Indian Guru Has An Epiphany That The MLM Superhero Wins The Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition

Straight from the News Channel In India we have just received special video footage from an Indian Guru that claims he’s had a vision that the MLM Superhero will win the Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition.

But how is this possible? Until just three weeks ago, no one even knew who this blogging underdog was – and he’s up against some of the industry’s finest – Tracey Walker, Internet Hall of Famer April Marie Tucker, Mavis Nong and industry icon also known as THE BIG GOLIATH – Ray Higdon.

But the question is, can the MLM Superhero win the race? Can he come up from nowhere and claim the trophy? “It’s all in the hands of THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE” says Little “Those people that believe in the underdog. Those that are fans of the movie ROCKY. People that have hope and faith that anyone – absolutely ANYONE can rise to victory. These are the people that I think will step up to the plate to become part of TEAM SUPERHERO!”

Could this epiphany actually be true? Could the Indian Guru actually be seeing into the future? Only time will tell…but you could help to make it a reality! WATCH THE VIDEO AND THEN VOTE!

Indian Guru Has An Epiphany T
The MLM Superhero Wins
The Top 50 MLM Blogs Competition

By bringing together THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE – You can be part of the biggest victory in blogging history! I am currently competing for the top spot in the Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest. Can you take just 2 minutes to click the banner below and vote for my blog? Thanks!

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