eFoods Global REVIEW: A Totally Unbiased Third Party Review Of The eFoods Global Business Opportunity


If you’ve stumbled on this page and you’re reading this third party review of eFoods Global, then there is probably a good chance you’re looking for some type of information on eFoods Global as a company, or you are thinking about becoming an eFoods Global Distributor.

Either way, I want to encourage you to read this entire review so you can fully understand what it is and also to help you make an educated and informed decision about the eFoods Global opportunity. In this review, I will give you an overview of the actual company, the products, the compensation plan and whether or not eFoods Global is a good business opportunity to get involved with.

Before you read on, I want to first disclose that I am not an eFoods Global distributor or customer, so you can be totally rest assured that I am going to give you a third party unbiased perspective about the company based upon my research and 15 years experience in the network marketing industry.

FeFoods Global, eFoods Global Review, eFoods Global MLM, eFoods Global Compensation plan, eFoods Global Productsirst of all…Who Is eFoods Global Anyway?

eFoods Global is a company that has been around since October 2010.  It is actually the sister company of eFoods Direct, which is a retail food storage company.  eFoods Global sells high quality food products that can be stored through a network marketing business model.

The company is based in Utah and is currently led by CEO and Co-Founder, Steve Shenk, who also happens to be the Founders of eFoods Direct. Shenk has an extensive business background that goes back more than 35 years.  Some of the other Co-Founders in addition to Shenk include Michael Rossberg, Brad Stewart, Marvin Higbee, Barbara Rossberg and Brad Reese, all of which bring a tremendous amount of experience in sales and marketing to the company. These are all very credible individuals and from my initial review, it looks like the company has set itself up for solid expansion.

What Exactly Does eFoods Global Market?

What makes this company so unique is that eFoods Global markets food products that are designed to be stored for lengthy periods of time.  A very innovative concept, especially in light of so many global changes and uncertainties happening in the world right now.

The eFoods Global concept revolves around the need for people to store food in case of emergencies or in cases of unemployment where individuals find themselves without income for extended periods of time.  Since their food products don’t have any preservatives,  the shelf life of their products can reach up to 15 years.  eFood Global dehydrates the food and then flushes it with CO2 to give it this incredible shelf life.

The food products include everything from breakfast items (like oatmeal and pancakes), soups (like cheddar broccoli and chicken noodle), breads (like muffins and biscuits), and entrees (like beef strogonaff and even chili).  An added bonus is the fact that the food products are Kosher and approved by the Orthodox Union.  This opens up the size of the world market considerably.

The eFoods Global Business Opportunity
Can You Make Any Money At It?

This is the topic that most people want to know teh most about. The biggest question most people ask is “Can I make any money with eFoods Global?”  And it’s probably a question that you’re wondering as well.

Firstly, in order to become an active distributor, like most companies in MLM, direct sales and network marketing, there is an initial start-up cost. Then, like most successful companies you must maintain a monthly autoship.  Don’t worry, this is typical of almost every company globally in network marketing.  And when you’re building a business like this – it is an absolute necessity for building an empire.

The eFoods Global compensation plan provides distributors with a total of seven different ways to earn income.  Immediate income streams include:

A Personal Sales Bonus (where you can earn a 25% commission on your personal customers)
A $35 Enroller Bonus when you personally sponsor a new person
An a $15-$75 Life Code Bonus when someone on your team enrolls a new distributor.

The long-term income streams include a 10% Team Commission on your pay leg from the binary structure
And a Matching Bonus, where you can earn 5%-25% based on your rank, (on up to 5 levels)

Overall, I think that the compensation plan looks quite fair and given the right match with the right personson, it could in fact be extremely lucrative.

Is eFoods Global A Solid Business Opportunity?

In summary, after reviewing the, eFoods Global website and materials, I would say that it is definitely a good opportunity. The management team has a significant track record, which is one of the most important factors that will guarantee longevity of the company.  These individuals are name brand players in the industry with considerable experience in direct sales, MLM and network marketing.

The company markets quality products and from my review of the marketing plan, it looks fair and lucrative for both the part timer and the career driven professional.  However, it is important to understand that having all this in place – (especially in today’s day and era) is not enough to guarantee success.

Ultimately, your success will rely on your ability to do two thing:

a) Sponsor new distributors
b) Sell products
c) Build an organization/team

One of the key ingredients to accomplishing those things will rest in your ability to both market and generate leads.  In order to have success in these areas, my advice is that you use a proven Lead Generation and Attraction Marketing system that will allow you to brand and position yourself as an Alpha leader.  They key is being able to generate leads and make money even if people decide not to join your business.

