How To WIN The 2011 Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest – Step 1 Designing Your Campaign


Right now there is an international blogging competition going on that is hosted by That MLM Beat, and MyLeadSystem PRO. It’s a competition that is put on once a year to help showcase the countless hours that go into putting out quality content for the entire MLM industry. Content that helps educate both the brand new reps and the seasoned professionals on how they can fast track their businesses to the top.

Over the next few days, I am going to reveal the exact strategy that I used personally, as I set out on a personal mission to WIN the 2011 Top 50 Blogs Competition. But as a complete underdog in the competition, I will be relying on YOU and YOUR FRIENDS and “The Power of the People” – to help me win. Only YOU can help me win this competition. Right now I’ve come up from out of the Rubble – brushed up against the Championship and I’m now siting between second and third place. You can help me win the whole thing.

If you feel you have gotten value from this blog postor the rest of the content on my blog, please take the time to VOTE FOR ME in the competition. My goal is show people what is possible once you understand the concept of TARGET MARKETING. And that anyone – even a complete and total underdog can rise to the top and become a top contender once you understand these basic principles.]

How to WIN the 2011 Top 50 Blogs Contest by a Complete Landslide


The first step in winning any competition is to start with an actual campaign. No different than a political campaign to become the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Canada.
It’s pretty hard not to notice the political campaigns during any election time. In fact, candidates sometimes spend millions of dollars on media exposure to get the word out about their “brand” (being themselves) – what they believe in, what they stand for, what they are going to do for “the people” and why you should vote for them.

When you are designing your campaign, there are a number of factors to consider.
1. Develop a campaign slogan- This should be as few of words as possible. Take your time to come up with something that is strong that properly represents your brand. In my case, I went with YOUR VOTE HAS SUPER POWER on my digital campaign buttons. And THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE to cater to all of those people that would want to support a complete blogging underdog taking on some of the biggest name sin the industry in online marketing..

2. Develop a campaign button or insignia – Having a digital campaign button will allow you to make your campaign look like an actual political campaign. It will anchor in the minds of your target market that you are running a professional campaign as a top contender. The digital button can be used on social media sites like Facebook and Better Networker, as well as blogging platforms like WordPress and That MLM Beat, as well as press releases and articles. It keeps your campaign consistent through your promotion and is a great way to stick in the minds of the Voters.
Speaking of campaigns…

If you’ve gotten value from this post – VOTE FOR THE MLM SUPERHERO in this year’s Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest. YOUR VOTE HAS SUPERPOWER.

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