ARP Auto-Recruiting Platform – Can Something So Great Be Completely Unethical At The Same Time? YOU DECIDE


If you’re reading this review, chances are you’re looking for some information on the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform.

Someone may have contacted you about the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform as a business opportunity, or you may be considering purchasing the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform to generate leads, convert new reps on auto-pilot, or to generate a marketing and advertising budget for your primary business.  But either way, I would encourage you to read this review in its entirety BEFORE making any decision.

In this brief but informative review, I’ll cover the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform as a business opportunity, as well as the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform as a tool to help you build your business, as well as what you need – to get a totally unfair advantage and position yourself to have success if you decide that the ARP Auto Recruiting Software is right for you.

ARP Auto-Recruiting Platform
Can Something So Great Be Completely Unethical At The Same Time?  YOU DECIDE.

ARP Auto Recruiting Platform, Don Glanville, Auto Recruiting SystemsSo you’ve arrived on this page wanting to do a little research about the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform.

You may be a person that has completely exhausted your friends and family list and you are looking for a way to generate new leads, enrol new business partners, generate a marketing and advertising budget, or you may have a variety of businesses and affiliate products that you want to manage all through one platform.

You may also be a person that has reached a certain income level with your primary business and want to scale up your marketing budget and take things to a totally new level.  If this sounds like you, then the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform may be right for you.  After 3 weeks of testing, I’m gonna give you the straight goods, no holds barred about what I see are the pros and cons about the system AND show you actual numbers to support my research.


I will tell you upfront, there are a few things that I don’t like about the system and I will caution you and your team in advance with oneARP Auto Recruiting Platform, Don Glanville, Auto Recruiting Systems very important factor about this platform that could end up pissing you off BIG.

Some people will call it a huge disadvantage, while others will call it a huge advantage, but YOU DECIDE.

Coming from a team building type of marketing and relationship style of business expansion I call it a huge disadvantage.

This one factor that I am about to reveal, will also allow the major players like Jonathan Budd, Mack Zidan, Russell Brunson, Frank Kern and other top online marketers to completely corner the market and in essence tag everyone as theirs.

How it rolls out into the marketplace is yet to be determined, but here is what I have discovered.

The owner of the system, Don Glanville has had some pretty huge success in the past with a program called the Reverse Funnel System and the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform website showcases him as part of the “Million a Month Club” in the industry.

According to Wikipedia“To date The Reverse Funnel System has been the highest producing income system in internet history for people and based on Google Trend reporting was Google more times then any other income opportunity ever in business and has been googled even more times then FaceBook.

Don Glanville is also responsible for generating more 6 and 7 figure income earners online then any other top tier marketer to date that we’ve been able to document.. Note to mention, responsible for the introduction and cultivation of some of the highest earners currently online today.. Mega Earners like Johnathon Bud, Chris Campbel, Brian Fanale, Jay Kubassek, Katie Freeling, Merlin Holmes, etc.”

“Curiosity Kills the Cat”

(Or at Least The Commissions From All of Your Top Leaders If They Opt-in To Another Person’s ARP Auto Recruiting Platform Funnel FIRST).

ARP Auto Recruiting Platform, ARP Top Leaders, Auto Recruiting Systems, Don GlanvilleAt a first glance, the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform offer looks very enticing.  The graphics are good and the video is not too polished that in some cases with opportunities makes them appear to be “unbelievable”.

It has the right level of allure that get’s people to opt-in using their phone number.  BUT the moment that one of your leaders from your primary business opts-into another person’s ARP Auto Recruiting Platform funnel (just to see what it is), their name and phone number are PERMANENTLY LOCKED to that person.

That person’s funnel could  be from a brand new newbie with no value and nothing to offer.  In fact, they may have not even done any follow up to trigger a sale, yet your leader is in essence forced to have to work with them if they decide to move forward with YOU.  Say what?

Really?  Hmmmm. Not sure how this idea will fly in the market.  And once word spreads that you are automatically “tagged” as soon as you opt-in, in my opinion, people will want to find out who the affiliate is that is promoting the system BEFORE they opt-in.

