It was November of 2014.


It was an accident really. I will be honest, I was just burnt out on doing 3-way calls and I figured there had to be a better way. 

I wanted to see if it was possible to create an automated income using paid marketing, an auto-responder, social media and the power of my mind. 

I had seen other people do it and I figured why not me?

I had bought my first batch of paid traffic for $560.

I figured that was a good test. It was 800 qualified buyers that I sent to my lead capture page.

So there I was, sitting in this Chinese Restaurant.

I remember I was sitting across the street from my house at this Chinese Restaurant. The waitress had just brought me an order of Beef and Broccoli and a bowl of white rice.  I was sipping on some Green Tea. 

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My phone was sitting to the right of me on the table.

I remember reaching for the fork to take my first bite and my phone made a sound like someone sent me a text message. I was really really hungry, so I ignored it. But 45 seconds later it went off again. Then 2 minutes later it went off again. Then it went off again. Then it went off again. 

Whaaaat? I remember thinking to myself.

Who the heck is trying to get a hold of me? I reached for the phone and opened up my text message and there was a stream of people that had decided to get started and a few people that had also upgraded and decided to buy additional products. 

During that lunch, my commissions totaled $75.

Was it life changing income? No. But it was a life changing MOMENT. 

WHY? Because at that moment I realized that had made $75 WITHOUT doing a single 3 way call. WITHOUT doing a single home party. And I did it while I was eating my lunch. I remember this wave of energy going through my body. More so than anything it was a wave of relief. 

Because I knew that I had unlocked a cash flow business model that was scalable.

And it happened WITHOUT ME.  

As my UNDERGROUND MARKETING CAMPAIGN became profitable, I reinvested the money back into the business. Within my first 3 weeks, I had my first $3000 day.  

I continued to reinvest the money back into my campaign to create momentum. By the second month I had a few $3000 days and by the third month I had a few $6000 days. Quite honestly, I was completely blown away with the results I was able to generate with this automated system.

Looking back at my defining moment
it was definitely at that Chinese Restaurant.  

It was that moment that I realized that 7 figures was possible. It was that moment that I realized that ANYONE could do what I had just done. It was at that moment that I finally had a glimpse of real freedom. 

Why? Because my online business had created an income WITHOUT ME.

Since that moment there has been no looking back. In my mind I felt like I had cracked open my fortune cookie and found a treasure inside.  

It’s interesting how when we look back on our lives, we remember specific events that we see as our DEFINING MOMENTS. Isn’t it?

Can you remember a time in your life that is so clear that you can remember it like it was yesterday?  We all have them.  What was your defining moment?

How just ONE defining moment
Manifested into another one.

It’s funny how many times in life that it’s not until we reach a breaking point that things change.

The time when you are prepared to take chances, take risks, and go all-in on your dream

Do you know what I mean?

Like this situation with me as example.

If I hadn’t been at my complete breaking point and so completely DONE with doing 3-way calls and home parties. If I hadn’t been at my wits end with that business model and been prepared to risk that initial money for that paid traffic campaign, and GO ALL-IN, I would never have been able to experience this success.

I would never have been able to speak about a life of freedom from the same conviction that I can right now. Why Because I was willing to do whatever it took to not have that business model in my life any longer.

I literally reached the F@C<! – IT point.

And I believe that’s the place we need to get to as human beings before a real shift will take place. It’s not until we reach that point that we can experience a total life change.

Black Card sales

Here is what happened as a result.

Five months and 2 days to be exact. And today I ranked in the #10 spot on the leaderboard on the ALL-TIME TOTAL BLACK CARD SALES out of tens of thousands of affiliates. Just 5 months after that first defining moment in that Chinese Restaurant.

What’s even more wild, is that every time I go to a Chinese restaurant, and they bring me Green Tea I have a flashback of that time in that restaurant like it was yesterday. 

I’m sharing this story with you so that you will realize that it all starts with a dream and a burning desire to succeed.

If you have a burning desire…
Then ANYTHING is possible.

Truthfully, I don’t know if you are at that F@C<! – IT point in your life.  But I can tell you that’s where you need to be to see your life change. That’s the point when you totally go for it like there is no tomorrow.

That’s when you are ready to do whatever it takes to make your dream come true.

All I can tell you is that I have never had more conviction on any business model, or any opportunity in 25 years, not just for me, but for YOU. 

Why? Because I know the impact that my QUANTUM PHYSICS TRAINING has on people’s lives when people partner with me in business.  It’s a $10,000 BONUS that YOU GET ON MY TEAM when you join me now and start working with me personally as an ALL-IN member.

If I can help people go from completely homeless to 6 months later having a $20,000 month. WHY NOT YOU?

Fast Forward To TODAY.

I recently did another test market where I started a business with less than $2000 and in 30 days made $108,000. What was different this time was that I did it WITHOUT spending a penny on paid ads. My team has done $1,233,000 in combined commissions in 8 months.
We did it all on Facebook using free marketing strategies.

To find out how I did it, GO HERE and listen to a few testimonials from some of my students.

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