If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for information on Jeunesse Global.

You could be looking for information on the Jeunesse Global Business Opportunity, or perhaps a friend told you about one of the Jeunesse Global Products, but either way, before you get involved, I encourage you to read this entire third party review to see if the company is right for you.

In this short review, I’ll go over JEUNESSE and I’ll also give you access to what I would call a totally “unfair advantage” should you decide that JEUNESSE is the right company that you want to get involved with.

I will tell you in advance that I AM NOT A JEUNESSE GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR OR A JEUNESSE GLOBAL CUSTOMER, so this review is a totally unbiased third party review of the company, the products and the opportunity.

Who Is Jeunesse Global?
And Are They Just a Bunch Of Hype?

Ok, so a lot of people are talking about Jeunesse Global right now. And someone you know, may have told you about the Jeunesse products …or the Jeunesse business opportunity, so you’ve come online searching for some answers and like most people, you want to get to the bottom of it.

Anytime a company starts getting some traction and people start making money, the same questions arise.  Is Jeunesse Global a TOTAL SCAM? Are they just a bunch of hype? Or is the company actually a legitimate business opportunity?

First of all, let’s go into details about the company itself. In my opinion, this is the most important area you should look at if you’re serious about building a long-term home based business with Jeunesse. Why? Because if you’re going to spend your time, money and contacts to promote any business opportunity, you want to feel confident that the company is going to be around in   8 to 10 years from now.  Why spend time building something with a goal of creating residual income, only to have the whole thing fall apart and have to start all over again?

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What Exactly Does Jeunesse Sell Anyway?

Jeunesse Global is a direct sales, MLM company that markets skin care and nutritional products through a network marketing business model. In other words, they move their products through a distribution system comprised of independent distributors who market products to friends, family, business associates as well as entrepreneurs and other business builders.  It’s a business model that is becoming more and more popular these days, especially with the current state of the economy.

Jeunesse Global was co-founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Lewis and Ray have been active in the network marketing industry for over 16 years, and they were both successful distributors and company owners. In addition to their leadership, the company also has many experienced people on their corporate team, their international management team and medical advisory board.  From the looks of it, Jeunesse certainly has a solid infrastructure for future growth.

One thing that is very impressive about Jeunesse, is that although the company is based in Florida and doing business in the US market, they also do business in several Asian countries.   In fact, Jeunesse has several offices in Asia including three in Taiwan, one in Hong Kong, one in the Philippines and one in Thailand. This is great for online marketers that want to market a global opportunity and since Asia is one of the hottest markets for MLM, this could mean big money for the right person.

The Jeunesse Products

Jeunesse markets three different products. The first product is a paraben-free cellular rejuvenation serum designed to jeunesse, jeunesse global, jeunesse mlm, jeunesse ingredients, jeunesse global compensation plan, stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself. The serum contains a formula that is derived from adult stem cells and contains human growth factors. The second product is a daily moisturizing complex, designed to provide anti-wrinkle benefits for both men and women. Lastly, the company markets a health product called Reserve, which delivers antioxidants in gel form.  With the recent surge of baby boomers wanting to look better, feel better and live longer, Jeunesse is certainly targeting a high demand market sector with the anti-aging market.

As with any business opportunity, if you’re serious about becoming a distributor with Jeunesse, I would encourage you to do your own due diligence on the products, their marketability and their pricing.  In addition, I recommend having a conversation with a few of their top income earners.  If you don’t know any of them. I am happy to introduce you to a few that I know.

The Jeunesse Business Opportunity

So you’re probably wondering, if Jeunesse is this great, why am I not with the Company?  The fact remains that my personal choice and why I went with a different company are besides the point. The bottom line is that Jeunesse still has the merits of a good opportunity that you can be proud of if you decide to join.

In order to get started, you have to purchase a distributor kit and initial order of product. After that, you need to maintain a minimum autoship order.  This is pretty much the same with every successful MLM so at least you know that the management team is following a strategy that works.

The actual compensation plan pays out a few different ways. There are some ways to make upfront income including making retail profits and new customer acquisition bonuses.  As well, there are a few ways to make back-end or residual type of income including:

Binary team commissions
Matching Bonuses
Performance-based Leadership Bonuses.

Also, the company also provides incentive trips for top leaders based on their production and performance. For the right person, there is certainly an opportunity to make a significant income with Jeunesse.

Is Jeunesse A Good Business Opportunity?

In closing, Jeunesse looks to me to be a solid business opportunity. The company has an experienced management team in place, quality products and a fair compensation plan. Each of these factors are what make a company stand the test of time.  And considering the company’s minute market penetration, Jeunesse is still considered to be a ground floor business opportunity and has huge upside potential for further international expansion.

With all that said, having all that in place isn’t enough to succeed. While it’s clear that having a solid company is vital to your business, at the end of the day, your success will depend on your ability to sponsor new people, market products and build a productive team of distributors. One of the key components to accomplishing those things is the ability to market and generate leads.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Jeunesse Business?

My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end. If you can successfully combine a powerful online marketing system with time-tested offline marketing techniques, there’s no telling how successful you can be with Jeunesse Global.