Here is Where the Challenge May Come in With The ARP Auto Recruiting Platform as Far as “Networkers” Go.  

Most leaders, when they introduce a new tool like the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform, they like to have their core leaders working with them on a team that in turn introduces that tool to their teams – and so on and so on.

However, in the event that your leaders have already opted into someone else’s funnel, you have officially lost that leader to a total stranger IF that leader decides to join the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform and buy the system from you.  And since most people build these businesses on RELATIONSHIPS, this could cause some serious issues in the marketplace as this platform rolls out.

In essence, you could be convincing a person to buy the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform based upon your RELATIONSHIP  – only to find out later that your leader and all of those commissions get scooped right out from under your feet AFTER THE FACT because they opted into another person’s funnel first.

Even though the other affiliate has done zero follow up and has not even closed the deal?  YEP! So, if you plan on marketing the system, you are best to ask a person if they have ever opted into the platform, BEFORE spending any further time chatting about it. If they have opted in already, they are automatically locked into someone else.

Will the Gurus Totally Monopolize the Market? 

This effect of “tagging” people also means that the people that spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on marketing and traffic could, in essence, get the masses to opt-into their funnels by offering some huge bonus, then never do another thing ever again. No relationship building. No follow up. Nothing.  Months later, the same person opts into your funnel, you build a relationship and do all of the work, and the commission gets handed over to the Guru. Really?  YEP! Hmmmm. Not so sure about this.

How exactly is that gonna be received in the marketplace?

When people start having their top leaders that they have long term relationships with – pulled from them – AND they start losing their commissions when they did the work to close the person…,what will people start saying about the system? How do you think it would make you feel if your leaders and your commissions got pulled? My guess would be – somewhere between livid and grabbing a baseball bat and wanting to smash something.

Alternatively, some people may also start slamming the system all over the internet and with social media, that could be DEADLY for the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform. But who knows…it is too early in the game to tell whether or not this is going to happen often, or on a small case by case scenario, but in my 3 weeks of testing, it’s already happened to me once.

One of my top leaders who is going through my millionaire mentoring program had no intention of using the system unless she was working with me. I have the relationship. I close the deal, yet she is scooped away from me and given to another person that did nothing.

What’s even worse is that the guy she got handed over to is a complete jerk who did zero follow up and has no value to offer her. So I lose the commission and the monthly residual?  Yep. And she is stuck working with a complete amateur.

The result?  She called the company, reversed the charge off her credit card and opted out of the system.  Once again proving that…YOU CAN’T TRUMP RELATIONSHIPS.


The question still remains. Will this system just piss off people in the industry? Or is the system just designed for mass trafficARP Auto Recruiting Platform, Auto Recruiting Systems, Don Glanville, ARP Top Leaders buys where you don’t even know who you are gonna get?  Perhaps its meant to just target complete strangers and biz pop seekers.  That could be the case and there is a market for that.

As far as Networking goes, in my opinion, you can’t trump relationships and as it stands the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform policy, especially with network marketers, is really gonna piss people off.

The company argues that it makes no difference who’s team you are on as this is an “Auto Recruiting Platform” that recruits on its own.  But I totally disagree with that.

Apparently, neither the system nor the affiliate that she opted into recruited my leader.  I did. And I was super pissed when I found out that a person that did nothing to build a relationship or do any follow-up was entitled to steal one of my top people.  In the end, she quit anyway, so was the policy even effective?  I don’t think so.

For leaders that build their businesses based upon relationships, ones always put their primary team in place first, this is a going to be a potential challenge.

Imagine having leaders pulled off of your team because they opted into someone else’s funnel months prior – before even knowing what the system was and long before getting a phone call from  you telling them to buy the system.

