How To Stop The Insanity In Your MLM Business And Get Results!


It seems like every day, I am bombarded with some new money making scheme, auto-dialer, email blaster, cash-gifting deal, or the next “PRE LAUNCH” or…

I love this one… “SOFT LAUNCH!”  lol

And yet it seems that so many people in the home based business industry lose sight of what direct sales are actually about.  If you learn this one principle your business will grow faster than you ever imagined.

Lose sight of this ONE THING and you will forever be the gerbil in the cage, running and running and running and never getting anywhere in your home based business.  Do you know what this ONE THING is?

mlm leads, mlm training, mlm coaches, mlm mentors, free mlm leads Direct sales are about RELATIONSHIPS.

It’s all about helping people solve a problem; either financially, creating time freedom through leverage, or helping people solve some type of problem that they are having that your product or service can solve.  And you can’t know whether or not a person has a problem, unless you ask them a lot of questions and get to know them.


It’s not about…

“You gotta get in now”  or “you’re gonna get rich overnight”

Let’s not B.S. here…

If you want to make 6 figures in ANYTHING it takes a lot of hard work dedication, commitment and personal sacrifice.  If it was easy to make a million dollars, there would be a heck of a lot more people with “I’VE MADE MILLIONS” on their personal resumes.

Network Marketing is about being able to leverage your efforts through the efforts of an entire team. It’s about improving your people skills, communication skills and marketing skills and becoming a better person. Making a difference and giving back by helping others learn and grow.

Creating momentum in your home based is a lot like playing a team sport – not a solo sport. You can’t play basketball, mlm mentors, mlm trainers, mlm coaches, mlm leads, mlm training, free mlm leads, free leads and traffic, work at home, work from homefootball or hockey with one person.  Some sports are solo sports like Golf, or Tennis, but with other sports you can’t play unless you have a team. The home based business industry is very much a team sport.  Connecting people with people and helping one another is the key. Learning the art of edification will propel your team into momentum….

On a team, no one is left behind.  You WIN together.  You LOSE together. You support and help one another to the end.

What they say about finding a core team and just working with those people to help and support them to grow is actually true.  But most people are too busy working solo and constantly trying to recruit on their own as a “LONE RANGER”, that they lose sight of staying connected to their core leaders and edifying one another.  The power of the team will attract other leaders to it.

If you look at any successful leader, they are surrounded by other leaders and they feed off of one another. Through your new people, you will always find a few more leaders that will catch the vision. And at some point – the magnetic power of the combined leadership of your team will start to attract more and more leadership to you. THE TEAM will continue to grow and prosper TOGETHER.

Never lose sight of the power of THE TEAM.  Live long and prosper!

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