MLM Lead System Pro is a very popular business building tool specifically designed for home business owners.  It is used by many top income earners and peak performers as a marketing training system for their teams.

Instead of trying to teach reps strategies that can take hours to train, leaders can send their reps directly to training that comes directly from 6 and 7 figure name-brand marketers.

MLM Lead System Pro is well known for prospecting, marketing, lead generation and training home based business owners how to effectively market themselves and their businesses both online and offline.  It is one of the tools that is featured in my book – MLM Affiliate Magic and a tool that I recommend to my students looking to brand themselves as leaders in the industry.

This is a tool that will work for you regardless of the products or the company you are promoting.  What’s great about MLM Lead System Pro is that it is fully customizable.  In other words, you can completely personalize every aspect of the system so that it targets specific companies, products, services and topics about the industry – something that is highly effective for lead generation especially when these categories are already generating high traffic volume online.   For that reason, this system may well be a valuable tool to you in your Home Business.  It’s certainly a must if you ever want to make it big.

The purpose of this particular MLM Lead System Pro Review, will be to outline a number of the key features of this system that you you really must have in any system in order for it to provide long term value to your business.

A lot of people ask..

“What are the benefits of a system like MLM Lead System Pro?  Is it the right system for your business?”


MLM Lead System Pro Review – Owning Your Leads


If you do research on the various different multi-level marketing systems that are available on the market, there is one major difference that makes them stand apart instantly; this is in the area of ownership of leads. Even though it is true that most systems will allow you to build a list of prospects that you can communicate with and email at regular intervals, you will want to use a system that allows you to hook up your own auto responder and stay in control of the database – not the administrator from the system.

What do I mean by that? Well, unless you have your own auto responder; a place to store the leads independent of the system, if the system gets shut down or you leave the system – you leave with nothing!  That can be pretty costly if you have spent thousands of dollars in marketing – and then one day – BAM they’re gone.

MLM Lead System Pro allows you to generate your own personal leads, which can be loaded into your Auto-responder. You can email your prospects when you like and you can also take your prospects with you should you ever choose to go on to another system or opportunity. In my opinion, you MUST NOT entertain any system that doesn’t let you make this happen!  Don’t put your marketing future into someone the hands of someone else.  Control it yourself.

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Front End Affiliate Commissions

As Internet marketers we understand the importance of generating enough income from our tools to pay for themselves, as well as the auto ship of our primary business and a marketing and advertising budget to promote it all. MLM Lead System Pro does exactly that.

Inside MLM Lead System Pro there is the option to promote 13 different affiliate products and services. These are services which are valuable to Internet Network Marketers and really should be used by anyone that is seriously interested in succeeding Online. Your affiliate links are automatically put into the follow-up emails you send out to your prospects.  This enables you to expose your prospects to items that will help pay for the growth of your business while generating a steady stream of leads. In essence you get paid to prospect!

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Passive Residual Income

The three favorite words for most Network Marketers are, PASSIVE … RESIDUAL … and INCOME! Many Entrepreneurs are interested in this industry from the promise of generating a passive, but using only conventional strategies, few will ever achieve it.   What people buy into when they get started is true walk away income to replace their job inside a 2 to 5 year period.  And with MLM Lead System Pro, this is not only possible, but its happening for thousands of people globally.

With MLM Lead System Pro, there is a method to generate multiple streams of passive, re-occurring income from within the system, in addition to your primary business.  This is why so many Internet marketers are interested in this system.  By promoting the MLM Lead System Pro funnel, the system itself promotes your primary business as the business opportunity that you yourself recommend.

Inside MLM Lead System Pro, when you recommend services for example Auto-responders and content auto-posting services, they are offered to customers on a monthly subscription basis, this means you also get paid monthly commissions. Furthermore, you’ll receive a monthly commission from MLM Lead System Pro for anybody who joins and stays in the system according to your recommendation. Add all that to the monthly checks coming  from your primary business  and you’ve got a stable, broadly diversified business structure!

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Personal Branding

In this industry, people follow people; they don’t follow products and companies – so personal branding is of the utmost importance in attracting good quality reps. Branding ourselves as leaders and positioning ourselves as experts in Multilevel marketing is SO IMPORTANT if you want to build a global business. So why would anyone want to join a system where you are not given the chance to accomplish that? Some systems encourage affiliates to hide behind the faces of people that are already successful, but why would you want to further brand someone else instead of yourself? If you are going to be spending money on branding, spend it on your own brand and not the brand of someone else.

If you intend on using an online marketing platform, make sure that it is fully customizable. Make sure you are able to customize your capture page, together with your Auto-responder emails, as without this you are going to lose your identity and your personal brand will suffer. STEP INTO YOUR POWER!  This industry is about personal growth and if you want to make big money you will need to develop your leadership skills and your marketing skills.

In MLM Lead System Pro you’ll be able to customize everything from capture pages, welcome pages, sales pages and Auto-responder messages. You have complete control over what your prospects see and experience, to help you to maintain your identity, your individuality as well as your brand. This is probably the most essential aspect of any system, as people will be choosing to follow you, not just a system or even a company!

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Organizational Training

The final component to look for in any system is the education and support provided within the system itself.  The easy part with any system is setting up a lead capture page and a sales funnel, but the hard part is driving highly targeted visitors to the Capture pages. You may have the very best sales funnel in the industry, but without traffic it is totally worthless.

There are numerous means of driving traffic nowadays from press releases and article marketing to Social Media marketing. There are also quite a few paid marketing strategies like Media Buying and Pay per Click. The key to succeeding with all of these methods is testing and tweaking each campaign until it converts for you and becomes really profitable. If you have access to the top marketers in the world,  this process can be greatly fast tracked by gaining knowledge through individuals who have already experienced success using your chosen marketing techniques.

What i like about MLM Lead System Pro is that you will find training tutorials for just about every marketing technique you can think of! It is like a smorgasbord of marketing ideas and you can pick what YOU LIKE from the menu. These tutorials are really simple to follow and each one concentrates on teaching you how to apply the techniques and strategies needed for success.

In addition,  MLM Lead System Pro hosts weekly webinar training events that help to position and brand you as a leader in the industry with rising stars and top producers from within the system. These webinars provide up to date training around the strategies and methods that happen to be working RIGHT NOW! This training in fact is invaluable to Internet Affiliate marketers.

MLM Lead System Pro Review – Summary

Whether you decide to use MLM Lead System Pro or not, I can tell you this…whatever system you do use to generate your leads should pay for EVERYTHING in your business; your lead capture pages, your auto-responders, your software and tools as well as your marketing and advertising budget.  If what you are doing is not currently doing this.  If for whatever reason you are not getting paid to prospect.  If you do not have people enrolling into your business on complete auto-pilot, you should really get this platform.  I am happy to assist you in anyway that I can to help make this possible.  But the final success will be up to YOU.

For more information on how I build my business get a copy of my book MLM AFFILIATE MAGIC here.

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