How To Become a Heavy Hitter Closer in MLM With Virtually No Effort


If you’ve been in MLM for awhile and you’re frustrated that you just aren’t getting people to say YES to join you in your business, this could be the most important blog post you read this year!

A lot of people ask me what I do to increase my closing numbers.  I mean how is it that I can have a conversation with the exact same person that you just spoke with and within 30 minutes they want to join the business?

What is it that I say that is different than what you say?  Why is it that the exact same person that once said they would never join your MLM deal is now lining up people for me to talk to?  What is different?  Once you understand these simple techniques, your recruiting numbers are going to shoot through the roof.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little tiny bit of fine tuning.   Just like a radio station.  If you are slightly off of the frequency, all you will get is STATIC.  Make the slightest adjustment and BOOM – beautiful music.  MLM recruiting works the exact same way.

So what do I say that’s different than what you say?  Read this blog post to find out.

How To Become a Heavy Hitter Closer in MLM With Virtually No Effort

If you’ve been in MLM for a little while or even YEARS, until you understand these basic principles, you will probably feel like a hamster on a treadmill, running and running and running and never getting anywhere.

Once you understand this formula, FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT!


The first thing to understand about Networking, is that there is NO SELLING INVOLVED AT ALL.  None. Zero. Nada.  Selling and sharing are two totally different beasts and you need to understand the definite distinction between the two of them.

With selling, most salespeople talk about the features and the benefits and they try to get the customer to see why buying the products are going to help them.  The challenge with this is that most people hate selling.  And even if you are a fantastic closer, your business will never duplicate.  Because 99.9% of the people you enroll won’t be able to do what you just did.   Plus, they will think right away that they need a University degree just to try and learn all of the stuff that you just recited, so most will tell you they cant participate, because they don’t have the time. You may sponsor people into your business, but duplication will be scarce.

It is also important to know that people love to buy products, but they hate being sold.  Hence the dilemma that most Network Marketer’s run into.  They think that Network Marketing is about selling and it’s not. It’s about introducing people to people.

Rule #2 – People Do Business With People That They Are Like or That They Aspire To Be Like

Networking is more about connecting and finding things in common with people.  And identifying a problem that your product, service or MLM model can help them solve. People typically like doing business with people that are either like them, or that they aspire to be like.  And if they like you, PLUS you can help them solve a problem?  BINGO!

The best recruiters in the world, are very good at building rapport.  Once they have a really strong connection, they peak the person’s curiosity but they never tell them the whole story.  If they do tell the whole story , there is no reason to connect again.  And since the Network marketing business model takes 5 to 12 exposures or connections to enroll a person, SLOW DOWN!

Did you know that according to the Direct Seller’s Association…

Only 2% of people enroll on their first exposure
Only 3% of people enroll on their second exposure
Only 5% of people enroll on their third exposure
Only 10% of people enroll on their fourth exposure
But 80% of people enroll on their fifth to twelfth exposure

Recruiting is a PROCESS and it’s important to know this.

He/She who asks the most questions and listens the most WINS!

In recruiting, the person that talks the least and listens the most WINS.  What do I mean by that?  Firstly, unless you can find out about your prospect and what type of challenges they are having in their life – and then offer a solution with either your products or the MLM business model, you will have a challenge ever recruiting them. In fact, the interesting thing is that people actually sell themselves on why they want to get involved in your business.

Recruiting is a SCIENCE

In order to be a top recruiter and a heavy hitter closer, you need to get good at connecting with people.  But its not your job to pitch your deal.  Your job is simply to peak curiosity and then connect your prospect to your team or to one of the company’s tools that explains the business. THAT’S IT! In essence, you are a tour guide, or a traffic controller that says – GO HERE.  Watch this. Listen to this. Meet this person. Meet that person.

The more you say in the beginning, the worse it will get.  Especially for brand new reps. The more questions they get asked and the deeper down the rabbit hole they go, the more preconceived opinions you will get.  “The more doors will be slammed in your face”.

I tell my reps to visualize what it would feel like to be paid $250,000 per year to be an international recruiter/talent scout.  Would they walk differently? Talk differently?  Would their posture and physiology be different?  As a top recruiter you are just sorting and sifting through people and peaking their curiosity about your international expansion.  And believe me, in today’s economy, there are a ton of people looking for increased cash flow and new opportunity.  But remember, it’s not your job to try and explain that. It is the job of your team and your tools to explain your business, your products, your compensation plan and your opportunity. NOT YOU!

Remember that its not going to happen in ONE EXPOSURE!  It takes 5 to 12 exposures, so just understand this UPFRONT.

By the time a prospect comes to me, they should have already…

a) Listened to an overview call on a sizzle line, webinar, conference call.
b) Or been to a website that gives a brief overview of the company or products

There will have already been 3 or 4 connections to the products or opportunity and I am now going to validate the management team, the track record, the products, the opportunity and the VISION of where we are heading.  But before I do that, I need to CONNECT TO THE PROSPECT.

I will start by asking them questions like – How did they become friends with the person that introduced them to me.  Where are they from?  Do the have a family/kids?  Are they married?  What line of work are they currently in?  How long have they been doing it? What do they like best about it?  What do they like least about it?

If all of their bills were paid each month – what would they be doing with their time?  This allows the person to get connected to their dream and their passion.

Ask them if they are being overpaid at their current job. What type of income are they currently accustomed to making? (This will allow you to assess their skill level).

If there was a fit with what you are about to tell them – What would they be looking for?  What would be most important to them.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION YOU NEED. It allows you as a closer to totally tailor your presentation around what the person needs.  Instead of talking about things that they are not even interested in that may totally turn them off.

Have they ever been involved in Network Marketing? What level of success did they achieve with the business model? What do they attribute that to?  Were they working solo? or were they working on a team with a millionaire mentor?
Ask them if they have ever played any sports as a kid.  If so what sports?  Have they played football, basketball or baseball?  Is it possible to play any of these sports alone?  Point out that is not possible to play these alone, you can only play them on a team.

Keep in mind that most people want to know the following:

a) That you are a leader.
b) That you know what you are doing.
c) That you are going to show them what to do and help them do it.
d) That there is training and SUPPORT amongst your team.

I only touch on a few of the highlights of the company because that’s really not what recruiting is about. Its ALL ABOUT THE TEAM and your ability to help a person to capitalize on their God given talents.  If your prospect feels that your team can help them do this – and they can achieve their goals in the process.  If they believe that you are going to work with them and help them achieve success, they will join you in your business.

Here are two closing questions that will put your business into TURBO SPEED

1. So___________, Based upon what you’ve seen and heard can you see an opportunity here?
2. What needs to happen for you TO FEEL COMFORTABLE to move forward and participate?

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