How To Write A Good Network Marketing Article That Converts Into Paying Distributors


Someone may have told you that writing articles is a great way to generate leads.  In fact, you’ve probably seen millions of articles all over the internet on tons of different topics.

You’re thinking, HEY! If they work for Mike Dillard, Daegen Smith and Jonathan Budd, why not you too right?

So you turn on your computer and open up a word file.  The daunting white screen starts staring you in the face.  Now what?  What are you going to write about?  Where do you start?  What should your title be?  What about key words?

Hey! This may be a little bit harder than you thought!

Here are some sure-fire ways to have success writing a good network marketing article that will generate RED HOT LEADS and start turning prospects into paying distributors.

Darren Little, MLM Superhero,, MLMSuperhero.comHow To Write A Great Article And Get Your Prospects Salivating For More.

When trying to write a good network marketing article to be published on the internet there are essentially 2 things you need to take into consideration.  The most important thing is the content of the article,  You want to give as much value to your readers as possible, but the way you write it will determine whether or not Google and Yahoo will become your best friend and showcase YOU in the top spot giving you MAXIMUM EXPOSURE.

This article will teach you hints and tips to consider when writing your article so that Google and Yahoo will give you a pat on the back and reward you with front page ranking.  This is the ultimate goal!

What should you write about?

Typically article readers are looking to learn from other peoples experiences (ie what has worked and what hasn’t). When writing your articles put yourself into the mindset of your reader, and think about how you can help them (as opposed to how they can help you).

If you are just starting out and have absolutely no experience at all, all you need to do is type in a question that your prospect might ask, like “How To Sponsor More Reps In MLM” or “How To Generate More MLM Leads” and you will have tons of content that will pop up that can be the foundation for some  great content for YOUR ARTICLE.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that and Bada BING! You have yourself a great content rich article.

Remember that the best articles come from your own personal experience, so as you start learning “How To Sponsor More Reps In MLM” or  “How To Generate More MLM Leads” you should look to write articles that can teach others to learn from your experiences.

How to write good mlm articles that appear on the front page of Google or Yahoo.

The internet basically serves 2 purposes. It is an excellent medium for communication and secondly it is a good way to satisfy ones quest for knowledge. The primary role of the search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) is to be able to connect internet searches with quality information (content) that can help to satisfy their searching needs. This is not an easy task, as there are 100’s of millions of websites on the internet competing for the search engines to deliver them as the most appropriate content. If for example you were to do a Google search for “network marketing”, you will find that there are over 50 million competing websites. So how do get your good network marketing article towards the front of the list?

No one really knows the exact formula that Google uses, in fact its a total mystery.  Their algorithms change constantly, making it almost impossible to rank #1 for more than a few weeks.  Google does go out of its way to share some of its secrets. In particular it suggests that there are 2 things you should consider when publishing an article to help it be found by the search engines.

  • On-page criteria
  • Off-page criteria

In this article we’ll teach you how to meet the on-page criteria (so you start to get good ranking) and then after you have submitted your article we’ll look at the 2nd half of the equation and how you can promote your article to meet the off page criteria, such that it ranks higher in the search engines.

Meeting the On-Page Criteria.

Learning to write your article so that it meets the on page criteria of the search engines can help your article to stand out in the crowd and be more easily found by searches. The following on-page criteria should be considered when trying to write a good network marketing article.

Keywords / key phrases

Keywords and or key phrases are hints that web-editors publish with your article that will help to tell the search engines what your article is about. Learning to use keywords/phrases to your advantage is arguably the single most important thing you can do when writing your network marketing article. For this reason when you submit your network marketing articles to various different article directories, you are typically asked to submit a few keywords/ key phrases that their systems can use to help the search engines find your article easier.

You should aim to come up with 2-4 specific keywords or key phrases that are relevant to mlm key words, Google, Yahooyour article. Specific keywords/ phrases are much better than broader terms. For example when writing this article I used the following key phrases “good network marketing article, network marketing article, good mlm article”, we could have used the key phrase “network marketing” but this term would be too broad and not really relevant to the article and therefore it’s best to leave it out. It is also a good idea to not make your key phrases too long (ideally 4 words or less). If you need to shorten your key phrase try substituting ‘network marketing’ with ‘mlm’.

Incidentally you do not have to include the term ‘network marketing’ as one or part of your key phrases. If for example your article was about how to design a lead generation system, your key phrase might include “lead generation system, lead generation, lead system”. I think you get the general idea.

Now that you have determined your keywords, it is important that you have them scattered throughout your good network marketing article. As a starting point you should always include your main keyword/phrase in your article’s title. Another good rule of thumb is to try and have at least one keyword / phrase for every 100 words of your article.

For example this article has approx. 1000 words and therefore I have tried to include the key phrase “good network marketing article” about 10 times throughout the body of the article. This doesn’t have to be exact, but essentially the longer the article the more times you should aim to use your main keyword or phrase. In particular it’s good practice to include your main keyword/phrase in the very first sentence of your article. This helps to introduce your readers to your topic as well send the right message to the search engines. Additionally you should also try to use your other keywords or key phrases at least once throughout the article body.

Headline (article title)

Your headline should be a brief summary title that should entice your readers to want to learn more. Naturally it should include your main keyword/phrase. Some other words you might like to add to your headline include “How to, guide, best, free” as these words are often used by web surfers when looking for information on the internet.


The description of your article is again something that web-editors submit to the search engines that helps to summarize what your article is about. It should be no longer than 2 lines of writing and should include your main keyword. The description is also the summary text that search engines will publish on their results page and therefore your description should be written as a teaser for readers to want to find out more.

Putting all this together, if you were to find this article using one of the search engines, it would most probably look like this on the search engines results page:

How to write a good network marketing article (title).

Learn how to write a good network marketing article such that it is easily found by the search engines and you can generate leads from it. (description)

Note that the main key phrase is used in both the title as well as the description.

Article body

There is no exact word limit for your articles but as a general rule between 500 – 1000 words is a good guide. You do not want it to be too short that your article is penalized by the search engines (for lack of content) or too long that the reader will lose interest and click back before they get a chance to go to your website or view your contact details.

While meeting the above on-page criteria can help your article to be listed in the search engines, it is important that you always write to please your reader first. Using the above mentioned criteria to optimise your article for the search engines should always come secondary.

Once you have a good network marketing article that fits all of the on-page criteria, now you are going to need to learn how to satisfy the off-page criteria.   To get a copy of my 104 page training manual that explains exactly how to do that, subscribe to my list and I will send you a free copy valued at $197.

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