How To Get Way Less NO’S And Sponsor A Lot More Reps In Your MLM


Let’s face it! Nobody likes REJECTION.  In fact it’s the one thing that totally paralyzes most people into not taking any action at all.  Studies show that REJECTION is the #1  thing that causes people to quit the Network Marketing industry.

If you’ve ever been rejected before, for many people – it’s something that can effect their confidence and self esteem and eventually totally take them out of the game.

But how do you avoid it?  How do you virtually eliminate the words NO from your daily recruiting activities and start turning your conversation into YES activities to sponsor more reps?

Imagine what it might feel like knowing that you weren’t even setting yourself up to get a NO!  What might your reality be like if you just got one YES after another YES in your business? And referrals starting pouring in from people that weren’t even involved with your business. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it?  Well it’s possible. Wanna know how to do it?


How To Get Way Less NO’S
And Sponsor A Lot More Reps In Your MLM

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, MLM Training, MLM Lead Generation, MLM LeadersOk, so you’ve just joined an MLM company and you’ve been sent out on the task to build a global business.  Your leader tells you to make a list of who you know, because people typically are more prone to do business with people that they know, like and trust.  And you want to let people know about your international expansion…Right?

But you’ve seen so many people get severely rejected before and you don’t want to be another casualty of the MLM industry.  Heck, the last 2 MLM companies already made you part of the NFL (No Friends Left) and you’ve just rebuilt a great network of contacts and you don’t want to blow it AGAIN. So what do you do? How do you do it?

Step 1 – Get Your Mindset In Check Before You Even Start

Picture that you are an international recruiter and talent scout for a major corporation that is expanding into numerous countries.  Imagine that you are being paid $500,000 a year for this position and you have been sent out on a mission to find 3 or 4 key people to head up this international expansion.  Qualified leaders typically earn 6 figures plus.  Some of the benefits include international travel, vacation packages, cash bonuses and more.    This is how any conventional business expands and they have recruiters that line up interviews or meetings with the leaders of the company to find out more.  Your MLM is no different.

Step 2 – Stop Selling And Just Be The Messenger

In the first phase of recruiting, there is NO SELLING AT ALL.  None.  Zero. Nada. You are just a messenger.  Build rapport first, don’t just call people and start pitching them. Take the focus off of selling your prospect and simply ask people who they know that might be a possible candidate for your expansion.  In other words, you are asking them for referrals.  Every major corporation expands their business this exact same way. In fact, they typically will ask their executives who they know that might be a good fit for their expansion, prior to running a campaign. Many companies will stick with in house referrals on who their people know that could be a good candidate for a new position.

Run your company like a REAL CORPORATION and watch the energy shift dramatically. Networking is no different Darren Little, MLM Superhero, MLM Lead Generation, MLM Leads, MLM Training, MLM Mentoringthan any other conventional business.  People know people that are in between careers, in between jobs, need additional income and cash flow.  In fact, what’s interesting, is that more than 90% of people hate what they do.  So just ask people if they know anyone that is in that position.

You are in essence not even pitching your contacts AT ALL. You are really just sharing news about your expansion and asking them if they know anyone that fits that category.  If they do, they will either give you the referral, or if they are interested, they will say that they are interested and ask you for more information.

I have generated great referrals from people and done thousands of dollars in product sales just by asking people who they know that is looking to lose weight.  Or who they know that would be qualified to head up a leadership team.  In the case of people that need to lose weight, there is a 7 out of 10 chance that person will say that they are looking to lose weight based upon industry stats.  Regarding leadership, everyone knows a few leader type people and if your business is presented properly, you would be surprised at how many people are open to your international expansion.

Step 3 – Use “The Columbo” Approach

If you’re a top recruiter, this is probably already natural for you, but if you’re brand  new, this strategy can increase your recruiting numbers dramatically.  Back when I was a kid, there was this detective show called Columbo.  This guy was a master rapport builder. He would make his suspects feel totally comfortable building rapport and just as he was on the way out, he would say “Oh! by the way…..”  It was always the one thing that would make everyone think.  Especially the suspect.  This strategy works great for recruiting.

Step 4 – Stop Trying To Explain Everything

If you’re like most sales people, they think they have to know everything.  And its the reason that most never make it in MLM.  The sales model in MLM is very different than conventional sales.  When people start asking questions, I simply say “DO YOU HAVE PEN?  Write down this website…….or write down this phone number”.  That’s it. You’re done.  Do not try to explain everything.  The more you say, the more they will feel they can’t do the business.

Remember that there is NO SELLING involved in Networking.  In Networking you are sharing news and steering traffic.  Connecting people with people. Networking is more about INTRODUCTIONS than it is about sales.

With the MLM business model its all about the relationship NOT about selling products.  You must first build rapport and ask qualifying questions to find a need.  Then, you simply direct them where to go to get the information just like a tour guide or a traffic controller.  Go here, watch this, listen to this, and let me introduce you to my business partner are the key aspects to having success with your recruiting.

Remember that the fortune is truly in the follow up.  In order to have success you must follow up to see what they liked best.  That’s it. People that are interested – sell themselves on why they would want to be involved with your team.  You don’t have to sell people on why they need to buy your products, or why they need to get involved with your company.  The ones that are interested are REALLY interested.  Focus on that and you will have a positive outcome.

Step 5 – What Comes Next After Recruiting? TEACHING

Most people make the mistake of constantly recruiting and recruiting and recruiting.  Most sales people close a prospect, enroll them and they are off trying to recruit someone else. What they don’t realize is that the REAL GOLD is in the NEW RECRUIT and in that person’s contacts.  That’s what Networking is about.  People meeting people.

In order to get duplication in your business, the second phase is to TEACH your prospects how to do what you just did.  Most people never teach their new people how to recruit, what to do, what to say and how to market.  This is the biggest challenge with the industry and the biggest reason most people fail. You need to work with your new person until they are a minimum of 3 levels down in their business.

Step 5 – What Comes After the Teaching? TRAINING

After you have mastered teaching your new reps how to recruit, the next step is to train them how to teach their people how to recruit.  This is the key to having a highly successful business in MLM and when you will start making some significant money with the MLM business model.  The biggest money makers are the trainers of the trainers.

As your team grows you will begin showcasing each of your leaders and edifying them on your calls until they will eventually start leading their own calls and bringing in you as a guest to do a testimonial for them.  Each leader starts to have their own team trainings and team calls.  This is when you encourage your leaders to create their own following, their own culture within their own group of leaders.

Your goal is to nurture your 5 leaders , help build them up until they can eventually be showcased as the leader for their own individual team.  It is at this time that you will have 5 teams running like a machine. The ultimate goal of every top income earner is to have multiple teams that are each run by one leader.  This makes it easy to huddle your leaders together and direct the course of your global expansion.

Unfortunately, most people in the industry are so busy recruiting, that they never get into the teaching and the training and building their teams culture to create an empire.  SLOW DOWN. Work with your people. Find out more about their dreams, their goals and desires and watch your team start to flourish and grow.

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