11 Easy Ways To Become a ROCK STAR Recruiter in MLM


A lot of people ask me about a variety of strategies that they can use to increase their recruiting numbers and in many cases have people join their business on complete autopilot.

I mean, in order to get new sign-ups you need  a steady stream of prospects to talk to and in order to get people to talk to you need a steady stream of traffic.

Getting TRAFFIC ONLINE is one of the most effective strategies to generate leads. In fact, people that have steady traffic, if they offer good value will generate more leads than they know what to do with.

So what do you do?  How do you do it? Here are a few strategies that you can use to become a ROCK STAR RECRUITER and have your phone ringing with INCOMING CALLS every single day!


How To Become a ROCK STAR Recruiter in MLM

1.  Provide as much valuable content as you can in whatever industry you are in. Whether you are a Realtor, a Mortgage Broker, in Automotive Sales, Insurance Sales, Direct Sales, or Network Marketing, the fastest way to get positioned as a leader in your industry is to always be providing valuable content.  The areas that I tend to focus on are:

a) Motivational articles, video and quotes

b) Inspirational articles, videos and quotes

c) Reviews of other companies in your industry

d) Reviews of other leaders and top money earners

e) Reviews of other products, services in your industry

f)  Reviews of other software and tools

g) Review of other e books

h) Marketing Tips and Strategies

i) How-To Videos and Articles

2) Start a Word press blog and post your content on your blog.  You can write the content yourself, or outsource the writing and still get the same benefit from this strategy.

3) Use a back link software or article spinner to create solid back links to your main source of content on your blog.  I use http://www.DarrenLittle.com/easybacklinks

4) Offer something of great value to your target market.  These can include.

a) An Ebook

b) A Software or Tool

c) An interview with a top income earner in audio or video

d) A 7 day marketing boot camp

e) A Free Coaching Session

5) Use an auto responder that continues to provide content and value. Recommend tools that will help your prospects while providing you with an income stream to help support your marketing and advertising campaign.

6) Do a power point presentation with an audio overlay and turn it into a video using either Camstudio or Camtasia.  This can be used for automated presentations while you sleep.  Put a lead cap page in front of the presentation to generate leads. You can get a free download of Camstudio online and also a 30 day free trial of Camtasia online.

7) Set up a MEETUP in your local area and teach marketing strategies to other people in your particular market.If you are a network marketer and you offer this type of value, people typically will come up after the presentation and ask you what company you are with. Many will want to join you.

8.) Use your vehicle for advertising – It’s a write-off and you will generate both traffic to your website and also incoming phone calls.

9) Have a very UNIQUE business card that becomes a conversation starter.  Die cutting, plastic, metal, double weight, embossed, foil stamped.  Spend some extra money on the design of your card to make it effective.

10) Call your leads as soon as possible if they leave their phone number to connect with them.  Do not try to pitch them right away.  Instead look for ways that you can help them.  When your people do decide to join you…get in front of their people within the first 7 days.  If you can help them make money fast, they will never leave you.

11) Start to run a marketing and advertising campaign either online or offline, or a combination that offers something of value to your target market.

I hope that this information will help you along your path.  For this and other great tools and tips, GO HERE to get a copy of my 104 page training manual that is PACKED with so many different strategies to help put you on the map to become a heavy hitter in your organization.  To work with Darren direct GO HERE.

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