Mentoring & Coaching

The fastest way to guarantee your success in MLM is to work directly with a coach or mentor – someone that can explain step by step exactly what to do and how to do it.

When it comes to online and offline marketing, if you are working solo, without a mentor, its easy to go down the wrong “rabbit hole” and invest thousands of dollars in time and effort and end up getting nowhere. Most people end up getting frustrated and quit – thinking that the industry simply doesn’t work.

When you are working with a mentor, you can literally fast track your way to the top at lightning speed. Imagine not only getting the entire blueprint that I used to start a business with only $60 that now has orders coming in from 11 countries but having someone guide you step by step all the way to the top. It’s now possible with my coaching and mentoring program.

There are three ways to get started.

One hour coaching session – Get a pen and paper ready because you’re going to be taking some serious notes during this session. In this session you will learn the exact strategy of what you need to do to be branded as a leader in the industry and get your phone ringing with INCOMING CALLS.

You will learn exactly what to do to make money whether people join your MLM business or not and how to generate multiple streams of income. With this strategy, YOU become the product. You will learn step by step exactly what to do to start generating targeted leads while you sleep.

One Hour Millionaire Mentoring Session – $1,000

Two Month QUANTUM PHYSICS Millionaire Mentoring Program – During the 2 month QUANTUM PHYSICS Millionaire Mentoring program, you will get fully connected to your dream, your vision, your goals and desires. You will learn the exact principles of how to implement “The Secret” step by step in your life so that you start manifesting and creating the reality that you want. You will learn the power of your subconscious mind and get down to your core beliefs about money. You will discover what has prevented you from reaching your dreams and you will clearly define your 5 year path, your direction and your preferred state of being. You will clearly define your perfect business partners and you will start attracting them into your reality.

Each week you will be given specific tasks that will help to increase your resonance and get you into the right mindset for success. You will learn both online and offline strategies that over the course of my career in marketing have generated millions of dollars.

During this mentoring program I will be working with you personally to help you get into the NO FEAR ZONE. Your confidence and self-esteem will shift dramatically to the point where you begin to feel UNSTOPPABLE. This is hands-on, one on one millionaire mentoring training and coaching.

Two Month Quantum Physics Millionaire Mentoring Program –

One year mentoring program – Once you start opening up your mind and increasing your life skills and your marketing skills you will also start to attract a higher caliber of business partner. But at the same time you will also be going through some shifts in your own deserve ability and worthiness. Can you break through to the next level? Do you know what to do to conquer your own mind?

On the path of personal growth, the one thing that prevents most people from making it to the top is self-sabotage. For most people, this is the barrier that prevents them from reaching their ultimate goal. This is the time when a coach or mentor plays the most important role in the career development path. With over 25 years of training, mentoring and coaching from some of the world’s leading personal development trainers – working directly with me for an entire year you will most definitely learn how to conquer your mind and break through to an entirely new reality.

One Year Millionaire Mentoring Program – $40,000