If you are looking for ultimate success with your Jeunesse business, it will  require a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your Jeunesse down-line by being an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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  1. Yes, I wonder if those that love these products really want to build a business.  It’s a great anti-aging product, but you really have to know your target audience and how to market. Thanks for your tips.  

  2. Hi Darren great article and impersonal review, I agree, that this business appeals to a older market section, but its still just as good as other opportunities of its kind.

  3. I have been checking on a number of sites – strangely they all seem to be similar and even exactly written.  Makes me wonder that either someone is supplying prepared materials or there is a lot of copying going on here.  Even many replies feel “engineered”.  Is this all an elaborate set-up?  I am thinking twice about getting involved with this business all materials out there are too well orchestrated…..each one is almost mirror image even the sentences and etc. God!


  5. you should also mention that in order to buy jeunesse ‘s product like the reserve purple juice, one must sign up as distributor, otherwise can’t buy anything from jeunesse. once sign up as distributor , there is this compulsory monthly commitment to buy jeunesse ‘s products.
    so, how many people out there willing to try out some mlm products for one whole year? and jeunesse products are all very super expensive. i took total 2 boxes containing 60 packets of the reserve juice thinking it will improve my health, my skin condition, just as my friend told me, NOTHING happen! time and money wasted. bogus products just to make money off people.

  6. yeah i noticed that too. jeunesse global is a scam. don’t join, save yourself a few thousand of dollars. even top ranking jeunesse ppl are from monavie – another juice scam.

  7. Hi! I wonder who u bought the products from and how he or she introduce the products & business plan to u. For your info, I tested the Reserve to recover my flu & cough by not seeing a doctor. Also, my father who suffers
    Diabetes with only the 3rd gel pack of taking Reserve has improved his swollen legs and his blood sugar level is currently under control. I guess the distributor who introduce products to u didn’t explain the products & company’s background to u. Reserve delivers high doses of resveratrol in a highly bio-available gell form form up to 200 times more absorbable than some encapsulated products.

  8. i personally am using Jeneusse products. for the past 2 months. and i see visible results in myself and my mum and aunt. the serum i apply on my 7 years old son who has a double scarring on his nose bridge. The scar is lightening. After using many mlm products, this is the first one i am convinced. It works. Resveratrol help e lose weight. from 74kg 2 months ago, im 71 now.

  9. Please a little common sense here people!!! Of course its a scam!!!!! Their products are just like another secret weight loss product..if there was such product-everyone would be thin. Same thing about Jeunesse’s overpriced face creams and vitamins- they are not any better than making your own vitamin C serum or buying vitamins in GNC. Everyone knows that the best antioxidants and vitamins are in fresh fruits and vegetables, so instead of spending crazy money to pay Jeunesses distributor commissions, go to a freaking Whole foods store and buy yourself an apple, orange, berries, pomegranate, banana… and put the rest of your money in the bank, because what you is what you are. Don’t expect to look young when you smoke, drink, eat tons of fried food, overweight, never exercise, have tons of stress in your life and spend all day baking on the sun…. There are millions of beauty products out there .This one is not any better than any other product on the market. . If this really worked then most plastic surgeons long ago would be out of business. This would be a sensational revolution in the world of anti-aging products, and it would not only be used for face, but also for body! This product would sell itself, Jeunesse would not need to share any money with distributors and they wound not need to pay for any advertisement. People would line up and wait for hours to buy it. Just take a look at Jeunesse co-founders!!! I I wonder how many plastic surgeries and facial fillers they had? Again, if there was such beauty product that actually worked, Jeunesse would not have to spend millions on recruiting or giving bonuses. A stem cells??? LOL This is totally ridiculous! I worked in stem cell transplant center, we had to literally erase patients immune system with high dose chemo therapy before infusing those stem cells and even then 30 % of patients rejected it! Its like taking a person who needs a heart transplant and have him eat someone’s heart! LOL Stem cells, if they were to work ( of course they wouldn’t) but hypothetically if they did absorb that way, then they would be absorbed into a person’s body and accepted as person’s own stem cells that can then regenerate into a variety of organs… and if they were to absorb and become person’s own stem cells, then their that person’s own immune system would immediately attack those foreign stem cells just like anyone’s body would attack and reject unmatched blood or organ. Just like like blood transfusion or organ transplant have to be matched with patients blood type and I am sure even more than that…, so are the stem cells. The only way someone else’s stem cells would work, would be if they were to become a part of that person’s stem cells and that in this day and age would be impossible, because that person would have to be on anti-rejection immune suppression drugs most likely for the rest of their lives.. And Jeunesses claim about cell regeneration!!!! LOL Wait, Jeunesse discovered a face cream that can regenerate dead cells? Then why do we still see paralyzed people on the streets of America? ,They all should be cured by now! Didn’t anyone tell them that Jeuness found a cure for paralysis, and lets not forget all the burn victims, they too should be cured! BTW, the whole world had been doing stem cell research for many years now. They spent billions of dollars and still as of today did not discover way to regenerate human cells. But wait, apparently Jeunesse discovered it 2 years ago! They discovered it and NO ONE in medical industry including big pharmaceutical companies noticed??? I think someone is out to tell them. So did Jeunesse invite all 38,000 of their distributors to to watch Jeunesse receive a Nobel prize in Geneva? No, not in Geneva Illinois! LOL So ok , I am done here. . Save your energy and money people, make your own cream, tell everyone that your company discovered a new face cream, you and your scientists who work out of your kitchen (your cat and your dog) thats why both of them stayed young looking all this years-they discovered a face cream! Made out of dog sperm and cat urine! Tell everyone how well it works, include pictures of people in their 20th , tell everyone that those people are 55 years old and they look 20! LOL Then start selling your own product on ebay! :))) Good luck everyone !

