How To Make YouTube Your Best Friend And Kick Some Serious Butt With Your MLM Business


It seems like every day I get a lot of people that ask me about YouTube.  How do you use it? What do you do? Does it cost money?  What type of videos should I make?

If you discover how to use YouTube in the approved manner in your MLM business it will turn out to be your best friend. If you thought YouTube was only for watching laughing children, dancing comedians, or whatever the hottest vogue is, you have missed the point completely on one of the strongest ways of doing marketing these days.

youtube, how to market with youtube, how to use youtube to generate leads, youtube marketing, When you use YouTube as a video marketing tool, it can help you ascertain relationships with people you have never met before.  Your marketing should focus on YOU. People can become acquainted with you through your videos. It’s a great way to build rapport with people 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  In fact with YouTube, you can actually build a relationship with your prospects before you even meet them.

Once you get proficient in making videos of yourself, your prospects will be able to make a connection with you. Remember that – at any one time there are literally millions of people using the internet, and some of them are trying to find out information about your company, its products and opportunity. Most of them are looking for something more than the corporate web site. Many are actually looking for an Alpha leader.  Are you the Alpha leader they are looking for?

How To Make YouTube Your Best Friend
And Kick Some Serious Butt With Your MLM Business

No Excuses

I’m sure many of you are saying you could never market yourself on video. And it can be a little scary the first few How To Market With Youtube, Darren Little, MLM Superhero,, mlm leaders, mlm mentors, mlm trainerstimes you push that button and start the camera. Your words seem to turn to mush, but with practice it gets easier and easier. Some people are better than others, just like public speakers. But it’s important to note that some people attract others because they are not as polished.

I remember the first time I started doing videos.  It was hilarious.  I used to walk around my basement with my video camera in my hand – talking into the camera.  Someone told me that it was easier to relax while walking, so there I was walking around in circles in my basement.  I did literally dozens of takes before I finally felt comfortable.  That’s just part of the process that you need to break through.  So just get over it.  EVERYONE goes through it.

Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone that looks like they have great videos – how many takes they did before they posted their first video.  They will most likely start laughing when you ask them.  Seriously. Ask a few people.  You will see what I’m talking about.  The bottom line is that you need to face your fears and SQUASH THEM.  MLM is about stepping into an Alpha leadership role, so step into your power.

Stop making excuses.  The important thing is that you JUST GET STARTED.  I still keep up my videos from when I first got started just to show people that you have to start somewhere.  But here is a story that I want to share with you that will really surprise you and it’s something I will never forget.


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This one day, I was going through my videos and I saw one of the first videos I had posted.  I didn’t know how to properly convert the videos from my camera so they could go up on Youtube, so the compression was terrible and the audio was even worse. The video was sort of scratchy sounding and the picture was kind of blurry and didn’t flow properly like a video picture should.  It was little choppy too.

I watched the video and thought to myself – OMG is this ever embarrassing – I need to pull this down. Then I got really busy with my day and it totally slipped my mind to take down the video.  Later that night my phone rings.

“Hello is this Darren Little?” he says.  “Yes it is” I say.  He goes onto to say… “I just want to tell you that I just finished watching a video of you and man it was one of the most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen” he says, “At the end of the video, it says to pick up the phone and call, so here I am just letting you know that these videos really do work. Here I am calling you. I want to get started with you in your business!”

I asked him which video he was talking about and BINGO!  My jaw dropped. There I was literally in shock – since the video he was talking about was the video that I was just about to pull down from Youtube. This was a really great lesson for me and one that I will never forget.  I tell all of my students this story all of the time.  As a rule of thumb -NEVER pull down any of your videos no matter how bad you might think they are.

How To Attract New Leads Using Youtube

The best way to attract new leads is not to try to sell them something. That is just the opposite of what traditional MLM companies teach. They teach, “Show the plan” 15-20 times a month and you will reach your goals. This seems to work for about 3-5% of the people in network marketing. But if you learn to turn off the selling and offer something of value, you will start attracting prospects. The “something of value” is what you have to learn and can teach others.

Just Get Started

Try to get in front of a video camera or better yet a webcam where no one else can see you, and start making videos. Just get used to the camera being on and making videos. It can be about anything in the beginning. Then start working on a message. It takes time and needs practice, but you can do it.

Giving Away Value And Using a Hook.

If you want to get people to watch the video you need to use a hook.You might say something like this.

“Hi my name is Darren Little and thanks for stopping by to watch this video.  What I’m going to show you how to do in this video is how to get onto the front page of Google to drive massive traffic to your personal blog and get your phone ringing with incoming calls.  But before I get into that, let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself and how I got started in MLM….”

This will give you an opportunity to tell your story.  Many people that have a similar story will start to connect with you.

At the end when you are now going to give the solution to what you talked about in the beginning.  Only give part of it. Tell the viewer that they can get the rest of the information and more 7 figure marketing secrets by visiting your blog where you are going to give them even more value for free.  Give away an ebook, or a webinar or interview with a top income earner and give away as much VALUE UPFRONT as you possibly can. DON’T HOLD ANYTHING BACK!

Make YouTube Your Best Friend

The more you make YouTube your best friend, the more you will start to feel comfortable putting together videos. Another great way to do videos in the beginning is to use screen capture software.  This way you can just talk directly to your computer screen but there is no camera pointing at you.  I use Camstudio which is a free download, but Camtasia is also a good one too.  Doing screencap videos will help you build up your confidence and self esteem.

Using The Right Video Camera

When it comes to doing video you need to get the right video camera. I highly recommend getting a Flip video camera.Darren Little, mlm superhero, flip video, flip video camera, mlm mentors, mlm leaders, mlm trainers, mlm coaches Why? Because you can film a video, flip the USB, plug it directly into your computer and upload directly to Youtube.  No conversion is required!  Thank God! I always messed that part up before.

The Flip Video is the most convenient camera on the market. You really need to get in the habit of carrying it everywhere you go.  What’s great about FLIP is that it fits in a suit jacket or a purse really easily.  So every time you have an inspirational thought or idea, pull out your video and capture it on video.

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