MLM Funded Proposals – How They Can Make You Rich And Famous


What if there was a way to not only become the top recruiter in your MLM, but actually get paid to prospect ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP?

Imagine what it would be like if you got paid whether people joined your MLM business or not?

What would your life be like if your phone was ringing with incoming calls every single day about your company, product, or service.  Well for many of my students, it’s happening as we speak RIGHT NOW and it can happen for YOU TOO!

It’s called a self funded proposal and it can be used to fuel your MLM business from DAY 1.  If you aren’t familiar with this, then read on, because this will transform your MLM business. GUARANTEED!

If you are already familiar with this idea of the funded proposal concept and are already using some type of “self funded proposal”, then congratulations!  If you’re not using one in your MLM marketing efforts…why the heck not?

Read on….,, Darren Little, MLM Superhero, mlm trainers, mlm coaches, mlm mentorsWhat Is A Self Funded Proposal?

A self funded proposal is a way of marketing that allows the MLM leads you generate to actually pay for themselves. Not only are your MLM leads paying for your marketing expenses, you are at the same time generating high quality prospects that can promote your primary business as well. You get paid even if they don’t join your MLM business.

This strategy starts off by offering a solution to a critical problem that your prospects face by offering a free email course, ebook, audio, or resource of some kind.  Promoting a “how-to” resource that solves a pressing issue, will attract 10x more prospects than pitching your MLM business.

Your prospect will enter their contact info to receive this free solution. They will be taken to a sales page that promotes an upgrade of some kind for a small price. A certain percentage of your MLM prospects will upgrade giving you a small commission while funding your marketing efforts!

Now in addition to that, and more importantly, you are building an active list and if you have read anything about internet marketing you will know that “the gold is in the list”.

By offering solutions you separate yourself as an expert from the crowd of sales people all pitching their MLM business. You solve your prospects problems.  You offer valuable information and content. You build trust with your prospects, through follow up. Now when you eventually present your MLM business opportunity, your conversion percentages dramatically increase.

This strategy will transform your online prospecting! GUARANTEED!  You can actually generate MLM Leads for FREE! So how do you set one of these things up?

Don’t sweat it, it’s all been done for you. We’ve put together a system that helps you create your very own fully branded, customizable, self funded proposal and fully automated system to help you promote your MLM business.  Go here to get instant access to view the entire funded proposal system.

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