The Marketers Dream – Lead Generation On Complete and Total Auto-Pilot!


Generating MLM leads at no cost is an expertise that individuals invest thousands of dollars in to master. Mastering this ability will truly open the flood gates for an unlimited flow of targeted, high-quality leads.

More leads = more opportunities to convert prospects into paying customers and more opportunities to increase your daily, weekly and monthly cash flow.  This means more money in your pocket and more freedom to do what you want to do in life.

But the real question is how does one get started generating leads?  Better yet, how does a person generate leads on complete auto-pilot even while they are sleeping?  This is one of the most fascinating powers of the internet and something that once you learn how to do – your value to any company, or any team increases dramatically in the MLM industry.

Imagine what it would be like to have complete and total freedom. Literally with a computer, an internet connection and Skype you can live anywhere in the world and enjoy a life that most people only dream about. Sound interesting?  Then read this post.


Free MLM Leads Are Infinite

When I discovered the MLM business model I immediately fell in love with the idea of leveraging the efforts of  a team of people and being able to make money even while I was sleeping. It’s every entrepreneurs dream – isn’t it?  To live a life of complete and total freedom?   But I also understood that the business of MLM was also a numbers game.


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Although I had been successful in marketing before – my up-line leader who was a Multimillionaire – had me convinced Darren Little, MLM Superhero,,, mlm trainers, mlm mentors, mlm coachesthat the way to the top was to make a list of my friends, family and business associates.  And even though my intuition told me that there was something about this strategy that just wasn’t right, who was I to argue ? He was a multi-millionaire in MLM and I was just a newbie MLMer with big hopes and dreams of making it to the top.

It wasn’t until I spent years hitting my head against the wall following the exact formula that I was taught to a T – when I finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  I had attended every single call, every single meeting, every single quick start training, every business after business networking event you can imagine, every business trade show and my business still wasn’t getting any real traction.

Why? Because none of these people were MLMers or were they sold on the MLM business model.  What’s more is that none of them really understood how the MLM business model is totally different than conventional sales.

Quite frankly,  after years of spinning my wheels doing EXACTLY what I was told to do – I was ready to say “MLM is just a bunch of BS” and quit.  Then I went online looking for answers.  Surely there was a better way to do this – I thought. It was then that I found a book called MAGNETIC SPONSORING.

Magnetic Sponsoring totally shifted my path in the MLM industry forever. It talked about becoming an ALPHA LEADER and CREATING VALUE for the entire industry.  It spoke about PERSONAL BRANDING and ATTRACTION MARKETING.  Coming from the marketing and advertising industry and understanding target marketing – the light bulb went on and FINALLY it all started to make sense.  The missing links that my up-line simply just didn’t want me to know were right there in black and white and as clear as day.

BINGO! I was on a brand new path and I was more excited – than I had ever been before – about the possibilities of leverage, duplication, and the ability to build a global team to create residual income.

It was then that I started to apply what I knew about TARGET MARKETING.  I wrote a book called MLM AFFILIATE MAGIC to try and help newbie network marketers really understand the concept of what target marketing is and how to implement it into their business.  I implemented a strategy called BOOMERANG SPONSORING that got my phone ringing with INCOMING CALLS.

What’s even better was when I began experiencing  AUTO-PILOT SIGN-UPS. People began enrolling into my business without even speaking with me.  “How cool is that?” I thought.  Could I teach other people this formula?  You bet I could! And if you pick up the phone right now and give me a call –  I will get you on the path to living a totally brand new lifestyle in no time flat.  With a little help and guidance – it’s actually quite easy once you know how.

Free MLM leads are countless these days, which makes your potential never-ending as well. With the power of the Web and the execution of attraction marketing into your business, you have access to a global market which is literally BILLIONS of people. You may think that’s an overstatement, but there are over 800 Million people (almost a Billion) people on Facebook alone and the keywords “Work From Home” is globally searched on Google over 3,350,000 times each month!  How wild is that?

3 Easy Ways To Dig Up Free MLM Leads

1. Blogging – This is perhaps the easiest way to start generating leads for your business and also branding yourself as an MLM leader online. You can start blogging today for FREE or at very low cost, so there is no excuse for you not to have a blog launched right away. If you’re doing business in the 21st Century without a blog, you’re missing out on millions of dollars.

2. Facebook – As I stated earlier, Facebook alone has over 800 Million users. If it was a country it would be the 3rd largest, so why aren’t you using it to generate Free MLM Leads for your business? Every billion dollar brand that you know and love is using Facebook to market and generate leads so it only makes sense for you to play the same game. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? FACEBOOK is a GOLDMINE!!

3. Twitter – Most people don’t know how to effectively use Twitter for business. With over 200 Million Twitter users in all diverse niches, there’s obviously some money there to be made. If you want to start generating FREE MLM Leads on Twitter you have first to target who you want your followers to be – target marketing is key.  Then you initiate adding value to them based on their wants and needs and then direct them to your blog or sales funnels so you can capture their information.

Even though this is just the tip of the iceberg, even implementing only one of these accessible strategies over an extended period of time will generate you more FREE MLM leads than you can even handle.

Generating 50-100 FREE MLM LEADS per day is a lot easier than most folks think. To learn how to start building your business like the Top 1% Income Earners do CLICK HERE.

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