My eyes crack open at 9 am.

It’s Sunday morning, March 15th, 2015.

It’s chilly. It’s damp outside.

A light misty rain is in the air.

The overcast sky blankets the city.

And I don’t want to be in Vancouver. I want to be some place tropical.

Have you ever felt like that sometimes when you wake up?

I mean all I can think about is sitting poolside next to some palm trees, basking in the sun with a nice tropical breeze and sipping on a Pina Colada.

Ahhh. My dream. Being able to sit poolside connected to Wi-Fi, building my business from anywhere in the world.

Can you imagine what that might feel like?

Being totally free to travel wherever you want to, but still generating cash-flow at the same time?

Is that really possible?

It’s the question that goes through my mind every single time I get on a plane.

It’s the question I ask myself every single time I ask the reservation centre if they have Wi-Fi by their pool.  

It’s the question that people ask me the most when they ask me about my business.

“Is it really possible Darren?  Can you really just be connected to WI-Fi and sit by the pool and make money?”

The life of a “freedom-preneur”.

As luck has it, today is the day I’m jet setting off to Maui for 2 weeks to live my dream…

To see for myself.  Can a person really sit by the pool and make money?

This particular trip is to Maui, Hawaii.

It’s part of my personal celebration for exceeding my 4 month income goal that I set for myself when I launched my online business in November of 2014.

A few last minute errands and it’s time to start packing.

My flight doesn’t leave until 5:48 pm, so I have plenty of time to get organized.

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.  I’m standing here outside my door.

Oh wait…that’s a Peter, Paul and Mary song. hahahaha


So I go online to check to see if my flight is on time.

I access the email confirmation to get checked in.

Flight is on time. Looks like I’m good to go.

Oh wait!  What’s this?

Up comes the enticement offer for the bigger seats in business class.

Those larger seats sure look inviting.

So I start thinking about the 6 1/2 hour flight.


Ok, what the heck, you got me Air Canada. Good marketing.

I decide to do the business class upgrade

for the V.I.P. service and the white glove Royal treatment.

Plus, I admit…

I love the executive lounge.

I’m thinking I can get a little work done before the trip.

My friend Sher Keady offered to drive me to the airport, which saved me a $100 cab fare and the stress of wondering if the cab will show up on time. (It’s happened before).

I hadn’t seen her for months, so it was a great chance to catch up.  

“That’s what friends are for” says Sher.  #gratitude.


So I get to the airport, and the regular area for Air Canada check-in has a massive line up.

I head straight over to the VIP check in area.

(One of the perks for paying that upgrade fee).


Through the check-in I go…

And now it’s off to the baggage drop off and then off to customs.


Am I seeing things?  Or is everybody and their cousin flying out at the exact same time as me today?

There has to be over 300 people in this line-up.


Through customs I go and it’s straight over to the VIP lounge.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind these glass doors. let me take you for a little bit of a tour.


WOAH.  This place is incredible.

And they have Wi-Fi. Cool.


Pretty spacious right?

The view is overlooking the runway. WOW!

I think I will get set up in the private meeting room area.  Yep. This looks great.


Oh look.  A full bar, cappuccinos, lattes, spinach salad, grilled chicken, mixed veggies, the works.

Don’t mind if I do.


I hop onto the internet and I completely lose track of time.  

Whoops, I just about missed the FINAL boarding call.  

OMG. That would have totally sucked.

Can you imagine?  Sitting in the executive lounge and missing my flight?  DOH!


I’m on the plane Yaaaaaaay! Hey cool. Second row aisle seat. I love it.

These larger seats are the bomb.


An IPAD with some free movies?


Don’t mind if I do.

This Tom Cruise Movie “Edge of Tomorrow” was pretty good.

Reminded me of Ground Hog Day, but a Sci-Fi version.


Wow. That 6 1/2 hour flight sure went fast.

Must have been the steak and potatoes and that Tiramisu that tied me over.

Time to pick up my bags.


It was a long day overall of travel and my system was pumping out adrenalin and excitement all day, so I’m a little bit bushed.

I will be up bright in the morning for my 5 mile walk with my Mom.  

Haven’t seen my parents since Christmas.  Sure is great to see them.

They come to Maui for 3 months of the year.


Oh what a beautiful morning!

I love the smell of fresh flowers around the area where I am working outside.

It’s so incredible.

People are way more productive when they can work in their preferred state instead of being inside in a cubicle.

It’s time to set yourself free!



It’s so beautiful walking along the streets in Wailea.  

The grounds and the landscaping are so well kept.

The road less travelled.


Off for a 5 mile walk with my Mom.  

I may have over done it for my first day come to think of it.  

My legs are a little bit sore on the trek back to the condo.


Loving my first Day in Wailea.  Feeling incredibly blessed.


I spent the afternoon by the pool, hooked up to Wi-Fi and I connected with a few friends on Facebook.

I posted a few pictures on my Facebook wall and worked on this blog post.


Spend a few minutes with me RIGHT NOW by poolside and check out this breathtaking view.

After a day of hanging out at the pool, I log-in to my IPAS back office.  

Low and behold, what do I find.


Honestly, if you had told me 10 years ago that I could actually be making money sitting by the pool, I probably would never have believed you.

If it wasn’t for this automated system, this would never be possible.  

But I will tell you that I trusted the 7 figure mentors.

I followed exactly what they said to do step by step.

I got the Black Card Membership.

I took massive action like they said to do and I went ALL-IN on my dream.

I figured that if it could work for them and hundreds of thousands of other people. Why not me?

But the real question is….Why not you?

We all have it within us.

We all have a personal story that will create our gateway to freedom.

We ALL have DOZENS of stories.

Our stories of our trials and tribulations.

Our stories of our personal journey along our path in life.

Our life lessons.

Our struggles and how they became our breakthroughs.  

Our personal breakthrough to victory.  

Our pain. Our passion. Our insight. Our journey of personal development.

What’s your story?

And how is your story connected to your dream?

It’s your gateway.

The more you start to tell your story, the more you become free. That’s what I did.

But here is what I will tell you…

You have to want your dream As bad as you need your next breath of oxygen.

In order to have success in anything in life, you have to be emotionally connected to your dream like your life depends on it.

You have to feel it in every single cell of your being.

You have to realize that abundance is your birthright.

Are you there yet?  

Have you reached that time in your life when you have finally drawn a line in the sand?

Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?

If that’s you, GO HERE.

Or, take the online tour right now and find out how I’m helping my students have $3000 days online within their first 3 weeks of working with me.

Learn how to turn your passion into profit.

Pop on by again soon to find out more about my escape to a tropical paradise.

Where do you plan to go on your next vacation?

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