Plus, from what I know about team building, it will totally suck to be forced to have to join a team of a total stranger or someone that provides absolutely no value to you whatsoever. A typical wham bam thank you ma’am style marketing and it is too early to see whether or not this will be effective, or of it will be a complete disaster. But as an entrepreneur, sometimes you’ve gotta take risks, weigh the odds and gamble on the market, which is what I did.

As well, although the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform and funnels do recruit somewhat on their own, nothing is ever 100% and the CONNECTION and RELATIONSHIP in my opinion is what increases closing ratios. I still believe that this industry is about providing massive value to the industry, to your team and to your prospects.

However, the company says that they plan on providing both traffic packs and closers that will do all of the closing for you (for a percentage of the profits of course) so this may outweigh some of the downfalls.


What I see  happening is that people will start using Google Voice numbers, spouses names, family names, company ID’s and signing up through secondary IP addresses in order to get around this corporate policy so they can work with whomever they want to work with. In my opinion it’s a really poor judgement call on behalf of the management, but I am open to being proven wrong if it means everyone is making more money, so it is yet to be determined how this will pan out.

Sometimes implementing a strategy or policy that goes against the grain of human rights creates huge problems, but who knows, I could be totally wrong in this arena. We will have to see how many people complain, or boycott the system because of it. Network marketers are only a certain percentage of the overall marketplace and perhaps the online market is large enough that it will overpower the number of complaints.

I see this one factor of losing commissions and leaders as a factor that could cause industry wide upheaval and bad news to go viral about the system (especially with Network Marketers that build their businesses based upon RELATIONSHIPS).  This will prove interesting especially as the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform starts to make it’s way through social media.


The Company believes that it should be a level playing field for everyone and that if a newbie posts his link someplace, he/she should have the ability to catch a “BIG FISH” and that it should not be dependant on their level of success in the industry or the value that they have to offer. That concept may be great “in principle”, but personally, I don’t see it working at least in the arena of network marketers. Perhaps in traffic buys this concept could work, but I still feel strongly that although from the outside this looks like a newbie advantage, I still think it gives the Gurus the ability to completely monopolize the marketplace and completely crush the little guy.



In a 3 week test market, here were the actual stats of using the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform. Most of the marketing was done via Facebook – as well as sending out an email to my contacts directly to the landing page that the company provides. At a glance the numbers look quite promising and with increased traffic buys and a global roll-out, the system’s funnels do convert on their own without having to pick up the phone and call your prospects. This…I LIKE.

ARP Auto Recruiting Platform, ARP, ARP Top Leaders, Auto Recruiting Systems, Don Glanville


One of the advantages of the system is that your messages are going directly to your prospects cell-phones and the open rates are much higher than standard emails.  This allows you to gain highly targeted communication with your prospects which allows you to build relationships much faster than with conventional email. This…I LIKE.


According to the owner of the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform -Don Glanville, the company plans to release funnels for a number of the top “in demand” networking companies and gives you as the owner of the system the right to “lease out your funnels” to other affiliates that may not want to incur the monthly costs of operating the system.  This can turn the system into a revenue generator to help fund your marketing costs and subsidize your primary business. This….I LIKE.


Currently, the system is designed to pay $100 for each sale to you and $100 for each sale to your sponsor (with the most popular priced product that currently costs $249).   As a top recruiter, this is great as the system created $900 in revenues so far.  Ooops! I mean $800, one of my leaders was scooped back. This would equate to $9,600 in annualized residual income, provided these people continued using the system for a full year.

Once the system rolls to the market, this same product will sell for $399. This is a system that can fuel your marketing and advertising budget and provide huge value to those people that are not good recruiters.  It definitely does work to recruit new reps without question as I saw it converting sales on its own, completely hands-free and without talking to a single prospect. This….I LIKE.

So the question really is..


Perhaps traffic buys are the way to go with this system.  Or, the people that take action and get the word out the fastest about the system will perhaps have the advantage on the market. Either way, I encourage you to take the time to at least TAKE THE TOUR to see the ARP Auto Recruiting Platform for yourself.  It was impressive enough for me to buy it….although I joined because of my relationship with another top leader in the industry.

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