5 Super Easy Ways To Become A Leader In Your MLM In No Time Flat


When people first get into Network Marketing, they don’t realize that the industry is really personal development disguised as a business – and in order to earn more, you must first become more.

Income will always follow your personal growth and it’s what makes the MLM business model so intriguing to me.  Help enough people get out of life what they want and you will get out of life what you want.

As a person spends more time in network Marketing, they soon realize that there are two things that will propel them to the top; LEADERSHIP and MARKETING.

In fact, the faster you can become an ALPHA LEADER and the better you get at MARKETING and teaching other people these two skills, the faster you will start recruiting a team.

People follow people.  They don’t follow companies or products. So the question really is are you a person that people want to follow?

In order to become a TRUE LEADER, the first thing you will need to do is to get comfortable being uncomfortable.  But there is a way that you can ease your way into a leadership role in NO TIME FLAT.  This blog post will cover 5 SUPER EASY things that you can to TODAY that will fast track you on your path to the top.

5 Super Easy Ways To Become A Leader In Your MLM In No Time Flat

Ok, so now you realize that the MLM business model is really about stepping into a leadership role.  But what do you do first?  How do you get there?  How do you move prospects into ACTION and get people to FOLLOW YOU?

Here are a few ways to ease yourself into a leadership role easily and effortlessly – in NO TIME FLAT


Start volunteering to do testimonials on presentations and calls.

Keep it short, sweet and to the point. Hi my name is _____________.  My background is in _________________.  What I like best about ABC company is ___________________.  My experience with the _____________product was ______________.  I got started with the Executive Success Package and the 120 PV auto ship and there has been no looking back.

In the early stages of doing testimonials stay relaxed and centered.  Everyone starts at some point and it’s really no big deal, so just keep it casual.  Make sure not to run on forever and don’t get too carried away.  Within your first 90 days, move from doing testimonials into co-hosting a few presentations with another few leaders.


Edify other leaders in the company and other members on your team.

Recognize people for their achievements.  Don’t be afraid to tell people that they are doing a great job, or how much you appreciate them. Teamwork is what makes the Dream work and edification is what brings a team together.  Whether a leader is on your team or not, they  are still a leader -and edification is the key.  You need to resonate in the same frequency as the rest of the leaders, so be aware of this when you start on the leadership path.


Feed your mind with some type of personal growth books, and CD’s.

Turn your car into a University and use your travel time to LEARN and GROW.  Two books I recommend are Ask and It Is Given- by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Secrets of The Millionaire Mind – by T. Harv Eker.  As for CD’s – Dani Johnson’s Prospecting and Closing and the North Carolina CD’s are awesome as well as Kevin Trudeau’s “Your Wish Is Your Command”.  Some other great speakers are Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Brian Tracy.


Make it a goal to speak with a minimum 3 new people a day about your company’s global expansion.

Stop selling and start sharing.  Ask people for referrals and if they know anyone that is currently in between careers or someone that is looking for something exciting to participate in. Take the focus off of selling and put it onto CONNECTING with your prospects.  Asking questions is the best way to connect with people to find things in common.


Stay connected to the top income earners and leaders of the company.

If possible DAILY.  Tune into their calls and try and get them on the phone with your prospects as much as possible.  MAKE SURE TO BE TAKING NOTES.  A top income earner can typically answer every question and objection under the sun, so its important to be attentive on each call.  Become the leader that other people start using for 3 way calls and 3rd party validation.

Looking To Achieve Ultimate Success?

Ultimately, success with your MLM business requires a working knowledge of both lead generation and personal branding. Learn to build your down line by  becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online. Additional online training to help you Sponsor More MLM Reps is available with Darren Little.

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