One of the very few days that my alarm clock ever goes off is when I go on an EXTREME adventure, or I go on vacation.

That’s exactly what happened on Sunday, March 1st, 2015.

7 am sharp the buzzer goes off.

No need to hit the snooze button. I jump out of bed, totally alert, hit the showers, get dressed and head on over to my good friend Warren Kindellan’s place.

It’s very important in business to associate yourself with other highly successful entrepreneurs.  You will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Warren is a very successful entrepreneur who runs a highly profitable brand strategy and promotional supply company here locally in Langley BC.  We then head over to meet up with Doug and Rita Hazelwood; two more successful entrepreneurs who own their own home renovations business.

Then it’s off to get some gas for the vehicles before we set out on our Extreme Mountain Adventure.


Hmmm. I better get a large coffee and a breakfast wrap to start things off and grab some lunch and snacks for the epic mountain top view we are about to experience.

We get bundled up with a few layers of clothes to handle the chilling winter day on the mountain top and off we go.

I gotta say, come to think of it, it’s pretty cool when you can go to bed whenever you feel tired and get up whenever you feel rested each day.

That’s one of the perks about working from home and being your own boss.

So there we are all bundled up, ready to attack the mountain trails and make our way up to the very top.


Here I am with my pal Warren Kindellan. (He takes every photo opportunity to get his company branding out there. Notice the Sudden Impact logo on his toque. Smart guy and TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL).

Warren loads up the IPOD so we can get some tunes blasting and we start making our way through the trails. The scenery is completely breathtaking.  Check out this gorgeous view of the sky and mountain tops.

Mountain Top

Check out the West Coast trails on the top of the mountain.


Oh!  The crisp, clean mountain air.

Mountain Top

After a few hours of making our way through the trails,  we finally reach the top of the Summit and it’s time to break out the lunch.


Warren gets in another Sudden Impact branded selfie.


WOAH!  Did we just about go over the edge?

Hop on board the ATV with us on this one section of the trail and enjoy the mountain-top view.

Thankfully we had great traction with our all terrain tires that prevented us from going right over the edge.

 What happened next took us 2 feet underwater!

Just when I thought my running shoes were going to remain dry for the trip, Warren heads for the river and goes right through the section that is almost 2 feet deep sending the river right through the ATV.  lol.

Good one Warren.


As I inhaled the crisp, clean mountain air.

As I enjoyed the breathtaking views of the mountains.

As I enjoyed the conversation with Warren, Doug and Rita.  

It made me realize how many people never really get to experience some of the greatest things in life. They never get to go out on any of these Extreme Mountain Adventures. Why? Because they don’t have the money.

People can say all they want that money doesn’t buy happiness.  But it does buy FREEDOM. Freedom to do whatever you want.  Whenever you want.  With whomever you want.  For however long you want.

 And for me THIS is what happiness is all about.

Money can certainly add some incredible experiences with some amazing people like this one that I had on Sunday, March 2nd, 2015 with Warren, Doug and Rita.

Think about it.

Whatever way you slice it, these ATV units whether you own them like Warren and Doug and Rita do. Or whether you rent them. They still cost money. The Mountain Gear we wore on the adventure to keep us warm, still cost money. The gas and food we needed for the day still cost money. So the faster you can surrender to your greatness and feel worthy and deserving, the faster that the abundance will flow to you.

Here’s what’s REALLY COOL!

While I was on the mountain. While I was enjoying my day. While I was soaking up the breathtaking views and breathing in the crisp, clean mountain air. While I was taking part in this EXTREME Mountain Adventure. My online business generated almost $300 in additional cash-flow.  Pretty sweet right?  Completely automated income that happened WITHOUT ME.  Plus I did it without having to harass my friends and family. I did it without having to do a single 3 way phone call, or invite people over to my home.

To find out how I’m doing it, GO HERE.

To see more pictures of my Extreme Mountain Adventure go to my fan page here.

Wanna experience the freedom lifestyle too?  GO HERE.

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