So there I was in Wailea on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

The sun was out, the birds were chirping. The smell of tropical flowers was blowing in the warm tropical breeze.

If you haven’t had a chance to read about my journey from Vancouver to Maui, go here and read PART ONE of  “My Escape To a Tropical Paradise”.


Is it really possible?

To run an international business poolside…

And live a life of freedom?

Imagine this.

I originally set off on this tropical get away to spend some quality time with my parents. They go every year to Maui for 3 months of the year and I hadn’t seen them since Christmas. So I packed up my golf clubs to do a little golfing, a suitcase full of summer clothes…

And of course my laptop.

I really wanted to find out if it was possible to just connect to Wi-Fi by the pool and experience what it would be like to live the laptop lifestyle.

We all hear about it. I’m sure you’ve heard about it right?  

People that travel the world and make automated income?

But could I do it? Be in tropical paradise and still run my online business while I was away on vacation? All along I’m thinking to  myself, if I can do this, how might my life change from this point onward? It was sort of a working holiday in a way.

Time to get in some R & R.
Time to absorb a little sunshine.
And time to make some automated income sitting by the pool.
But could I do it? That was the real question.

For years I’ve been visualizing travelling the world…

With my laptop computer and a Wi-Fi connection running my online business from anywhere I want.

The thought about this type of freedom literally sends chills down my spine. And having this time away really made me realize how “free-ing to my being’ this lifestyle can actually be.

When I got off the plane, my Mom told me that it had been some of the worst weather they’d ever had and they’ve been going to Hawaii for about the past 35 years – every year.

If you’ve ever been to the tropics when the torrential downpours and wind starts, let me tell you, it’s not a fun experience. When I was in my 20’s I worked at Club Med in Cancun, Mexico and the rainy season in December was not enjoyable at all.

OH NO! I’m thinking. Not the rainy season! I came for sunshine.

I started having flashbacks to my time in Cancun. The last trip I made to Cancun was last year. The weather had been scheduled for 8 days of rain and the moment that I touched down, the rain stopped, the skies cleared and the sun was shining for the entire trip. On the last night, it started to rain and I was gone the following day.

Could the same thing happen again on this trip to Maui?

Please. Please Please.  I thought.
Don’t let it be raining during my trip.
I really want to have some sunshine.
Please. Please Please.

Ask and you shall receive.

The following morning, it was beautiful clear skies. And the weather stayed nice the entire trip. Some days had light clouds and sunshine.  And a few days with a little afternoon overcast. But no rain at all.

As I packed up my bags and headed out to the Outback Steakhouse for the final night, the wind started up.  The air went cold. And as I got onboard the plane, the clouds rolled in and GUESS WHAT? So did the rain.

Can you believe it?  Wow. Was I lucky or what?  Another amazing tropical adventure to add to the memory books. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the highlights of my trip below.

One thing you can be rest assured of…

I’ll be back.

Golfing in Maui was beyond incredible!

One of the greatest highlights of my trip was golfing at the Maui Nui Golf Course. We golfed 3 times during the trip. Each time the sun was shining. Hardly a cloud in the sky with a nice breeze. Incredible.


This was about as close as I got to a hole in one; 12 to 15 feet from the pin.  There are always those one or two shots that “bring me back for more” every single time. If you play golf, you will know what I mean.  


These golf carts at the Maui Nui Golf Course all had GPS graphic screens of the golf course with the distance indicator making it a lot easier to decide which club to use.


My Dad hitting it straight down the fairway. Great shot Dad.


My Mom showing me her biodegradable organic golf tees. Cool stuff Mom.

What I loved best about Wailea.

What I loved best about this particular area of Maui, called Wailea, was that the city keeps the grounds incredibly pristine. I’m talking about the streets, the grass, the gardening, the bushes, are all really well manicured. It made it really enjoyable to go on 5 mile walks during the holiday and enjoy nature – just walking along the sidewalk.


These street cleaners  are constantly sweeping the streets in Wailea cleaning up all of the debris.


The pristine grounds above are leading into some of the private gated communities.

Each day we would pass many other people jogging, or walking with their spouses, or their kids, enjoying the beautiful scenery and sights of nature.

But what really gave me a sense of freedom was that each time I went on one of these 5 mile walks, I could hear my phone sending me automated commission notifications from my online business.

What an experience it was to be breathing in the smell of the tropical flowers, enjoying the beautiful nature scenery and still making commissions at the same time.


Freshly cut grass.  Everything trimmed to perfection.


Amazing views from the street onto these manicured golf courses. So plush and green. Incredible.


