EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – From Cocktail Server To Internet Marketing Icon – April Marie Tucker Tells Her Story of Inspiration


How does a person go from being a Cocktail Server and a single Mom with 3 kids – to being an Internet Marketing Icon in less than 2 years?

This is a great story of inspiration that you simply MUST listen to.  April Marie Tucker just a few short years ago had no idea what a domain name even was.  What’s more – is that she had no idea what Network Marketing really was or how to do it…in fact, she had such a bad taste in her mouth after attending a Network Marketing Meeting and having people try to hard close her into the opportunity that she vowed to never get involved with the industry.

Here we are today in December of 2011 – and April Marie Tucker is now part of the Internet Marketer’s Hall of Fame and a top recruiter in her primary business.  And guess what – it’s a Network Marketing Company.  How did all of this happen in such a short period of time that allowed her to become a full time work at home Mom and now partnered with Jeffrey Kistner in business and in life?

April Marie Tucker talks about her story of inspiration.
Listen to this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW on Unleash The Alpha Within.


From Cocktail Server To Internet Marketing Icon

April Marie Tucker Tells Her Story of Inspiration

Just 2 years ago, April Marie Tucker had absolutely no idea about internet marketing. In fact she didn’t even know what a domain name was or how to set up a blog.  And like a story right out of Success magazine, just 2 years later she is now recognized as a top recruiter in her primary business and she’s part of the Internet Marketer’s Hall of Fame.

How did this rags to riches story happen so fast?  How did someone go from having no idea about internet marketing to now being an internationally recognized name?  April says that it all started by simply just “SHOWING UP” to weekly training that was offered by MyLeadSystemPRO that propelled her career to an entirely new level.

“I continue to be a student of the industry everyday” says Tucker,  “I make it a goal to learn more and more each day.  As I learn more, my value to the marketplace increases.  This is the key to becoming a top recruiter in MLM – increase your value and you will increase your fortune”.

 April Marie Tucker


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