MONAVIE NEWS: Brig Hart’s R3Global Sold – Cashing out?


Could trouble be looming for MonaVie –  One of the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in history?

The news is spreading throughout the Network marketing industry like a brush fire –  “Word in the street” is that Dallin Larsen the founder of Monavie said that he was re-engaging his involvement with the company, because the leaders of MonaVie “couldn’t get the job done”.

This was almost immediately followed by recent headline news indicating that top money earner Brig Hart has recently sold R3Global – a training and support system for Independent MonaVie Distributors worldwide.

R3Global was founded by Double Crowne Black Diamonds Brig & Lita Hart and is led by a number of Black Diamond Executives.

Is Trouble Looming For MonaVie?

One has to wonder why top money earner Brig Hart would want to sell his MonaVie training platform R3Global when  “Word in the street” is that the estimated annual revenue of the training system is $12 -$15 million with high margins.

Several black diamonds originally invested in the system which had the intention to go public.  But it looks like Brig Hart could be cashing out.

R3Global was sold to an unknown third party, for an estimated $20 -$25 million.  From visiting the R3Global website it seems that Brig Hart as of June 15th, 2011 is also selling his promotional vehicles as well, including his MonaVie Branded Super Trike, his MonaVie branded Golf Cart and his MonaVie branded Smart car.

It will be no surprise to hear some time in the near future that Brig Hart is launching his own Network Marketing Company.

Brig Hart’s MonaVie Branded Super Trike FOR SALE

Darren Little, Monavie, Brig Hart, Monavie MLM, Monavie Compensation Plan

 Brig Hart’s MonaVie Branded Smart Car FOR SALE

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, Brig Hart, MonaVie, MonaVie MLM, Monavie Compensation Plan

Brig Hart’s MonaVie Branded Golf Cart FOR SALE

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, Brig Hart, Monavie, Monavie MLM, Monavie Compensation Plan

How To Guarantee Your Success In MonaVie If You Join

If you decide that MonaVie is a company that you want to get involved with and you want to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, my suggestion is to find a self branded attraction marketing system that will allow you to generate leads, brand yourself as a leader and expert and make immediate profits whether people join your MonaVie business or not. If you leverage a marketing system and combine it with the MonaVie business opportunity, you can be on your way to building a wildly successful business.

If you do decide that MonaVie is the right business opportunity for you, there are two things that will take you to the top: LEADERSHIP and MARKETING. It is critically important that you get the right training and that you learn exactly what to do to generate an unlimited supply of leads.  The difference between people that make it to the top and those that struggle is directly related to these critical areas. Go here to  find out how to Sponsor More Reps In Monavie.  Go here to find out more about Darren Little.

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