My Dad next to some of the manicured gardens. Incredible to see this in person.


These little guys were literally everywhere on our walk. Some looked like Iguanas. Others were Chameleons.

The fresh fragrance of tropical flowers throughout the air.

One of the things that I loved the most about Maui was the smell of the fresh fragrance of tropical flowers that were constantly drifting through the air. The air was warm with a light breeze constantly changing with fragrances of fresh tropical flowers. Wow!


There are such beautiful colours of these tropical flowers throughout the streets in Wailea. The bright neon pink against the green leaves looked amazing.


Green leaves contrasting next to the lighter pink flowers. Heavenly.


These white flowers had a very slight pink tone to them. Gigantic green leaves on the plants.


These orange flowers were some of my favourites.

My poolside view and my office throughout the day.


Talk about feeling completely free.

It’s one thing to talk about it. It’s another thing to write about it.
But to actually experience this feeling of freedom?
Honestly, it’s not even describable in words.
Total peacefulness. Not a worry in the world.
Free to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

Some of the days that I was sitting poolside, my online business generated $650. Other days when I was golfing, it generated over $1000 for the day.

What was the major shift for me?  I will tell you that it was 95% MINDSET. I already believed that it would work. I already saw it working in my mind. I visualized money flowing to me in avalanches of abundance.

They should really teach these online strategies to our children in high school. I can only imagine how different the world might be if that was the case.


Living Lavita Laptop

This is something that anyone can do. All a person has to do is follow a 3 step simple formula that I teach.

Learn a strategy. It doesn’t matter what it is. In fact you can pick from a whole smorgasbord of marketing strategies that I teach as long as it will help people in their business industry wide, no matter what you are marketing.

Implement the strategy. The purpose for this is to be able to generate some documented results for yourself. I have posts on this blog as example that have generated over $3000 in commissions the first week I posted them. Others that have recruited 5 people within 24 hours. This is data that can be shared and strategies that can be shared with others to show them exactly what to do and how to implement them into their business.  It doesn’t matter what you are marketing, what matters is that you learn how to market.

Share your results. Once you have generated your results, you need to go on a Google Hangout, a webinar, or a conference call and share the strategy and your results with an audience of people. What I do is write some copy on social media to attract an audience. I also email my list and I focus on a specific problem and provide a solution to that problem. The people that show up for the broadcast always get value from the call. But this strategy will start to generate a following of people for you as a leader.

Anyone that applies this simple formula can literally create freedom for themselves in 30 to 90 days with this system.


This was the view of some of the landscaping and foliage looking down from the pool.  The colours are so vibrant.

A day in Lahaina.

Lahaina is a little fishing village that has been turned into a tourist village.


I loved spending a day in Lahaina. It almost reminded me of a movie set in Universal studios.  

The Streets of Lahaina

Come with me right now into the streets of Lahaina and check out this beautiful scenery.

Doesn’t this remind you of a movie set?   

Restaurants, Shops and Art Galleries in Lahaina.


Bubba Gump’s restaurant has an incredible view of the ocean. Highly recommended!


Great little spot to take a break at the Lahaina Ice Cream Parlour.


One of the incredible artists featured in Lahaina – Thomas Arvid.  Incredible detail in this painting.  


This was one of my favourite paintings of these Polar Bears swimming the Penguins. Incredible.


This painting of the Elephants had amazing detail.  


This jelly fish sculpture was all hand made.  It stood about 12 inches high and looked so real under the lights. This particular one was about $2000.  The quality of this work was so detailed and truly unique.


The view from the Lahaina Park into the Marina in Lahaina.

Check out this giant Banyan Tree.   

One of the coolest things in Lahaina is this gigantic Banyan tree with roots that have come right down from the branches to create more trees.


This tree is so huge that it takes up the entire park.  It’s incredible.


My Mom and Dad under the big Banyan tree.

One of the Parks in Lahaina

This park was so peaceful.

A tour of the Old Jail in Lahaina


The 1850 Penal Code.


There were 10 cells or rooms inside.


The outside door of one of the cells.


Inside the jail cell.  


The front of the jail.


The final moments in Lahaina before heading back to the Condo.


The sunsets are amazing in Maui.  


Nature is so beautiful isn’t it?

Thanks for spending this time with me to experience a little bit of my Escape To a Tropical Paradise.

If you had the cash flow available right now and you knew that it was coming in month after month after month. Where would you go to first on YOUR Escape To a Tropical Paradise?

What’s the first place that comes to mind?  GO!

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