How To Use OFFLINE Signage to Get Incoming Calls


When it comes to network marketing, a lot of people ask me is it possible to generate leads using OFFLINE signage?  I mean let’s face it, during political campaigns cities are plastered with signage and this usually works very well for them, wouldn’t you agree?

Most people are told to go online to target people and bring them back to their business, but only a few are actually taught about OFFLINE SIGNAGE TARGET MARKETING and you should take advantage of that.

What’s interesting about the Network Marketing Industry, is that it’s really personal development disguised as a business.  But unless you understand the basic principles of NETWORKING AND TARGET MARKETING, you will be at a disadvantage from those that do.

Learn these basic strategies to use OFFLINE signage STARTING TODAY.

Use OFFLINE Signage to Get Incoming Calls

When it comes to using OFFLINE signage, many people ask me how to get incoming calls? It’s not that difficult actually. Offline signage is one of the many methods to get more leads for your MLM business. It’s just another form of advertisement that can be used to reach out to a wider audience. In a way, offline signage can be properly used to promote your MLM business as it can also be used to get incoming calls.


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OFFLINE Signage is placed in places where there’s a wide audience – places like active intersections and highway off ramps. Since everyone is trying out online marketing, why not go for offline marketing for a change? Offline marketing has been working for years in the MLM business, even before the internet was invented.

The Perfect Start to get incoming calls would be to use a creative and attractive offline signage – something that will blow people’s minds. Florescent or bright colored signs can be eye catching to get people’s attention. But let’s not forget, it needs to have an eye-catching tagline. Offline signage is one of the best opportunities to get incoming calls as it is the right method to generate the right buzz.

The More Places Your OFFLINE Signage is, the more incoming calls you will get. This type of promotion is price efficient and easy to duplicate. It might be only a simple sign, yet it reaches the widest audience possible! This way, your offline signage will introduce your MLM business to a lot of people at one shot hence getting you the incoming calls that you need. Try to get your offline signage placed at the most crowded places possible. Don’t forget, an empty billboard won’t cut it; you need the right message and a working contact number. You can always create a Google voice account if you wouldn’t want to display your personal number.

Message + Contact Number = Offline Signage>>>>>>Incoming Calls

Go as far as you can until you see the horizon! The right locations to place your Offline Signage are plenty at large – the further you go the more people you will reach. You can start in your neighborhood and then eventually, go further than that. Placing about 16 signs in just one area would be perfect, and soon after you will see the end results when within minutes your phone will start ringing. Just imagine the number of incoming calls you will receive if you place your offline signage in more than just one area!

Offline Signage Is all about getting your message across. Just an attractive offline signage does not complete the job, you need the perfect words to describe your MLM business. Start by having a background that is yellow and complete it with a message written in black. Nothing grabs attention more than a mixture of the right colors.

Offline signage is one of the easiest methods of advertising that you can use to promote your MLM business. Yes you do need to spend from your own pocket, but the end results will be worth it. You don’t need a complicated dynamic content, just an attractive offline signage with the right words to get people curious about your MLM business – curious enough to call you asking for more! Why offline signage is still used today? Because it WORKS!

Through these easy ways, you are sure to get your line busy all day with INCOMING CALLS from both prospects and team members. After all, you were chosen as a leader because you made the decision to become one and as you began to lead people – people began to TRUST YOU.  Prove to your team that you are worthy of that trust, and be the best alpha leader there is.

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