Everyone Loves a Good Fight! But This One’s Gonna Be Better Than David and Goliath

The battle continues for the top spot in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition. And the fight for the winner’s circle is increasing by the minute. We’re in the 15th and final round and it’s little David (The MLM Superhero) against the BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon. But who will become the TOP CONTENDER?

Is it possible for a complete underdog – a total unknown blogger like the MLM Superhero – to stand victorious after taking an industry icon like Ray Higdon to the Matte – with a final KNOCK-OUT PUNCH?

The MLM Superhero is counting on THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE to deliver the shattering blow.  All of those people in the world that totally get fired up about the stories of the underdog rising up from the ashes to claim victory. Are you one of those people? Did you watch every single ROCKY movie salivating for yet another story of the underdog rising to the top?

Now YOU can help the MLM Superhero take the Championship and I’m going to give you all of the tools and firepower to do it. Remember that this is all in fun – but if you are a person that totally gets fired up by watching Rocky Balboa time and time again defy all odds – overcome all obstacles, the next 36 hours could make for the absolute time of your life. To become part of the MLM Superhero Promotional Team – READ ON!

Darren Little, MLM Superhero, Ray Higdon, Top 50 MLM Blogs, That MLM Beat, MLSP, MyLeadSystem ProCan The Power of The People Help the MLM Superhero
Deliver a Knock-out Punch?





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************************************************************************Industry Icon Ray Higdon may have figured it was clear sailing to the winner’s circle. But he didn’t count on THE POWERDarren Little, MLM Superhero, Ray Higdon, mlsp, myleadsystem pro, that mlm beat, top 50 mlm blogs OF THE PEOPLE – or the totally Guerilla Marketing strategies coming from the MLM Superhero.



It’s the 15th and final round. Higdon is in his corner taking a drink of water. He’s calm cool and collective thinking that the winner’s circle is just a few minutes away.

The MLM Superhero is pretty battered. He has a cut over both of his eyes, but the right eye is the worse of the two. The referee is on the verge of calling the match. But over comes Doc Stevenson – one of the best cut experts the industry has ever seen – and he’s gonna fix the split so it’s good for the last round.

The adrenalin is fierce – pumping through the veins
of the MLM Superhero and the crowd starts chanting…


The noise is insane! There’s never been another match like this before. Security is surrounding the stage and the paramedics are standing by…

There’s the bell…

The MLM Superhero comes out strong on the attack. Higdon’s is totally caught by surprise!


Hidgon has been phased heavily!  He steps back and shakes his head. He’s really shakin up.  His knees are wobbly.

Wait a second….What the heck is this?  The MLM Superhero is literally floating through the ring. WTF!  He’s doing the flippin moonwalk. This is insane! Oh my God. He’s defying gravity.

The referee looks completely stunned…

top 50 mlm blogs, mlm mentors, mlm trainers, mlm coaches, that mlm beat, mlsp, myleadsystem pro, darren little, mlm superheroWhere is this one in the rule books? Where does it say that you have to have two feet on the ground in order to participate in the fight? I’ve never seen anything like this.

Higdon is totally dazed. He turns – to look back at his Manager. His jaw is wide open and the MLM Superhero delivers a catastrophic blow to the left side of Hidgon’s face.

Higdon is completely air born and BOOOOOOOM! It’s the final KNOCK-OUT PUNCH that takes Hidgon to the matte. OMG! Higdon is DOWN and he’s totally unconscious. This is nuts. The crowd is going crazy.

Security tries to hold back the crowd but they rush the stage and lift up the MLM Superhero. How is this possible! How did he do it??

It’s the MLM Superhero for the victory!


OK…Now Let’s Make This Story Come to Real Life
in the Top 50 MLM Blog’s Competition!

As many of you may know, my campaign this year has been YOUR VOTE HAS SUPER POWER. And I truly believe that its THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE that will help me to win this competition. So I want to make it really easy for you to participate!  Let’s have some real fun with this…

CLICK HERE to become part of the MLM Superhero Promotional Team. All you need to do is post the videos and press release to your Facebook wall, as well as any MLM forums and groups that you are involved with. As well there is a short email message for Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts – as well as Facebook chat.




Become a promoter for the 15th and final round and get entered for a chance to win an IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM valued at $312 from Xyngular Corporation. Get your friends to participate too and get an extra entry – for every person that you get to come onboard with the MLM Superhero Promotional Team. If they win – YOU WIN TOO!

If you have a list, here is the swipe copy.

SUBJECT: Everyone Loves To See A Good Fight and This One Is Going To Be Better Than David and GOLIATH!


Remember the story of David and GOLIATH?
And how David beat GOLIATH by totally
defeating the odds to become victorious?

It’s a story that we all remember growing
up and one that lights a fire inside of us
throughout our lives.

Similar to the story of Rocky Balboa –
how a complete and total underdog
rose up from the rubble to win the
heavy weight championship of the world.

It’s these stories {!firstname_fix}
that inspire us all and give us hope that
ANYONE can make it to the top.

Absolutely anyone!

Well I wanted to let you know that right
now in the Top 50 MLM Blogs contest
we have a REAL LIFE – David and Goliath
story on our hands.


In fact, it’s almost like being in the ring
with Rocky Balboa’s Manager as the bell
rings for the 15th and final round.

My friend Darren Little, also known as the
MLM Superhero has defied all odds. Just
ten months ago he started a blogging strategy
and this month, not only did he win the
MyLeadSystem PRO member of the month..

But he’s a top contender in the Top 50 MLM
Blogs Contest that showcases the top MLM
blogs internationally.

And with a little help from the both of us,
{!firstname_fix} I’m confident that he will become
the new blogging champion. A real life story


But here’s the thing. He is up against…
The BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon who shares
the stage with some of the industry’s finest from
Todd Falcone and Mike Dillard to Daegen
Smith and Norbert Orlewitz.

Normally I just sit on the side and watch the
results come in. But Darren Little has gone
way beyond what I’ve seen anyone do to
win this competition and he really deserves to
take home the belt.

I mean just take a look at this video he did as
part of his promotional campaign….


Not only was his promotional campaign
totally insane, but he has some of the best blog
content on the internet today.

You can see his blog by going here:

I appreciate you taking the time to help {!firstname_fix}!
Let’s make this a REAL LIFE VICTORY and bring
it to a Reality.

Please help the MLM Superhero take home the
Championship by voting here.





It’s The Power of the People That Will Win This Race… 
And You Can Be Part Of It!

If you are a person that has always believed that IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE to rise up from out of the rubble and win the race. Now is your opportunity to hop on board with the MLM Superhero Promotional Team and let’s take this thing….Let’s TAKE IT TO THE TOP!

I am currently competing for the top spot in the Top 50 MM Blogs Contest. Can you take just 2 minutes to click the banner below and vote for my blog? Thanks.


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  1. Darren,

    I just wanted to commend you on one hell of a go at this my friend! You’ve clearly put together a brilliant marketing plan and I believe there’s a lot to be learned by just checking out what you’ve done in terms of marketing.I’m obviously hopping you pull this one off. I mean who doesn’t want the underdog to win right? :)Keep on Rockin’

    – Yo

  2. Thanks Yo, 

    I really appreciate the support!  You’re the best. If you have anyone else in your camp that wants to participate in delivering the knock out PUNCH, have them go to http://promo.darrenlittle.com for all of the Guerilla marketing goodies.