How To Recruit New MLM Reps Using Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail


It seems that most people I know have an email setup through Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.  In fact they are the most common email systems used by the masses.

But how do you use your email account to recruit new reps for your MLM company?  I mean wouldn’t it be great if by just carrying on with your regular daily activities, you were able to increase traffic, generate new leads, sell more products and make more commissions?

You bet!  Here is a quick an easy way to do all of that on complete auto-pilot.  Read this blog post to find out how to turn your Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail into a recruiting machine.

How To Recruit New MLM Reps Using Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail

It seems that everyone I know has either a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account for their email.  Even if they use other email services, many people set up a private email account through one of these services.  And I remember how when I used to write out emails how I would put links back to my website or blog and write them out by hand each time.

Those days are now in the dark ages.  In fact, since someone introduced me to a Firefox plug-in called WISESTAMP, my Hotmail account has turned into its own recruiting machine. I mean look how powerful this is.

What I like best about this plug-in is that once you have it set up, the signature pops up automatically each time you hit NEW EMAIL.

What’s cool about it is that you can add a picture using Photobucket, a custom signature using MyLiveSignature and add links like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and more!

PLUS! you can also drive traffic back to Your Blog, and  Your Training Site .

AND…in your P.S. section you can drive traffic back to a product that you highly recommend.

This plug-in absolutely rocks!  And I highly recommend that every new person in the industry incorporate this plug-in into their personal branding strategy.  What I like about this plug-in is that it still keeps things looking personal but yet all of your links are contained together neatly.  I love it!

There is also a setting that allows you to have one signature for business and one for personal.  COOL!

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