How To Gain Momentum In Your MLM In Your Local City Easily and Effortlessly


Have you ever wondered how to create momentum in your MLM in your local city?  I mean how do you pack a room with 200 plus people and have all of them SHOW UP.  And if they can’t make it to your venue, imagine getting a phone call from them telling you that something came up and they can’t make it.  How great would that be if you actually knew whether or not your prospects were going to show up or not? IMAGINE THAT!

I can always tell when a person has not been properly trained in the MLM business model.  They are the ones that are looking at their watches in the front lobby of the hotel and dialing their list of prospects that said FOR SURE they were coming to the meeting.

When it comes to building an MLM and creating momentum, there are more ways to build a business than there are people in the business, so it’s important to know from the start that there is no right way or wrong way to build your MLM.

In this blog post I will cover some really EASY STRATEGIES to use in your LOCAL AREA that can help you gain significant momentum with your MLM in less than 90 days.

How To Gain Momentum In Your MLM In Your Local City

When it comes to building an MLM, everyone has different talents and skills.  It’s important for you to first identify what you are best at and put your emphasis on that when you are first getting started.  I could tell you as example that blogging is a great strategy, but if you have never written before or if it’s not something you have talent in, you may feel stuck.

I could tell you that videos are a great strategy, but if you don’t feel comfortable behind the camera, again you might feel stuck.   Develop your marketing strategy based on what you feel YOUR STRENGTHS are.  As you gain momentum, you can look at other strategies to add to the mix.

Firstly, it’s important for you to understand one thing.  It’s not your job to sell, convince or explain your company, your opportunity, or your products.  And if you tell your prospects everything in advance, there is no reason for them to hear the entire presentation as they will already have made  a preconceived opinion about it before you even meet. So the #1 rule is always…LESS IS MORE.  Get really good at connecting with people first.

What is going to help you gain momentum the fastest is to be able to showcase your company, products and opportunity to the most amount of people in the shortest period of time.  So how do you do it?

Host an EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE V.I.P. Business After Business Networking Event.

Make the event all about your prospect and NOT about your business opportunity.  Make the event the hottest and happening place to be in the city on a certain given night and your room will be packed. If you are hosting the event right after work you may want to provide light finger foods/appetizers to tide people over so they are not thinking about dinner.

I’ve used a few local businesses as corporate sponsors in the past to cover the costs of the food.  Have a table set up for water.  I’ve also had a bar set up at previous events where people can purchase juice, beer or wine if they so choose for the social/networking portion of the evening.


Hey Tom, it’s Darren.  Go grab your daytimer…

Have you got it?  OK.  Open it up to Thursday….THIS THURSDAY.

Whatever you’ve got on your calendar Thursday night, CANCEL IT.

I’m hosting an Exclusive and Private V.I.P. networking event on Thursday night and this event is going to be totally packed. If you’ve never heard about these events Tom  they are totally packed every time I do them.

They give business professionals like yourself an opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the top executives and movers and shakers here in town.  A lot of my contacts ask me who I know that is a successful _______________________(whatever it is that they do) and I would like to be able to recommend you as a person to consider when I get asked that.  Would you be ok with me sending you new business Tom?

Ok, so here’s what I need you to do.  Bring a stack of about 30 of your business cards. During the evening, I will get an opportunity to showcase you as a top Realtor(or whatever it is that they do)…someone that I would recommend for them to do business with and at the same time you will get an opportunity to find out more about my business and what it is that I do.  It may or may not be something that you’re interested in, but either way you’ll get a chance to meet some great contacts and generate some new business for yourself.

You are welcome to invite a few of your colleagues, but these events are ALWAYS PACKED, so just let me know in advance how many people you would like to put on the guest list. I will need to know the exact number of guests prior to the event and also get their names and contact information so I can confirm their attendance.

So should I write you down as CONFIRMED then?


Try to host the event at a hotel or convention center location that has a Fourier outside of the actual meeting room.  Using this strategy, the first 1 hour is used for mingling and networking.  Try and keep your presentation to 25 to 30 minutes. MAX.  Make it a short but brief introduction to your company, products and services. Then take another hour for additional networking.

People will get a huge amount of value from your events and will invite other people to your next event. The process begins to go viral and people start to see how by being involved with your business it will actually help them drive business to their existing business.  This is what real networking is all about.

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