I remember when I first got started in Network Marketing.

It was over 25 years ago that I signed my name on the bottom of my very first distributor application form.

Little did I know that I was opening up a gateway to a whole new world.

Little did I know that I was about to embark on such an incredible journey.

Little did I know that I was about to go on one of the wildest roller coaster rides of my life.


A journey of personal development.

A journey OUTWARD to discover more about people.

A journey INWARD to discover more about myself.

More about my thoughts, words and emotions.

More about massive action and breaking inertia.

More about team work, motivation and inspiration.

More about surrendering my ego.

More about LEADERSHIP.

And more about what it really takes to become successful in ANYTHING in life.

Hard to believe it’s been 25 years.  A quarter of a century ago.


WOW. Time sure does fly, doesn’t it?

So there I was sitting next to this wooden desk
across from the Vice President of Marketing for the Company…

big desk

I reached for the stapler off of the edge of the desk.  

I stapled my $4000 check to the signed distributor application form and slid it across the table.

Yes I said $4000.

Sort of dwarfs the few hundred dollars that people are worried about investing into their start up business these days doesn’t it?

My entry price more than 25 years ago to get started in my very first business opportunity was $4000.

Can you imagine what that would be today
with the cost of inflation?

$12,000? Maybe $15,000?
All I know is, back then….it was A LOT.
A lot to me anyway.

I drained my entire savings account.
I  had to get some money from my parents…
PLUS, I had to get a loan from the bank in order to get started.

Ask yourself this.  Would you have gone ALL-IN on your dream with that amount of money like I did?

Would you have drained your bank account PLUS gotten 2 loans like I did?

Without a shadow of a doubt, I went ALL-IN on my dream like there was no tomorrow.

I had it set in my mind.

I was going to become a millionaire. No matter what.

And NOTHING and NO ONE was going to stop me. NOTHING.

What my mentor said next changed my life forever.

“Darren”  he said….

“If you want to make big money. I’m talking BIG MONEY in business, there are 2 rules.

Rule #1

“I don’t want you talking about our company”

Huh?  How’s that going to work? How the heck am I going to sell these products, without talking about the company?

Rule #2

“I don’t want you talking about our products”

Huh? How’s that going to work?  So you mean to tell me that you want me to represent this company and sell these products, but you don’t want me talking about the company and you don’t want me talking about the products?

Are you for real?

At that moment, I looked over at my $4000 bank draft and my distributor application form and my stomach dropped down to my knees.

You know the feeling you get when you find out that your car got broken into, or you just got a speeding ticket?

I had this queasy feeling inside like I was going to throw up.
What had I just done?
All I could think about was how long was it going to take to get to the bank to put a stop payment on my check.

You see, I had come from the world of “features and benefits”.

The world of “pitching and closing”.

The world of convincing people why they needed to buy my products.

And what he was talking about was some sort of foreign language to me.  

“Why can’t we talk about the company or the products?” I asked.

“We must be doing something illegal if we can’t talk about the company or the products….Right?”

All I could picture was a SWAT team coming in to raid the office.

What the heck had I just gotten myself into?

In my mind, my money was as good as gone.

SWAT-Team-Oregon-Department-Of-TransportationBy Oregon Department of Transportation

“So if I can’t talk about the company.  And I can’t talk abut the products” I said. “What the heck am I supposed to talk about?”

He went on to tell me that I needed to TALK ABOUT THEM.

“Huh? You mean to tell me that you think I’m going to be able to sell these products by talking about THE OTHER PERSON?” I said.


He said “YES!”

What?  Is this guy nuts? I thought.
Now I’m even more confused.

My stomach is churning. I’m feeling pale like I’m going to pass out. I’m thinking about my $4000 check that’s sitting on the desk.

OMG. What have I done.

“I don’t get it” I said.

“You’re going to have to go through a paradigm shift…”

“If you ever want to make BIG MONEY in business” my mentor said…

“Huh?  A paradigm shift?  What’s that?” I thought.

He told me to turn my chair around and tell him what I saw.

I said “I see the wall.”

“Could you see the wall before Darren?” he asked.

I said “No”.

“But the wall was there all along right? You just couldn’t see it” he said.

I said “Yes”

I remember that churning feeling, inside my stomach, and all I could think to myself was

“What the frick is this guy talking about?”
“Let’s just get out there and talk about how great these products are and sell the products.”

Thankfully…I was coachable.

Thankfully…I listened to my mentor.

Thankfully…I didn’t say “Thanks for the advice Harvey, but I’m going to go and do it my own way.”

Thankfully…I surrendered my ego.

Thankfully…I didn’t try and get other people to side with me in a broke mindset to prove him wrong

(which I can’t even tell you how many times over the past 25 years that has happened with my own students).


What I found out NEXT changed everything!

He went on to tell me that people typically do business with:

People that they KNOW
People that they LIKE
And people that they TRUST

They also do business with

People that they are LIKE
Or that they aspire to be like.

And that if I could change a person’s state and get them to laugh and find 3 things in common in the first 5 minutes that they would not only LIKE ME, but that they would be magnetically pulled to want to do business with me.

He said that the more I focused on the OTHER PERSON, the more they would be interested in my company and my products.

Could this REALLY work?

I remember thinking to myself.

How could this even be possible?  How could I spend the whole time talking about the other person and they would all of sudden be interested in my company and my products WITHOUT even bringing them up?

Low and behold to my amazement it turned out to be true.

The more I focused on the OTHER PERSON, the more they were magnetically pulled to want to do business with me.

The more I avoided talking about my company, the more they wanted to know about it.

The more I avoided talking about my products, the more they wanted to buy them.

Had I just opened up the vault to Universal abundance with this new found knowledge?

YES! I had.

And quite honestly, looking back, if I had let my ego get in the way of my mentoring, I would never have gone on to make millions of dollars.

Ok, so now you probably have a better idea if you have not been able to recruit people into your business why that is  the case.

Am I right?

Most people will read this blog post and say OMG nobody ever taught me what networking even is.

Networking has nothing to do with PITCHING and CLOSING and everything to do with ASKING QUESTIONS and LISTENING.

Be more interested in the other person and finding out about their life.

What’s their problem? Do they have any?

That’s your job to find out.




sales graph

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My students that implement these techniques in many cases have their first $3000 day within their very first month in business. That is…..IF they are coachable and IF they can surrender their pride and their ego and just do the simple steps and the homework assignments.


  • Stop pitching your business.
  • Stop trying to convince people to buy your products.
  • Make your conversations all about the OTHER PERSON.
  • Make it a goal to change people’s state and get them to laugh.
  • Find 3 things in common in the first 5 minutes.
  • Be the detective to find out what is going on in that person’s life.
  • Try and find out if they have a problem that you can help them solve.
  • If you can’t help them, who do you know who can? Connect them to that person.
  • Create a custom branded blog as your central hub and source for PROVIDING VALUE.
  • Surrender your pride and your ego and GET A MENTOR.  It’s the fastest way to 7 figures.

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