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Imagine what it would be like if you could actually GET PAID TO PROSPECT in your MLM.  Think about the possibilities if whether a person joined your MLM or not, you GOT PAID.  Sounds pretty cool right?  Well it’s possible, and I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it with a technique called BOOMERANG SPONSORING. To find out how to do this…READ ON!

One of the biggest challenges that most people run into when they launch a Network Marketing business is that they go through their warm market in their first few months.  And since most people have been programmed to think that MLM is a pyramid scheme, very few of their contacts are even open to taking a look at their business.  So what do they do next?  How do they find interested people to talk to?

People that come from traditional Network Marketing will tell you to use the “3 foot rule” or to talk to “anyone that will fog a mirror”.  But I totally disagree.  Most people are not in the right mindset for the business and for the most part you will end up totally frustrated spinning your wheels going nowhere.

Why not target people that are already sold on the MLM business model? Makes more sense doesn’t it? With BOOMERANG SPONSORING, your phone will start ringing with INCOMING calls.  So instead of having to contact your friends, family and business associates about your MLM, prospects start calling you asking if they can work with you.  What a shift.  Find out how BOOMERANG SPONSORING can totally change your life and change your bank account.

Boomerang Sponsoring, Magnetic Sponsoring, Attraction Marketing, Law of Attraction, Law of Resonance, BOOMERANG SPONSORING – What Is It?
And Why Will It Make You RICH In MLM?

After working as VP of Marketing for two and a half years with Dr. Lee Pulos and learning more about the Subconscious mind, Dr. Pulos always used to tell me that most people are caught in a “waking trance”.  In fact, they are almost like robots caught up in their daily routines.  Often times people will be driving down the freeway and totally miss their exits and not even realize it until they are a few miles past, because they are almost hypnotized and unaware of what is even going on around them.

For the most part, MLM is a foreign territory for most people, and since very few people have had success with the model, when your friends and family see you coming with your MLM opportunity, the first thing they do is reject it as even being a remote possibility for creating wealth.  To them, MLM equates to massive rejection and they are so caught up in their daily routines that investing time into a home based business doesn’t even register on their radar screen.  I mean who wants to spend all that time just getting rejected?  I sure wouldn’t.

This is why it is so important to understand TARGET MARKETING and BOOMERANG SPONSORING.  Once you boomerang sponsoring, boomerang sponsoring book, boomerang sponsoring leads, attraction marketing, law of attraction, magnetic sponsoring, law of resonancelearn this strategy it will totally shift the way you market yourself and your business and your phone will start ringing with INCOMING CALLS.  And let me tell you, having your phone ringing with people that say they want to join you in your business is a heck of a lot better than buying leads and cold calling total strangers .  Once you learn BOOMERANG SPONSORING, your life as you know it in MLM will shift for the better FOREVER.

Boomerang Sponsoring is the most revolutionary way to market your home based business opportunity.  Let’s face it, if the strategy you were doing right now was working, you would already have an international business booming in multiple countries.  If you don’t – it’s because you have never been taught BOOMERANG SPONSORING.

If you’ve ever thrown a Boomerang before, or seen how a Boomerang works, you stand in one spot and you throw the Boomerang off in the distance with all your might.  As the Boomerang flies through the air – it loops around and starts coming directly back to you.  Then you simply reach out and catch it.  With Boomerang Sponsoring your MLM will work in a similar fashion.  You put out quality content that links back to you as the leader and offer something of great value to your visitors.  The you send them more and more quality content, tools, tips, webinars on marketing strategies, until they say “Hey, this person really knows what they are talking about.  I should be working with them”.  That’s when your phone starts ringing.

How Do You Implement
Boomerang Sponsoring Into Your MLM?

Boomerang Sponsoring, Alpha Leadership Training, Magnetic Sponsoring, Attraction Marketing, Law of Attraction, Law of Resonance, Quantum Physics

In order to get started with Boomerang Sponsoring, the first thing you need to do is get branded as a leader.

This is actually quite a simple process and doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars.  In fact, you can have the entire process done for less than $100 if you know what to do and where to go.


In order to get started with your personal branding, you will need some professional banners done for your social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a WordPress blog that represent you as a person that can lead a team to victory.

You can either get some professional pictures shot, or just use a digital camera.  Either way, the picture will be close cropped, so it doesn’t make that much of a difference as long as the pictures are clear. Obviously a studio shot will look way more packaged and it will give you a more professional look, but a digital picture will work to get you started.

Make sure to be smiling.  This is really important.  Studies show that you will generate more leads and more sales having a picture with a smile than one without.


Unless you are a graphic designer, let a professional graphic artist brand you properly.  You will need to supply the main picture and the copy that you want on your banners.  Remember that you only have one shot to make a first impression, so really give some thought as to how you want to position yourself in the market.  Go online and look at other people in the industry to get some ideas.  You can get really great design work done through India and the Philippines.  In fact, it shouldn’t cost you more than $100 to do all 4 sites.  I use a designer in India that charges $20 per banner. You can go to a website called and get workers to work full time for about the cost of a pizza each day. 


