Using Twitter To Grow Your MLM Business Beyond Borders


Recently, working with any MLM business is becoming the standard in many households. If there is a product or service you like, there is more likely than not, an MLM business created around the product or service you are familiar with. Once you set up your MLM business at home, it will take, on your part, learned or built-in marketing skills to market your MLM business to everyone.

Within the last two years, a somewhat new social networking marketing website called Twitter has been gaining  HUGE recognition. In fact, if you have a personal blog or website, you might have received invitations to “follow” your friends or acquaintances through Twitter. The Twitter social networking website has affectionately been called the ‘micro-blogging’ social networking marketing website. This is because the Twitter user is only allowed to write 140 characters to tell their followers what they are doing, have found online or want to share.

When planning on marketing your MLM business, being a registered Twitter user will become your best friend. These are some various tactics, that can be shared with MLM and Twitter, which will allow your MLM business to increase massive exposure to both clients and prospects alike.

Broadcast Yourself on Twitter

After registering with Twitter, create a profile of who you are, what your hobbies are and the name of your business. Once your profile is created, write your first ‘Tweet’. That is, say hello to the people tweeting on Twitter – on your homepage. Fellow Twitters will read your hello message and in turn write a comment back to your salutation message. If a fellow Twitter finds you interesting, they will click on your ‘follow’ button. In your email inbox, you will receive an invitation to ‘follow’ that Tweeter as well.

Get Some Followers and
Build a Strong Community

Now, even though your main goal with Twitter is to gain clients and prospects, take it slow and steady. The one thing you want to do is gain trust and friendships. Talk about the weather, what time you got up this morning, the music and shows you like, how long you have been an Internet user. Then, on your personal blog, write an article about a new or lower priced product or service with your MLM business. With this blog article written, go to Twitter and under 140 words or less, in the box provided, write the title of your article and add the link under the title. This is a non threatening way of introducing your MLM business to your ‘followers’. Another thing, no one likes spammers. Refrain from doing this and you will keep the followers you have and gain more in the process.

Regularity is Key to Success

In your drive to bring more ‘clients’ and prospects to your MLM business, consistency is key. Now, this is not the same as spamming. Spamming would be one post after another added to your Twitter home page. As ambitious as this sounds’, it can become annoying. You can be consistent in your efforts to find prospects and clients, without bombarding them with too much information at one time. A good strategy would be to write an article on your blog or website page one day, then wait a day or two and post that new article to Twitter. This way, your followers will get a “break” from you drive to increase your sales.

Being a Twitter user is probably the best thing that has happened to anyone owning an MLM business in the past 10 years. This is the best way to mass market your company without shelling out cash the old fashioned way. You know, using flyers, postcards, business cards, etc. On your email account, add your Twitter public homepage link in the signature line and you will gain more viewers and possible prospects and clients.

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