How To Recruit New Reps On Complete Auto-Pilot (Even While You Are Sleeping)


It seems lately that a lot of people have been calling me and asking me “Darren, how do you recruit new reps while you are sleeping”?

I call these AUTO-PILOT SIGN-UPS and it’s  important for you to know what it means to be generating new reps on complete auto-pilot.  This means that people enroll into your business without you even speaking with them. I’m talking about generating commissions without even picking up the phone.

Imagine what it might feel like if you went to sleep at night and while you were sleeping, people were opting in to find out more about what you had to offer.  Imagine being able to build rapport and connect with your prospects in multiple countries 24 hours a day 7 days a week without even picking up the phone.

By the time the people contact you, not only do they feel like they are talking to a good friend, but you have been branded as a LEADER in the industry and someone that understands MARKETING.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, as it does most people that are serious about making money in MLM, then I would highly encourage you to read this blog post.  In fact, this blog post could very well be the one thing that totally transforms your career in MLM from this day forward.


How To Recruit New Reps On Complete Auto-Pilot
(Even While You Are Sleeping)

The Importance of Personal Branding

Most people that get into MLM spend all of their time and  money branding their MLM.  They buy brochures and they advertise their company and product names of whatever they are promoting.  This further brands the company and it doesn’t brand them personally as a leader in the industry. In the event that anything happens to the company, all of their marketing dollars that they have invested, are literally poured right down the drain.

I typically recommend to all of my students to take the attention off of their company and put it onto their own personal brand and create as much value in the areas of marketing and leadership training as they possibly can.

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The Real Product Is YOU

If you are marketing your MLM effectively, YOU become the product that you are marketing.  What you are really marketing is the SOLUTION that 97% of the market place needs.  How to become a leader.  And how to market themselves as a leader.  People follow people, they don’t follow companies or products.  So keep this in mind as you put out your content and define your personal brand.  Try to provide as much value as you possibly can by genuinely helping people and by teaching them how to generate leads for their business.  I’m talking about targeted network marketing leads – people that are already sold on the MLM business model.

Some of these people will already be on their path (Or they may think they are in the beginning).  And others will be looking for a leader or looking for a company or a product that they can get behind. The people that are already on their path, simply show them the formula on what they need to do to generate leads.  But ask them this one simple question – Are they currently working with a team of ALPHA LEADERS.  If the answer is NO, their chances of succeeding with the MLM business model are slim to none.  MLM is a TEAM SPORT like Football.  You can’t play Football alone with one person.  MLM is very similar.  No Team. No Game.

Recruiting is an art form that requires your ability to:

1. Connect with people and find things in common

2. Ask them qualifying questions to identify a need

3. Give them action steps where they can be exposed to your opportunity or product

4. Connect again and validate the business with testimonials through your team

Does this personal branding path mean that if people focus exclusively on THEIR COMPANY and THEIR PRODUCTS that they won’t have success?  Not at all. In fact, some people have amazing success using the strategy of The Company, The Company, The Company, The Company.  But it takes a certain type of individual to do this and if for any reason your company folds, you have just spent thousands of dollars building the brand of a company that no longer exists.  If you pour your marketing dollars into your personal brand, unless you plan on leaving the industry completely, your money will always be well invested.

The Importance of a Lead Capture Page

If you are looking to generate leads for your business a lead capture page is MANDATORY.   The lead capture page should do two things:

1. Brand you as a leader in the industry

2. Offer something of such significant value that your prospect will give you their contact information to get.

This could be an ebook, a special report, a video, an MP3, or an interview with another top income earner in the industry.  Whatever it is, you want to give away as much value as possible on the front end.

Why Offer Something of Value on the Other Side of a Lead Capture Page?

The entire point of offering massive value for free is to build a huge amount of rapport with your prospects. I recommend to offer your best value right up front.  Give em all you got.  Why?  This is the fastest why for your prospects to realize that you know what you are talking about when it comes to marketing and leadership and you can teach them what you know – so don’t hold back any punches.

You want to make your offer enticing and VIDEO is a great way to do that.  What’s great about VIDEO is that it allows you to connect with your prospects without even talking to them.  They can get a feel for who you are AND actually spend time getting to know you through VIDEO.

Double The Value Once They Opt-in

What exactly does it mean to DOUBLE THE VALUE once they opt-in.  Well, the opt-in itself is going to trigger an email and on the other side of the opt-in is going to be a landing page.  Email something to your prospects like an ebook and have them watch a video, webinar or power point that is going to tell them who you are, where you came from, more about your successes and what you can do to HELP THEM.

What’s so unique about this process is that there is NO SELLING INVOLVED AT ALL.

Building Rapport And Presenting Your Opportunity While You Sleep

What I like best about this strategy is that it will allow you to tell your story to potentially thousands of people each day whether you pick up the phone or not.  And if your story and your value are compelling enough, people will begin to join you in your business on complete auto-pilot. Keep in mind your recorded presentation is just like sitting across the table with you and your prospects can come back multiple times and watch your presentation.

Now Your Prospect Is In…What’s Next?

Once your prospect is in, I recommend offering something of VALUE that will HELP THEM.  This should be some type of marketing training or personal development information.  It should be priced below $20 – if you can make it below $10 even better.  I typically recommend a training platform of some kind that has a monthly fee attached to it.  Give your prospect the opportunity to test drive the training to see how valuable it is for 10 to 14 days.  The monthly fee should be under $99 a month – preferably under $50 if possible.

Using an Auto Responder To Follow Up

Every top marketer will tell you that an auto-responder is absolutely mandatory when it comes to marketing. In fact here are the statistics directly from the Direct Seller’s Association.

2% of people will enroll on their first exposure
3% of people will enroll on their second exposure
5% of people will enroll on their third exposure
10% of people will enroll on their fourth exposure
80% of people will enroll on their fifth to twelfth exposure

An auto-responder help to keep you in the mind of your prospect by providing ongoing value to your database so when you contact your prospects they know who you are.  You have branded yourself as a leader in the industry.

Getting PAID To Prospect

What is so great about this formula is that whether people join your MLM business or not you will be building a list of qualified leads and whether they join you in your MLM business or not, many will want to take your offer.  This will fund your entire MLM business on complete autopilot AND generate a MARKETING AND ADVERTISING BUDGET. This is one of the reasons that newbies fail in the industry. They spend zero money on marketing and advertising and they expect to make millions of dollars.  WAKE UP. How many businesses do you know with a zero marketing and advertising budget?  Every successful marketer I know has a marketing and advertising budget that helps them generate a steady stream of leads and traffic to their business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your Home Based Business?

My recommendation is that you use a proven Attraction Marketing system that allows you to brand yourself, generate leads, make money even when people don’t join your business and sponsor people on the back-end. If you can successfully combine a powerful online marketing system with time-tested offline marketing techniques, there’s no telling how successful you can be with home based business.

If you are looking for ultimate success with your home based business, it will  require a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to build your down-line by becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

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