MLM Lead System Pro Showcases Darren Little As November 2011 Member of the Month


The month of November has already arrived. It’s hard to even believe! Only 2 more months left to what has been one of the most amazing years of transformation my entire life and probably the fastest year that I can remember that has flown by at lightning speed.

They say that as we get older, the years start to go by faster and faster and this year without question was the first year where that actualy seemed to be a true statement.

November 2011 – The INFAMOUS 11/11 – What better time for me to have my major milestone take place and to be showcased as a top marketer internationally in what industry experts would arguably call the most significant breakthrough in Personal Branding, Lead Generation and Attraction Marketing that the home based business industry has ever seen.

Three entrepreneurs – Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer set out on a mission to design a system that would help the average network marketer generate above average results and that’s exactly what the MLSP system has done for me and thousands of others internationally.  MLSP addresses the two biggest challenges that every home based business owner has.  How do you get a targeted list of prospects to talk to? And how do you keep your business afloat on a limited budget with limited cash flow for marketing?

Most people start a home based business with less than $500 – no money for marketing and after 4 weeks of contacting their friends and family and getting a ton of rejection, what do they do next?  Most have NO IDEA.  That is where MLM Lead System Pro takes your business to the next level.


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MLSP Member of the Month For November 2011


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A few times in a person’s lifetime, something comes along that totally shifts the way they think and completely changes their perception on how to do a specific task or how to get a job done.   Like many leaders in the industry, the turning point for me was reading Mike Dillard’s book Magnetic Sponsoring.

Coming from the marketing and advertising industry, the whole concept of making a list of friends and family made no sense to me. But who was I to argue?  My up-line was a Multimillionaire, so I just did what he told me to do. I attended every single call and meeting, did every different prospecting strategy and I still was not gaining the success that people talk about.

My Personal Breakthrough

Daren Little, MLM Suuperhero,,, MLSP leaders, MLSP trainers, MLSP coaches, My Lead System Pro, MLM Lead System ProAfter years of banging my head against the wall and years of personal development training, I finally became a trainer in the industry on how to hit a home run in MLM using conventional network marketing strategies.  I had mastered the art of the invitation, 3 way calling and presenting the opportunity as the key speaker.  But my income certainly was not matching my skill level and although I was experiencing some success, none of my people were able to get the results that I was able to generate.

After reading Magnetic Sponsoring everything shifted for me.  Finally someone was speaking the same language as me that understood TARGET MARKETING. And the light bulb went on.  Mike Dillard said “If you want to be recognized as a leader in the industry, write a book, so for the next 6 months – every night I spent  3 or 4 hours writing about my journey about how I had come to my realizations about personal branding and how to generate leads.

In the book MLM AFFILIATE MAGIC I talk about a strategy called BOOMERANG SPONSORING that shows people how to GET PAID TO PROSPECT.  The strategy helps people to brand themselves as leaders where they become the product instead of their company. The more content they put out, and the more they rank on Google, the more their phone starts ringing.  It was then that I launched the MLM Superhero brand as I wanted to come up with something that would be super easy for people to remember after seeing it just once. Ironically, right when the book was finished, Norbert, Brian and Todd had just launched MLM Lead System Pro.  It was like I was writing about the system while they were building it – and its was the final piece of the puzzle that I needed to make it all work.

Although I had the system as part of my marketing arsenal for over a year, I really didn’t know what it was capable of doing.  Then one day I started diving into a few of the webinars to see what some of the other marketers and leaders around the world were doing as far as ATTRACTION MARKETING.  A switch flicked on and it all made total sense.

I always tell my students to focus on whatever talent or skill they have and to find a marketing strategy that will best accentuate that skill. Darren Little, MLM Superhero,,, MLSP, MLM Lead System Pro, My Lead System Pro, MLSP Top Performers, MLSP top income earners, MLSP Leaders Coming from launching public companies, my skill was writing press releases, so I thought that “BLOGGING” was the strategy that would work best for me. It was then that I launched a BLOG at and my journey with MLSP began.

Over 36,000 Visitors
in the Month of
October Alone

Over the past 8 months I’ve put out a number of “how-to” posts as well as a few company reviews and by combining blogging strategies with Facebook marketing, some of the posts have been shared on Facebook over 225 times and retweeted on Twitter over 160 times.  My best traffic day was 1736 unique visitors and I closed out the month of October with 36,331 unique visitors. My blog now provides me with a steady stream of leads and MLSP sign-ups on complete autopilot. What a difference just a few months can make using a system like MLSP.  WOW!  I have a steady stream of leads to talk to about my primary business and my phone rings with incoming calls from people that want to join me in my primary business.

My Entire Business is Paid For by MLSP Every Month!

mlm lead system pro, my lead system pro, mlsp, mlsp top leaders, mlsp top income earners, mlm coaching, mlm training, mlm mentoring, Darren Little, MLM Superhero,, What I like best about MLSP is that it pays for my entire business each month.  My auto ship, auto responder, training, hosting, software as well as money towards my marketing and advertising budget. In my opinion this system and training is an absolute MUST for every successful network marketer.

My one recommendation to people is to pick just ONE or TWO marketing strategies and get comfortable with those. MLSP is like looking at a menu in a fine restaurant.  Although there are a lot of things on the menu, you wouldn’t order every single thing all at once. Otherwise you would lose your appetite. In order to have an enjoyable evening, you typically order one appetizer and a main course.  Think of this program in the same way and you will do amazing!

I can’t thank the guys at MLSP enough for putting together such a professional system and I’m proud to recommend it to anyone that is looking to become a 7 figure income earner in the industry. Thank you for providing “excellence and beyond” with the MLSP system and in making us all proud to be involved with such an incredible industry.”

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Home Based Business?

My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end. If you can successfully combine a powerful online marketing system with time-tested offline marketing techniques, there’s no telling how successful you can be with home based business.

If you are looking for ultimate success with your home based business, it will  require a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your down-line by becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online. Additional online training to help you Sponsor More Reps is available with Darren Little.

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