start going through their warm market.  This is like building a skyscraper on a foundation of toothpicks. DON’T DO IT! You could be ruining the potential of building business partnerships with some great people because you have no idea what to say, or how to approach these people.  SLOW DOWN!

Why People Fail in MLM

Darren Little, MLM Superhero,,, mlm trainers, mlm mentors, mlm coachesIt’s important to note that there is NO SELLING involved in recruiting. NONE. NADA. ZERO. So before you do anything, study this page in detail to first understand WHY PEOPLE FAIL IN MLM and what you need to do to hit a home run. Should you decide that the MLM business model is for you – you must first understand the definite distinction between MLM and conventional sales. Until you understand this, your chances of success with the MLM business model will be slim to none.

Relationship sales are a “process”.  They take between 5 and 12 connections or exposures to enroll a new business partner so make sure you understand this.  I mean REALLY understand this.  Otherwise you will feel like you are spinning your wheels if you think people are going to enroll on their first exposure.  The fortune, as many people will tell you is in the follow up in this business.

Make your follow up about helping the person with their marketing, helping them to develop their brand and helping them to achieve their goals.  If you genuinely are interested in helping people, sales happen on their own, so don’t be so concerned about closing the sale.  At some point in the conversation, I will say – So _________, based upon what you’ve seen and heard, can you see an opportunity here?  If they say YES – you have yourself a new business partner.

Developing Your Personal Story

In my opinion, this is one of the most important areas and where you should start – YOUR PERSONAL STORY.  What is your background?  What has been your experience in leadership?  Management?  In Personal Development? Or in leading a team? Why did you get into MLM in the first place? What is your passion? What is your vision? What do you have to offer?   These are all really important areas that you will want to zone in on when you are developing your story.

Developing a Blog or Destination Hub

One of the reasons I recommend a blog as one of the best ways to brand yourself and get international attention is that:

a) It brands you as a leader internationally.
b) It creates a destination point where your target market can interact with you.
c) It allows you to put out valuable content and CREATE VALUE for your target market.
d) It allows you to generate leads and communicate with those people on an ongoing basis through an auto responder.
e) Each blog post becomes its own traffic driver on Google and can send you traffic for a wide variety of keywords and phrases.
f) You can use blog posts/articles about other companies, products, marketing plans, ebooks, software, tools, seminars, and even other leaders to help bring awareness to you and drive traffic to your brand.

Your Value Proposition and Generating Leads

Your value proposition and your ability to build rapport with your target market will ultimately determine how many leads you will be able to generate and how fast you are able to do it .  Video in conjunction with quality content will help you to connect with people. What you are giving away to them needs to be of significant value and should focus on helping them solve a problem, generate leads or become a better leader.

A Lead Capture or Opt-in

When it comes to generating leads, you need to have a lead capture area, opt-in, or a subscribe button.  In addition to this I recommend using a POP-UP  that is a larger version branded advertisement that offers your value proposition a second time once they start reading. Some people will leave their phone number, others will leave their email.  But either way, your auto responder can follow up with them and continue to build rapport with your prospects even if you can’t communicate with them by phone.

Every so often you can send out a message with some type of value proposition to your list if people join you in your business. As well I recommend giving them the opportunity to get further trained in marketing and leadership through Webinars that either you or another leader host.

Understanding Boomerang Sponsoring And Why It Works

In my book MLM AFFILIATE MAGIC, I talk about a strategy called BOOMERANG SPONSORING.  This is the key to getting your phone to ring and will require you to put out valuable content that targets your target market.  These are people that are already sold on the MLM model, and people that need your particular product or  service.  DO NOT try to mix the two.  If you have a retail customer, CLOSE THE SALE.  Do not try and mix the business opportunity with that sale, otherwise you will lose both.  You won’t get a customer and you won’t get a business partner. If your customer has a great experience with the product, they won’t be able to help themselves and will naturally tell other people.  They may at that time decide they want to get involved with the business.

Here is a diagram that explains BOOMERANG SPONSORING.  How it works, why it works and why its an absolute MUST to have success in your first 90 days in business. My students that have applied this strategy have been able to start generating leads within 7 days of starting their MLM.

Darren Little, darren little,,, MLM Superhero, Boomerang Sponsoring


You will notice that with this strategy you have a branded blog in the middle, a training funnel to the right and some type of back link software on the left.  All of your content drives the traffic to your blog ( YOUR PERSONAL BRAND).  The traffic from the blog – points back into the MLSP system on a number of value propositions.  This is going to do two things.  It is going to help you GET PAID TO PROSPECT.  And it is going to present your primary business for you on complete auto-pilot.

My primary business for example is a company called VISALUS and the MLSP software allows me to present my Visalus business on complete auto-pilot even while I’m sleeping.  Once you understand this formula, it is the easiest way to fast track your business to the top.

The MLSP system offers the solution to everyone’s problem.  For example – what do you do after you have burned through your warm market? Who do you present your business to?  How do you create cash flow to pay for your business and your marketing budget?  How do you offer value to your target market, instead of coming across as a used car salesmen. MLSP is the answer.  I also use the EMPOWER NETWORK to get top ranking on Google because it is considered to be an authority site and allows my blog posts to get higher ranking.  I can show a person how to generate a $2000 to $3000 monthly marketing budget for their business within 90 days using this strategy.  Message me for details.

Creating Quality Content

What will determine how many eyeballs you have on YOU is how much content you can create in the shortest period of time possible and your ability to get onto the front page of Google for a variety of industry related search words, companies, ebooks, software, seminars, leaders and how to articles. If you are brand new to the industry, think about all of the things you have questions about and that is a great place to start putting out content on.


Once you understand how this whole formula works, you may want to start OUTSOURCING some of the menial tasks. There are people in the Philippines and or India that will work for pennies on the dollar and provide you with assistance on some of the areas that need to be done that just occupy too much of your time.  Research, copy writing, registering for accounts, uploading content etc.  Many of these tasks can be outsourced to free up more time for you to connect with your prospects, build rapport with them and start your business duplicating.


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Interested In Generating Leads For Your MLM Business?

My recommendation is that you use a proven ATTRACTION MARKETING system that allows you to brand yourself as a leader, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end. If you can successfully combine a powerful online marketing system with time-tested offline marketing techniques, there’s no telling how successful you can be with your MLM opportunity.

If you are looking for ultimate success with your MLM BUSINESS, it will  require a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your MLM down-line by being an ALPHA NETWORKER both offline and online.

Additional online training to help you SPONSOR MORE MLM REPS is available with DARREN LITTLE.

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