  10. Great article. You can buy Jeunesse products online and just use them. See for yourself at or go to the corporate website version at The new FINITI with TA 65 is competitively priced compared to what I’ve seen online. Also, for the post below, RESERVE has reseratrol which is proven to slow the aging process, but two boxes and 30 days does’t create a miracle. It also is an antioxidant which boosts the immune system and flushes the system.

  11. Jeunesse is doing wonders for many people Their anti-aging products and supplements are award winning and FINITI comes from Nobel Prize winning technology. This is not a scam. I’d suggest visiting this website to get really good information on their anti-aging products: The anti-aging videos show a lot of really good information.

  12. hi Darren
    i coulda tried ur program but i ll pass
    u dont sell ur products by bringing other peoples’ products down
    ur review is quite unproffessional.
    JEUNESSE products worked perfectly well on my sister and wife
    i ll take their recommendation, not urs.

  13. Let’s call a spade a spade. The review says nothing bad about Jeunesse. And truth be told you had no intention of joining my program. The reality is that it’s what you need to learn how to become a marketer. That’s the reason I’ve made millions over the course of my career because I understand marketing. Continued success to you on your path.

  14. obviously you missed the preferred customer link on the website. and its not a compulsory commitment. this is pretty all untrue or you are grossly misinformed by someone

  15. I”m not a distributor nor do I intend to become one. I just saw this product at a trade show and tried a sample. (of the Jeunesse wrinkle cream or whatever they call it) The demonstrator put a small sample around one of my eyes and a few minutes later there WAS a noticeable difference. Seriously, I do believe the stuff works on fine lines. Big creases or wrinkles, well, I don’t know. Problem is, the effect is temporary and the charge for the product so exorbitant that unless one is pretty well-heeled you’re in for an expensive revolving treatment. If I was stinkin’ rich I’d buy the stuff and use it. But I’m not so it was just an interesting demonstration.

  16. If you want to really make an impact in people’s lives, I suggest you do what I do!

    I am helping customers save on their current bills that matter at home. I am not making them buy any additional products.

  17. You don’t need to sign up to be a retail customer!!!! And the products are amazing. I’m very impressed;)

  18. i want to know that i tried 2 reserve sachet and it works for my benign tumor.I had a cerebellopontine angular or neuralgia and doctors told me that it might repeat for maybe 5 yrs.I was hopeless and i dont have pain anymore.I feel energized after i drank reserve and i feel I was healed.Well it might be expensive.If its not expensive then its bogus.Ingredients are nothing but if you read carefully or understand that it contains reservatol.My husband has problem with heart ailment and it works.Amazing but of course with prayers as well.

  19. it depends on people who want to buy for beauty or who want to be healed as well.we are not saying its a miracle for god sake.It just help with our immune system.

  20. Know your facts before you pop off… NO where did I see / read any 18,000mg. all it showed was 200mg and it was not even true 100% Resveratrol;

    Medicinal ingredients per capsule:

    Japanese Knotweed Extract (Fallopia japonica, root)
    (<20% trans-resveratrol) – 200 mg
    Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera)
    (80% Oligomeric proanthocyanidins) – 25 mg

    @20% is not 100% of anything, and is sure is not 100% of 18,000mg

    Your Cost link…

  21. Doug, did you do well in math class? How about critical thinking? 😉

    Read it again, sport, then THINK before YOU “pop off”.

    BTW, the Costco offering has changed a wee bit since a year ago. Now it includes THREE bottles of 90 pills, not just one bottle. This makes the Jeunesse rip-off even worse.

    You see, Costco doesn’t have to pay insane commissions to the Pyramid Scheme Participants, I mean The Upline.

  22. I have been using all the Jeunesse Products for almost a year now. I have seen amazing results in my skin texture and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles have diminished or disappeared. I have experienced the loss of inches and weight and have been satisfied eating a more enjoyable clean eating lifestyle. The fatloss system has made my body not crave sugar or extra carbs that are not necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My well being is so much more Zen and my health has improved by lowering my blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, mindset, sleep patterns, clarity, although everyone’s results will vary it is not intended to cure any diseases, I feel it has helped me in many positive ways and will continue on my journey healing myself from the outside in and inside out! If you would like to join my journey please visit me at my website:

  23. Darren, Would you be intrested in learning about a great opportunity I discovered?