If you are looking to get eyeballs on your brand, you had better start producing quality content.  The reality is that there really isn’t anything new sort of speak.  Network Marketing is really about personal development, becoming an ALPHA LEADER and learning how to generate quality leads by learning how to market yourself as a leader, so here is a list of things that you want to use for content topics.

1.  Third Party Reviews about other MLM companies
2.  Third Party Reviews about other Software, Tools and Seminars
3.  Third Party Reviews about other leaders, trainers or big money earners in the industry
4.  Motivation, Inspiration, Educational ideas
5. “How To” articles and videos
6.  Articles and videos about marketing strategies
6.  Overall Industry news about mergers, acquisitions, launches and closures.


WordPress is the most amazing marketing tool to brand and position yourself as a leader while providing quality content.  One of the reasons for that is that every post you do becomes its own traffic driver optimized for specific keywords and search terms on Google.  Once you understand the power of Google, WordPress will be one of your best marketing tools.  WordPress used in the right way can allow you to rank in the top 5 positions on Google for just about any keyword that you desire.  Done correctly this can mean big traffic and a steady stream of leads and incoming calls.

Where do you drive the traffic to?

Most people that are in MLM drive their traffic to their company’s replicated website.  This is not only a waste of money, Darren Little, MLM Superhero, Boomerang Sponsoring, MLM Affiliate Magic, Attraction Marketing, Law of Attractionbut will not generate any product sales or sign-ups for you.  The place you want to drive your traffic to is your WordPress blog where you are giving away valuable content to your target market.  On your blog you will want to have some type of OFFER through a lead from or a subscribe button.

I recommend getting your personal name in a dot-com.  If it is gone, go with one of these options.


Once you have an audience, I recommend that you give away something of significant value FOR FREE.  This could be an ebook, a special report that solves a problem, a webinar on marketing strategies, generating leads, a video, or an interview with a top income earner.  The more value you offer, the more you will have people opting in to receive it. Some people will leave you their phone number, others will only leave you their email address.  The people that leave you their phone number, you want to contact immediately. DO NOT start pitching them.  Instead connect with them and HELP THEM.

Become an MLM Problem Solver

Spend time connecting with your prospects and find out what their biggest marketing challenge is. Start asking some qualifying questions to find out if the person has found their home with their current company.

How long have they been with the company?
Why did they choose that company to begin with?
What has been their level of success thus far?
How many reps have they sponsored?
Are they making the type of money they want to make?
Are they working with a team of Alpha leaders?
Are they getting millionaire mentoring, training and coaching?

In most cases, if people are not making money and they are not generating leads, its because they have never been properly trained on how to do MLM.  This is where you may be able to help them once you understand Boomerang Sponsoring.

If the person says that they have found their home, and they are set on sticking with that company, make sure they read a copy of MLM Affiliate Magic and introduce them to MLM Lead System Pro as a marketing platform.  Don’t be beating up their company and their marketing plan if they say they love it and they just want help with their marketing. This is really important as a leader to know when its time to talk about your company and when its best to leave it alone.

If the person says that they have no real leadership, team, or allegiance to their company and they are really just interested in making money – BOOM – potential business partner.  One thing is for certain – if you are working with Alpha Leaders, you have already won 75% of the battle.

What’s The Next Step Once They Opt-in?

Once the person opts-in to your lead capture page/or offer you are now going to offer them something of even more significant value, but it’s only going to cost a nominal price of  between $7 and $20.   Many times it is a test drive of a marketing system or training course that will eventually have a recurring fee. Some people will take the trial offer and some people will upgrade to the monthly membership.  Either way, you will be building a list of qualified prospects that are already sold on the MLM model, while at the same time funding your auto-ship, your tools and your monthly marketing budget.

The more you promote your personal brand and your marketing funnel, the more it will produce quality leads for you.  Whether people join your business or not, you will be making money.  In fact, using the principles in Boomerang Sponsoring will fund your whole Network Marketing business and help you to go global at lightning speed.  Why? Because the only people you will be speaking to each day will be Network Marketers that are already sold on the business model.

The Importance of Using an AUTO-RESPONDER

An auto-responder serves a number of purposes.  Firstly, it allows you to build an ongoing relationship with your prospect.  It also gives the opportunity to offer additional tools to your prospects that you know will benefit them with their marketing.   This will also add additional income to help fund your marketing and advertising budget.  Informational products, e-books, list builders and software are great to offer to your list.  This is a win/win situation.  Your prospects will thank you for helping to fast track them to the top.

Push Button Recruiting

Once you build a list of prospects, you can send out broadcasts offering weekly marketing training and leadership training as a bonus to your list.  As well, as an added incentive to join you in your business, you can even offer one on one personal mentoring and coaching and ALPHA LEADERSHIP TRAINING.

Looking To Achieve Ultimate Success?

Ultimately, success with your MLM business requires a working knowledge of both lead generation and personal branding. Learn to build your down line by  becoming an Alpha Networker both offline and online. Additional online training to help you Sponsor More MLM Reps is available with Darren Little.

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