By using this strategy, you will be able to recruit fresh new distributors into your eFoods Global business on the back-end.   To have ultimate success, I recommend an effective combination of both online attraction marketing and branding strategies with a solid offline system.  If you apply this technique, you will be well on your way to building a hugely successful business.

Interested In Generating Leads For Your
eFoods Global Business?

Ultimately, success with your eFoods Global business requires a working knowledge of both lead generation and personal branding. Learn to build your downline by  becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online.

Additional online training to help you Sponsor eFoods Global Reps is available with Darren Little.

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  1. How come every where i look on the entire net i have not found one single site where i can see what packages efood global has and what the price of the food is? all i see if click here to get a sample just pay shipping. I want to know some prices of packages and what do i get before i go through ordering a sample or anything else.

  2. Not sure if I should post it here but if you email me I will get you a link to a page with the different packages and prices.

    ShowMeTJ at yahoo dot com

    I found the page while doing a little research on the business but I’m not a dealer and have not tried any of their food.

  3. I actually found a company where you can get a sample pack of their food for just shipping of 6.87 sign up as an associate for just 4.00 and get 280 serving of food that last 15-25 years for as low as 67 cents per serving ..that beats efood global, efood direct and others i have looked at. If anyone is interested in this contact me at
    soulclever at yahoo dot com

  4. “Totally unbiased 3rd party review” – so you are NOT a MLM guy peddling stuff that is overpriced to pay all the multiple levels?  You don’t use the products, don’t have ANY benefit from getting people to sign up with “Darren Little”?  Why do you have to lie?  Why not just be honest and say, “I signed up for this MLM.  I think it is great, and here is why…”?  Why do all the MLM people have to lie about everything?  I guess it’s because they know it’s a scam – you simply cannot pay all those people and sell and honest product at an honest price.  If you have to lie about what you are doing to get others interested, maybe that is your first clue that you need to find something else to do.

  5. Mike,

    Actually, the truth is, I’m not involved with this MLM at all. I don’t buy their products, nor am I a distributor. I’ve never signed up for this company, so why would I tell people I had? You sound like a very jaded person Mike that is very upset about life. I would recommend reading Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks and Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T.Harv Eker. These two books will help you immediately.
    MLM is one of the most cost effective ways to launch a business and generate a residual income. I would also recommend reading a copy of my book that you can get on the front page of the website. If what you’re doing is currently doing is working, then keep on doing it, but sometimes its a good idea to keep an open mind.


  6. Hey Carl,

    I wish I could help you but I’m not a distributor of this company.   I would recommend contacting their customer service dept.


  7. They have all of their products and prices on their website. They also have a free 12 serving taste test (you have to pay S&H).

  8. Mike that is like saying GM can’t sell an honest product for an honest price. They pay a multi tired compensation plan ie the wholesaler, the car dealers, the sales force plus they pay TONS of money to advertise and to have inventory on hand before it is sold to the customer. MLM cuts out all those middle men functions and the advetising $ and rewards the people who introduce real products to the customer

  9. Hello Carl,
        My name is Andrew Schulz. I am a current IBO in the efoods company. My website http://www.food1.myefoods.com can give you all the information you need. You can place any sized order and receive a price break on bulk. The food actually tastes good too! I believe this will be a great opportunity for me if I take the right steps and push push push. It’s all about PR. Thank everyone, please visit my efoods website or e-mail me with any other questions.


  10. I found a great place to get long term storable food for as low as .38 cents a serving/cup plus i get free food from food credits..very unique coop. They have preparedness items also ..many things there check it out here

  11.  Darren, you may not be a MLM rep for this product…..but you do tell us the way to be successful in this business is to click on your “training” sites to show us dummies how to be successful….I’m sure you don’t give this great training away……I just want cheap survival food. at a FAIR price. With a little google and reading a person can prepare the foods the EXACT same way eFoods mfgs do…..it,s a LOT cheaper but requires some of your own labor. Lots cheaper that $7.95 per entree package. and yes my packed foods will last 15 + years….everybody just look around .If you make any $ on this….when we need the food the $ will be worthless…..

  12. Hay Carl, 
    go to my website savemyfamily.myefoods.com and you will see under the “SHOP” tab a listing on all the current items offered.  Also they are hosting the 1st Convention this week and will be bringing on new products including a beverage line.  Yummy stuff!….hehe
    let me know if I can assist you in joining our team…..xoxoxo Jackie

  13. I only got ripped off when I paid for the free sample  with just free shipping.  I paid the shipping and got nothing in return.  Save your money.

  14. Or get Better Foods from this place, prices up front, No MLM, straight retail. LECOR